Bookish Games: Ready Player Two Edition Day Three

Bookish Games Ready Player Two Edition


Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are!

If you are not signed up in the game, please refrain from commenting on these posts (otherwise they will be deleted). Instead, you can contact me via the Oh the Books! contact form or Twitter to gain access to a page where you can discuss the game with other players once they are eliminated.





  • Nikki has now returned from her coma during Day 2.


Voting ends in:


And the game goes on! With only one death during the Night, you’re all left to ponder what actions were taken and who that one remaining Sixer might be… Let’s remember to keep the conversation on the game and have fun!

Important notice: I will be out of town for the next few days, so voting updates from me will probably be sporadic at best. Apologize for this, but I will be back by Tuesday, when things usually tend to get more heated in any case. Once again, if you have any holiday plans that may keep you out of touch for most of this Day, please contact me if you need to be put into a coma. Otherwise, see you in a few days! :)

It is now Day Three!  Everyone has until Wednesday 1pm EDT to discuss suspicions and cast their votes.  Once the deadline has been reached, whoever has the most votes will be eliminated!


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  1. Ohhh no. Inge, wherever your ghostly spirit now resides, I apologize for being so stuck on you during Day Two. I had a feeling towards the end of Day Two that maybe I was just seeing things that weren’t there, as I admitted once I noticed that no one was seeing the things I did and realized how weak my evidence was, but bleh. Sucks to be so wrong.

    I’m a little confused as to why Inge was eliminated. She didn’t really state many suspicions about people since we she was too busy defending herself from me and Anne (sorry again). Was this an attempt to turn everyone against Anne and myself? To keep us all distracted? I’m not sure. But I do hope everyone can see I was only going after Inge because I didn’t know any better. I don’t have the luxury of a Cop artifact to determine if my hunches are right >.< So, right away let me say that I feel our suspects are narrowed down to four people: Anne, Crini, Nikki, and Sana. I trust everyone else. - Anne: Again, I'm not quite sure what she would have gotten out of killing off Inge, but she did admit herself during Day One that "reverse psychology weighs heavily in this game". While I think it would be a silly move as a Mafia to vote off someone you were so strongly against, she may have hoped we would all think that to avoid suspicion? I think my main flag for her is how focused on self-preservation she is. Yes, we all want to survive in this game as long as we can, but our real goal is to ensure our team wins. She admitted during Day One that she wasn't going to air out all her investigative work even if it could benefit the team because it got her killed last time, and then during Day Two she admitted she commented after feeling "Asti pressure". She also seemed a bit desperate after votes started coming in for her which led to some sloppy claims, focusing on the timing of Inge's response to Crini's question and the unnecessariness of it since I had responded. Now, at the time I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because, as bad as it sounds, she was supporting my vote. It made me think she must be on my side. But now that we know Inge was a Townie, I'm not so sure. I also am still somewhat stuck on her comment about not knowing when the Day starts. Not because I don't think some people just don't pay attention, but because she seemed to indicate she knew when Night ended. She said to Chantelle: "I didn't realize that Day posts went up on Saturday. I must have missed that somewhere, and I was only in the game for two days last time so I didn't make the correlation of my own. I thought it was right after the Night ended." Did she think the Day started on Friday night because that is when the Night forms are due for Mafia? I will say, apart from my inability to determine why she would kill off Inge if Mafia, I am also somewhat unsure about her potential to be Mafia due to her actions at the end of Day Two. When she last commented, she thought vvb had 2 votes and Karolina had 3 (they were actually tied at the time, but Kelley hadn't done a voting update so I'm sure she just miscounted). Even though she couldn't see that vvb had 3, I still feel like, if she were a Mafia member, she would have switched her vote to Karolina to ensure vvb's protection (who we now know is Mafia). She did make a comment on vvb and the fact two people voted for vvb after my long comment pointing out all the flags around vvb, but I don't feel that indicates one way or another for me. - Cayce: I'm still leaning towards Townie due to Yuko's attempt to sway suspicion towards her during Day One. While Sana did point out at the end of Day One that Cayce's vote for Crini seemed random and didn't help the spread out votes, Cayce had continually shared concerns about Crini throughout the Day so I didn't find it too out of place. - Chantelle: She HAS to be Townie. I think she has made some confusing statements in the game (esp her original argument against vvb), but she was the last vote we needed for vvb's elimination. - Crini: I have to admit, I'm still stuck on her asking questions and my belief that indicates Townie, but as I was so wrong with Inge I have taken the time to check out what suspicious behavior she's had in the game. I do still think her absence during Day One and sudden appearance during the last hour before deadline was a bit odd, especially as she had gotten two votes at the time and was outwardly worried that more votes were suddenly going to pour in. Was she hiding in the shadows the whole time and only came out because votes were coming in? After three votes for her came in both confirmed Mafia players did mention her - vvb said: "I am waiting to hear from Crini, too." and Yuko said: "I don't think I'll just on the Crini bandwagon,she's inactive but she doesn't look suspicious to me". On Yuko's end, she then voted for Karolina, who didn't have any votes at the time. Now, yesterDay Chantelle wondered if Yuko voted for Karolina as a way to take the attention off vvb. But based on timing you could say she did it to take the attention off of Crini? Crini was more active during Day Two, but there's nothing of note for me until the end. Crini's second to last comment was after Lauren's vote for vvb, and she said that she might take her vote back for Karolina because she did have some doubts. Crini then came back to post one more comment before the Day ended, after Jenn and Chantelle added their votes for vvb (making it a 3-3 tie between vvb and Karolina), and Crini decided to keep her vote on Karolina. If she were vvb's partner, this would make sense. She wouldn't change her vote because it's helping create a tie between the two. - Dave: I also say Dave is a Townie based on what we know so far. Not only do we have Yuko's attempt to get him in trouble with his suspicions on Cayce, but there's also the fact that he cancelled his vote last Night after Karolina name revealed. If he were Mafia, I believe he would have pretended to have not seen Karolina's comment, to pretend he wasn't around when the deadline came around, to help keep vvb in the game. - Jenn: Definitely Townie, in my book. She voted vvb both Days. - Karolina: I see Karolina as a Townie. Yuko voted for her Day One, and vvb was trying to point suspicion towards her at the end of Day Two (after Karolina name-claimed). - Lauren: Also Townie in my book, thanks to her vote for vvb. - Nikki: If I'm honest, I thought she was slightly suspicious Day One. She was perfectly in the middle, leaving four decent sized comments. But, I felt like her comments were sort of... echo-y in a way. As if she were just rewording comments other made in an attempt to blend in. But, she could just have had the same logic as everyone at the time. (She thought Emily and Karolina were suspicious, but then ended up voting quiet players with me.) Her coma during Day Two doesn't indicate Mafia or Townie to me. Well, apart from the fact that vvb was eliminated. As I mentioned near the end of Day Two, I felt like the Mafia should have guaranteed survival due to our spread out votes. With two players knowing they're on the same team, they should have been able to vote the same (join one of the bandwagons with two votes) and save themselves. Sure, it might have come back to hurt them at some point, but it would have given them an extra Day and sometimes that's all it takes to save a team. So maybe vvb was completely on her own during the Day and had no one to help her save herself through votes because her partner Nikki was in a coma? - Sana: Sana is a tricky one for me, because she's an expert in-the-middle player. She's never quiet enough where I notice her for being inactive, but she's never loud enough that I remember her name when thinking about who is playing. I feel like that is the main flag for me. She has had some content in her comments, but none stick out as indicative of her alliance. She voted Emily Day One echoing the suspicions of others, and Day Two she voted for Karolina. Now that vote for Karolina was a bit odd. She said: "Chantelle and Karolina voted simultaneously for her [Anne] and then Inge voted her for the same reason as Karolina. So right now, Karolina seems the most suspicious." I'm not quite sure of Sana's logic here. Inge voted for Anne after Karolina and Chantelle did, so that makes Karolina guilty? I will say, going back to the end of Day Two, I feel like Sana might be Townie just because she didn't save vvb. She commented the last five minutes before deadline, when the votes were 3 vvb, 2 Karolina, 2 Anne, 2 Inge, and yet she didn't change her vote to save vvb. She could've swapped it to Anne or Inge, and vvb could've jumped on the vote (as I'm sure vvb was watching the comments at this time), but she didn't. Yes, maybe at that point she decided it was too late to save vvb and it wasn't worth it to put herself in the spotlight for creating a tie. But even then, if she were going to have that attitude and she were Mafia, I don't see why she wouldn't have switched her vote to vvb to make herself look Townie. And I think that's everyone. I'd love to hear what people think, specifically regarding Anne, Crini, Nikki, and Sana.

