Bookish Games: Ready Player One Edition Day Three

Bookish Games - Ready Player One

Bookish Games - Ready Player One

Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are!

If you are not signed up in the game, please refrain from commenting on these posts (otherwise they will be deleted). Instead, you can contact me via the Oh the Books! contact form or Twitter to gain access to a page where you can discuss the game with other players once they are eliminated.






Voting ends in:


Well, that didn’t quite go to plan, did it? Everyone seemed to be quite confused by vvb and her gameplay, and yet she was just another innocent Gunter. And then the Night comes and goes, only for us to find that another Gunter, Anne, has been eliminated from the game. Two days down, Four good guys gone. What to do next?

There is no longer any excuse to say “I don’t know who to vote for”. You can look at comments (or lack thereof) and votes (or lack thereof) from the past two days to build your ideas of who is on which team. Have any players said anything that make you think they know more than they should? Does any of the deaths give you hints at who might possibly be behind these deaths? Has there been any strong influencers who are leading everyone astray? On, on the other end, is there someone who seems to be purposely hiding under the radar? There are SO many possibilities. All you need to do is open your eyes.

And let me take this time to remind those Team Gunters who are still alive, voting is your only chance to eliminate a Mafia member. If you do not talk about your suspicions and get the votes going, then get ready to dig your grave. It’s hard to share suspicions and get yourself in the spotlight, I know, but it’s now or never. You never know when you might be next.

One last thing before this Day begins, regarding the scoreboard. The points are not there to influence the game in any way. There is a method as to how they are rewarded, as I’m sure you can easily find out, but they’re more or less there just because we thought it was a shame to not do something with the points! You can use it if it helps you in any way, but generally speaking, it wasn’t designed as some kind of hint or clue in the game.

Now, enough talking on my end. Good luck players! Let’s home Day Three brings you better luck.

It is now Day Three!  Everyone has until Wednesday 1pm EDT to discuss suspicions and cast their votes.  Once the deadline has been reached, whoever has the most votes will be eliminated!

Asti Kelley

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  1. For the points though, I think they mean that those who voted for the player that got voted out gets 1000 points each time. So for example Orli, Chantelle, Faith, Jenn, Inge and Lauren voted vvb out yesterday, that means they get 1000 points.

  2. Ok – I take full responsibility for VVB’s elimination. I was completely convinced that VVB was in the bad team – I can’t say anything else or make any excuses. I know it immediately makes me suspicious, and I’m just sorry.

  3. What I can say, is if you don’t want another good guy elimination, don’t vote for me – I’m not on the bad team, and I wouldn’t say that if it weren’t true, since it immediately makes me a target for the night eviction, if they know.

  4. Sorry for the overload of comments, but I think it’s someone none of us have focused on – who hasn’t done that many comments – people don’t put themselves out there to look suspicious if they’re on the bad guys – that doesn’t make any sense, so it’s someone no one has thought of .

  5. @Orli: I didn’t have time to go back on the previous day to reply to your comment, but now I understand why you said what you did! Just the way you said it confused me a little but I get it now :)
    I don’t think we should be too quick to vote Orli out either. I mean, she could well be on Team Gunter as well, and it’ll be wasteful to vote her out so fast just because she pitted us against vvb. It might be a mistake, I’m going to give that to her.
    But yes, you also have a good point, Orli that it might be someone no one else thought of, do you want to tell us what your hunch is? :)
    But the bad guys might be anyone, I think it might have been wrong of me to stereotype them to be that one kind of player as I said the previous day. But any suggestions right now are more than welcome!

  6. Yeah, we talked about this the previous day as well – I think the people who vote for the person who’s eliminated get 1000 points.

    I’m also thinking that it might be someone who’s not posting as much so as to not draw attention to themselves.

    Do we know about the numbers? I don’t know, I’ve got a memory like Dory from Finding Nemo.

  7. @ Crini: No, numbers are not given for either team. Those on the Mafia team will know of each other’s identities and therefore know how many members are on their own team, but that information isn’t provided to everyone. Generally speaking though, the Mafia is much smaller than the Townie team. The teams definitely do not start even – otherwise the Mafia (who know who each other are) could just all vote the same and override the Townie’s vote every week. – Hope that makes sense!

  8. My feelings/hunches have been rubbish so far. It’s difficult because those that don’t comment as much may just be busy, and those who do comment a lot may just be trying to work out who are on team Mafia – that seems to be what vvb was trying to do now that it turns out she was team Gunter.

  9. The day started a few hours ago and we already have a vote. Honestly, at this moment, I’ve really no idea of who the bad guys could be. I don’t know what to think about Orli: she started voting for vvb, ok, but there is also to say that vvb behaviour was a little bit strange and really stood out.

    I think I’ll go back to previous days posts and see if something catches my attention.

    I have a question about the game: if some players stay inactive, they will be replaced in some way? (I think I’m making some bad grammar mistakes in this sentence, I’m sorry!)

  10. I think we should go through everyone in this game, from the beginning.
    Ok so our current players are as follows:
    Amy, Ashly, Cayce, Chantelle, Dana, Dave, Emily, Faith, Inge, Jenn, Lauren, Orli, Yuko, Crini.
    From the top of the list, let’s go through their moves from Day 1.
    SO. Let’s start with Amy. I’ll go back to the first few days and see what she said.

  11. Amy is acps927. This is her first time playing – she started innocently, sharing her answer to a riddle, and asking an open question (I swear this sounds like an FBI report or something XD). She then replied to my comment saying I always forgot to comment, that she was worried she would too – we then found out she’s read the book in question, and then we get interesting.
    Amy then says: “I don’t think not commenting is not so much suspicious as it is busyness or forgetfulness, but someone has to go.” and immediately votes Jaden – she was one of the last to cast her vote, and looked like she cast it because everyone else had pretty much voted Jaden too. That was all for day – seemed pretty innocent, but that last comment could suggest something else, putting the blame off of her self potentially. Jaden was then eliminated, having the most votes.

    Day 2- Amy’s first comment is as follows: “It does stink to have lost two Gunters already. And I don’t even know what qualifies as suspicious behavior in the game, but hopefully we’ll figure it out.” I feel like this could be interpreted a little too innocent, using ‘we’, to put blame off of herself? I’m not sure. She then says her reason for choosing Jaden was the same as another player’s, and doesn’t really give an opinion. Hmm. She said she ‘felt bad’ – her next comment is interesting. She starts thinking about VVB, then says she’s looking for experienced players who could be to blame. This is said completely in the notion that she isn’t involved – and that it could never be her. This seems a little suspicious. She then says ‘I’m trying to understand the Mafia motivation, and I assume it’s to pit us all against a townie.’ Really? Doesn’t that contradict some of the stuff she said earlier? And that was all – as far as I can tell she didn’t vote.

    So I’m not sure about Amy – she’s layed it pretty low, and always attempted to make sure she doesn’t look suspicious.
    Would someone like to share their thoughts or move on to Ashly?

  12. Voting Update!

    Orli (1) – Voted by Crini

    Not Voting: Amy, Ashly, Cayce, Chantelle, Dana, Dave, Emily, Faith, Inge, Jenn, Lauren, Orli, Yuko

    @Yuko: We used to attempt to replace players in the game but found it incredibly difficult to do so – not only because it would be hard to find someone willing to step into the game after it’s started, but also because there’s so much they have to catch up on. If a player is going to be disqualified for inactivity and there’s someone interested in replacing them, we will allow them to do so. But more than likely if disqualifications happen in this game they will not likely be replaced.

