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Bookish Games Ready Player Two Edition


Entertainment mastermind, and 80s culture aficionado, James Halliday created the ultimate virtual paradise: The OASIS. When he died, he left his legacy (and more importantly, his fortune) behind to whomever could decipher his riddles and find the keys to his treasure. Players across the globe have joined in on this virtual Easter egg hunt, but things start turning ugly when members of a powerhouse organization start gunning for the treasure as a team. Who will win — the good guys, who want to use the treasure to improve the world, or the evil corporates who want to increase their wealth and power?

(Variation of the game Mafia; Theme Inspired by Ready Player One)



The Artifacts

Mouse over the title of each item to see its abilities.

  • Sword of Ba’Heer
  • The Catalyst
  • Hayata’s Beta Capsule
  • 1981 Quarter
  • Orb of Osuvox
  • Fyndoro’s Tablet of Finding
  • Chucks

THE Players – Alive

  1. Lauren @ Lose Time Reading
  2. Crini @ All About Books
  3. Chantelle
  4. Karolina @ Bookshelf Reflections
  5. Cayce @ Fighting Dreamer
  6. Dave
  7. Jenn @ The Bookish Ginger
  8. Nikki @ The Paper Sea
  9. Anne @ Lovely Literature

The Players – Eliminated

D1 Vote: Emily @ Feathers in her Head as Pacman, Team Gunters, Townie
N1 Kill: Yuko @ Living For Books as IOI-678324, Team Sixers, Goon
D2 Vote: vvb @ vvb32 reads as IOI-632187, Team Sixers, Goon
N2 Kill: Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections as Parzival, Team Gunters, Townie
D3 Explosion: Sana @ Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile as Sorrento, Team Sixers, Goon
D3 Explosion: Asti @ Oh, the Books! as Aech, Team Gunters, Townie

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