Bookish Friends: Josephine, Sandra, and Lillian

Bookish Friends

Need some new blogs to follow? My Bookish Friends feature showcases some of the amazing blogging friends I’ve made in the blogosphere who I definitely recommend you check out. But hey, want to get a feel if they’re the right friend for you? Don’t worry! I’ve shoved them behind three different doors and listed some facts about each of them. It’s your very own Love Match with a Blogger!

My Bookish Friends: Josephine, Sandra, and Lillian

This week I’m featuring my friends Josephine from Word Revel, Sandra from Tea Between Books, and Lillian from Books and Cake. Try to figure out which one is which by using the clues beneath each door, and then click on the door to see if you’re right!

Note: I usually draw cartoonish pictures of each person with the fun facts somehow worked into them, but I did things slightly different this time. I decided I’d needed a break from embarrassing myself with the things I draw, so actually put some effort into these ones. Hope you don’t mind!

Door One

  • The first novel this blogger ever read was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when she was seven.
  • She can’t trust people who say things like “bestestest”.
  • She’s always wanted to be a character in Harry Potter so she can marry Sirius.
  • This blogger likes abstract covers better than ones featuring people/portraits.
  • She once had a dream of how she bought the edition of a book she badly wants. She then woke up searching for it. Sadness.
  • At nine-years-old, she used to borrow her sister’s thesaurus to find synonyms for everyday words, especially those with longer syllables to make her seem smart.
  • She loves lists and striking things off of them.
  • She is a nomad at heart.
  • This blogger is a cake lover, especially cheesecake.
  • She likes to take pictures by looking up.
  • Her blog sometimes includes discussions, reviews, and features, but she only tends to appear a handful of times each month. Tease!

Door Two

  • This blogger graduated from uni with Honours Degree in Sociology.
  • She would willingly trade sleep for more reading time.
  • She sometimes reads German books to keep in touch with her mother tongue. She also has learnt French, English, Latin, and Mandarin.
  • Her favorite sport is floor ball. She plays it competitively. She has also played: aerobics, volleyball, handball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, floor ball, cross country, track, and field hockey.
  • She checks the dimensions of a book in a series before buying them.
  • She is a polygamous reader.
  • This blogger hardly ever chooses to buy hardcovers because she hates dust jackets.
  • She’s made a “game” of walking into the library fifteen minutes before it closes and borrowing whatever book interests her in that short time.
  • She is based on an island affectionately known as the Little Red Dot.
  • DNFing a book is difficult for this blogger.
  • Her blog features everything from reviews to discussions to cover talks to updates! She always sounds pretty damn smart in her posts.

Door Three

  • This blogger has a passion for books, art, music, fashion, photography, foreign cultures, and Audrey Hepburn.
  • She has to have earphones on when reading a book.
  • She “adopts” used books.
  • One of her big ambitions is to invent a tree that grows money and a plate that generates the food she craves by itself.
  • She loves the smell of used books.
  • Her book blog is her fourth blog. Her previous blogs including a personal diary, fashion blog, and multifandom Tumblr.
  • She says you shouldn’t judge people who skip in public, it’s faster.
  • Penryn and the End of Days is her favorite series of all time.
  • This blogger doesn’t think you should trust people who eat their cereal after it gets soggy.
  • Her first author event was Patrick Ness, whose books she read because of me. Of course.
  • This blogger’s blog includes art, books, reviews, and photography. But mainly ramblings. Very interesting ramblings.

So, did you know which blogger was behind each door? Which one would you end up choosing on your blog blind date? Surprised by any of the facts about these lovely ladies? Let me know!


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    • Whaat? You’re missing out Cait! You’re missssssssing out! Though really, Sandra and Lillian have been on hiatuses throughout the summer so it’s not too shocking. Still, I’m glad I could help you get to know them :)

      And thanks! One of my favorite things about blogging is making new friends, and I like celebrating them on the blog when I can. I probably would’ve gone the boring routine of interviews if I didn’t realize everyone else does them! But I think this works out. Gives me a chance to share some random crazy facts about my friends online, without them having to do any of the work!

  1. I probably screamed when I say this, not gonna lie. And those facts make me sound almost nice when I’m in fact, a terrible person. Thank you Asti for selecting those, I owe you the undeserved trust of others now. And hey, at least they’re ramblings about books. Mostly. Or Marvel. Or the colour of my walls. Or cereal. Nevermind. ((Anyway, does my nose really look that big because I might not take another picture of myself. Ever.))

    You cheeky. I’m flattered you thought I’m worthy of being included here. I suspect it’s mostly because of the mutual love for Darkling and agreeing that he rules over Sturmhond. Thank youuuu <3

  2. I FINALLY SAW YOUR DRAWINGS, ASTI! HAHAHA! And no, I’m not laughing at your drawings; I’m laughing with glee because I love how they turned out. My appreciation has multiplied manifolds now, so you needn’t have worried ;)

    And how do you find/remember these obscure factoids? Like Lillian’s dream, my 15-minute library dashes and Sandra’s cereals? Lol. Little things like that people don’t remember, you somehow pick up on anyway. Shows how great your love is for us <3 *queue the awwwws*

    • Aww I’m glad you approve of my drawings! It’s always nervewracking because I get embarrassed by them and don’t want my friends to go “Ewww I’ll never talk to her again!” haha.

      And I don’t usually remember all of these factoids. I’ll have some of them in my head, but generally I’ll spend a little bit of time researching each bloggers and coming up with a large list of facts when I do these posts, which I cut down as needed. I’m actually pretty good at knowing where to look for these things after doing so many of these posts, so it actually doesn’t take me too much time. Usually it’s just those illustrations that take the most work, and yet you can barely tell because they’re so silly! haha.

      But yessss! Tons of love <3 So happy to have my bookish friends :)

  3. YESSS, I guessed right! Well, Okay, I admit I was right about the first one. And I was unsure about the other two and guessed wrong. Obviously I need to get to know these bloggers better! So anyway I LOVE these drawings! Yes, they are the things Leanne and I were squeeing about on twitter last week. :D Asti, stop being so darn cool! No wait, don’t stop. But you know.

  4. Well, I’m gonna have to start eating(and baking) German cheesecake. XD

    I squealed when I saw this. IT WAS SUCH A SURPRISE. You research like a goddess. And I could match all the doors! The doors are so beautifully abstract! *_*

    Also, I share Sandra’s flattery. Just being mentioned is a huge honour! <33

    • Haha, you shouldn’t be surprised! Of course you’re my friend! Though you were a bit difficult to do research on since you like deleting posts and going on hiatuses and all that jazz. (I’m glad to see that might be changing a little bit!) Go you for matching all the doors! ;)

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