  13. Here’s a theory – and you can tell me if it’s stupid. The people not voting, do you think they could be Mafia? Like, people immediately get suspicious of others because they voted for this and that person, and then that person dies, so person #1 has to be Mafia. Anyone think the Mafia might be lying low during the day so they can’t be seen as suspicious? I mean, they don’t HAVE to kill anyone off during the day, because they can do so at night.


  14. @Orli: That’s interesting to note… I suppose it really depends on the perspective we look at what Amy said from. But I’m going to sit on that and think about it. Thanks for the contribution! :)
    @Inge: I think from the past few days it’s difficult to make generalizations of behaviour to link it back to certain player roles or teams. Because like if we say that the mafia is inactive, then we have to look at for example Jaden on the first day. She was inactive, but she turned out to be on our side. And if we talk about high activity, vvb was also a Gunter as well. So it may not be that fair to make generalizations and draw from that (I made that mistake too). Instead we can look at the behaviour of players, what they say, interpret, and come to conclusions! :)

  15. I think the bad guys are definitely voting too to make sure that none of their own gets killed.
    Like yesterday, my theory:
    Orli got a vote from vvb and then after, vvb got two votes from Orli and Chantelle. That way, Orli would not get killed.
    Maybe I’m completely off because we aren’t all here at the same time, but the next vote vvb got? Only after Amy had the same number of votes which meant at that time, no one would be killed.

    This game… I see suspicious behavior everywhere XD

  16. Okay yeah, that definitely makes sense. I didn’t mean inactive players like Jaden though, just people who contribute to the conversation but don’t actually vote. It just crossed my mind after I read today’s introduction which says “And let me take this time to remind those Team Gunters who are still alive, voting is your only chance to eliminate a Mafia member.”

    Thanks for the feedback :)

  17. Okay, in that case I’m going to follow Orli’s tactic. Here’s Ashly’s first two days:

    Day One: Not much going on. She asked us about who our favourite player is, could have been a distraction technique to make us like her or something. She also voted as soon as Cayce voted for her.

    Day Two: She didn’t meet the comment minimum – unless I’m overlooking something, I don’t think she commented at all. Seeing as she got a warning, she didn’t let the hosts know about it beforehand.

    Like Crini said – at this stage, anything could be perceived as suspicious. I think we’re all getting a little paranoid. :P

  18. @Orli, I’m confused about how I contradicted myself, so if you could please make it clear for me I’ll be happy to explain myself. Mostly I am trying to figure out how the game works, and I struggled at first with how to remain neutral sounding because I felt like that was what I was supposed to do, but then realized it was OK for me to share that I wasn’t on the bad side, though of course I know everyone says that, so it’s hard to say it without seeming too suspicious.

    After vvb got voted off I poured over the comments trying to find something, but I just became more and more confused, so I’m still very unsure at this point. I will point out, though I am not accusing either of these people yet, that both Lauren and Faith voted off both of the two Gunters we have lost during the day. Now, I will admit this is coming from someone who almost did the same thing, so it doesn’t HAVE to mean anything, but it MIGHT. I’ll need to go over their comments again, along with everyone else’s, especially in light of Anne being eliminated.

  19. @Amy – please don’t take it personally, when I get the time I’ll analyse everyone, and people can analyse me too. In terms of contradiction, I meant because you’d said you had no idea what was going on, or how to play etc and then just a few comments later assumed the mafia motivation – probably completely innocent, and if I’m honest, I don’t think you’re one of the bad guys, but I just had to note it!

    @Inge -you’re right, we are getting paranoid, but it’s because we don’t have that much to go on. Ashly doesn’t look that suspicious, but we literally have nothing to go on with her, she’s really held back, so she could be one to watch. Although, if she doesn’t comment again today, I guess she’s out?

    @Crini – VVB had already withdrawn her vote for me, I think, when people other than me started voting for her, so that’s not true…also I don’t know if the bad guys know who eachother are? I didn’t think they did but I could be wrong.

  20. I’ve analysed Cayce now;
    Cayce told us on the first day that is her fourth time playing, so she’s a very experienced player – she said good guys don’t normally survive on the first day, and that she’s never survived until the end either. She was then pretty quiet, and Chantelle randomly voted for her.
    Then Cayce says that she believed, “even when we say it was random, we still picked that person for some reason. Maybe it was just a feeling, maybe because we didn’t want to pick a newbie/someone we know/don’t know or maybe they were a baddie in one of the previous games.” She then votes for Ashly because of a ‘vague feeling’. Which is weird, because Ashly said it’s her first time but Cayce mentioned one reason for choice could be not wanting to pick a newbie….weird. She doesn’t specify what the ‘feeling’ is either, which seems strange. She seems quite defensive, I think, and I don’t trust that…and Cayce doesn’t comment again after that until Day 2.
    Day 2: Cayce starts off with ‘And day/night 1 goes to the bad guys…. me is not happy about it :( I had a feeling that voting for Jaden was not really the best plan, but since I hadn’t had any better….” – um, the same feeling as you had about Ashly? Why didn’t Cayce say anything if she ‘had a feeling’..that looks very, very suspicious to me. She goes on to say we should look at those who voted off Jaden even though she said before she hadn’t had any better ideas. After this, she ponders about why Sana was eliminated, saying ‘hmm…’ at the end.
    She is then extremely quiet. She comes back and lists the people who voted for Jaden. Seems a bit random, since everyone agreed that was a random mistake…she votes for Amy, with no explanation as to why specifically Amy out of all the people, saying they ‘sound funny’. ????
    vvb and Cayce have a conversation which I got lost in after this, but all Cayce’s comments are vague and confusing..from agreeing with vvb, she suddenly decided vvb sounds suspicious and then says, ‘But the fact I can say from experience is that players who sound the most suspicious are usually innocent.’ – is she admitting that she stuff she’s done sounds suspicious and trying to get the blame off of her?
    And that’s the end of Day 2 for Cayce – out of the three people we’ve done so far, Cayce sounds most suspicious. Can someone else do Chantelle?

  21. @Orli, I understand. So yes, even though this is my first time playing a bookish game and I am trying to figure it out, that includes me trying to figure out the Mafia’s motivation, so when I was talking about that I was just trying to extrapolate, trying to figure out who to vote for if anyone. And in relation to your question about the Mafia knowing each other, Asti did say earlier that they do.

  22. @Amy – I thought it was probably that. I was kind of struggling to find anything suspicous about you, so I guess that’s as far I could think.

    I also just thought about Crini, with my suspicions – I said last game that I was on the good team, and this time, with a proper reason, she’s been able to vote for me. Could that be a confirmation? Or would she just have voted for me last time if she thought that? Now I’m not sure.

  23. Chanelle – got voted for on the first day for saying “Everyone should just reveal to me what team they’re on” by Ashly. Says she hopes she doesn’t come across as suspicious (don’t we all?) and votes for Cayce.

    Day Two – says she’s got a few hunches, but doesn’t really go into specifics except for mentioning Sana, who got killed. Votes for vvb, but doesn’t give a reason why.

    Not the most suspicious one we’ve had so far. I’d have to say you did a pretty good job on Cayce, Orli.

