Android Apps for Book Lovers

Android Apps for Book Lovers

Android Apps for Book Lovers

Well. I had the framework for this post all written up (including an AMAZING intro paragraph (I can say that now because it’s gone and you’ll never know what you missed)), and then something went awry with our hosting and we lost about 24-48 hours worth of comments and content — including my draft for this post.

SO. Now I get to start all over. Um… Hey, so like… I have an Android phone (:P to all you iPhone users) and sometimes I browse the Play Store to see what apps are out there, and sometimes I find some cool things. And NOW I’m going to do one of the things we do best around here, and share all of the things I collected with YOU!

Naturally, it seemed right to focus on the apps most relevant to our viewers, so this post will focus on book-related apps (but rest assured, I have plenty of other lists I’d love to share with you in the future).

Bookish Utility Apps

First, let’s start with the utility apps — those that let you read and organize your books. This is something that most of us probably do on a daily basis anyway, so having great apps to help you out with this is important! Click on the app logos to be taken to their download page on the Play Store.


GoodreadsLet’s just face the facts here: my bookish life would be severely diminished without Goodreads. So of course I have the Goodreads app on my phone, and of course I use it on an almost daily basis. (Note: I am referring to the official Goodreads app here, which is free.)


No, this is not my screenshot, because the only thing Android phones suck at is taking screenshots. :(

Things this app is excellent at:

  • Looking up books and/or authors
  • Adding books to your shelves
  • Viewing reviews for books
  • Updating your reading status
  • Viewing notifications

Things this app needs improvement in:

  • If you have MANY shelves (as I do), it doesn’t show ALL of them on the list, when you go to add a book to multiple shelves
  • Book information is limited (no publisher or publish date, etc.)
  • Can’t tap on book series (when listed beside a book title) to view it
  • Can’t see book covers larger
  • Can’t view different editions of the same book

So obviously it’s not as robust as I wish it was, but at the very least, it lets me look up books and add them to my lists for later, which is the main reason I want to use it when I’m not near my computer anyway.


KindleAnother app I cannot live without is my ereader app (I mostly use Kindle, but that’s just me). Friends, I don’t know what I would do without it. I have gotten SO much more reading done since I got the Kindle app on my phone, because it means that I can read my books wherever I am!

Again, not my screenshot

Again, not my screenshot

Things this app is excellent at:

  • Reading my ebooks, including ANYTHING I send to my Kindle
  • Looking at the pretty book covers (which I can’t do on my cheap b/w Kindle)
  • Highlighting and making notes in books
  • Adjusting font face, font size, etc.
  • Adjusting pager/font colors and screen brightness
  • Making your place and syncing with your other devices

Things this app needs improvement in:

  • Viewing PDFs (I get an error every time)

As you can see, I have very few complaints about this app, and it’s a big reason I became a fan of ebooks in general. I also used it to follow along with my The Way of Kings audiobook since I had the ebook version too, which was really handy.

Comparable apps from other providers: Nook & Kobo & Scribd


WattpadI don’t read on Wattpad a lot, but I have been excited to find that some of my favorite YA authors have published short stories on there, many of which accompany their existing series — and it’s all out there for free! I love this because — just like with my Kindle app — it allows me to catch up on novellas and short stories and other smaller bits of content when I’m not at home and don’t have time to sink into a book.

Bookish Fun Apps

Next up — and these are the real goods I wanted to share with you — are the fun apps! These are pure bonus material, for when you want to be your bookish self, but perhaps don’t want to engage in one of your normal reads and want something a bit different.

The Elder Scrolls Books

ElderScrollsBooksIf you know what The Elder Scrolls is, you’re probably already excited. Many a gamer who enjoys expansive RPGs like those in the Elder Scrolls series (Oblivion, Skyrim, etc.), likely also enjoys the massive amounts of lore hidden within these games. There are dozens and dozens of actual books within these games that you can interact with and READ inside the game.

Well! One awesome gamer has taken it upon himself to compile all of these books — from the last 4 games (Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim) — and put them into an app so that we can read them at our leisure! How cool is that?!

Books of WoW

BooksofWoWSimilar to the above app, TomDroid has taken it upon himself to compile all of the books from several popular video games and put them into apps for gamers to enjoy! Not only does he have an app for all of the books from World of Warcraft, but he also have other apps for Skyrim, Dishonored, Divinity, and Kolb & the Dragon!


QuizUpYou might be wondering why I have a trivia game on the list, but this is the best one, I swear! I’m a sucker for trivia games for some reason, so every time I find a new one that looks good, I try it out. So far, QuizUp is one of my absolute favorites, and here’s why.

