Bookish Games: The Lunar Chronicles Edition Day Eight

Bookish Games: The Lunar Chronicles

Bookish Games: The Lunar Chronicles

Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are!

If you are not signed up in the game, please refrain from commenting on these posts (otherwise they will be deleted). Instead, you can contact me via the Oh the Books! contact form or Twitter to gain access to a page where you can discuss the game with other players once they are eliminated.


Roles and alliances revealed so far...

Roles and alliances revealed so far…


  • [DAY] Christina as Human, Team Earth, Townie (no special powers)


Voting ends in:


Wow, as much as it sucks that another Townie got voted off during the Day, it looks like something is going to keep them from getting picked off one by one during the Night. Who knows how long this no deaths at Night thing will last, but if I were you Townies, I would take advantage of it while you can. Things are getting down to the nitty-gritty…

It is now Day Eight!  Everyone has until Wednesday 1pm EDT to discuss suspicions and cast their votes.  Once the deadline has been reached, whoever has the most votes will be eliminated!

Asti Kelley

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  1. Voting Update

    No Votes

    Not Voting: Anne, Briana, Chantelle, Inge, Jade, Jeann, Jenn, Joséphine, Tory

    Oh, and I forgot to mention up there, today is the day I fly to London to visit Dave for two weeks so I won’t be around the next two Days to do voting updates! Kelley will be here though. :) Good luck and have fun everyone!

  2. Have a great time, Asti! <3

    I'm going on a small trip with my mom from Monday through Thursday ^_^ there will be wifi but I probably won't be online that much, so I'll try to analyse and vote tomorrow.

    Oh, and I investigated Tory, just to make sure. She's Team Earth.

    All these Team Earth investigations make me feel really incapable hahaha. There are only a handful of people left to choose from and none of them scream Mafia to me.

  3. Man I was so sure that Christina was Team Luna! Val’s did take her down with her after all, having sided with Christina since Day 4.

    I’m surprised that we didn’t lose anyone during the night again. I mean if the Doctor was protecting our Cop again, you would think that the Mafia would have expected that?

    Thanks for investigating Tory, Inge. At least that clears it up. But then who are we left with? Anne, Chantelle, Briana and Jeann. This is going to be tough.

  4. Given the final 4 people with unconfirmed suspicions, there aren’t any obvious red flags that are standing out to us.

    Both Val and Lillian were the ‘wait it out’ types which was effective for letting the Townies turn on each other, but that leads me to believe that the 3rd Mafia must be 1) really experienced so not to raise attention and 2) perhaps actively contributing to the discussions.

    There’s also the issue of Queen Levana having a glamour, which others have mentioned will most probably reveal a “Townie” result upon being investigated by the cop. It’s because of this that I don’t think everyone investigated by the COp should be let off scot free.

    What I’ve learnt from Christina’s elimination is that looking back at Val or even Lillian’s comments have not been helpful – and have served to lead us all astray once again.

    Therefore, it’s best to rely on suspicions so far, rather than 100% focusing on the unconfirmed.

    Putting cop investigations aside, there’s two things that still puzzle me:

    1. Tory’s lack of voting 3 times
    2. The intense swing from Josephine to Lillian in Day 3. We know now that one Mafia jumped on that ship, to perhaps blend in for the future. However, Josephine’s late vote for Lillian when that ship had already sailed, still sticks out to me. It could be to save herself – but at that point, she didn’t really need to. To recap:

    Josephine (5) – Voted by Sana (Townie), Anne, Jenn, Lauren (Townie), Jeann (Townie),
    Lillian (9) – Voted by Jade (Townie), Chantelle, Briana, Christina (Townie), Tory (Townie), Inge (Townie), Val (Mafia), Josephine (Townie), Adam (Townie)

    My thoughts so far…


    Briana seems really good at remaining neutral, which is why none of us have thought to look at her further. However, I want to go back and look at her heated discussion with Crini. Briana was on my case in Day 2, until I defended and accused her of being suspicious for doing so, and she soon cancelled her vote for me. That kind of raised an uneasy feeling – this could have been to reduce the attention I was placing on her, OR it could have been a Townie being convinced by my arguments.


    Christina said it all:

    Chantelle’s not looking super suspicious to me as of right now, mainly because of two big things: a) she was the second to vote for Lillian on Day Three and b) Val was the first to vote for Chantelle on Day Three.

    But someone has mentioned before that Mafia voting for another Mafia member could be a possibility – and maybe because of Lillian’s baseless vote – the Mafia to want her to be out? And then when everyone else jumped on the bandwagon it could have been too suspicious to cancel? After all, we know now that Val voted for her too (which could have been also to blend in). These reasons aren’t the best but worth mentioning


    Well I can see why Jenn now could have accidentally voted for other Townies, I’ve done it myself.


    I haven’t paid Anne any attention. Also I am getting tired now, so feel free to jump in anyone!