    Can someone other than Orli and myself analyse Dana’s activities? Get to work, people :D

  24. Dana didn’t say too much.
    Her first post “Hey everyone! Wow, based on the comments I see, I guess I’m not the only one feeling like a total n00b.” and her second one “Hmm… no one seems to be acting particularly suspicious. I’m going to wait a bit more before voting. I’d hate to vote randomly and lose a teammate on accident.” don’t look very suspicious in my opinion.
    On the second day, she only wrote “Agh! I’m upset that we lost two Gunters :(
    We need to watch out and vote carefully. I wish I knew more signs to look for. I didn’t even vote last week because I couldn’t tell who was on which side.” and then disappear, not meeting the comment minimum.
    I don’t know, her disappearance is too much evident I think, maybe she’s only busy with something. What do you think?

  25. I’m confused every time I read someone saying that they don’t know if the bad guys know each other. Either you haven’t read the introduction email and don’t know what’s happening “at night” or you are lying and one of the bad guys!? :D

    I hate that there are always two explanations. I could play a hunch but I also don’t want to be wrong and get one of the good guys killed :D

  26. I think we’re all busy, so is not commenting a lot due to busyness a sign of not caring too much because you are Mafia, or because you aren’t? I can see it either way.

    I’ll try to do Dave here in a few minutes. Then I’ll be off running errands and such.

  27. I’ve been wondering: what if we should look at those that don’t vote for a person like the majority, and then they try to put focus on those who did vote for that person. That way they are less likely to draw attention to themselves by voting for the team Gunter member, and point suspicion in other people’s direction. Does that make sense?

  28. Day One: Dave started off with a random riddle, which I answered for him. We also confirmed that Dave is Asti’s boyfriend, though she promised she is not helping him in the games in any way. People started voting “randomly” and he said there is no such thing as random, that if we vote for someone there is a reason for it. Then he confesses that he has no idea who to vote for. He thanked me for answering his riddle. He decided to vote for Jaden, after saying she was not suspicious.

    Day Two: Dave’s first comment is, “Two players down already, wonder if there is some sort of re-spawn(thinking like a gamer)… It’s going to be hard to tell who is who until we have some sort of lead to go by. I feel suspicious of almost everyone so far…” He is quiet for a while and then his second comment is, “I Personally still don’t have enough to go on, True people need to be voted off but I feel the outcome of this vote might leave some idea depending on who the death is, I think its laughable that you are using the votes for a in active player to go by , also I Like the way people are like OH NOES WE LOST TWO GUYS! Anyone is going to say that whether there good or bad to try and give the right impression but at the same time there are going to be people who are genuine. I think it will be interesting to see if VVB Dies which faction they are with at that will set the ball rolling one way or another. I disagree Cayce, Everyone sounds evil, Everyone is being nice!” People comment on his thoughts about everyone’s niceness being suspicious, and he admits it might be pessimistic. He says that the day’s results should help us out for the next day. He did not vote on Day 2.

  29. I feel like maybe a lot of the people who have KEPT saying ‘I don’t know who to vote for, no one looks suspicious’ etc are the ones we need to look out for – they want us to think they don’t know who to vote for, which is why all the people who don’t seem suspicious are just that. Like Dave and Dana.

  30. @Orli I feel by trying to incriminate a minority group such as the people who didn’t vote last . A group of which I am a part of… Knowing that I Myself am not a villain…(I know you only have my word to go by) You maybe possibly incriminating yourself. If you were villain you then know who is on your side which also means you know who isn’t. I cannot vouch for Dana but i feel this may be a an attempt to seed ideas into voting off another good team mate. I know this isn’t much and will need more to go on if I am to vote for you and persuade others to do so.

    @Crini Do you have anything to add on your Orli Theory? You say its clear and explain the way it did seem like votes were used to get them out of trouble and voting off vvb but do we have more?

  31. Ah no :( This is terrible, another two gunters. It was so hard to tell with VVB, her behaviour seemed so suspicious at times; gah. One thing I did notice though is that for these first two nights there has only been one night kill, so it seems like we might not have a serial killer this time around! Unless they have been really unlucky but usually we see several deaths at night!

    I was so surprised about the amount of comments I had to read so far! I think that from the player analyzations so far, Cayce does look quite suspicious but, playing devil’s advocate, I have played with Cayce before and she is very, very good at playing a townie when she’s not. So this almost leads me to believe that she is on Team Gunter… I don’t know I expect her to be a bit more “careful” if she is mafia?

    I have to say that Crini has a good point when she says she is confused everytime she reads that she’s unsure if the bad guys know each other. It makes me think it’s a blend in tactic by the mafia. I could be completely overanazlying that though.

    As much as the people that aren’t voting, or that are very inactive, look guilty to me I’m kind of thinking that they might be gunters as well. Anyone who is inactive always, ALWAYS (in this game and past ones) looks suspicious to me because I have nothing to go on whereas people participating in the comments can just talk themselves into looking innocent. I’ve made this mistake in past games, as well as this game once already so I’m going to (for right now anyway) cautiously believe that they just haven’t had time. Realistically though, they probably ARE gunters because I think (I think someone pointed this out above as well) that if you are mafia you’d want to comment as much as possible to a) blend in and b) sway votes and ensure that you aren’t eliminated. There have been inactive mafia in the past, but I just looked back and for the most part those players are quite active!

    I’m going to try and analyze some of the players that haven’t been spoken about yet in an hour or so, I just got back inside so once I settle in and finish cooking I will be back.

  32. I really like the activity ratio today. Thank you guys for contributing! :D
    Seeing that I’m next to be analyzed on the list (and because I can’t analyze myself), I’ll analyze Faith instead!

    Day One: Faith starts off with saying hello to everyone. Her second comment is about how it’s her first time playing (in reply to Amy) and to Crini that she doesn’t know what she’s doing either and that they can be clueless together (plus winky face). Nothing too dubious here I think unless we see it as signaling back and forth? Highly doubt it though! After a period of non-activity, she comes back to vote for Jaden, saying “I’m going to follow suit, not because I think the not commenting is suspicious (I’ve been kinda absent too thanks to uni work), but just because I’m hoping less commenting might mean less disappointed if eliminated?” Jumping on the bandwagon, perhaps an attempt to blend in, maybe, maybe not?

    Day Two: She’s absent for the majority of the day, but comes back to apologize, saying that she’s at university and things are a bit crazy and she forgot about the game. I find it understandable that real life can get in the way. vvb calls her out on that saying it might be a strategic thing but Faith insists that she really is busy in university and has no wifi, only taking out her phone to check in, saying that she has no suspicions, and at the moment nominating someone to be voted would make her suspicious too. In the end, she jumps on the bandwagon again to vote for vvb, citing that “Sorry vvb, but I’m just not sure whether your comments about people’s potential tactics/behaviour is just enthusiasm (because I know it’s your first time playing too) or whether it’s really strategic, and I have no better guesses to go on right now other than that!”

    Faith hopped on the bandwagon twice, it could be an attempt to blend in and not stick out, or maybe she really just believes in her vote. Thoughts?

  33. I don’t really find Faith’s votes suspicious specifically because I also voted for both Jayden and VVB as well and I know where I was coming from when I made them (crappy voting obviously). I was in the same boat regarding vvb last day as well because it was really hard to tell if she was just super enthusiastic or trying to blend in by pretending. So for that reason I’m not suspicious of her, at least right now.

    I’ll go over Emily then…

    Emily popped on to say hello and then was relatively quiet. She commented on which character she liked, apologized for being “AWOL” and said that she doesn’t like the first day because it’s random voting and is nervous that “we’ll lose one of ours”.