  2. Asti, where’s the woohoo? A Sixer went! Yay! I am surprised that the Mafia chose to eliminate Inge though, as there was a lot of suspicion on her. That’s strange!

    Confusing statements? Confusing to you, maybe – they made sense to me. :P

    I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. I am suspicious of Nikki and I think it’s strange Sana popped in just four minutes before the end.

    I think with probably only one Sixer left, it’s going to be really difficult working out who it is.

  3. @ Chantelle: I was saying you were confusing because you mixed up names yesterday. You said Yuko had voted for me, to try and take suspicion of vvb, when you really meant to say vvb voted for me to try and take suspicion off of Yuko (as you later corrected yourself). Apart from that, yes, I would say it’s easy to understand you. Just helps when you get the names right :P

  4. @Asti:
    Re “sudden appearance during the last hour before deadline”: That was just the time I got home after uni. Was sitting in class all day and couldn’t have been there sooner. And as people were only voting for me because of my inactivity and a lot of you said pretty early that you want to vote for someone who is inactive rather than a random other person, I could have jumped in a lot sooner to not get votes.
    Why I didn’t change my vote at the end of day 2:
    I wanted to wait to see if vvb comes back to defend herself before I change my vote but she didn’t before I had to make my last comment and I was so unsure about everybody.
    Regarding those comments from vvb and Yuko: I can’t really say anything about that because I can’t control what they do. But you could say they both made “save votes”, Yuko voting for someone who didn’t seem to get voted off and vvb not voting at all. They were both save of being suspicious because of their votes or at least they weren’t part of voting off a Gunter. They knew Emily was a Gunter and they could just sit back and wait for her to get voted off because none of them got a vote.

    Especially Sana’s last comment made me go through her comments again because it struck me as quite odd. At that point it was quite clear that Karolina is team Gunters but she kept her vote for her. Had she changed it to anyone else but vvb I think she would have been very suspicious to us because it was pointed out multiple times that the Sixers can rush in at the end, save themselves and vote out a Gunter. As for not changing it to vvb: That could have looked like a blend in tactic. So to me it looks like she chose the least suspicious way: doing nothing.
    We also had the theory that Yuko was sent as the least suspicious member of the Mafia and another one who got a vote during day 1 was Sana.
    It also feels like she only votes for people who others have already been voted for and for the same reasons already stated.

