Bookish Finds: Tomoko Takeda’s Story Fragments

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Oh, the Books! | Bookish Finds: Tomoko Takeda's Story Fragments

Warning to you sensitive book-types: This post features cut-up books. Beautifully cut-up books.

I recently took to Google to see if I come could across any new and exciting book art that I’ve missed in the past, and came across this post on boredpanda: Artist Remakes Famous Books Into Art Masterpieces. Art masterpieces, indeed! I thought Tomoko Takeda’s book art was just so beautiful I had to share it myself.

Tomoko Takeda is an artist  and designer based in Tokyo who turns literary masterpieces into stunning works of art. Her collection, Story Fragments, features intricate book sculptures that represent the story inside the pages in a physical form.

Aren’t they beautiful?

I love them not only for her careful selection of what symbol to use for each book, but for how frail and delicate the book looks afterwards. It’s as if in any given second it can all just fall apart, making the captured photo all the more sacred.

It’s also my first Bookish Finds that features books written in Japanese (as far as I know), and I love how the symbols peak out between the cuts. They’re so beautiful.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Tomoko Takeda’s artwork, you can find her on Behance. (The Mother Book she helped design is absolutely gorgeous.)

What do you think? Aren’t these beautiful? Which one is your favorite?

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