    Then she said “I think it’s been a trend that on the first day that someone is always inactive and that can be attributed to many reasons. From the past as well it can be seen that when we vote these people off, they mostly are from the Townie side, aka not Mafia. While I can’t say for sure whether Jaden is truly a Townie, I do think I’d cut her some slack as she seems to be a new player!
    It also occurs to me that the Mafia tends to be more active as they take the Day to knock Townies out as well. So they instigate people against each other. It’s just an observation from the past games, so maybe we can look at all of this from a different perspective! :)” and ended up not voting in Day One.

    In Day Two, she said that she knew voting of Jaden was a bad idea and said she would look back to see if she could find anything [in the comments]. She replied to Jenn’s comment about the mafia having a seasoned player by saying, “That’s a possibility that we definitely should consider. Sana didn’t vote for anyone the previous day either so that rules that possibility out. Sana’s a smart player so yeah, it’s a huge blow to us :(“.

    She then inquired after Jenn again when she said Yuko was being framed and apologized for being MIA. Also she commented about Divergent being more active so it was easier to weed out baddies.

    Then she asked Chantelle to share her hunches and suspicions, as well as everyone.

    I won’t paraphrase her next comment as it’s huge and long:
    “@Anne: I think it was hard for me to see who was suspicious on Day One. It was a tactic I noticed that on Day One people tend to say “okay let’s just shoot someone and cross our fingers and hope they’re bad”. In the case of the Death Note version people just hopped onto the bandwagon in voting out the least active players without considering that if we give this inactive player a chance, hopefully she’ll come back and help us one way or another, and this could well be a Gunter and this game is about the last one standing which will help us to survive in the long run. By that comment it was just to look at things from a different perspective instead of just hopping on and voting off the least active player, instead to take time to sift through all the comments to come up with theories (which you did, excellent! :) ) But with more comments it helps us also to find loopholes in people’s arguments, get to know other players and more interaction helps us to move forward to find something more solid. Sorry I couldn’t suggest an alternative though; I didn’t know who would make a good alternative to suggest! But I guess that’s the problem with me, I suggest things but can’t act on it >< Thanks for questioning! :) It helps me to process more as well :)

    I normally say to cut a new player some slack, but vvb does look quite suspicious to me. Yes as mentioned by other players, it's you trying to be helpful and you're enthusiastic and excited to be playing, but on the other hand it seems like you're very fickle in voting, jumping back and forth with very little to go on and like Jenn mentioned you push blame around very easily. It looks as though you're trying to blend in but in fact what you do causes you to stick out to us like a sore thumb.

    But ORLI. I was wondering why you said that vvb framed you. It seems like you're pushing blame as well to vvb. Could you explain? :)"

    Then she came back and voted Orli stating that vvb made some rookie mistakes, and that while she thinks she is confusing she seems innocent enough. Then she said that Orli managed to turn everyone against vvb and found the "vvb framed me" comment dubious.

    I kind of am crap at analyzing… nothing really sticks out too much about Emily to me. Any one have any thoughts???

  34. Voting Update

    Orli (1) – Voted by Crini

    Not Voting: Amy, Ashly, Cayce, Chantelle, Dana, Dave, Emily, Faith, Inge, Jenn, Lauren, Orli, Yuko

    Great discussion so far! Hopefully something good will come from it!

  35. Read through all the analysis’ but I can’t comment until a couple of hours when I’m back with wifi, so I’ll analyse the next people then and reply to some suspicions.

  36. @Dave: It was either Orli or Chantelle for me and I just chose Orli because she was the first to vote for vvb! On top of my list who could be a bad guy are obviously those who voted for vvb because that day, the bad guys knew each other and could easily vote off one of the good guys. The good guys however had no plan at all because the first voting was completely random and wasn’t really helpful.

    I also don’t get why everyone is saying that vvb was suspicious because she acted the same way on the first day: Making a vote, canceling a vote, voting for someone else…. I would say a bad guy wouldn’t vote like that because they know who to vote off. That makes everyone suspicious who tagged her as suspicious, imo.

    And as I said before: I think it’s suspicious when someone says they didn’t know the bad guys know each other…

  37. @Dave – It was definitely not an attempt to ‘seed ideas’s into voting off a good teammate – I don’t think I would over analyse every person in the game at the moment if I had specific people who I wanted to get rid of…right now, I’m just trying to put any possible ideas and suspicions on the table…

    Right, analysis of Inge.
    Inge was the very first comment on the first day, and has been an active commenter ever since. We found out it’s her first time playing The Bookish Games, and in a reply to Crini, she said none of us knew what we were doing. Seems innocent, or it could be a cover, but I doubt it. VVB then randomly voted for Inge – we now know that that was in fact random, since VVB was one of the good guys. Inge didn’t take offence, then randomly voted for Jenn. Inge then said, “It’s difficult, because you really have no idea what’s going on. There is nothing to go on. We’re also still getting acquainted, so it’s just a matter of picking a name on the list.” I think everyone was in the same boat here, and said similar things, but I guess we can’t draw out possibilities that she was bluffing. That was the end of Inge’s day 1. I don’t see anything remotely suspicious as I have done for others, but I don’t know.

    Day 2: Again, Inge was the first commenter, describing her annoyance at losing two Townies, but that it was normal on the first day – which is a little odd, because didn’t she say it was her first time? She said that it was logical to vote Jaden off, and I agree with her on that, but it could be a cover, again.
    She then replied to someone else, saying she was wondering if the points were to do with who had voted Jaden off. After a while, she expressed her confusion, saying she didn’t know who to vote for, and that it could be anyone. This seems incredibly vague. After a bit of inactivity, she continues with her thoughts that the Jaden group is innocent – it’s for this reason and the next one I’m about to say that I think Inge is innocent, and a good guy – we know some of the people in that ‘group’ are innocent due to their eliminations – why would Inge try and put blame on them if she was a bad guy? Also, she goes on to say she doesn’t think VVB is a threat…for the same reason as before, we know with hindsight that VVB was a good guy.
    But then…Inge votes for VVB. Which seems strange considering her comment before, because her behaviour ‘confuses’ her…
    And that’s all for Inge.
    Any thoughts?

  38. Oh, sorry guys, had a bit of a bad couple of days. This is officially my distraction from that now!

    I see everyone is very talkative today. I feel bad now because I was sure vvb was mafia :/ Just goes to show how bad I am at worming out the baddies.

    I’m not really sure at this point who might be bad, I don’t want to make the mistake of voting someone on our team off again. But I would just like to say that I see a few people assuming what the mafia wouldn’t do. Never assume. If you say that someone wouldn’t do something because they’re mafia and wouldn’t do something so obvious. There’s a possibility that they’re going to turn right around and do it, because “there’s no possible way they’d do it if they’re mafia”.

  39. Oh, and in response to all the stuff about being suspicious of people (like me) who have asked if the bad guys know eachother, I don’t buy that – what Dave was saying about it pushing blame onto minority is exactly what you have appeared to do by that comment, so I guess it seems a little hypocritical. I don’t think asking if the bad guys know eachother is any less innocent that any of the other questions that have been asked – having played before, but over a year ago, I didn’t read all of the instructions and having been eliminated pretty early on the last time I played, I never found it out, either…so I guess you could see this as my bluffing or the honest question that it actually was…

  40. @Orli: That’s exactly what I said when I first came up with it. That it could mean both things. I never said it has to mean that person is a bad guy, just that it could mean sth. Being suspicious of everything right now. And you weren’t the only one asking.