    I really don’t get why Inge was killed during the night. She had two votes during the end of Day 2 so there was a good chance that we might actually vote her off during another day. That makes me think that we should have a closer look at people who didn’t get votes during Day 2 and who are more quiet because usually it seems the best tactic for the Sixers to kill those we are not suspicious of.

  5. @ Crini: That’s fair, Crini. I’m just pointing out whatever flags I see in regards to each player. Obviously not each of the four I expanded upon are Sixers as Kelley confirmed in the post there’s only one left. And as I’ve mentioned before, I tend to see you more as a Townie than Mafia due to your questions at the start of Day Two, but as others were uncertain about you and do not accept that as proof of alignment, I figured I needed to step back and take a more objective look.

    Oh wait, in regards to Sana I think you bring up a good point. At that point in the Day, with only four minutes left, we all had a pretty good reason not to vote Karolina – she had revealed her character name. While that is not a guarantee of Townie status, I think it was way too risky of a move for a Mafia to do, especially as it could have easily gone wrong. So why didn’t Sana cancel her vote? Even if she wasn’t sure about vvb, she could have still atleast cancelled her vote for Karolina so as to lower the chance of vvb trying to force a tie last minute.

  6. OH, I should have read Kelley’s note first because if there is only one Sixer left then we’ve pretty much won the game already:

    I am the cop and investigated Sana last night and she turned out being NOT a Gunter!

  7. I was writing my comment when I refreshed the page and saw Crini’s comment. I guess this means we’ve won? If Crini is lying about being a cop and that Sana isn’t a Gunter we would know by nightfall and would vote Crini off for lying (thus probably being a Sixer) during the next day. Not to speak that the real cop could speak up. Which is way too risky.

    Rejoice Gunters!


    Though I do wonder what we will do now?

    And I still don’t understand why the mafia (Sana, if that’s the case) decided to kill off Inge, when everyone was so suspicious of her in the first place?

  8. Oooh, interesting indeed! Now, I think if Crini is telling the truth about being a Cop, then we have likely won. But I will remind everyone that there is ONE possibility of Sana NOT being Mafia. Again, it has nothing to do with an artifact, but with a character role that was included in the previous game because Kelley and I felt it matched the character. I-R0k in the previous game (who was played by Jaden, eliminated Day One) was a Miller, and as a result if he was investigated at Night the results showed NOT Gunter, even though he actually was Team Gunter. Jaden had no idea he had this Miller role assigned to him as it’s a sneaky thing that only the moderators know. I don’t know if Kelley included it in this game, but if she included the Doctor (a non-artifact role) then I have a feeling she also added this.

    I only want to mention it as a possibility just so we don’t all give up and then find ourselves in trouble. Until Sana is eliminated, we don’t know for sure if Crini’s investigative results were correct.

  9. I was honestly starting to debate cancelling my vote on vvb at the end of the day last Day. I am sooooo glad I didn’t. I managed to get on about 5 minutes before voting ended and was reading through and when Chantelle cancelled her vote, I was afraid for a tie. Then she re-voted before the end, so I decided to keep my vote. There wasn’t really anyone else suspicious to me at the time, but I would have changed it so someone was voted out. I dislike ties, since we learn nothing. Though, with how split the votes were, it is surprising that we got a mafia.

  10. It’s so amazing, we (okay, I didn’t do much…) got another mafia member!! And if Crini is right, we could win this Games in three Days. That would be pretty sweet.

    I guess it is possible that Sana is a Miller, but her last comment about me voting for Crini out of the blue (though I talked about my suspicions of her quite a bit) felt a lot like when Yuko said that me not being much present was suspicious, so


  11. Oh wow, I’ve gotten so many votes and the Day just began! Well, the error is clearly on me because I stupidly missed out that Karolina revealed her character name when less than an hour remained of Day Two. I was just skimming the comments (did a very bad job of it, apparently) and I felt like I should say why I wasn’t suspicious of vvb enough to vote for her compared to my suspicion of Karolina. Lying is the biggest part of the Bookish Games and I’ve always been wary of character reveals whenever I’ve played the games because it’s the easiest way to make players think they’re innocent when they’re not. Also, looking for a Team Sixer member is a difficult thing to do, especially when there are 11 of us so while it is a long shot that Karolina isn’t lying, I’m still wary of her.

    Anyway. Now that I know Karolina revealed herself, I find it odd since she and vvb had three votes each and it was more than likely there would be a tie until Dave decided to cancel his vote. Basically, I don’t get why she needed to reveal it in the first place because it definitely put a target on her back.

    So one thing that I don’t understand is how come Crini didn’t reveal her investigation results until her second comment because one would think it’s a pretty big reason to do just that. Also, she could be an insane or a paranoid cop or I could be a Miller like Asti suggested. Who knows. Moreover, her reasoning for not cancelling her vote for Karolina isn’t suspicious but mine is?

    Cayce did mention being unsure of Crini since Yuko didn’t vote for her and what I said in regards to that was ‘However, I don’t get Cayce’s vote for Crini. Seems out of the blue (unless I haven’t paid attention?)’ Turns out I paid attenion but what it boils down to is that I didn’t think Yuko not voting for Crini is reason enough to think that Crini is one of the bad guys. And oh, I thought that Cayce not being present was strange on Day One because she said that she had a lot of time on her hands. What I am trying to say is that if I was one of the bad guys, I would just take Cayce out during the Night instead of trying to put suspicion on her during the Day because I know she’s a very smart player.

