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Launched in March 2014, Oh, the Books! is a combination of three unique and interesting perspectives in the book blogging world coming together to share their love for books and the bookish community. It is a place where you can find everything you love about book blogs as a whole (book reviews, bookish discussions, and weekly recaps) and everything you love about the people behind the blog (unique feature ideas, great interaction, and amazing personalities).

A Bookish Heart - by Asti Another Novel Read - by Kelley Literary Excursion - by Leanne

If you loved the book blogs A Bookish Heart, Another Novel Read, and/or Literary Excursion, there is no doubt that you will love Oh, the Books! It’s the same great stuff, but in a whole new package. (It’s like a cover redesign, without the suck!) So please, stick around and join us in our bookish conversations. We promise you you won’t regret it.

Since our opening, Leanne’s like has been pretty busy with full-time pastry work and fill-time art school, so she had to take a step back. These days, it’s Kelley and Asti running the show, but you’ll definitely see Leanne’s touch in our massive archives.

About the Bloggers

Active Duty (Posting Regularly)

Asti is a 20-something book nerd who likes chocolate, sleeping, villains, and a British boy named Dave. When I’m not blogging, you can find me reading, walking in the woods, or taking pictures of stuff.

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I’m a 30ish bookworm with a great love of fantasy, sci-fi, and other types of stories that tickle my imagination (mostly young adult). When I’m not reading, I’m probably playing video games, snuggling kitties, watching Star Trek (!!!), or baking tasty treats.

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I’m a 30-something pastry chef with the rank of complete nerd-dom when it comes to books. You give me books, I will read them. I used to think I enjoyed only certain genres (horror, fantasy, culinary), but have as of late been proven wrong time and time again. The more books I try out, the more genres I seem to take a liking to. Science fiction, high fantasy, magical realism, culinary, and food history will always have a special reading nook in my heart, but I really do like a little bit of everything (…so far). Oh, the Books! is where I talk about that little bit of everything, strike up book-related discussions, and maybe even post photos of a pastry or two. I hope you enjoy your trip around the blog. Happy reading!

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Awards & Accolades

In the short time our blog has been live, we’ve been graciously nominated for –and awarded — a few different blog awards. Thanks again to everyone who nominated and/or voted for our blog!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award YA Web Awards Winner 2014 Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Disclaimers & Notices

In accordance with FTC guidelines for bloggers and endorsements, the books that we review are either purchased/borrowed by us, or provided by the publisher/author free of charge. We are not compensated in any way in exchange for positive reviews, and we don’t let anything other than the book’s contents affect our opinions and review.

If we’re reviewing an advance copy of a book, whether it was provided free from the author/publisher or borrowed, we will make a note of this on the review.

Affiliate Disclaimer

As the FTC requires, we are hereby alerting you to the fact that if you buy something as a result of clicking a link on this blog, we might get paid money. In all likelihood, this money will eventually be used to purchase more books, either for review or to be shared in giveaways. Who doesn’t want that?

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