    I just mentioned it again in my answer to Dave because it was one of a couple things that makes you look suspicious for me. They add up ;)

  41. I’m starting to question my vote for Orli right now though:
    Why is no one else voting right now? Is it stll early or are the bad guys okay with that vote right now and don’t feel the need to make us vote for someone else!?

    I’m playing for the first time and would have thougth that there are going to be a lot of (early) votes after day 2.

  42. Voting Update

    Orli (1) – Voted by Crini

    Not Voting: Amy, Ashly, Cayce, Chantelle, Dana, Dave, Emily, Faith, Inge, Jenn, Lauren, Orli, Yuko

    Also, just wanted to say I have found one possible replacement if we have a disqualification this game. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but if Ashly or Dana do not comment during this Day we do have at least one back up.

  43. I think none of us are voting because we kind of like where the analysis thing is going and want to wait until we’ve got a proper analysis for everyone. At least, that’s why I’m waiting.

    Orli, thank you for your analysis. I will answer two points and then move on – This is my first game, yes, but I did skim over the other games really quickly to see how the game was played. That’s how I know that good guys are usually voted off in the beginning.

    Two – I did say I thought vvb was a good guy, and I should have trusted my instincts. But she was the only one who made me ‘feel’ anything (confused), so that is why I voted for her anyway. Although I understand why that would be suspicious.

  44. On to Jenn:

    From Day One, all I’ve really managed to gather is that she’s a returning player and that she randomly voted for Lauren.

    Day Two: After Sana is killed during the night, Jenn immediately suspects that there are more experienced players in the Mafia, which makes sense, since Sana was also an experienced player. As Anne says later during the day, it pleads for her case that she offers this theory – a Mafia might have held on to that piece of information. She says she understands why Jaden was voted off – inactivity doesn’t bode well. She says no one looks suspicious, then mistakenly uses Yuko’s name instead or Orli. Vvb suggested she might have been trying to frame Yuko, but Jenn insists this was a mistake. She also says it happened in a previous game, so that sounds legit.

    While vvb thinks Jenn is suspicious, Jenn thinks vvb is suspicious too, for trying to push the blame onto others. She ends up voting for vvb.

    Right now, I don’t think Jenn is overly suspicious, but from her realising the Mafia might have experienced players and noticing , I do think she’s a force to be reckoned with.

  45. @Crini, in regards to what you said about vvb, you’re right that she acted that way the first day as well, but I had not remembered her acting that way the first day until I looked back. I think for some reason she really stood out that second day. She had very strong reactions to everything which one could easily identify as guilt. However, that clearly ended up not being the case. I think some of the people who voted her off/found her suspicious are Mafia, but definitely not all. It’s just a matter of WHO out of those are.

  46. I think I had a bit of a brain fart at the end of my analysis. What I meant by the “noticing” is, that someone said vvb was innocent because no one was defending her, and surely the Mafia would defend their own people. And Jenn said that some people did defend her, to a certain extent.

    Just wanted to add that to her being a force, because she’s very attentive.

  47. I think we should all wait until all the analysis are done because, as Inge said, it clears a lot of stuff up – hopefully we should be done with them today (we only have four more, I think..) and we can have until Wednesday to go through them and decide. I have some spare time so I may as well do Jenn, but if someone else could do myself and Lauren and then I’m happy to do Yuko.

    OK, so Jenn.
    From what I can tell, this isn’t Jenn’s first time playing, since she said hello the returnees…Inge then randomly votes for Jenn.
    She then says, “Ugh, the first day is always so hard.. there is nothing to go off of :/ I don’t want to accidentally vote anyone off. Just to make sure I don’t forget to vote though, I’m going to vote.” She goes on to vote for Lauren. I don’t think there’s much point analysing when people do this anymore, because there’s no way we can tell at this stage if they’re lying or not, so let’s just go with Jenn innocently voting for Lauren.
    And that’s it for Day 1. So literally, nothing to go on…is Jenn’s inactivity due to being busy or is she waiting and analysing? It’s so hard to know.
    Day 2: Jenn’s first comment is worrying – she says she understands that Sana was voted off because she is a good player – thus far, no one has thought of any reasons why Sana was eliminated – Jenn’s knowledge of who is and who isn’t a good player could be considered suspicious …she says it tells her there is an older player on the mafia…perhaps it’s you, Jenn?! I don’t know, I’m not sure, I don’t think someone on the bad team would make that kind of mistake. Jenn then mixes me and Yuko up confusing the hell out of everyone – could this be an attempt at confusing the game, since I don’t think Yuko commented that much….it’s a hard mistake to make, but her points of either I was framed or I killed her are valid, I guess. Jenn realises her mistake later and apologises.
    Jenn then agrees with me about VVB’s behaviour – she says it’s suspicious, and too innocent, and writes a long theory about VVB, who is then later eliminated. She then votes for VVB, and that’s it for Day 2.
    I’m not sure. Jenn seems pretty innocent to me, but maybe that’s what we should be looking for. Apart from voting for VVB (but then I did, too) there’s nothing that sticks out about her..maybe that’s what she’s looking to do.

  48. Right, here’s my take on Lauren.

    Day One: This is her fifth time playing, so she knows all the ins and outs of the game. She mentions that it usually has a slow start, which showed. No one looks suspicious to her, so she waits out the Day a bit, then votes for Jaden. She says that, because of Jaden’s inactivity, she has less to go on for Jaden than for anyone else.

    Day Two: Expresses her disappointment over losing more Gunters, just like everyone else, and still no one sounds suspicious. She becomes a suspect because she was part of the group who voted Jaden off, but I think we’ve established that voting for Jaden doesn’t necessarily make you a baddie.

    She eventually decides that vvb is the most suspicious one, because vvb is going all over the place (which, I think, is the main reason why we voted for her), and is the last one to vote for vvb before the Day ends.

    I’m not sure. Nothing really stands out. She seems to bide her time in order to make a more educated vote, but she could just be good at blending in.

  49. @Inge – great analysis. It’s so difficult when there’s nothing to go on…can someone do me and then I’ll start on Yuko?
    I think we also need to start dividing people into categories of people who’ve been inactive so we’re not sure about, people we are pretty sure are not suspicious etc etc

  50. Voting Update:

    Orli (1) – Voted by Crini

    Not Voting: Amy, Ashly, Cayce, Chantelle, Dana, Dave, Emily, Faith, Inge, Jenn, Lauren, Orli, Yuko

    Have not met comment minimum: Jenn (1), Cayce (0), Faith (0), Dave (1), Dana (0), Ashly (0)

  51. I don’t have much to go on, but it’s just because all her comments have been extremely vague, not drawing attention to herself or putting blame on particular people to go out of the spotlight. I can very easily change my mind though because I’m not at all sure, and with no activity on this page it makes it harder :/

  52. Sorry, was busy yesterday and been working today, but I’ve been thinking. Yet the more I think the more confused I am. So I’ll just mention a few thoughts I have. I was growing suspicious of Crini for quite a while, but since no one has jumped on the bandwagon to vote for Orli, which I think the Mafia would do if they were in cahoots with her, I am starting to suspect her less. I have also been suspicious of how unsuspicious Lauren is, which I know probably sounds a little paranoid but that’s the level I’ve reached here. I think we’re afraid of sharing who we think the Mafia is because we don’t want to get targeted (by townies or Mafia), but it’s better to talk this out than be quiet. I know everyone’s busy, believe me, I am too, but Wednesday will be here soon.