  5. @Jeann, It’s really easy as a Townie to vote for another Townie. Unless you are a mason (and maybe there is another role similar?), you don’t really know who is on your team. There are still people who I’ve voted for alive, so maybe one of them is Mafia, so I haven’t just exclusively voted for Townies, or they could just all be Townies and I’m really, really bad.

  6. Yes! We got through another Night without any Townie deaths!

    @Jeann, I do think you’re right we shouldn’t necessarily ignore everyone who has come back as Townie. I think it’s pretty typical for there to be one investigative immune Mafia player. I guess we just don’t know whether that’s someone Inge has already investigated or not, so it’s best to keep all options open.

    I also haven’t paid much attention to Anne. I’ve looked back at her comments on a few Days now, and not much has stuck out to me. She was pretty focused on Tory on the last Day, so the majority of her comments are about her. We know now that Tory is most likely Townie, from Inge’s investigations. However, I don’t think this really points to Anne either being Mafia or not Mafia since, as we’ve seen, it’s pretty easy for Townies to accidentally vote for other Townies. (Plus I find Tory’s voting record strange myself, so I don’t find it odd people were voting for her.)

  7. I know I said I’d investigate both Anne and Brianna, but I honestly don’t have the energy to investigate more than one person now that we’re on Day Eight, and I also felt like I’d found enough on Briana to feel comfortable voting for her.

    The first thing that stands out to me is the fact that on Day Two, she suggested that by focussing on the group of those who voted for Sebastian, we’d have a bigger chance of finding a Mafia in the bunch. From those who voted for him, all but one have been confirmed as Townie (assuming all my investigations are correct) – Anne. I’m starting to have the feeling that Crini was right about all Townies voting for Sebastian after all. Even though this is kind of difficult to accept, his votes did stack up pretty quickly, so the Mafia wouldn’t have had to lift a finger. This would make it really easy for a Mafia member to go “I think we should look at those who voted for Sebastian”, thus sounding helpful with a perfectly sound reasoning, while casually sitting back and allowing Townies to investigate other Townies.

    The second thing is the fact that she initially didn’t want to vote for Lillian, then says she suspects her after all (although for a different reason). While her voting third for Lillian does speak for her at first sight, I feel like she thought this would make her look good – she didn’t change her opinion until two others voted for Lillian.

    If she is Mafia, though, this is a really risky move. The thing that kind of steers me towards her being Mafia is the fact that, the next Day, she said we should look at those who voted for Joséphine (supporting my theory), as well as those who voted for Lillian late. This makes me wary of her because she knows she’s in the clear with this suggested investigation.

    I actually used to trust Briana because we had similar theories, but now that I’ve had a proper look at her, it seems a lot of players noticed the same thing – Joséphine and Jeann noticed our similar voting patterns (and I think somewhere Lauren as well, but I couldn’t immediately find it). Now that Val’s taken Christina down with her after defending her, and Lillian openly defending other Townies too, I’m starting to feel like the Mafia may have a playing style here: attach yourself to a Townie so that you’ll either look good or be able to take them down. I guess it was easy to jump on board with me because I always laid out a lot of reasoning (or tried to) before voting for someone. It’s easy to go “Yup, her reasoning sounds good” and vote along. For Adam and Crini, I was the first to vote and Briana the second. The start of a bandwagon, really.

    There’s another reason why I think Briana could be Mafia, and that is the fact that no one died twice in a row. This makes me think that I got targeted twice and the Doctor protected me twice. So if someone out there is desperately trying to kill me off, they’d be scared that I investigated them during the Night and outed them the following Day, no? If I’d already investigated them, they wouldn’t have to worry about me because I’ve mentioned all the people I investigated. They could just kill off other Townies and I’d be none the wiser.

    For these reasons, I’m going to:


    Like I said, I’m going on a small holiday with mom from tomorrow on until Thursday, so I really don’t feel like I can wait for Briana to come back and explain anything. However, I will try to come online every now and then and catch up on comments, but honestly, it would take a lot to convince me otherwise.

  8. Oh that’s actually a good point. Perhaps we just have an unlucky Mafioso. Still, Briana is giving off the most vibes for me right now. There’s Anne, Jeann and Chantelle left out of the ones I haven’t investigated. If I had to think twice about the ones I did investigate then my first choice would probably be Joséphine, but there’s no way of knowing for sure unless we vote her off. I’m sticking with Briana for now.

  9. Alright, this isn’t going to be the most eloquent because I’m just doing it quickly at work but here goes:


    Anne is someone I’ve trusted all the way through, mainly because she’s been unconvinced about me being a Mafia ever since Day 2 and also because when it came to her vs Josephine, I understood her points of view more. But as one of our unconfirmed alliances, and someone who used to be very active earlier in the game but hasn’t been later in the game, I thought she was worth another look.

    Day 2

    Anne comments a bit on the Mafia powers, is not sold on voting for Jeann due to the heat of the moment contradictions. Isn’t suspicious of Tory. laments on voting for Sebastian who turned out to be a Townie. Debates with Josephine about her points against Anne. Worth noting the following:

    I am not convinced on either, though I lean more towards Daphne. It would be good to hear her defense (if she has one).

