Bookish Friends: Josephine, Sandra, and Lillian

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Need some new blogs to follow? My Bookish Friends feature showcases some of the amazing blogging friends I’ve made in the blogosphere who I definitely recommend you check out. But hey, want to get a feel if they’re the right friend for you? Don’t worry! I’ve shoved them behind three different doors and listed some facts about each of them. It’s your very own Love Match with a Blogger!

My Bookish Friends: Josephine, Sandra, and Lillian

This week I’m featuring my friends Josephine from Word Revel, Sandra from Tea Between Books, and Lillian from Books and Cake. Try to figure out which one is which by using the clues beneath each door, and then click on the door to see if you’re right!

Note: I usually draw cartoonish pictures of each person with the fun facts somehow worked into them, but I did things slightly different this time. I decided I’d needed a break from embarrassing myself with the things I draw, so actually put some effort into these ones. Hope you don’t mind!

Door One

  • The first novel this blogger ever read was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when she was seven.
  • She can’t trust people who say things like “bestestest”.
  • She’s always wanted to be a character in Harry Potter so she can marry Sirius.
  • This blogger likes abstract covers better than ones featuring people/portraits.
  • She once had a dream of how she bought the edition of a book she badly wants. She then woke up searching for it. Sadness.
  • At nine-years-old, she used to borrow her sister’s thesaurus to find synonyms for everyday words, especially those with longer syllables to make her seem smart.
  • She loves lists and striking things off of them.
  • She is a nomad at heart.
  • This blogger is a cake lover, especially cheesecake.
  • She likes to take pictures by looking up.
  • Her blog sometimes includes discussions, reviews, and features, but she only tends to appear a handful of times each month. Tease!

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