Bookish Degree: The Doings of a Marketing Publishing Intern


Due to my undying love of books, I have decided to pursue a Publishing MA degree at Kingston University.  My Bookish Degree feature covers everything from things I’ve learned on my studies, work placements I have done in the industry, and publishing events I have attended.

The Doings of a Marketing Publishing Intern

At one point during the past year, my lovely co-blogger Leanne made a comment on one of my Bookish Degree posts that she would like to know more about what I do when I’m completing my work placements at various publishers in London. Now that I’ve completed three separate work placements with three different publishing companies, I’ve decided now would be a good time to share what sort of tasks I completed at each one.

Random House Children's Publishers, Work Placement, Intern, MarketingRandom House Children’s Publishers
Children’s Marketing Department
28 Oct – 8 Nov 2013

  • I helped moderate Jacqueline Wilson’s website.
  • I did tons of mail outs for giveaways, schools, and sales reps.
  • I moderated the Facebook Giveaways. We had different giveaways up daily for Halloween so each day I would go through and select a winner, contact them for their address, and then send them their prize.
  • I wrote blog posts for their teen site Totally Random Books (TRB).
  • I pulled quotes from books to use in social media campaigns.
  • I reviewed a book. (When I read that this was one of my required tasks, I giggled.)
  • I created and implemented a social media plan for both the TRB and RHCP Twitter accounts. This involved brainstorming ideas, scheduling the tweets, and reflecting on the results. I was actually sort of disappointed with the lack of interaction I received from my campaign. It made me realize using Twitter is not as straightforward as one might think!
  • I researched how competing publishers were utilizing social media to target their teen readers and compared those to ones TRB was using.
  • I uploaded videos to the TRB website (which was actually quite easy to do since they were using WordPress!).
  • I created social media images for Wonder Anti-Bullying Week campaign using a template that was provided.
  • I moderated the RHCP YouTube comments and removed any SPAM (which is always present on YouTube).

Little Brown, Work placement, OfficeLittle, Brown
Marketing Department
8 Jan – 16 Jan 2014

  • I completed mail outs here as well, primarily for giveaways.
  • I filled in a proof grid recording which media outlets reviewed proofs of our books that we sent them.
  • I researched possible third parties to use for competitions based on provided areas of interest (spas, hotels, day trips, etc.).
  • I created PowerPoint slides for Sales meetings using a template and slides provided.
  • I added author events to the Little, Brown site.
  • I changed ePub covers to include an advanced copy disclaimer for their use on NetGalley. I then uploaded the completed ePubs onto NetGalley.
  • I prepped showcards for author events.
  • I helped the Sales Supports team with data cleansing. This involved taking their older physical books and comparing them with their systems online to ensure all the information from the book was inputted correctly (including the title and subtitle, the back copy, and the review quotes on and in the book).
  • I attended numerous meetings and wrote up the minutes for them.
  • I researched open source  / creative commons images which could be used as backgrounds or borders for future projects.

Bloomsbury Publishing, Work Placement, Intern, MarketingBloomsbury Children’s
Children’s Marketing Department
3 Feb – 28 Feb 2014

  • I completed more mail outs for giveaways and sales reps.
  • I brainstormed social media ideas for upcoming publications.
  • I created and edited PowerPoint slides for a Sales Conference.
  • I wrote letters to The Bookseller for books being published in June using a template that was provided to me.
  • I checked the accuracy of information on order forms, catalogues, and other material created by the marketing department.
  • I burned files onto hundreds of USB sticks for a presentation ( – one of my less fun tasks).
  • I reorganized the marketing bookcase and pulled unneeded copies to donate to charity.
  • I wrote a design brief for an activity kit for a future children’s picture book that was being published. (It included a maze, coloring sheet, and spot the difference activity.)
  • I created a teacher survey on Survey Monkey using questions provided.
  • I designed social media graphics for social media campaigns for upcoming publications and various sales that were happening on the website at the time.
  • I brainstormed ideas to reuse images from an abandoned sticker sheet for one of our publications. I ended up reworking them as puppets that you could cut out and tape to pens for your own puppet show!
  • I created an Excel document containing all the authors published in 2013 and 2014 by Bloomsbury along with their Twitter handles, if they had one.

As you can see, each Marketing work experience placement I completed came with its own variety of tasks and responsibilities. I think the only one thing that I did for all three placements without fail was completing mail outs, but that is to be expected when there are so many giveaways and promotions that need to be taken care of!

I think the interesting thing is that the tasks I were given didn’t affect my enjoyment of each placement as much as the work environment did. Looking back, I’ve noticed that at some placements I didn’t do as much as I thought I did, but I had such an amazing time because the people I was working with were so lovely and welcoming. Working on these placements has helped me realize that even if each job is similar (marketing and publishing), the experience can be completing different depending on who you’re working with and the environment they create.

Your Turn

Were there any tasks I completed that you were surprised by? Do you want to know anything else about my experiences in publishing? Let me know what you think!

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