    Also, a thought. If Daphne was mafia and the tie is this close, don’t you think someone would shift a vote so she isn’t eliminated?

    This is why I’m not convinced of either…

    On not voting:

    I know, you make a good point. I’m just really saying out loud why I don’t feel comfortable making a vote today. :/

    Day 3

    Says she was bummed about Daphne being a role cop (which is easy to say in hindsight). Says Dita was probably a random mafia kill. Extended analysis for Crini and Josephine based on their random votes. Doesn’t find Chantelle suspicious. Josephine votes for Anne because:

    Given how Anne’s comment trapped players and how Chantelle now is under scrutiny precisely because she listened to Anne, I’m continually wary of Anne, especially in conjunction with her treatment of Sebastian on Day.

    Anne counter votes for Josephine:

    However, I didn’t trap players at all since votes were changed/made before you commented about me trapping players. It feels like you are reaching.

    Day 4

    Says she’s not sure about Jeann and Adam who are not Mafia and says Crini doesn’t make her suspicious because of her defense of Lillian. Also says Jade and Tory are likely to be Townies. Says Val switching late could be jumping on a bandwagon. Questions Josephine for mentioning Adam is unaligned. Votes for Christina because she hadn’t come back to comment. Also later says Christina seems a bit too middle ground which is why she voted.

    Day 5 – Anne was in a coma

    Day 6

    Votes for Christina again because she’s middle ground. Doesn’t find Jeann or Val suspicious and defends Jeann against Josephine. Then Votes Val after her admission.

    Day 7

    Still Suspicious of Christina. Says Christina’s analysis of her is incorrect and making up a reason to vote for her. Looks into voting patterns for Tory, Briana, Chantelle and the rest on the table. Votes Tory because she doesn’t vote three times.


    Looking at the people who Anne has believed who were Townies, she’s been right all along for who are and aren’t Townies (either through investigation or elimination). This is exactly why I haven’t been suspicious of her – because her suspicions have always matched my own at some point. BUT we know Anne is experienced and extremely clever – could this be a way to align herself with Townies without going for the obvious choices? There are a few things that stick out to me: Anne’s comments about Daphne on Day 2 minutes before the clock counted down. I picked out a comment above where she said she was suspicious of Daphne, but she didn’t end up voting for her, and even participated in comments about her innocence before the clock ticked down? This could be incredibly clever of her if she was a Mafia to make herself look innocent the following day (as she would have known Daphne was a Townie).

    The other thing that sticks out is Anne’s focus on Christina for three days – Day 4, 6 and 7. Others eventually picked up on her thread about Christina and we ended up voting her out in Day 7. There’s 2 ways to look at this – as a Mafia member, you want the Townies to pick up on your suspicions for an innocent Townie by highlighting their most suspicious behaviour. But also the adamant focus on one Townie when there are so many Townie options on the table is a bit strange, especially when it’d be found out that they’re innocent.

    Now either Anne is incredibly conniving if she was a Mafia member or she’s a Townie. Looking at her track record I’m just not convinced. I’m also thinking that her being extremely active early in the Day could have been a way to build trust, but then dropping off later as to avoid suspicion…but it could be that she’s just busy.

    Anne, can you provide a response for why you didn’t vote for Daphne after voicing your suspicion of her and why you focused on Christina for 3 days?

  10. Now that I’ve typed the above, I’m now extremely wary about Anne always being right about people who she thinks are Townies. No one can be that lucky.

    Here’s her voting pattern as well:

    D1: Voted Sebastian (3rd)
    D2: Did not Vote – (was not comfortable in voting for Daphne)
    D3: Voted Josephine (2nd) in defense
    D4: Voted for Christina (single vote)
    D5: Did not vote (coma)
    D6: Voted Val (4th) after admission
    D7: Voted Tory (1st) due to lack of voting

    Nothing really sticks out to me, except D2 where she did not vote – she could have voted for someone else based on other supsicions but did not want to vote for Daphne. The voting table was pretty spread out at that time, but Anne already mentioned she wasn’t suspicious of Tory, Jeann, OR Adam who were all up on the table…Now that we look back at Daphne’s votes, they were:

    Daphne (5) – Voted by Maraia (Townie), Lauren (Townie), Jeann (Townie), Jade (Townie), Adam (Townie)

    This kind of makes me think the Mafia were happy to sit back and let the rest of us vote off an innocent Townie.

    Also I think it’s unlikely that Josephine and Anne are Mafia, so it might be worthwhile looking into Josephine again.

  11. Do you mean that it’s likely one of them may be mafia? Not unlikely? Just because you said it might be worth it to look into Josephine again.

    Before Josephine was cleared as a Townie by Inge, she was my top suspicion for mafia, now I’m not sure because she Inge got a Townie result for her.