    Lastly, I have a feeling that there could be an unaligned serial killer in the games (have been so long since we’ve had one) but it seems unlikely because of one night kill each night as of yet. I just think that Kelley could have included one just to spice things up a bit. It’s just a theory.

  12. Ladies and gentleman, I am here to make a confession and then to take one for the team.

    I am the vigilante. I wield the Sword of Ba’Heer.

    I have to assume at least one of you figured it out, no? The reason why I was able to start Day Two with a list of indicators of Yuko’s guilt was because I saw them all during Day One. While no one else suspected Yuko at the time, I saw the clues and was able to put two and two together. The second she voted for Karolina, I was sure I was correct in my suspicions and as soon as 6pm came around I submitted the form to kill her. If you actually look back at my first comment during Day Two where I express my thoughts on Yuko, you can actually see I write it as if I were writing it prior to finding out Yuko’s results. It was because I was using my notes from Day One to explain why I killed her, not because I was retrospectively going back and analyzing her comments.

    I really just wanted to come out that Day and celebrate because I was right. How awesome is it to kill a Mafia member Night One when not a single person really suspected her? But I’m glad I didn’t because you all seemed to be quite disturbed that a Townie would use a weapon like that without being sure of who they are targeting. My thing is… well, if you only wait until you’re 100% sure of a player’s alliance, then you’re going to be waiting a long time. The Cops don’t always just outright tell you who you should kill, as it is dangerous for them, so you just sort of have to trust your gut. And I didn’t want to sit around and do nothing, because I was sure I was going to be killed sooner than later and wanted to make my contributions count. So yes, I killed Yuko. You’re welcome.

    Do you see what’s coming next?
    I also killed Inge.

    I know, I’m a horrible Townie. But I was REALLY stuck on Inge. I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to get her out of my head until I found out one way or another what her alliance was. And as there was no convincing proof of her innocence in my opinion and it seemed as if nobody was going to vote along with me to get rid of her, I had to take matters into my own hands. I guess the power got to my head. So once again, sorry Inge. I hope there’s no hard feelings ;)

    (Now, of course, I am slightly confused as to why there was only one death last Night. If I killed Inge, why isn’t there a second kill? Did the Mafia target her also? Or did they target someone who was protected? Or, if we’re wrong about Sana, was it Nikki and she wasn’t around to submit the form because she was busy (hence the coma)? I have no idea. But it is curious.)

    But wait, there’s one more thing. I was given a gift when I killed Yuko. A great gift indeed.

    I received The Catalyst, giving me the powers of a suicide bomber. When I activate it it kills both me and the person who comments before me.

    As Crini is confident Sana is the last remaining Mafia, I’m going to take one for the team and end this now. If Sana is Mafia, then the game is over. If Sana is not Mafia and either a) Crini lied or b) Sana is the Miller, then you guys have further work to do. Either way, I’m confident you guys can manage without me. As far as I’m concerned, if it’s not Sana it is likely Nikki, though Anne is a possibility as well.

    I feel like this is the best use of my newfound power, and I feel it’s a certain kind of poetic justice that I blow myself up trying to eliminate a Sixer after I killed Inge for thinking she was one.

    So with that, my fellow Gunters, I bid you farewell and a Happy New Year.


    (Note: As Kelley mentioned in the post she is out of town for the holidays but we had an agreement that I would text her when I use my power, as I’m doing now. She should hopefully be on soon to at least confirm that I actually have the Catalyst. I’m not sure if she’ll share the results of the deaths until the end of Day though. Good luck!

  13. Ok, people. This feels like a lot of you have given up, now that Crini announced that she is the cop. But let’s not forget what Asti said. Sana could simply be a Miller.

    So, lets get back to analysing!

    – Asti: I am certain that Asti is a townie by now.

    – Dave: I had my doubts about him, because
    1. Yuko supported his claim about Cayce being inactive during day one.
    2. He voted for me during day two, when most people were convinced I was a townie.
    However, as soon as I revealed my identity he retracted his vote. If he were mafia, I don’t think he would have done that, as that practically sealed vvb’s fate.

    – Cayce: I go back and forth with her. At this point I am leaning more towards a townie. Simply because Yukon was so quick to elude that her behaviour is strange right after Dave mentioned her.

    – Jenn: no other player am I coming up with such a blank with. I just cant get a feel for Jenn. However, the fact that she voted for vvb tells me she’s a Townie.

    – Anne: She’s right after Sana on my suspicion list at the moment, for the reasons stated during day two and also mentioned by Asti in her first comment today.

    – Nikki: since she was in a coma, I don’t have much to go on. However, I am going to agree with Asti and say that the coma situation might explain why vvb got eliminated. But is that enough for her to be suspicious? I’m not sure.

    – Chantelle: Whilst her comment regarding Asti was suspicious and her explanation didn’t exactly persuade me that she was innocent, she did vote against vvb, so that equals Townie in my eyes.

    – Crini: I was suspicious of her until she announced that she is the cop. If she weren’t I don’t think that she would have announced it as we would have figured it out by the time night fell. So she’s innocent in my eyes.

    – Lauren: As Asti said, she also voted for vvb, thus is a Townie in my eyes.

    Did I forget anyone?