  53. Voting Update:

    Orli (1) – Voted by Crini
    Cayce (1) – Voted by Orli

    Not Voting: Amy, Ashly, Cayce, Chantelle, Dana, Dave, Emily, Faith, Inge, Jenn, Lauren, Yuko

    Have not met comment minimum: Jenn (1), Cayce (0), Faith (0), Dave (1), Dana (0), Ashly (0)

    Note: I followed up with both Ashly and Dana (who have warnings from Day Two) and both are quitting the Bookish Games. I have at least one replacement confirmed so far, and am working on securing a second. I will announce the replacement(s) when the Wednesday deadline has been reached. If I cannot find a second replacement by that time then it’ll be an elimination. (The majority vote elimination will still also occur.) Thanks!

  54. I’m sorry to hear that both Ashly and Dana are quitting.

    I also think Cayce sounds the most suspicious right now, from what Orli has analysed about her. So I’m going to


    If people still want to analyse Orli and Yuko, please do. That way, we’ve got a short summary on everyone.

  55. Ohhhh, sorry for being this inactive, I am just so busy…. (plus I had only limited access to wifi during the first half of the “Day”)… but I have some day offs now and am hoping to catch up with everything.

    Wow, I do sound suspicious, don’t I? Okay, I’ll try to explain a bit more my voting process. First, I think on the first days none of the votes are based on strong evidence of evilness or anything like that. They are just stabs in the dark and hoping for the best. Sure we have some bad feelings/some people stick out for one reason or another, but basically we can only trust our “6th sense” and some people does that, some others (who really don’t have any feeling or don’t trust them or are evil) decide to follow suit of others and vote with the majority.

    I don’t really like to do that. My 6th sense is sadly not too accurate, but even a broken clock is right twice a day…. so yeah, even if 90% of my stabs don’t work, I still enjoy the guessing a lot more that just saying okay everyone votes for X, I should do that too. Am I making any sense?

  56. On the first day, I voted for Ashly because of a vague “feeling” and well one other rather silly reason. You see, I’d read through the comments, trying find the ones that sounded a bit off (I don’t know how to explain it and what feels off to me, might not feel that way to others) and there was like three or four times where my evildar pinged a little. And why did I choose Ashly in the end? Okay, and feel free to laugh, it was her name. It was just so memorable. I read through the comments thinking…. hmmm.. this sounds okay… this too…hmmm this feels not quite right… etc, but there was so many new names, when I got to the end the one that really stayed with me was Ashly’s. So yeah, it’s official, I’m voting for people with pretty & memorable names. But in my “defence”, I did felt something reading her comment and there IS a chance that I stumbled on someone evil, she is still alive and we can’t be sure of anyone. At least not 100% sure.

  57. About my voting for Amy, it’s like Orli said it above, she was too quick to jump on the wagon which with her other comments made her look suspicious, imo. She wasn’t the only one doing that, but I obvs can’t vote for more that one person, so yeah I just went with her (and no this time it had nothing to do with her name)

  58. Alright, here’s Orli…

    Day One: Orli’s first comment is: “Hello everyone? Having a good Saturday?” She responds to me and says this is her second time playing and she hopes she remembers to comment this time around. She later says she played once before, and she made herself seem suspicious last time because she was new and didn’t know what she was doing, and she went out early. She asks how long we have to vote and says she has no idea who to vote for. She ends up voting for Sana, which she says is totally random. She then insists to Crini, who finds “random” voting suspicious, that she truly is just voting because it’s more interesting and really has no idea who anyone is, or if the Mafia even knows each other yet.

    Day Two: Orli defends the suspicions placed on her by voting for Sana, insisting she did not know that Sana was a townie. She later insists that she again does not know who to vote for, but then is afraid she is going to not be able to comment later and votes for vvb, who had voted for her because she “could have framed” her. Orli later says, “I just feel like vvb is very quick to push the blame on people without backing it up…I’m keeping my vote, even if it looks suspicious or whatever…” She later comments it is difficult to know when some people comment so little. She reiterates her suspicions of vvb, saying that her cancelling her vote of Orli seems like a decisive move. After a couple people vote against her, Orli defends her reasons for voting vvb. She concludes with: “But reading that through, I don’t know if I’ve been too fast to jump to conclusions and just wanted to find someone on the bad team. As someone else said, I’m not sure if it’s enthusiasm or trying to act innocent. So I get that I look pretty suspicious….but I think I will keep my vote, and if I’m wrong, I’m really sorry VVB.”

  59. @Cayce, my “6th sense” steers me wrong most of the time too :/

    All of these analyses are somewhat helpful, but it sure makes for a lot to read through to get back caught up! Sorry, I’ve been dealing with a strange side effect of stress. It has basically crippled me :/

    Anywho, I’m not sure who to vote for at the moment, I’ll be back to read some more in the morning and hopefully be able to decide on who may possibly be mafia.

  60. Voting Update:

    Orli (1) – Voted by Crini
    Cayce (2) – Voted by Orli, Inge

    Not Voting: Amy, Ashly, Cayce, Chantelle, Dana, Dave, Emily, Faith, Jenn, Lauren, Yuko

    Have not met comment minimum: Faith (0), Dave (1), Dana (0), Ashly (0)

  61. Wow take a few days off and come back to mountains to catch up on! I’ve had a quick skim of all the analyses and I’ll be back tonight to read them all in full and add thoughts.

    So far, my only conclusion is that we’re rubbish at identifying the townies!

  62. I’ll have to do another more thorough reread of the comments but for now, here are some of my thoughts: this analyzing each other is somewhat useful and creates discussion, but at the same time we should be careful not over analyze everything. Also, we should start voting soon before we run out of time!! Another thing , there were mentions above about the more silent players being the bad guys, but I don’t think that’s true, in fact it makes me think that the ones getting behind this idea are the real bad guys.

  63. @Crini – yes, Inge and Chantelle both look a little suspicious to me too. In fact, I was all ready to vote for Inge but (because of her last comment) now I’m leaning toward Chantelle….

  64. @Crini on day 1 especially it’s difficult because there is not much to go on, so as I have said before, I think, that there is definitely a random element to it. However, there is always a comment that you may read that maybe is worded a certain way that just sticks at the back of your mind, and I think that maybe that played a part in my vote.

  65. I’ve reread all the posts above. Crini’s thoughts and theories are really interesting and I’m starting to find suspicious Orli, but I’ll wait to make my vote. Orli seems, in a certain way, too good to be true (this is only a sensation I feel).

  66. It was something silly like the way a sentence was worded; I can’t remember what was said exactly (it’s a pain to go back to old posts as I’m on my phone). I’ve only said something now as it kind of helped to confirm my suspicions in a way when people started to suspect Cayce also. However, I do seem to be bad at this game as some previous suspicions have been wrong. I keep doubting myself.

  67. I think it’s a little too broad of a statement to say the quiet ones are bad and good. I highly doubt that all the quiet people are good or bad, and not all the vocal people are good or bad. I feel there must be a mix.

  68. Right now I’m most suspicious of Chantelle… I think it’s very vague to just say it’s a “feeling” without giving us the comment Cayce made that made you vote for her. And the idea of you saying that it was random before directly conflicts with you saying that you have a hunch that she’s mafia. Furthermore, to quote you, your exact words on Day One were “I’m going to randomly start voting. Please take no offence. VOTE: CAYCE.” These are two occasions where you have randomly voted for her, apparently, but now you say that there’s something she said that made you vote for her? It seems like you’re targeting her? It’s confusing, which makes you very suspicious to me.
    If you can give me a valid reason then I’ll consider canceling my vote! (Sorry if I sounded harsh!)