    Last Day, after going through all the voting, Anne was my top possible mafia. So I’m still feeling that way for her this Day too.

  12. @Jeann, I haven’t been dropping off in comments in order to avoid suspicion. If you haven’t noticed NO ONE IS TALKING lately and there’s not much of a point to talking to myself in the comment section.

    And about Daphne, as I have explained multiple times at this point, I didn’t vote for her because she was leading the vote close to the deadline and therefore correctly concluded that she wasn’t mafia. If she had been, mafia could have easily swayed the vote. In regards to Christina, I could ask why you were suspicious of Crini so often too. I didn’t vote for her yesterday because after looking at voting patterns Tory looked the most suspicious with her lack of votes.

  13. I’m very glad we didn’t have another townie death during the night. I’m grateful we still have Inge around for these investigations, but I’m also concerned that at least one Mafia is immune because the whole Levana/glamour thing totally makes sense… I wish we knew how many were left!

    Like Jeann mentions, I have been super accepting of Anne because I often agree with her. She has a good point that Anne often seems to be right about her suspicions, and I think this could be a good mafia strategy to not get on anyone’s bad side. It’s a strategy that would go unnoticed until the near the end. If Anne is Mafia, I think she is a good one – and I think she’s pulled of being a good Mafia player before as well, no?

    I’m also a little weary of Josephine just because I feel like her analyses are so well thought out. I was happy to hear she had been cleared by Inge previously, but now looking at who is left, she is still on my radar as a possible Levana.

    Inge’s analysis of Brianna is definitely interesting. I like the idea that the Mafia may be someone she hasn’t investigated yet… But I feel like Brianna voting for Lillian 3rd is too risky for a Mafia player, despite Inge’s reasoning. I dunno, I”ll have to think about it some more.

    I Feel pretty good about Jeann, Chantelle, Tory and Inge being townies at the moment, which only leaves Brianna, Josephine, Anne, and Jenn (at least for me). I want to do some more investigation, probably tomorrow, before casting a vote.

  14. @Anne – Alright, thank for clarifying Anne. Sorry to make you go over what’s been covered before! I just wanted to make sure all bases were covered and that I properly understood your thought patterns.

    And yes, I can totally relate and understand that if you’re suspicious of someone, those suspicions may be the strongest you have to go on, day after day. After all, if you end up voting them out (and others follow), and if it’s revealed that they’re a Townie, it will only serve to make you look more suspicious – like it did for my focus on Crini. Seeing as that’s something I’ve done innocently, I can totally understand.

  15. I’m honestly surprised to see that Inge was not voted off last night since the doctor usually can’t protect the same person two nights in a row. I feel like the following are the possibilities for the no-kill last night:

    1. The mafia targeted Inge and someone had a one-shot ability and successfully protected her
    2. The mafia targeted Inge and someone had a one-shot role blocking ability and successfully blocked a mafia player
    3. The mafia didn’t know about the rules about the doctor ability and thought Inge was protected so they targeted someone else who was coincidentally protected by the doctor
    4. The mafia knew about the doctor role rules but didn’t target Inge because they have already been cleared as “not mafia” by her results

    I feel like option two is probably the least likely because that would indicate someone successfully blocked a mafia member and they would have to know who that person was to do the action. I honestly hope that someone has a few one-shot abilities laying around though, to keep up the no-kill night streak.

    As I mentioned earlier to Jeann, the comments have gone way down the last few days. It is super harmful for us because we have less chance to suss out mafia when they aren’t pressured to really do anything during the Day. It is likely that we have two mafia members left, and as Jade stated, the people who haven’t been under investigation by Inge are myself, Chantelle, Jeann and Brianna. It is probable that one of us is mafia. At the same time tough, I think it is also highly likely that someone Inge investigated is Investigative Immune as well.

    I feel like we are a bit stuck at this point, especially if Tory is really town-aligned. Most of the focus yesterday was on those two. I find that I am focusing the most on people who have strange moves (to me) and I have been unsuccessful in eliminating a mafia player. I had no idea about Lillian and Val because I was focused elsewhere. So, with that in mind, I am leaning towards voting for someone who hasn’t gained my attention and so far is on the “unconfirmed” list. I can understand why someone might vote for me today because of this as well.

  16. @Inge, I’ll try to address some of your concerns.

    It was never that I specifically did not want to vote for Lillian. I stated I was not sold on voting for either Chantelle or for Lillian based purely on the fact that they did not vote the first two Days. I voted for Lillian once she did something that seemed much more suspicious to me–vote for Tory with very little reason, at a point when most people were convinced Tory was a Townie. I was also third to vote for Lillian, which was rather early.

    As for my suggesting we look at people who have played using strategies different from mine, I think that’s reasonable. I have no reason to find my own behavior suspicious. I play the way I do because it makes sense to me, so naturally I am more distrustful of players employing strategies much different from my own. I think we’ve all been at a point where we were suspicious of another player because we didn’t agree with or understand her strategy.