    So, what I really don’t understand is why Inge got killed this night. Was she too close to the truth? Was she starting to accuse members of the mafia and making sense? That makes me wonder whether there is something behind the theory that Anne might be a member of the mafia. After all, Inge and me did vote for her. But then, why wouldn’t she have voted me off instead? After all, as was “proven” innocent, and thus no longer of use. That’s something I really don’t understand.

    I’m on my iPad now, so I can’t really scroll up and down the day two post and check without risking the app crashing (thanks apple), so I’m going to spend some time analysing everyone who Inge accused at some point later.

    In the meantime I would really like to hear Sana’s defense and whether or not there is someone who will admit to being a Miller, so we can eith vote or cancel our vote for Sana,

  14. Ok, Asti. You had me fooled. I had no-idea. I should have read up on those artifacts again. Oh well.

    I feel like I suck at this game. I might be analysing and commenting and being annoying but somehow I never suspect the right people, do I?

    Anyway. Now that Sana is gone, after Asti blew her and herself up, I am going to say that the most suspicious players at the moment are Nikki and Anne.
    What worries me is that I don’t see much action despite what just happened. Am I going to be talking to myself now that Asti is gone?

  15. Wow, have been laying in bed reading (for a change) and just came beck to this. Wow. I hope your sacrifice is not in vain Asti!

    Right now the only people I really trust are: Karolina (after the name reveal), Chantelle and Lauren. Because if anyone who voted for vvb is mafia, then they aren’t playing the game well at all to help kill their only ally they had left.

    I don’t know enough about Nikki or Dave to really form an opinion on them yet. Dave has somewhat been around, but not enough for me to really get any sense of whose team he’s on.

    That leaves Cayce, Crini and Anne who I’m not sure of, who have been commenting lots.

    I’m not very helpful, sorry.

  16. Okay, so Sana wasn’t Mafia? Since the the game is still going on? But… then why was she found not Gunter by Crini? Was she a Miller? Or was Crini lying??

    Sigh… okay, okay right now I think that the players who voted for vvb yesterday -Lauren, Jenn, Chantelle- are probably all Team Gunters

    I also think that Karoline is a Gunter too.

    That leaves Dave (I still think it is more likely that he is a Gunter), Crini (was she lying about being a Cop… but that doesn’t make much sense either, since we know we have a Cop and the real Cop would have said something…right??!!), Anne (??) and Nikki (but I don’t feel any evilness from her)

    So is Anne the last Sixer? Or maybe I was wrong about Dave…

  17. OOOOH snap! Well gosh, this has been a random day of events :P Ok, I have a lot to say and a ton of different points to make (that I have been making notes of since the end of the last day lol) but I can’t write everything right now because I am about to do an errand (and there is a LOT haha) and want to make sure I get everything down and out. BUT, I have two questions if anyone feels comfortable answering them. I think it can really help us during this day because it seems like we might not get the results until the end of the day.

    Is anyone I-Rok? and

    @Crini: Did you investigate anyone else on Night One and Night Two?

    Ok, sorry to leave y’all hanging but I will be back ASAP… I just wanted to put those two questions out there in the meanwhile!

  18. Wow, so much has happened during this day so far.

    Kelley is away at the moment, so maybe she is going to wait until the end of the day to announce whether Sana is Mafia. I would rather wait until then to see if Sana is actually Mafia, before I vote again.

  19. @Chantelle: I am basically 100% sure that the roles/artifacts (I will explain ) so if anyone HERE is I-rok that means that they are probably the miller, thus giving us a better chance that Sana is the last mafia. If no one is IRok than it means that Sana is or that character wasnt in this game :/ And I just want to see who else Crini investigated to give us more clues to go in.

  20. @Chantelle: IRok was the miller last game and I’m nearly certain that the roles and artifacts are the same this time. The miller is a secret, its not revealed until the end/that player dies so the person who is the miller wouldn’t know. BUT I’m thinking irok is still the Miller this time. If that’s the case and they are still in the fame, its a better chance that Sana was mafia.

    Hopefully that makes sense … I’m on my phone lol

  21. I see my coma has put me under suspicion again, so I want to try to explain away those a bit (hopefully!).

    I genuinely did not have time to play Day Two. I work in a huge high street clothing store that has huge numbers of customers over the Christmas period so I’ve been working 12 hour shifts, pretty much six days a week. By the time I’ve got home, had food and showered, it’s been time for bed again and i didn’t have the energy to focus on the Games! I stated that upfront on Day One; I never tried to hide behind it.

    The other thing is my time zone. I know most of you are playing from the U.S. so a lot of you are active at the same time. By the time I’ve finished work and can check in, most of the conversation has been had and anything I add doesn’t get seen until later. There’s no one around for me to throw ideas back and forth between, and talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, you know.

  22. I don’t know why my iPad didn’t post my comments right! I’ll finish off what I was trying to say… (I spent a good half an hour typing that comment out and it only posted half of it! Grr…)

    That in mind, it also means that a lot of what I infer from the comments has already been said by someone who was active at the time the conversation happened. It’s not that I’m following other people’s logic and trying to hide that way: it’s simply that everything I conclude has been concluded by someone else too! Take, for example, in Day One: I spent some time one lunch catching up on some comments but I didn’t have time before the end of my break to leave my own, so I made a mental note to come back to it later and mention that I didn’t think it was a good idea to base this Game’s voting on the previous Game; by the time I finished work and could check back in, Anne had already commented to the same effect!

    The other instance seems to be when I agreed that the quieter players are more suspicious/less useful to Team Gunters than louder players who may or may not be Mafia. I don’t really think this can be held against me because it’s a common logic across all of the Games, and one that I’ve expressed previously in the Games I’ve participated in before.