  69. I’ve only voted for Cayce once, not twice. I actually made a point of saying that I’ve been trying to not target her. But then people started getting suspicious of Cayce and I thought that maybe by some chance I was right with my vote from day 1.

    I have been terrible at explaining things, so I am now going to give up. Sorry team Gunter if I go, I really didn’t want another one of our team to go!

    This is the vvb situation all over again. I think it would have been better if I had not said anything.

    No worries Emily :-)

  70. Voting Update:

    Chantelle (2) – Voted by Crini, Emily
    Cayce (2) – Voted by Orli, Inge

    Not Voting: Amy, Ashly, Cayce, Chantelle, Dana, Dave, Faith, Jenn, Lauren, Yuko

    Have not met comment minimum: Faith (1), Dave (1), Dana (0), Ashly (0)

  71. Oh, don’t just give up Chantelle, that’s not going to help us at all, if you are on Team Gunter. I was just looking for a bit of clarification. Though, this is helping me out a little bit to decide who to vote for myself. I’m going to watch/read a bit more and see how this goes and I might be able to make my decision later. There are a couple of people sticking out, though I’m probably completely wrong.

  72. I’ve been reading through the comments and I’m not sure about Cayce anymore….but I think everyone has a point about Chantelle – making no comment doesn’t help everyone and seems to potentially be a cop-out…

  73. Voting Update:

    Chantelle (3) – Voted by Crini, Emily, Orli
    Cayce (1) – Voted by Inge

    Not Voting: Amy, Ashly, Cayce, Chantelle, Dana, Dave, Faith, Jenn, Lauren, Yuko

    Have not met comment minimum: Faith (1), Dave (1), Dana (0), Ashly (0)

    Less than 24 hours left to vote!

  74. Wow, is anyone else’s brain beginning to hurt?! I’ve just been reading through all the analyses and while I feel like I have more information to go on than before (because other people have collated so much all in one place so I don’t have to go searching through the last few days and try and keep track of who said what), I don’t feel like I know anymore about who to vote for, does that make sense?

    I’m also a little worried that maybe the analyses isn’t the best strategy, because potentially we could all be influenced by one person’s analysis of someone else’s actions, but that analysis might not be correct (either through genuine mistakes in figuring out motivations, or because a Townie is the one doing the analysis). When one person lays out all the facts like that, it’s hard to pick holes in it ourselves and question whether the conclusions are actually the best conclusions.

    [Does anyone else see what I’m trying to say or is this just a result of me having one too many lectures that say always take multiple samples?!]

  75. Okay, I don’t know if this is a helpful theory or not but I’m going to lay it out there anyways! We’ve had lots of debate on whether people who aren’t commenting much could be good guys who are busy or bad guys who think commenting isn’t important…. I can see why bad guys would want to comment though (for blending in etc) so maybe instead of general activity we’re better off looking at people who didn’t vote?

    I have two potential ideas why I thought voting may be less important for the Mafia:
    1) They know they can always just eliminate someone at night anyways
    2) If they vote for someone who’s a Gunter, but without convincing enough others to vote too, that vote is wasted, and if they know we’re already accidentally voting off a Gunter, they don’t really need to vote anyway.

    I guess I’m just saying I can’t see any reason why Gunters wouldn’t vote (okay, you may vote for the wrong person and place suspicion on yourself next round, but it’s also our only chance to do anything, so surely a random vote is better than not voting at all?) whereas I can see a few why Townies might not see voting as such a big deal.

  76. @Faith – I think I get what you are saying in the first comment. I was worried about the same thing. Like if a baddie analyzes a Gunter, they can make the good player look suspicious or if they analyze one of their teammates they can make their actions look innocent and leave out anything that might be suspicious.

    I hope we are on to something with the Chantelle, Inge (+ maybe even Orli) thing.

    B ut yes @Chantelle, to me you are the most suspicious atm, BUT if you are not a baddie you shouldn’t give up!!

  77. After reading the obove, I agree that Chantelle does sound most suspicious but at the same time i don’t want the same situation as what happened to vvb. But as there is no way to be sure and I have to go to bed soon :( Chantelle if you turn out to be good I really am sorry.


  78. @Cayce @Faith – I agree about the analysis theory. It could be easy Propaganda, news papers supporting different political parties do it all the time. Obviously the analysis’ wont be doing it to the same levels, but yeah it will be always be biased from the point of view of the writer.

  79. Oh wow there are so many comments in the last two days! I apologize for the lack of comments on my part, I’ve had an emotionally draining last couple of days and I just wasn’t able to get on here to put the brainpower into reading and commenting. I’m going to read over everything shortly and I will be back!

  80. I’m not so sure it’s giving up, just that I don’t have a clue what to say to convince you I’m on team Gunter.

    Apology accepted, Dave. :-D

    It looks like I’m probably going to be voted out (I hope not). Good luck team Gunter, I hope you win in the end. :-)

    Might as well vote as I don’t like votes going to waste.

  81. So I was writing out a long comment about my possible suspicions and then suddenly I had to reload the page and I lost everything, so I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I’ll continue keeping my thoughts to myself then, but I will go ahead and say I’m nervous about the Chantelle bandwagon, even though the suspicions are understandable, because it feels like vvb all over again and with so many votes against her, I feel at least one of two of those people must be Mafia.

    Also, @Faith I totally agree with the analysis situation. That’s why I tried to keep mine neutral and not inject commentary.

  82. I’m not sure if it’s because I have been absent for the past two days so I’m reading the comments in bulk, but both Cayce and Chantelle do NOT strike me as mafia… like at all.

    I can see how Chantelle’s comments/actions are suspicious but like Amy, I feel like it might be a the same situation as VVB again :/

    Honestly, the only person who sticks out to me is Crini. And I really don’t know how to explain it right now, and I still am going to reread the comments before I vote but when I was reading, I just got this feeling… I don’t know.

    I’m going to sit on this a bit. I apologize again, I came into this day with high hopes and ready to really disect the comments and such but there is a lot of stuff happening offline and my head is just all over the place. I’m going to go to bed and I’ll hop on here before work tomorrow with a clear head.

  83. I understand why some people might not trust the analyses, but I thought they were really handy. You don’t have to take the analyser’s word for it, you can go back yourself and read it all over again. For me, it was a good way to freshen up my memory, because my memory sucks, and to kind of get a short summary on everyone.

    As for Faith’s theory on the guys not voting being Mafia, that’s what I initially thought as well. I still think that could be true.

  84. Chantelle! No no, don’t give up yet, we still have a few hours to go! I was in the same boat as you when I was in the Divergent Games, on the second day, I was targeted as well, and I also sort of gave up, but then the tide sort of turned and I was saved :) If you don’t believe me, go check it out yourself!
    I understand where you’re coming from, more so now. Thanks for explaining! I couldn’t explain things that well the first time I played as well. But as you go along, you do pick things up so you can be clearer!

    But it’s always better for us to believe and trust you more if you have more evidence to back up your claims, like certain parts of a player’s comment that caused you to be suspicious of her/him, or to look at patterns, that sort of thing. It’s more viable. Which is why the analyses can be useful, but it’s also a double-edged sword. Sometimes you have to sift out the person who made the analysis’ opinion, and formulate your own ideas from what you know is actually true i.e. the player’s comments, voting patterns that are present in the analysis, etc.

    Mmm. Okay, Chantelle I’m going to give you the benefit of doubt, because right now, I see you more as if you made a few mistakes, but you’re not Mafia. There’s that possibility, but at this stage, I doubt it.