    I think it’s also someone disingenuous for you to imply I was “voting with you.” I had raised my own suspicions of Adam and Crini for a couple Days before deciding to vote for them. I also voiced my own arguments for voting for them on the Days they were lynched. At no point did I say I was voting for either of them because you were voting for them, or simply because I agreed with your arguments and had none of my own.

    I don’t really have a counterargument for why voting second shouldn’t be counted as starting a bandwagon. Are you suggesting we need to all vote for entirely different people if we’re Townies?

    I’m also not entirely sure what you mean by this paragraph.

    There’s another reason why I think Briana could be Mafia, and that is the fact that no one died twice in a row. This makes me think that I got targeted twice and the Doctor protected me twice. So if someone out there is desperately trying to kill me off, they’d be scared that I investigated them during the Night and outed them the following Day, no? If I’d already investigated them, they wouldn’t have to worry about me because I’ve mentioned all the people I investigated. They could just kill off other Townies and I’d be none the wiser.

    If you explain this more, I’ll try to address it. I agree there’s at least one uninvestigated Mafia player left, and of course that person would not want you to investigate her, if that’s what you’re saying here. I’m not quite sure how this is particularly related to your vote for me. The uninvestigated Mafia player could be me, Anne, Chantelle, or Jeann, right?

  17. OHAY, it’s nice to be cleared of almost all suspicions. Thanks Inge! And thanks to whoever/whatever kept Inge alive!!! :D

    I still stand by my suspicions for Briana from the previous Day, it was reaching but she could just be a really good mafia player. But it’s taken a slight backburner for now because of all the newly raised suspicions towards already-investigated-and-cleared Josephine. I understand the idea of Levana being immune to investigation but I really, really, really don’t buy it. That brings me to suspect unconfirmed players who wants to keep this channel of “suspects” open because it would also mean lowering the chances of mafia players being targeted!

    That said, among those unconfirmed players, Chantelle is the only one I leeeeast suspect right now.

  18. Briana, I’m glad I caught your message before I headed out on my trip. I realise I can get a bit aggressive during my investigations, because I find this and find that and oh sure that looks good BUT WHAT IF. So I apologise if you felt like I was attacking you in any way.

    What speaks in your favour is the fact that you voted so early for Val, as well as the fact that you provide us with solid theories (such as looking at those who voted for Sebastian), and that you give sound reasoning with your analyses but do wait to hear from the suspect before casting a vote.

    However, now that Jeann pointed out that those who voted for Daphne were also all Townies, it just keeps niggling at me. The Mafia didn’t have to lift a finger during Days One and Two, basically. While it’s perfectly valid to suggest looking at those who voted for Seb, it.. it feels like it would be really easy to direct attention that way if you were Mafia, because you’d know they were all Townies.

    As for the investigation thing, yes — the fact that no one died twice in a row makes me think someone’s trying to get me out because they haven’t been investigated yet. I agree that this also works for Jeann, Anne, and Chantelle. But I’ve trusted Jeann for a really long time and I’m not suspicious of Chantelle anymore, so I used the theory on you.

    I’ve also noticed that your defences are really good. Kudos to you, of course, but you got quite a few votes on Days Five and Six, and you convinced almost all of them to cancel their votes. You build a really good case for you and your defence now made me doubt myself as well. Which is something I need to be careful about.

    So while I appreciate your explanations and I’m glad I saw them, I’m keeping my vote for now.

    I investigated Joséphine very early on — I think during the second Night — because she really impressed me during the last Games and I needed to be sure she was on our side, since she could be a really dangerous Mafia player. Which is why I’ve been defending her a little here and there over the Days (something a few people noticed). I’d be lying if some of the things she was suspected for didn’t ring a few bells in my own head, though. If there is an investigative-immune Mafia out there, my first guess would be Joséphine.

  19. By process of elimination, Josephine is the one that tops my list of suspects. I focused on her heavily during the early days but it’s dangerous to do that so I backed off – also because of her intense focus on questioning me until Val was eliminated. Also she contributes thorough analyses which scares me if she could be a Mafia.

    Some things that have stuck out to me about Josephine:

    1. Her vote for Adam after Inge and Briana had voted for him. To recap, here’s what I said:

    One thing about Josephine’s vote today strikes me as odd. She votes for Adam, after saying Adam is unlikely to be mafia and justifies it by saying he may be a third party. But we don’t know for sure.

    This is Josephine’s defense:

    Your fixation on the Mafia instead of threats against Team Earth makes me wary of you too. Maybe I got it wrong and Adam isn’t an unaligned player but you are, so you’re trying to downplay the significance of an unaligned player to protect yourself.

    Yes, you could argue I should be looking for Mafia who as I already said are confirmed opposition to Team Earth. But either way, Adam comes off as suspicious to me, hence my vote.