    I feel like at this point I really need to prove myself, so I’m going to go ahead and admit it: I am Shoto. I am a Mason for Team Gunters.

    I also hold the Hayato’s Beta Capsule artifact, which I’ve been using to protect Asti every Night. I felt that, despite not knowing 100% whether she was Gunter or Mafia (we now know she was Gunter, so I’m glad I stuck with my instinct!), her contributions were too valuable, regardless of alliance. Had Asti been targeted at Night, the Mafia sent to kill her and I would have been eliminated. As I’m still here, Asti was obviously not a target for the Mafia so far.

    Now, I know this information isn’t quite as obviously useful as a Cop’s investigation results, for example, but it does suggest a couple of things.

    The Mafia either, 1) didn’t shown any suspicion against Asti in the Day – but that, to me, would suggest Asti would be a good target at Night as anyone who seemed suspicious of Asti would be assumed to be Mafia.

    Or 2) they tried to raise suspicion in the Day because they knew targeting her at Night would be risky, as suspicion would be on them the next Day, and thus chose a different target for the Night kill to throw us off the scent.

  23. So, wow. I wished I would have been able to get on earlier today. I’m guessing Sana is not mafia because the game isn’t over, or is it just because Kelley noted she would be away for some time she hasn’t officially ended it? Although, Kelley provided an update, so I’m guessing Sana is not a mafia member… For those who have played before all the way through, does it typically end mid-Day?

    I have a question for everyone: why was Karolina not eliminated at the night? Maybe this was already addressed by Asti, but how is it that Asti eliminated Inge, who was a Gunter (sorry :/ ) and there was no mafia kill? Did someone forget to submit a form? What is this serial killer idea being tossed around? I wouldn’t think mafia would typically want to let an admitted Gunter live. We don’t have a real reason to think she is lying, because again, what would be the odds, but why would the mafia let us keep someone trustable? Maybe that drama around Day Two was enough to keep her here so people would follow her lead and eliminate me. As I can see, I am suspicious person #2 for many of you.

    With the vvb voters off the hook for now, there are four people left who could use a closer look for mafia: Nikki, Dave, Cayce, Crini.

  24. I wish I would have seen your comments first, Nikki. If what you are saying about your role is true, then you are not suspicious to me anymore.

    So, if there really is a mafia member out there — Dave, Cayce, Crini. Unless one of the vvb voters really stuck it to their other mafia teammate…

  25. Guys, please note that Kelley didn’t give Asti or Sana’s full title./role. That means Sana could have been a mafioso after all, in which case our search wouldn’t lead anywhere and she might be simply waiting for the day to be over to post the results. We won’t know until the day is over, though.

    That being said, I agree with Anne. If Asti was the one to kill Inge and Inge is a Gunter, why is everyone else on the Team still alive? Why didn’t the mafia try to kill anyone? Was it because the target was Asti and she was being protected? But even that doesn’t make sense. After all, eouldnt the protector had died?
    So maybe the mafia didn’t turn in the form. Or maybe it was Nikki who had been in a coma and couldn’t submit the form?
    Does anyone know how the coma works during night? Is it even applicable to that situation? If no-one knows I’ll try to google it in the morning. Can’t really be bothered to get up from bed and boot my laptop at this hour. ;)

  26. Ah, you’re right. I’d misread Asti’s comment and thought she meant that the game would be over instantly, but we might still be waiting until the end of the Day to find out. That looks more likely, actually.

    I haven’t had chance to go over Day Two yet (since you guys were so busy that Day!!). Karolina, did you admit your name/role?

    The coma excuses you from not meeting the two-comment minimum, so I was able to submit the Night form and protect Asti. If she had been targeted, I would have been eliminated and the Mafia would have as well.

    There’s a couple of options:
    1) The Mafia forgot to submit the Night form – highly unlikely, as it’s a great opportunity to kill a player.
    2) The target was being protected by a Doctor so the kill wouldn’t have gone through.

    That’s the only thing I can think that would explain why a kill wasn’t made last night besides Asti’s. I’ve just checked and there was a Doctor in Ready Player One, so I would guess there must be one in this game too.

  27. Nikki, I want to be sure I understand this right. If Asti was a target, then you and the mafia member who targeted her would be dead but Asti would still live? So the mafia person didn’t target her then.

    And the doctor (if there is one) would protect a Gunter who was most vulnerable, probably Karolina?

    I just wonder if there is anyone left who is mafia, or we are going in circles…

  28. Anne, that’s correct.

    I think we need to work on the assumption that there is still another Mafia member out there. Best case scenario, we lose a Gunter but win the game if Sana is the last Mafia; worst case is Sana is a Gunter, and we lose the opportunity to vote off a Gunter. I’m off to bed now, but I’ll be looking at how to vote for tomorrow.

  29. I don’t think Kelley will post the results until the end of the day. Just to make us sweat ;)

    I’m really divided on what to vote today now, since we don’t know for sure what happened. I do feel that we should try and figure out who else might possibly be mafia though, because if Sana was just a miller, then there will still be someone else.

  30. 1. d) / c)
    2. c) / a)

    Ok, I’m back now.

    So the reason I think the roles and artificats are the same is because I am Og, the doctor. Normally, I would NEVER reveal that information because it’s so risky BUT when vvb died last day, I was actually passed her artifact which is Investigate Immune and Bulletproof. If you look at the spreadsheet from last RPO games, Yuko’s character (which I was) had The Catalyst. When Asti killed her at night, that passed to her. When vvb was killed (which was Inge’s character last time), her artifacts were passed to me. So there are three roles/characters that are the same. Nikki said that she is Shoto, who also held Hatato’s Beta Capsule last time.

