Almost Here! (August 2014)

Almost Here!
Almost Here!

Almost Here is a feature where each month I talk about upcoming things in the YA world that I’m excited about. This includes new book releases, movies of YA books, book signing events, etc. Keep in mind that this is definitely not everything. It’s only the stuff that I know about and/or am most interested in.

Book Releases

False Future by Dan Krokos Of Metal and Wishes by Sarah Fine Gates of Thread and Stone by Lori M. Lee Chasing Before by Lenore Appelhans

Not a whole lot coming out in August, but that’s probably a good thing for me and my giant TBR piles. Disney Hyperion sent my sister a frigging hardcover of False Future already, so I am dying to confiscate it from her and read it (and doesn’t the cover look SO PRETTY with my theme colors?!)! And doesn’t Gates of Thread and Stone sound FASCINATING? I need that book!


Oh yes, The Giver — the first book I ever read in school and really liked! And it’s one of the few books I have reread more than once over the years, so I am eager to see this represented on film! I have to say, I’m a bit wary about the chosen cast, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see!

And then there’s the If I Stay movie. True, I haven’t read this book yet (I know, I’m like the only person who hasn’t), but it still looks interesting, and since I doubt I will actually read it anytime soon, I figured the film is a good way to get myself acquainted.

Book Events

Opposition by Jennifer Armentrout The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness Lock In by John Scalzi

That is correct, friends. In August, I plan to attend bookish events for three authors I have never read. My sister has read some of Jennifer Armentrout’s books, so I’ll be going to that with her. I’ve been curious about Deborah Harkness’s books every since A Discovery of Witches. And of course, I mean, John Scalzi — how could I miss that? I have several of his books on my TBR and many of my friends love his stuff, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

What are you looking forward to in August?


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  1. If I Stay is coming out next month? Wow. Time flies by. I didn’t even notice. Haha! I should remember to look out for that one. I don’t watch a lot of movies so I usually miss out on the showing date and end up not watching in the cinemas. Lol. Thanks for the reminder. :P

  2. I haven’t read If I Stay yet either. DON’T FEEL ALONE, KELLEY. x) I’m kind of relieved not much is coming out in August as well…I’m taking a mild reading break. And most of my ARCs right now are for September, so that should be a whopper of a month for cool books coming out! I’m SO excited for The Giver. I was scared initially that it’d be too different…but apparently the author really likes it and is on board with all their changes, so that makes me happy. OH and I think TFIOS is coming out on DVD isn’t it?? I’m excited because I still haven’t seen that one yet.

    • LOL I love how everyone in the comments is assuring me that they haven’t read that book either! I didn’t know that about The Giver movie, so that gives me hope. I’m still pretty wary of it. Is it just me, or does the trailer not seem very reminiscent of the book? Or am I just not remembering it well enough?

      I’ve no idea about the TFiOS DVD, but my sister is probably all over it, lol. Seems like it just came out in the theaters!

  3. Every single time I watch the trailer for If I Stay, I start crying. I cried through half of the book as well. It’s a book that alternates past and present, so every time it was in the present, I was bawling. Going to be a rough theater watch, but I’m going to do it! And The Giver!!! Alexander Skarsgard is in it, which is reason enough for me to watch it. But even if he wasn’t, I’ve read the book 3-4 times now and still love it, so yeah..

    Gates of Thread and Stone does sound pretty great, so I’m looking forward to that one :)

  4. You’re totally not the only person who hasn’t read If I Stay – I haven’t either. Nor have I read The Giver though (it’s not big in South Africa), so those are two books I need to get to stat! It will be a while before the movies reach SA though, so I still have time.

  5. I’m always afraid to click on these posts for fear of my wallet :P I didn’t know If I Stay was coming out in August! It must have slipped past me. And the Giver too – oooo I smell a double movie marathon weekend!

    • That’s great to hear (although I had no doubt he would be awesome). I still can’t believe I missed Scalzi at the local comic con earlier this year, but at least I get another chance! Of course I’m going to pick up Redshirts while I’m at it. :D

      Yeah, If I Stay is one of those contemporaries that makes everyone cry, which is probably why I have been avoiding it so long, lol.