    2. Her vote for Lillian.

    This is what the votes looked like when Josephine voted for Lillian:

    Josephine (5) – Voted by Sana, Anne, Jenn, Lauren, Jeann
    Lillian (7) – Voted by Jade, Chantelle, Jade, Christina, Tory, Inge, Val
    Maraia (1) – Voted by Crini
    Anne (1) – Voted by Josephine
    Tory (1) – Voted by Lillian

    So Lillian looked to be a surefire vote out. But Josephine jumped on the bandwagon anyway…this to me looks like something a Mafia might take advantage of to make them look like they voted a Mafia off.

    Also no one seems to have been able to explain WHY there was a mass exodus of votes for Lillian. Perhaps the theory on “voting for Lillian to save Josephine as a more important Mafia” could be correct.

    Also Val defended Josephine’s late vote:

    This may just be my own opinion, but I don’t think it’s odd that Josephine piled on to the votes , since she IS trying to save herself. That’s something I would do if I were in her position. Plus we did spend a lot of time on Day 3 discussing how if the vote should come down close, we should vote between the relevant players.

    3. Voicing her opinions on Daphne, 5 minutes before she was voted out.

    She said:

    Personally, I’m not convinced that Daphne is Mafia. Cancelling and changing votes during the first two to three Days is very common among Townies because we don’t have all that much to work with yet, so every new comment can sway us more easily. So for her to switch from Tory to Adam on Day 1 wasn’t any concern to me. Several of us switched votes. It happens.

    In any case, Daphne is leading the votes and with ten minutes left I’m not sure if anyone will still cancel their vote or if there’ll be a mess exodus of votes.

    My thoughts around this from Day 3, which caused me to vote for her:

    And coming back with a few minutes left to spare and saying Daphne is not a Townie seemed a bit suspect as well, to draw attention away from her so to speak. If she was concerned about people voting Daphne off, why wouldn’t she have said this earlier? By the time she chimed in, it was too late.

    4. Like Jade said before, Josephine has consistently brought up suspicions of players that I’m not suspicious of.

    I’m also now wary of Josephine because of her voting pattern, mostly because she mostly votes for people I personally am not suspicious of (except when she voted for Lillian). However, I’m hesitant to vote for her because she always contributes and seemingly does great analyses of other players, which would be a great asset to Team Earth if it is genuine. But if she’s Mafia, she could be just confusing us. I went back and tried to glean something from her votes. My thoughts are in brackets

    Day 1 – First to vote for Chantelle, Cancels vote. Fourth to vote for Jade. [obviously not on my own radar]
    Day 2 – Third to vote for Tory. First to vote Anne. [not on my radar]
    Day 3 – First to vote Anne. Eighth to vote for Lillian [possible band wagon vote]
    Day 4 – Third vote for Adam [not on my radar]
    Day 5 –First to vote Jeann [not on my radar]

    Obviously just because we are suspicious of different people doesn’t mean Josephine is Mafia, and that’s why I’m not voting for her right now. It just makes me suspicious of her, and I’m sorry if it’s not a great reason!

    …(adds in some of Josephine’s comments)

    And then goes on to vote for Jeann on day 5, who was also on her “probably Townie” list just the day before. I know I’m probably skipping over some stuff that happened in the middle, but it seems odd that out of the 4 people she said were “probably Townies” at some point on Day 4, she ends up voting for 2 of them still suspects the other 2.


    Looking at the remaining list of people, there is no one else I feel this strongly about or even have half a strong of a suspicion as I have with Josephine. I would like to hear her response before I vote, but just by process of elimination, she is the only one that stands out to me.

    Just my thoughts on other players:

    Jade – Casted the first vote for Lillian, so I doubt she’s a Mafia.

    Jeann – Immediately raised suspicion of Val during Day 6, so I would like to think that a Mafia wouldn’t do this straight away. Of course I’m biased :P

    Chantelle – The 2nd to vote for Lillian. I offered an explanation before for possible Mafia behaviour but it’s incredibly risky and honestly, I don’t buy my own explanation.

    Jenn – I’m not feeling it with Jenn. She’s casted a lot of votes for Townies, and explained that it’s because she doesn’t know who to trust. This makes sense to me.

    Briana – Briana was the 3rd to vote for Lillian, after offering some analysis of her behaviour. I agree with Inge that this could be a risky Mafia move, because three could start a bandwagon. So probably unlikely to think that she’s a Mafia.

    Anne – Other than always being right about who Townies are, which could be because she’s really experienced or has a good Mafia eye, I’m not feeling it with Anne.

    Inge – Inge has come out and said she’s the Cop and she was right about Val. So yeah, I think Inge is a Townie.

    Tory – I don’t know what to think about Tory. But Lillian voted for Tory previously and was heavily focused on her, so I don’t think it’s likely she’s a Mafia? But I don’t know.

  20. Sorry I haven’t been around. Saturday…I can’t actually remember Saturday; I think I got distracted with other things and yesterday I was at work, but came home early because I was feeling unwell.