  85. Honestly, I’m not sure if believe Chantelle, at leat not until she gives us some proof like her name or role, which I know could backfire so I understand if she would rather not and just hope the tide changes itself…. or maybe she really just gave up….. I hope that’s not the case as I really don’t want to help eliminating a Gunter. But since for some reason she seems to be fixated on me, at this point I feel like I have to VOTE: CHANTELLE

  86. Not fixated at all! I had a suspicion about both you AND Crini. I only mentioned names because someone asked who the two people were I was thinking about voting for (it went all down hill from there). Would it not look odd if I then voted for someone else after all this discussion?
    Interesting that your vote has now broke the tie break. :-D

    I don’t have a problem revealing what townie I am, but what’s the big deal about doing this? The mafia must know who the townies are as they know who the mafia are, so why wouldn’t more townies reveal who they are?

  87. VOTE: ORLI

    Right now she is sticking out the most to me because she has been constantly changing her vote whenever someone expresses suspicions against someone else. I know she said she is going to come back and give her reasoning for voting for Crini, so maybe that will change my mind, but for now..

    Also, I know she started the whole analysing thing, but I’m not entirely sure that wasn’t a tactic to gain trust after some suspicion was already aimed at her :/

  88. @acps927 Interesting idea, can we do that though? The other thing is, even though that means we’re not losing a Gunter, doesn’t it mean we have 0% of eliminating a Townie too? :/

  89. Maybe a total coincidence but I was trying to look at patterns in non-voting and I spotted this one:
    Day 1 – neither Crini or Emily voted, Day 2 – Both voted for Orli, Day 3 – both voted for Chantelle (though Emily has since cancelled her vote).

    Could well be a coincidence and I’m sure they’re not the only two who have shared voting (I’m pretty sure my votes have lined up reasonably well with Lauren’s so far?), but just popped out at me when I was looking through and wondered whether it could be strategic.

  90. Asti wrote
    “I followed up with both Ashly and Dana (who have warnings from Day Two) and both are quitting the Bookish Games. I have at least one replacement confirmed so far, and am working on securing a second. I will announce the replacement(s) when the Wednesday deadline has been reached. If I cannot find a second replacement by that time then it’ll be an elimination. (The majority vote elimination will still also occur.) Thanks!”
    So one of them will be replaced for sure.

  91. @Faith: Well, you can say that, but for me it’s a coincidence, I didn’t realize it till you brought it up.

    I honestly don’t know if voting off Ashly or Dana would help, since we don’t know much about them, and they could very well be one of us. Furthermore, if someone’s replacing them and that person is more proactive, wouldn’t this help the game move forward? We never know right? And Asti MIGHT have found a second replacement as well.

  92. Yeah I know :(

    I’m going into a lecture in 5 minutes until after voting ends, but I’m still totally conflicted on who to vote for. May have to try and sneak a look at my phone towards the end of the voting time and hope someone has spotted something suspicious by then!

  93. I’ve read all the posts and the players sticking out to me are Orli and Chantelle (and a little bit Dave, but this is only a feeling). Chantelle situation reminds me a lot of vvb, while Orli, as I’ve already written above, seems to me “too good”. In addition to that I think that if she is a Gunter, why haven’t the bad guys jumped on the bandwagon started by Crini voting for her?

    Oh, before posting I’ve refreshed the page and read Faith posts and her theory seems interesting. Well, I’ll wait some more time before voting.

  94. Voting Update:

    Chantelle (3) – Voted by Crini, Dave, Cayce
    Cayce (2) – Voted by Inge, Chantelle
    Crini (1) – Voted by Orli
    Orli (1) – Voted by Jenn

    Not Voting: Amy, Ashly, Dana, Faith, Lauren, Yuko, Emily

  95. This has turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. I am honestly confused, but right now I feel I should vote and hope I’m not choosing a Gunter. This is who I am most suspicious at the moment, even if I am not entirely convinced.


  96. I like Yuko’s point about the fact bad guys could have voted Orli without seeming suspicious thanks to Crini, but as they haven’t, perhaps she’s not a gunter. I’m also still torn by my shared voting observations but Orli now seems like she might have been involved in lots of voting debate (may be remembering something wrong there) and I’m out of time to vote so…


    (I’m sorry if I’m wrong Orli!)

  97. I just want to say that I think me changing my votes a lot is a really bad reason to vote for me – particularly @Jenn, if you can give me another reason why you find me suspicious, I can easily explain it. If you look through this thread, people have constantly changed their votes – it’s a result of more evidence – if I were a bad guy, what would possibly be my motive for changing my vote a lot? I’m changing my vote because of indecisiveness, because, if I’m totally honest, I don’t know. If you don’t want another Team Gunter eviction, I can only give you my word – I’m Team Gunter. I wouldn’t have gone through every single person, if I knew my mafia teammates, saying why every single person is suspicious. I don’t really know why people are finding me suspicious – if you can tell me, I guaruntee I can explain it to you.
    As for Crini, my reasons:
    I’ve gone through all her comments, and they all seem a bit strange. She asks a basic question herself of if we know how many good and bad guys there are, then calls everyone else out for asking similar questions. She has also constantly ensured that she is never alone in voting for people, often voting in a pair or changing her vote as soon as suspicion is roused. Crini always puts suspicion on groups of people instead of individuals and then focuses on one person without too much information – I feel like that makes her much less of a target and could be an attempt to disguise herself. And I’ve also had a weird feeling from the beginning when I read her comments.

    And, in the words of Crini, ‘ I would say a bad guy wouldn’t vote like that because they know who to vote off. ‘ – so I guess that kind of backs up what I was saying about myself :(

  98. I have to say it’s so frustrating – there are people who are actually on the bad side, and they’ve all done a brilliant job planting the blame on me and yet I still can’t figure out who it is. Really, really annoying.

  99. OK – there’s nothing I can do now. So if I get voted off,, I just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed playing with you guys, and I really hope you beat the mafia. If anyone could keep me updated on the progress through twitter, I’d really appreciate it ;)

  100. I told myself I wasn’t going to come back and worry about 11th hour pleas, but apparently I am a big sucker. So I will say that I do not find indecisiveness suspicious. However, almost everyone has expressed some anxiety about not knowing who to vote for. But there are multiple people lying. Re: Crini she has said suspicious things, but I thought since no one jumped on her Orli bandwagon maybe she was good. But then the Chantelle bandwagon came. Orli was on it, but now she’s throwing Crini under the bus. I have no clue…

  101. Omg… So much again. You know, I do not feel that Orli OR Cayce are suspicious and the only one that I find suspicious is Crini. Basically everything that Orli said is what has amounted to these feelings, I wish I could add more but the time is nearly up so I’ll


  102. “Day Three” has officially ended. The person with the most votes (4) is Orli. Orli was actually Aech, Team Gunters, Townie.

    It is now “Night Three”. If you have a special role that allows any “Night” actions, please submit the form by Friday 1pm EDT (48 hours from now). The form can be found by clicking the Bookish Games button in our sidebar and then clicking the Ready Player One banner.

    If you have no night powers, be sure to visit back on Saturday 1am EDT when “Day Four” will start. We will share the identities of the eliminated players and list any warnings/disqualifications at that time.

    Ashly and Dana will both be replaced by new players. Sarah will be taking the place of Dana, and Claire will be taking the place of Ashly. They will start fresh on “Day Four” so they have time to catch up until then.

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