Features by Asti

Features by Asti

I’m one of those bloggers who is never happy just doing the same thing week after week. As a result, I have accumulated quite a diverse range of features during my years of blogging. Some of these features are still in use, others have been archived a long, long time ago.

Bookish Blogging

Bookish Blogging is my attempt to help other bloggers using the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the course of blogging. While I am not an expert in the realm of blogging by any means, I have been happy with the success of my blogs over the years and want to help others feel satisfied with their blogging endeavors as well.

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Bookish Degree

Bookish Degree recounts my experiences pursuing a Publishing MA from 2013 – 2014. As this is a book blog, I thought my studies in regards to the publishing industry would appeal to readers and as a result posted about my modules, assignments, and internships. [retired]

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Bookish Finds

Bookish Finds is a spotlight feature in which I highlight some of the awesome art I find online that involves books. The art can be clothing, illustrations, photographs, carvings – anything that combines art and books.

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Bookish Friends

Bookish Friends is a spotlight feature that I use to highlight some of the amazing friends I have made since I started book blogging. While the formatting of this post has changed over time, the main concept is still the same: I introduce one of my bookish friends and share some interesting facts about him/her that I found online.

Bookish Games

Bookish Games has been my baby since 2013. It is my most precious feature in which I take the game Mafia (aka Werewolf), that is played both in real life and online, and adapt it for the blog. Each game is themed after a different book, and there is often a twist (or two) thrown in the mix to keep players guessing. As of 2014, Kelley has joined me in creating and moderating the Bookish Games.

Bookish Life

Bookish Life are for the posts in which I want to get personal. While these posts aren’t as common as they were when I ran my solo blog, A Bookish Heart, you may still find traces of them around the blog. These posts are used to discuss both bookish events in my life (such as meeting my favorite author) and non-bookish events (such as my going away party). They give you a little glimpse into the blogger behind the blog.

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Bookish Mail

Bookish Mail is a book recommendation feature utilizing postcards. Each time a blogger sends me a book recommendation on a postcard, the blogger and recommendation are featured on the blog along with my responding postcard and recommendation. If you’re interested in sending me a postcard to be a part of this feature, please email me.

Bookish Month

Bookish Month is a monthly recap feature primarily revolving around books (shocking, right?). I discuss what books I’ve read during the previous month, what books have caught my eye or have been added to my wishlist, and what books I purchased or received from others. In other words, it’s a post I’m setting aside each month to discuss ALL THE BOOKS!

Bookish Parade

Bookish Parade is a feature in which I release my cover whore and look at the various editions that exist for a book (according to Goodreads). Sometimes I rank the covers, sometimes I analyze their appropriateness based on the contents of the books, and sometimes I just talk about my favorites. It’s a feature that allows me to judge a book by it’s cover, being the rebel that I am.

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Bookish Snaps

Bookish Snaps is my photography feature in which I share the photos I have taken during one of my bookish photo shoots. Each post will have a certain theme, such as location of the photos taken, books that belong to a certain genre, etc.

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Bookish Thoughts

Bookish Thoughts is my general discussion feature in which I talk all things books. These are my favorite type of posts to read in the blogosphere, and as a result this is my most populated feature to date. If I have an opinion on a book-related topic, it’s bound to end up here.

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Bookish Wars

Bookish Wars is a debate club in blog post form. In this (sporadic) feature, I invite another blogger to battle it out with me on a chosen topic. We each state our argument and supporting defense, and then allow readers to decide who has won.

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Bookish Wreck

Bookish Wreck is a feature in which I share my progress completing my Wreck This Journal. I’m very slow completing this journal, as wrecking tends to be low on my list of priorities, but every time I manage to complete a handful of pages I take pictures of them to share on the blog and describe what I thought.

Bookish WWAD

Bookish WWAD is a discussion-based feature in which I speculate about what I would do if I were apart of one of the books I were reading, whether in an existing character’s situation or just in a general where-would-I-fit-in-this-world way.

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On My Bookshelf

On My Bookshelf is a featured I originally created for my Tumblr and Instagram, but adapted for the blog. It is a prolonged bookshelf tour in which I highlight a handful of books off my shelves stating why I have them and what their current status is. To see the full list of books featured, visit this page.

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