Announcing: Horror October – The Fortnight Edition


Maybe two months after I started book blogging, I was already addicted to events. I’d participated in or signed up for probably a dozen yearly challenges, a couple of readathons, an ARC binge, and an entire month of sci-fi. And I couldn’t get enough. I was looking for even more! So I made my own event, centered around the genre that’s been my favorite since I was a teeny thing not even able to walk on my own. Horror has been a lifelong love for me, in all its many formats. Coming up with a blogging event seemed the best way to celebrate that love with all my new blogosphere buddies. The response and participation was quite awesome and overwhelmed anything I had expected.

This year, (the 2nd annual, wee!) the format for Horror October is changing a bit. Instead of an entire month, the event will last a fortnight. I was originally thinking of cutting it down to just one week, but obviously anything with “night” in it is going to sound way cooler for something horror-centric. (And who wants just one week of spooky awesomeness when they can have two?) So from October 18th to October 31st, expect to see some strange goings-on around Oh, the Books! Kelley won’t be participating (horror just isn’t her thing!) so Asti and I will be combating the forces of terrifying evil in her stead. Or making deals with them, cause you know, evil masterminds and villains and whatnot run this blog.

So What Types of Posts Can I Expect?

Last year we had quite the variety, and I was really impressed with the things people came up with. We saw everything from book and movie reviews, to bookish Bingo and other games, giveaways, pastries, monster profiles, book and film recommendations, TBR plans, interviews, challenges, soundtracks, cover loves, home decor, costumes… really if you can think of it, someone probably posted on it!

I do encourage you to have an introductory post, and talk just a bit about why you’ve joined in on Horror October, your past experiences with the genre, and what you might be looking forward to. After that it’s all up to you. Once October 18th and the beginning of the fortnight gets here, I’ll have an index page that will link to the posts of everyone participating, and a look ahead at what you can expect to see from Asti and me.

Not a Horror Fan? Not a Problem!

There are still plenty of ways to participate even if the style of the horror greats are a bit much for you. Last year we had plenty of paranormal fans joining in. After all, that genre has lots of horror elements, even if it isn’t strictly horror.

Ghosts, shifters, witches, vamps, tentacle beasts, psychopaths, killers, monsters of all kinds – anything weird or deadly that you wouldn’t lump into the sci-fi or fantasy genres will probably fit in just fine here. (Even if they are fighting off baddies and falling in love, they still count. ;))

Have an October Event of Your Own?

Do you have a horror/paranormal event of your own? I loved linking to likeminded blogs last year while Horror October was going on, and plan to do the same again this year. I really can’t get enough of this genre/time of year in general, and if it’s something you’re interested in I imagine it’s the same for you.

Let me know, and I’ll definitely be linking up to your posts when October rolls around! The more love we can spread for this genre, the better. :)

Interested in Having Some Horror Fun?

Feel free to use the Horror October banner at the head of this post anywhere you like if linking back to us. There’s also this cute mini sidebar-sized one, if you prefer:


I won’t be creating a special Twitter account for Horror October, but will be using a hashtag to keep everyone interested connected. How does #OtBHorrorOctober sound? Good? Great. ;)

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  1. Ahh, this sounds like so much fun! I’ll probably be doing a horror event of my own, spread over my two blogs (Nyx Book Reviews for bookish horror posts, Irresponsible Cactus for other Halloweenish awesomeness). I’m already so excited for October :D

  2. Ooooh this is so exciting! I’ve got quite a few scary books that I need to get through so this event is absolutely perfect!

    I know this sounds really silly but in case you don’t already know, the Linky input isn’t mobile responsive. :P I feel like one of those kids who points out the spelling mistakes to the teacher LOL :3

  3. I’m hosting a read-along for R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, and any other horror authors/books that fall into the “nostalgic” category. It starts on September 30 (to celebrate the release of the new Fear Street book) and runs through October 31.

  4. Hallo, Hallo! :)

    I’ve had my eye on your reading challenge (along with Blogs.Booke.Bake) for the Bingo Challenge for Horror October since LAST October! lol This year, I am participating in a new release for Brandy Purdy “The Ripper’s Wife” in which I’ll be reading & reviewing this exciting new historical fiction about Jack the Ripper — and guess when my review posts!? *Halloween!* :) Combined with the fact I already adore reading about ghosts, past lives, clairvoyance, and other ‘paranormal’ elements inside fictional suspense novels… I had feeling that perhaps this might be a good year for me to join you!

    A fortnight is *the!* best time to get all of this put together too! :) I’ll have a lot of fun sorting out which books I’ll be reading & other fun things I can do during this block of time! Although I’m a bonefide book blogger & reader who isn’t into straight-up Horror, I do appreciate “Horror-Lite” (my definition!) and of course, all those lovely stories which fall into a category of their own outside Horror. Hmm,… I could even post about how I *love!* Classic Horror Movies, right!? Hmm,… now I’m getting keener on this idea!

    I saved the Bingo card & I’m going to use that as a basis to sort out what I want to read! :)

    RALs & Challenges — I’ve been so hit/miss this past year, but I’m walking into Autumn with a LOT of optimism because you know I’m already over the moon happy about SciFi November! :) Thanks for always inspiring us!

  5. I’m excited for this and definitely planning to read a few classic horror books as well as the YA horror on my list! I have a few lists and reasons for the event as well. CAN’T WAIT!! :D

    I didn’t add the “@ Books and Cake” part and thought maybe you’ll edit that in? I’m such a stickler for routine. XD

  6. I definitely have a few scary books to read that I can feature during that time, considering I’ve been obsessing on Stephen King lately. :) I’ll also plan on having my weekly short fiction review be horror focused.

  7. This sounds so fun, I love horror and will be participating. I was already planning on posting stuff about horror but then saw your post and decided to join. I accidently linked twice. #27 links to my introduction post. I can’t delete the other link.

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