  6. I’ve already added Of Metal and Wishes to my TBR thanks to our steampunk guide. I’m kind of iffy on the blurb for Gates of Thread and Stone, so I’ll just wait til you read it and see what you think. >_>

    Uhmmm I have no idea what The Giver is about but I totally just caught a flash of Alexander Skarsgard in there. Which means I will probably make an attempt at some point to watch that. Lol. It looks like it would be an interesting book but for some reason, even with all the big names in there, the trailer makes it look so-so.

    I strongly disliked If I Stay so there’s no way I’ll be watching that.

    And yes, both False Future and the trailer still for The Giver look great with your theme colors! Actually everything does, since the rest of them are pretty neutral.

    I hear things about John Scalzi all the time, so I hope his event is awesome! I can’t believe I haven’t read anything by him yet.

    • Yeah, I think a couple people I’m friends with on Goodreads are reading Gates of Thread and Stone right now, so I’m waiting to see what they think of it before I look into it more.

      I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HAVEN’T READ THE GIVER, Leanne! It’s all about a dystopian world in which nobody sees in color anymore except for a special person. IT IS SO GOOD. YOU MUST READ IT! Forget the movie (except for the Skarsgard part)!

      Ohhh you didn’t like the If I Stay book? Hrm… Now I’m not sure if I should bother with it,lol.

      I’m glad someone appreciates the color matchy aside from me (I knew you would <3)! And yeah, I'm so curious about John Scalzi. Seems like the kind of author you and I would both like. I'll report back! :)

      • OMG WHAT! I’ve actually never even *heard* of The Giver until this post! We didn’t read much of anything for school except The Scarlet Letter and maybe one or two other things I’ve forgotten. But probably not, because it took them most of an entire school year to get through one short novel. -_- Meh. I’m going to add The Giver to my wishlist RIGHT NOW. (I’ll still watch Skarsgard movie later.)

        No, I really disliked If I Stay. It’s full of pop culture references (which we both dislike) and talks a lot about music (which isn’t so bad) since the MC and her boyfriend are both musicians. But looking at the ratings of everyone I’m friends with on Goodreads, I’m the ONLY person I know that didn’t like it. Beyond the pop culture thing, most of it stems from my own view on giving up on life, and experiences with suicides of people close to me. So I found it very hard to empathize with the MC. It really just made me angry. I don’t know if it’s something you would enjoy or not. You seem much more capable of empathizing with characters than I am so you might get all of the feels from it like everyone else I know that’s read it.

        Of course I’m going to notice the colors, lol. And I can’t wait to hear about Scalzi! (I feel so awesome now, referring to him as just SCALZI like the Wendig does.)

        • I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS, LEANNE!! I had to read The Giver in my seventh grade English class, and it’s been a favorite of mine ever since. Obviously, I think you would really like it! That book and Ender’s Game are the only two books I really read and enjoyed from the required reading in school. I should add The Give to the next goodie package I send you, lol!

          Ahhhhhhhhh pop culture references blaaaaaaargh. The music part interests me, though. Hmmm, your commentary is really making me curious about it now. Gosh darnit, now I feel like I SHOULD read the book before I see the movie. Maybe I can get it from the library and read it in one sitting (it’s short, right?). I Do have little patience for characters, though, so I’m wondering how annoyed I would be by the MC!

          • My school wasn’t all that big on literary knowledge. I still feel cheated on most of my education from there, and I’m pretty sure there were tons of perfectly good books that were banned from our very inadequate library. So I’m not surprised! I do remember reading a TTT topic sometime last year (I think?) where people listed their favorite books they wouldn’t have read if not for school, and was surprised by how many great ones were on there. I had nothing to add, lol.

            Yeah, If I Stay isn’t very long. I got it as an audiobook (which was actually kind of nice because it had some cello music in it) but recall it not taking me that long to get through. You should definitely read it before you see the movie. Although I tend to like Chloe Grace Moretz so she might make the MC less… disliked.

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