    It’s sad to see a Townie go. I was clearly wrong about Christina, but I think towards the end I started to have slight doubts about her, which is probably why I went with my gut and voted Briana. I’m honestly not sure what to think. Jeann said something about it would seem like Mafia would vote for someone other than Inge because the Doctor would save her, but then Jenn said that she doesn’t think that the Doctor can save the same person two nights in a row, which then made me think that maybe they did try to eliminate Inge (or someone else) and were maybe possibly blocked somehow. But I’m not sure if something else is going on…

    @Kelley can a Doctor (or any other role) only save/block someone once? Not twice in a row?

    I also do think it’s possible that someone whom Inge has investigated is possibly Mafia and is immune.

  21. Jeann and others expressed wariness for my late vote for Lillian on Day 3:

    I’d like to point out that I did vote early that Day, just not for Lillian. I had voted for Anne. I had been so fixated on her, I didn’t really consider other players until the evidence against Lillian stacked up. But while I personally focussed on Anne, I didn’t ignore other suspicions because surely there’d be a few Mafia members — at least two, perhaps up to four or five even. Given how many Townie deaths so far have proven to be of Humans, I’m tending more to three or four. The more Mafiosi there are, the more Townies with powers there tend to be to counterbalance. That doesn’t seem to be the case this time round.

    With the mounting suspicions towards Lillian, I weighed all the arguments and also came to the conclusion that Lillian might be Mafia. I wasn’t sold on Anne’s innocence but between voting for a highly likely Mafia candidate and possibly facing elimination, it made sense to me to vote for Lillian. I initially hesitated to vote for Lillian because I didn’t want to vote for someone merely to save myself. In the end I evaluated Lillian for myself because I didn’t want to be blindly swayed. I didn’t really consider how many more votes she had then me because the vote count doesn’t really matter to me.

    If I find someone suspicious who has none or very few votes while someone else is leading the votes, I’m still going to vote for the player I find them suspicious. If the player I find most suspicious is leading the votes, all the more will I vote for that person to ensure their elimination. At the same time, I consider the possibility of other Mafia members. As in the case of Lillian. Anne was initially most suspicious to me on Day 3. Lillian was the second-most suspicious. Assuming at least two to three Mafiosi were in the game, then it still made sense to me to consider voting for the second and third players on my suspect list.

    Inge, you raised some interesting points about Briana, especially since indeed none of the players who voted for Sebastian have so far turned out to be Mafia. When she suggested focussing on the late votes for Lillian, I’m guessing she hoped Adam and I would come under scrutiny but not so much Val. Adam was the last to vote for Lillian at which point Lillian’s elimination was beyond sealed but he turned out to be Townie. Val however turned out to be Mafia, which I find curious as well since she could’ve voted for me to create a tie and hopefully save Lillian. As I considered this, I couldn’t really think of an explanation, so I went back to Day 3 and noticed Sana’s preceding comment to Val’s vote:

    Chantelle (2) – Voted by Val
    Josephine (5) – Voted by Sana, Anne, Jenn, Lauren, Jeann
    Lillian (6) – Voted by Jade, Chantelle, Briana, Christina, Tory, Inge
    Maraia (1) – Voted by Crini
    Anne (1) – Voted by Joséphine
    Tory (1) – Voted by Lillian
    Not voting: Adam, Maraia

    We still have over 8 hours left which means the votes could go either way. With Adam insisting to vote for players who haven’t been voting, he could potentially be voting for Lillian. Maraia seems more likely to vote for Lillian, as well.”

    —Sana, Day 3

    My guess is that Val saw Sana’s analysis of the current situation and figured that there was no saving Lillian anymore, especially if I decided to vote for Lillian to save myself. So instead of trying to counter Adam’s, Maraia and my possible votes for Lillian, Val must’ve decided to roll with it and hoped to look good in the process of eliminating Mafia.

    Jade, you said

    “I’m also a little weary of Josephine just because I feel like her analyses are so well thought out.”

    — Jade, Day 8

    I’m not sure how to make you feel better about me for being analytical. Being analytical is neither an indication of being Townie nor of being Mafia. Though as a Townie, I prefer to go the analytical route than to follow my gut. It’s a natural inclination on my part not to trust my gut so much if I don’t have proof for something. That’s why I put in so much effort for analysis.

    Jeann, going back to your point about me raising suspicions towards players you didn’t find suspicious — as I just mentioned to Jane, I follow my analytical route above all else. If I went with my gut, I’d think Chantelle or Briana are Mafia. But with their exceedingly early votes for Lillian, those gut-feelings are difficult to justify. On the other hand, my gut-feeling tells me Tory and Jenn are Townies. In the case of Tory, that leaves me very conflicted because I find it illogical for someone to not vote thrice. Why would a Townie give up so often on their only chances to get rid of Mafia? That makes zero sense to me! As for Jenn, well, she’s been contributing but I find that she doesn’t scream Mafia or Townie, for that matter. She simply seems to exist but with no red flags, I’ve little reason to believe she’s Mafia.

