ARC Review: The Vanishing Throne by Elizabeth May

ARC Review: The Vanishing Throne by Elizabeth May
ARC Review: The Vanishing Throne by Elizabeth May

The Vanishing Throne

Written by Elizabeth May
(Chronicle Books - 6/7/2016)
Series: The Falconer #2
Genres: Faery, Fantasy, Steampunk, Young Adult
Format: eARC (384 pages)
Source: Edelweiss, NetGalley
Rating: 4.5 Stars

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The second book in the Falconer trilogy is packed with surprises and suspense.

Aileana Kameron, the Falconer, disappeared through the portal that she was trying to close forever. Now she wakes up in the fae world, trapped and tortured by the evil Lonnrach. With the help of an unexpected ally, Aileana re-enters the human world, only to find everything irrevocably changed. Edinburgh has been destroyed, and the few human survivors are living in an uneasy truce with the fae, while both worlds are in danger of disappearing altogether. Aileana holds the key to saving both worlds, but in order to do so she must awaken her latent Falconer powers. And the price of doing that might be her life.

Rich with imaginative detail, action, fae lore, and romance, The Vanishing Throne is a thrilling sequel to The Falconer.
FTC Disclosure: This book was provided to me from the author or publisher (Edelweiss, NetGalley), free of charge, with the understanding that my intention is to read it and provide feedback in the form of an honest review. I am not compensated in any way in exchange for positive reviews, and I don’t let anything other than the book's contents affect my opinions and review.

My Thoughts

I went into The Vanishing Throne a bit nervous. There were so many things I loved about The Falconer, but I knew that things were going to be different in the sequel, and I didn’t know if I could handle it. Well — I was right, but I was also very wrong!

The book begins in a very dark place; there is no mercy, no easing you back into the world of the fae and what it means for Aileana. (This is the part I was right about. It was not the same setting — but that was a good thing!) It’s not often in YA that you experience the trauma and anguish that this girl endures and pushes herself to survive. In fact, I think one of my favorite things about this book is how the main character deals with PTSD and how it changes her relationships with certain other characters. So much depth in this aspect of the book alone!

The Vanishing Throne is a very powerful sequel. May did a wonderful job of keeping the stakes high, forcing tough decisions on everyone, and still somehow balancing all that darkness and danger with silver linings. The fae/period/Scottish terms abound still, but they were easier to understand this time around (probably in part because some of them were familiar, but still I didn’t feel the need to add anything to my lexicon!).

I’m trying to express my appreciation for this book without spoiling anything, and it’s a challenge! Elizabeth May did SO MANY things RIGHT in this book. Maybe that’s all you need to know. It’s a damn great book, and an excellent sequel to The Falconer. I am utterly impatient for the final book in the trilogy (but I’m going to be very sad to see it end)!

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  1. This series sounds so spectacular, but it’s been resting in my TBR list forever! I’ve been on a fantasy binge lately, so maybe it’s time I finally give The Falconer a shot.

    On an unrelated note, it’s been forever since we’ve chatted, Kelley! It feels like I was on hiatus for a million years. How are you?

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