    If that’s the case than I think that whoever is I-Rok is also the miller this time as well. Now if one of the remaining players is I-Rok that’s cats ass, meaning that Sana is most definitely mafia based on Crini’s findings HOWEVER if not a single one of you remaining players is I-Rok than I’m thinking that either 1) there isn’t I-Rok in this game or 2) Sana is I-Rok, thus the miller.

    I’m just trying to use what I can during this day so it doesn’t go to waste and us just wait it out hoping that Sana was the last mafia.

    Now, onto the night killings. I protected Karolina last night, as she was the only one that we were certain about. I’m thinking that since Nikki didn’t die the past two nights that maybe the mafia kept Asti around because 1) nobody was certain about her which did cast a bit of doubt on her alliance or 2) they thought she was going to be protected at night and didn’t want to waste a kill. I think the mafia targeted either Karolina or myself. I protected Karolina, and I have bulletproof now so if they tried to kill either of us then it wouldn’t go through. Those are the only two possibilities that I can think of why as I’m sure the last mafia member didn’t NOT submit a kill last night.

    I have more to write I’m still going haha…

  31. Sorry that I’m only answering now:
    My role is Art3mis and the first night I investigated Asti and got “team Gunter”.

    2 questions that Sana asked about me:
    Why I didn’t tell you about me being the cop earlier: if there had been more than 1 Sixer left I would have been dead for sure afte the next night so I didn’t want to reveal myself just yet but then Asti mentioned that Kelley wrote that there is only one left and I felt save to tell you.
    Why I didn’t take my vote back for Karolina: she revealed her role after I made my last comment for the day so I didn’t get to know her role.

    I’m not going to vote for anyone without knowing Sana’s actual role.

    As to what happened last night: Asti provided the idea of another option – maybe the Mafia targeted Inge too!

  32. Oh wait, I just realized that there is another instance that a kill might not go through. The quarter, that also makes a person 1x bulletproof. So there are three possibilities.

    As of right now, as no one has chimed in to say that they are holding Chucks, I’m going to choose to believe Crini is the cop. As someone pointed out, I think it’s just too risky to do that at the immediate start of the day when it can quickly be dubunked by someone (as in, it’s not like its the very end of the day and there isn’t enough time for everyone to see the comment).

    @Crini: Can you tell us who you investigated the first night?

    Ok, and well, yanno I really didn’t have that much to say afterall. I just went through all the notes I made after the last day ended and basically ALL of them were this huge fact finding case about Crini and how I thought she was so suspicious. BAHAHHA, obviously that’s not the case anymore, so I really have nothing else.

    I’m still really leery about just packing it in this day though and not voting. It’s such a hard decision but what if Sana really was a gunter?!

  33. Oh yes, missed Crini’s comment as I was writing this up haha. Another option, your right, maybe the mafia targeted Inge too. That seems a bit odd though because Inge was quite a target of suspicion from Asti during the day that it might have bode well for the mafia to keep her in the game.

    I think I’m going to stop anazlying comments for at least a day. Like others pointed out, I very well could be running around in circles wasting my time (and let’s be honest, there i a lot to look back on in the past two days haha). If anything else creeps up I will start looking into things again.

  34. Because I like lists, and I need to keep things straight:

    Karolina — Galaga
    Asti — vigilante, no name
    Nikki — Shoto
    Lauren — Og, the doctor
    Crini — Art3mis, the cop
    Sana — TBD (maybe I-ROK, the miller?)

    I am Bananarama, townie Gunter.

    I don’t see the point in keeping this to myself, as I do have a lot of suspicion on me and we are all turned about thinking who could be mafia still. I can see all the suspicion is warranted of course, I did jump into the day late on Day 2 with a vote and imperfect logic. I know no one is voting yet, but I wanted to throw this out there since my head is spinning with all the possibilities and time will tell if this was a bad decision. Probably.

  35. @Anne: I don’t think that is a bad decision for you to state your name. You were high up on my suspect list if there was a mafia so this does a lot to relieve that suspicion :)

    @Asti: I know you are probably still following along to see how spun about we are now :P I forgot to comment and say thanks for your brave sacrifice! I hope it wasn’t in vain and that Sana really is the missing mafia!!!

    I hate being in a different timezone… all the conversation seems to have come to a hault now :/

  36. But if Sana wasn’t the Miller then Asti killed the last mafia member, right?? So the game should have ended then and there…

    I don’t think Kelley would let us vote if there is no enemy left. So…. I guess there still is some kind of threat we need to eliminate.

    I don’t want people to waste time with me today, so I guess I should reveal that…. I’m the other Mason, Nikki’s brother Daito. :)

  37. @Chantelle: I hope I’m right too! Obviously it’s just a theory but as I’m going by clues from the previous game everything else has matched up role/character-wise so gosh I hope so!

    @Cayce: YAYYY! I kinda suspected that you were because of your comment up there ^^ before Nikki revealed who she was. Everyone was thinking she was mafia and you said you didn’t sense any evilness from her :P

    I guess the only two others who haven’t revealed are Jenn and Dave. Jenn I’m pretty certain that she is a gunter because she voted for vvb both days, that’s a bit too risky, especially on day two when the votes were so close IMO. But she has been known for her swell trickery in the past :P

    Dave is hard to get a read from, but he did cancel his vote for Karolina, which again would have been easy to keep and claim he didn’t see it (like Sana did).

