Announcement: Asti’s Back (Well… Sort of)

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Announcement: Asti's Back (Well... Sort of)

Hi there. Anyone remember me? Maybe one or two of you?

Well, for those of you who have forgotten, my name is Asti and I was a blogger here at Oh, the Books! from its launch until September 2015 (and prior to that I blogged at a little place called A Bookish Heart). If I had to say what I was known most for, it would be my addiction to creating various bookish features (it was a serious problem but resulted in awesomeness such as the Bookish Games), my dedication to highlighting discussion posts around the blogosphere via our weekly recaps (which Kelley also contributed to), and my love of villains (I still love you Darkling).

I stopped blogging when I realized that my blogging was being accompanied by a range of negative emotions, and while it felt good to get away for this past year or so I have definitely missed it. Not all of it, but most of it.

As a result, I’m back! Well… sort of. 

One of the thing I mentioned in my post with all the feels is that at times I felt like a fraud in the book blogger community. I felt like I didn’t read enough, that I was bad for not liking reviews (which is the bulk of content on most book blogs), and I never flailed about books to the full extent that others did. As I still feel those things mostly hold true today, I’ve decided to come back… just not as a book blogger.

That’s right. I am blogging again, but not specifically book blogging. This time my focus is life + stories + art.

Really, if you followed me before, that shouldn’t be a huge shock. I would sometimes discuss my personal life in the Bookish Life feature, I talked about stories all the time (books = stories, duh ;)), and I would occasionally feature both my own attempts at art (haha, Bookish Friends) and the art of others (Bookish Finds). The main difference is that books are no longer going to be the anchor to my content. I guess, in a way, I will be anchor instead.

Because I’m stepping away from a focus on books, it doesn’t feel right for me to re-enter the blogging world on Oh, the Books! I love this blog and my contributions to it, and even more than that I love my super-amazing co-blogger Kelley, but there’s something about OtB that feels so limiting for me. (Maybe the fact that books is in the name?) I need a fresh start.

You can now find me at atypicalnarrative. I have an introduction post that went live yesterday providing a little more detail about what to expect so if you’ve missed me and you’re interested in following along with my adventures so be sure to check it out. Or if you would just like to follow me on the social medias again (because abookishheart is sadly no more), my new handle is atypicalnarr(ative) on Twitter and Instagram.

And that’s it! Though I won’t be specifically book blogging, I definitely still plan on being around in the community and I look forward to catching up with everyone once again. 🙂

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