QuizUp_screenThings this app is excellent at:

  • It looks GREAT (which is important in an app)
  • It has over 400 topics to choose from
  • It has TONS of bookish topics, including things like Harry Potter Characters/Spells, Divergent, Discworld, Neil Gaiman, and on and on!
  • It is FUN!
  • There are no ads in sight

Things this app needs improvement in:

  • Nothing?

As you can see, I think this app is pretty awesome. If you enjoy playing trivia games and want to look me up so we can play together, let me know and I’ll figure out how to add each other! >_>

What are your favorite bookish apps? What would you add to my list? Do you use any of these apps? How do you like them?


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  1. I just recently got an Android phone (after the rest of the world) and the main reason I wanted one was for the apps (no, seriously. My old phone was great for calling purposes :D). And now that I have one, I’m seeing a marked increase in the number of books I’ve been reading! I can read literally ANYWHERE! The Kindle app is kind of the love of my life ;)

    QuizUp sounds super interesting! I’m crazy about trivia, so it should be fun! And you’re right about the Goodreads app. There’s a long way for it to go to become as awesome as the site.

    • Hmm, I suppose Wattpad is probably mainly for fanfiction? I mostly just use it for supplemental content written by authors I like, such as the extra short stories for The Lunar Chronicles, Across the Universe, Origin, Crewel World, etc.

      anyway, I hope you like the other apps! Have you already tried QuizUp? What do you think?

      • I guess that’s a good reason to use it but I’ll have to see. I mean, it’s free so there’s no real loss right? Just hope I don’t gey tempted to waste my time reading about One Direction that’s all haha. :P

        I love QuizUp but I’ve never clicked on anything bookish. I normally go for Android or something Pop related. :3

  2. QuizUp is amazing! I’m so addicted! I love getting titles and challenging people and the best part is I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time on a game (or not as much as opposed to 2048) because I am actually learning things!

    • Hahaha, yay, someone else who loves QuizUp! Isn’t is SO good? I can’t believe how much content they have on there. And I agree with you. My husband doesn’t understand why I like trivia games so much, but hey, I get to test my knowledge and learn new things, and it’s fun!

  3. I feel like the WoW one is here just for me. I have actually sought out and read all of the books in WoW, but this would be much easier (had to do the achievement though!!)

    Chris enlightened me to QuizUp last weekend and was being all cocky about it so I was like “Oh YEAH?!” And challenged him to Harry Potter quizzes. Winner!

    I love the Goodreads app and use Kobo instead of Kindle…. buahahaha. As for the other apps, I don’t use them but I’m going to look into the Wattpad one :)

    And yes, Andriod for the win!

  4. Oh, I definitely needed this blog post in my life right now! =D Awesome work, Kelley.

    I absolutely loathe Goodreads app because I can’t do anything on it except post status updates. Sigh, I hope they make it better soon.

    Amazon Kindle app is fantastic and I’ve started reading all my ARCs on it. I also have a Kobo app because it lets me know how much time I’ve spent reading a book, how much it’ll take me to finish the book I’m currently reading. Also, the Reading Life tab has all the stats about number of pages turned, average number of hours it took to read a book and so on.

    I had been thinking on downloading Wattpad and now I think I will.

    I’m, sadly, not a gamer ever since my PlayStation days got over (which was me being a gamer haha) so, no idea about those two apps.

    I LOVE QUIZUP. It’s amazing!

    P.S. What phone do you own? On Android phones, the usual way to take screenshots is by pressing Power + Volume Down button together. It’s hard to get the hang of at first but, then it gets pretty easy.

    • Sweet, glad you liked this post, Sana! I definitely wish they would improve the Goodreads app. I’ve had to resort — many times — to wrangling my phone into viewing the non-mobile version of their website so I can do things that the app won’t allow me to do. But I’ve gotten used to just relying on the app for posting status updates and looking up books, and it doesn’t enrage me as much anymore, lol.

      I use the Kindle app for the same reason, and it’s been a big enabler for me requesting books on NetGalley and Edelweiss! The Kindle app supposedly has some time functions, too, but I find it’s pretty bad at guessing how long it will take me to finish the book/chapter. I should look into the Kobo app!

      YAY for QuizUp! :D Oh, I just got the Moto X a couple of months ago. I’ve had an android phone since the very first Droid came out from Motorola back in 2009, and I’ve been wanting to take screenshots ever since! Everything I researched said you had to root your phone in order to get screenshots, and none of the various screenshot apps I tried would work, usually for that reason. But perhaps things have changed over the years and they’re just bad at notifying users of new features? Or does it depend on the phone??? *tries it* OH MY GOD IT WORKED YOU ARE A GENIUS I LOVE YOU. <3

    • Whoa, whoa, there’s an app for Literally? Man, I was looking for one, because their website is kinda buggy on a mobile device. Maybe I should check their website again.