  38. Sorry guys, Cayce is right. The game ended when Sana was eliminated, but it happened at a really bad time for me to be able to do much about it. I’ve basically been busy/otherwise engaged since Friday, and without a computer or reliable internet.

    Now that I am awake (and nobody has discovered that yet, hehe), I have a few minutes to reveal that Asti was Aech, Team Gunters, Townie… and yes, Sana was Sorrento, Team Sixers, Goon. I’ll have an official Game Over post on Saturday to reveal how everything went down.

    (And now someone had discovered I’m awake, blargh! I’ll leave the comments open for now.)

  39. @Nikki, don’t you worry about us all being active at the wrong hours. We are all scattered all around the world. Inge is in Belgium, Crini in Germany, I am in Germany too for the holidays otherwise Greece, Asti is in the UK… I’m afraid to admit I have no idea where everyone else is commenting from. ;) Just post and we will see it at some point.

    Quite a few things happened in the hours I was away from the PC. Two things have stuck out to me:

    1. Chantelle says she is I-Rok.
    Now, I am inclined to believe her, as if she wasn’t and it was Sana who was appointed that role we would know by the end of the day, putting Chantelle far far up on everybody’s elimination list for the next day.

    2. The discrepancies in Sana’s comment:

    – “I stupidly missed out that Karolina revealed her character name” and “Lying is the biggest part of the Bookish Games and I’ve always been wary of character reveals whenever I’ve played the games because it’s the easiest way to make players think they’re innocent when they’re not.”
    Why would make the second statement if she didn’t even notice that I revealed who I am?

    – “Anyway. Now that I know Karolina revealed herself, I find it odd since she and vvb had three votes each and it was more than likely there would be a tie until Dave decided to cancel his vote. Basically, I don’t get why she needed to reveal it in the first place because it definitely put a target on her back.”
    Obviously I revealed who I was exactly because of the tie. People were still prone to vote for me, so this was my way of proving that I am in fact, innocent, despite this putting a target on my back. And should the mafia have attacked me that night, Lauren protected me from dying. (Thanks by the way.) Though I was willing to take that risk, if it meant that I wasn’t eliminated during the day and thus there was a greater chance of us getting a mafioso, which we did, thanks to Chantelle, Lauren and Jenn.

    – “So one thing that I don’t understand is how come Crini didn’t reveal her investigation results until her second comment because one would think it’s a pretty big reason to do just that. Also, she could be an insane or a paranoid cop or I could be a Miller like Asti suggested. Who knows. Moreover, her reasoning for not cancelling her vote for Karolina isn’t suspicious but mine is?”
    This is where I feel Sana is slipping. I think that everyone understands why Crini couldn’t reveal her role before the time she did. She would become the mafia’s target number one.
    But, what struck me as oddest is her use of a hypothesis. She doesn’t outright tell us that she is in fact the Miller, but only implies that she could possibly be it, therefore making her statement neither truth nor lie. However, should she have been the Miller, this would have been her chance to claim that, therefore making her comment about a possible reveal appear more trustworthy, should no-one else claim to be the I-Rok. Of course, there’s two problems with that statement now:
    1. Chantelle has actually claimed to be I-Rok.
    2. How willing are we to believe someone who has been investigated and turned out to not be a Gunter and hasn’t outright claimed to be I-Rok?

    So, despite everything it does seem to me like Sana might have been indeed the last mafia member. But I will keep checking back to see what you guys think.

  40. Killing one mafia every day/night period in the first three days is great :) Way to go guys! Way to go Asti!

    Also, in case you’re all wondering why I didn’t name reveal, it’s because I feel that it’s cheating (pretty much) and that once everyone starts name revealing, I just get frustrated with the game overall. I feel it ruins the game for me. So I pretty much never name reveal unless I’m about to be voted off (so I have done it once in the Harry Potter games.)

  41. I’m assuming it’s okay for my ghostly spirit to appear again now that Kelley has announced the game is over?!


    I have to say, I really had a lot of fun! I get WAY obsessive when playing these games, creating my own spreadsheet and everything. Sometimes it works like magic (such as my Yuko kill), but other times it backfires (such as my Inge kill). Thanks to everyone who played and made these games a lot of fun.

    I hope this early win helps prove that the Townie team really can do amazing things when they actually talk and discuss the game. I know it’s always hard to do because it puts yourself in the spotlight, but I think it really worked well this time around. I was even proud that after Sana and I were taken out you guys still talked things through (and figured out that Sana was the last Mafia player). Go team!

    Oh, and I want to give a special thank you to Cayce and Nikki for protecting me Night One and Two, even if I wasn’t targeted. And haha, Lauren, for investigating me Night One. :P See, I was just an innocent (sword-wielding) Townie! ;)

    Anyways, good game everyone! Can’t wait to see all the behind the scenes stuff on Saturday!

  42. Oh, and yes, I definitely agree with Jenn on the name reveal thing. I don’t blame Karolina for stating her name, and really the game was over by the time everyone else revealed theirs, so no harm was done this time around. But it is definitely one of those things that can sort of suck out the fun. When planning the games we usually try to put things in to safeguard against people relying on character names, such as using random filler names for certain players (like Bananarama or Pacman) or giving a player an unexpected alliance/role for their character, but as this was an unexpected reboot none of that was put into effect.

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