      I know how you feel about most of the trivia apps out there. SO many of them are just bad, or poorly translated, and it’s so frustrating. QuizUp is high quality!

  5. I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t even have the Goodreads app on my phone! Or the kindle app! I just downloaded both (very impressed with how well the kindle app syncs to my kindle) and now I’m going to download QuizUp! (and maybe also kobo per Sana’s recommendation.) I’m going to have to create a cluster of apps called “Kelley!”
    Thanks for the recommendations!

    • Hahaha, so glad you’re enjoying my app suggestions! I really don’t know what I would do without the Goodreads app, because it’s become such an integrated part of my life as a book blogger! The Kindle app fantastic, isn’t it? It syncs seamlessly with my account, and it’s so handy for reading stuff randomly when I’m out of the house (I know e-readers are portable and everything, but I’ve been surprised by how much it weighs down my purse!).

  6. I’m really bad at updating my Goodreads but the Android app makes it slightly easier. It’s very basic which is annoying. I want to post more than updates, argh. I love QuizUp (though I haven’t been playing it recently). It’s so satisfying to get a question right and even more so when you get a new rank, haha.

    • Yeah, I’ve basically just had to come to terms with what the Goodreads app allows me to do, and be okay with that (for the most part). At least it lets me track my reading progress and helps me remember books for later! Yay for QuizUp, though! I’m excited that so many commenters have been using that app too!

  7. Nope, I’m still sticking on my iPhone! *squishes iPhone* ;D

    But great list, Kelley! I think I’ll still be able to find most of these on the AppStore because both the Play and App Stores are usually quite similar in terms of the kinds of apps you find on them. QuizUp sounds just like something I’d enjoy, and it’s SO cool that they put questions about books inside, too! And yup, free apps without ads are always good. The developers know our pain.

    I think I have almost every bookish utility app you mentioned here, except Wattpad because I just have no time to read stories on there. Goodreads is my most frequently used app, and yeah, there definitely is room for improvement ’cause the publication dates don’t appear on the iOS version either. At least our shelf lists are complete, though. ;) I do wish they could come up with a nicer design. The current one is okay, but I want something more… sleek. xP Gosh, I’m such a design snob.

    I so want to play more RPG games, but with school and blogging, I literally just have no time. x(

    • Boooo to iPhones! No, not really (pretty sure Asti and Leanne BOTH have iPhones, lol :P), but I still prefer my Android devices. If the developers are super awesome, they have their apps available for both operating systems anyway, so you can likely find most of these on your phone too! I think you would have a lot of fun with QuizUp, just knowing your personality. ;)

      I HATE that the GR app doesn’t list publication details on the book pages! I mean, WHY NOT? Maybe we should all send in suggestions and then they’ll add it?

      I know how you feel about wanting to play more RPG games. I don’t have much time for them anymore either. :(

    • High five for Android phones! :D The other games I play constantly? Blendoku — a color geeks DREAM game! WordFeud (omg hit me up if you like to play that game — my username is hereticaneue). And Mystic World of Wiz – Quiz RPG. Yes, it’s another trivia game but it’s like this deck building RPG at the same time and it’s addicting! What about you, what are you favorite games?

  8. I will have to check out the trivia app for when the kids are bored when we wait for whatever. I also have an Android phone, even though everyone else has iPhones and I even own an iPad. BTW, I can open PDFs fine when I do it from my iPad directly to KIndle OR I use an app called Goodreader.

    Other useful apps are the Audible app and Overdrive, which is used by Maryland public libraries for both eBooks and audibook. Great post!

    • I prefer Android too, even though iPhones are so popular. And yes, I have an iPod, but there’s not really a competitive option from anyone else as far as I’m concerned! As for the PDFs, I can use other apps to open them on my phone. It’s just annoying because I sometimes get ebooks in PDF form and so I naturally just send them to my Kindle like every other ebook I get. Oh well!

      Oh, I can’t believe I forgot to mention some audiobook programs — thanks for the reminder! I guess it’s because I stick to my iPod (yes, my super old iPod) for any sort of listening activities. Doh!

  9. I should have assumed you’d have an android. All the cool people do. :P I agree about the Goodreads app, a lot of times I just go to the mobile version, which also isn’t that great, and in times of great frustration, switch to the desktop. I wonder if it is the same way for iPhone users. I will have to check out the Elder Scrolls app, although I’ve only played Skyrim out of the whole bunch. I think it would be amazing to work on the storyline/ supplemental literature for a video game. That would be a pretty sweet job.

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