    Out of the final votes from Days 1–7, I would count three Days as those on which our opinions concretely diverged. Val’s elimination should be discounted since most everyone who voted for Val did so because Inge revealed her Night investigation of Val. Plus, you didn’t cast a vote on Day 1. Two other Days I’m not counting because once you voted for me and I voted for you on another Day. Obviously we wouldn’t agree on the votes for ourselves, so we’ll always disagree with someone who votes for ourselves.

    Now, out of those three Days, we’re left with Days 2, 4 and 7. The players you voted for on those Days were Daphne, Sana and Christina. All three have died and turned out to be Townies. I voted for Anne, Adam and Tory on those Days. Adam did turn out to be Townie but that still leaves Anne and Tory open for discussion. It could be that the two of them are also Townies, in which case you and I were simply wrong about different players. It could also be that either Anne or Tory or both of them are Mafia, in which case my differing suspicions from yours would’ve been spot-on. As Jade already said and you quoted:

    “Obviously just because we are suspicious of different people doesn’t mean Josephine is Mafia, and that’s why I’m not voting for her right now.”

    —Jade, Day 6

    Now that I’m done with my responses, I’m going to


    Despite Inge’s investigation of her, my suspicions of Tory from Day 7 have not subsided. Her defence hasn’t convinced me that she’s Townie. And considering the possibility of an investigative-immune player, I’m even more inclined to believe that Tory might not be Townie. Perhaps she felt safe in her immunity and didn’t think she needed to display convincing Townie qualities in order to stay alive, so she chose to confuse us instead. She’s definitely been confusing a lot of us throughout the game, which has been fairly distracting.

  22. I have to agree with the general consensus building so far that if someone already investigated is actually mafia, then I lean towards it being Josephine.

    With those that are left un-investigated: myself, Jeann, Chantelle and Brianna, my best guess would be Briana. Inge brought up some interesting points about her.

    I’m not sure where my vote will be at this point, but I know that I will be making one soon so that we can continue to discuss.

  23. I just had a thought, maybe there is only one mafia left and they are in fact investigative immune. Maybe that’s why Inge is still alive. Why does it matter if there’s a cop if they can’t tell that they are mafia anyways.

    I think there is at least a good possibility, which means that it’s also possible that they have already been investigated and “cleared” as a townie.

  24. @Jenn — I thought of that too (see my little analysis of the non-vote) and think it is a good possibility.

    Also, I thought intially when Asti gave the pep talk to the mafia after Lillian was killed that it was because the mafia was made up of mostly new players, but now with the non-kill last night I’m thinking it could be because there is a very small mafia…

  25. The lack of Night kills is definitely strange. It’s possible that the Mafia isn’t all too concerned about eliminating Inge of the remaining Mafia is basically investigative-immune. However, this concern of an investigative immune player in our midst shouldn’t only apply to those who have already been investigated. This train of thought logically includes players who haven’t been investigated yet either.

    Anne & Jenn, your concerns that perhaps an investigative immune player has already been investigated could very well be true but ignores that someone among those who haven’t been investigated could also be immune.

    As for possibilities surrounding two consecutive Nights of no kills — I’m inclined to believe that the Mafia unsuccessfully targeted Inge twice in a row and that she was saved once by our doctor and another time by our roleblocker. That’s assuming we have both, which I think is highly likely.

    Another more far fetched but still plausible explanation could be that the Mafia hasn’t tried to kill anyone on at least one of those Nights in the hopes that the roleblocker would become suspicious of the player that they roleblocked that Night. This train of thought would make sense based on the assumption of the remaining Mafia member(s) being investigative immune.

  26. @Josephine, I guess I didn’t realize we had a roleblocker left (I was thinking it was down to a one-shot at this point).

    If we do indeed have a roleblocker and they successfully blocked someone, that means they would know who a mafia member is. That would be pretty useful information for us to have at this point… Though kind of impossible to nail down exactly what happened since there is always multiple scenarios for how it really played out.

    Also, I think it is very far fetched that the mafia didn’t try to kill someone at night. Why would they waste a night kill that way? I’m not following the benefit of that idea? Are you suggesting that they would do that if the mafia was investigative immune because they could pass the blame elsewhere because the roleblocker wouldn’t have likely blocked someone who was already cleared as “not mafia” by Inge?

  27. Voting Update

    Briana (1) – Voted by Inge
    Tory (1) – Voted by Joséphine

    Not Voting: Anne, Briana, Chantelle, Jade, Jeann, Jenn, Tory

    @Chantelle: To answer your question, a Doctor cannot protect the same person two nights in a row. They can protect the same person multiple times, just not consecutively.

  28. @Anne, I think, if there’s a roleblocker, they could have a theory about who is Mafia based on whom they tried to block the past two Nights, but they wouldn’t know for sure. Things could get complicated if something else happened. So, if the first Night the Doctor protected Inge and the roleblocker blocked (to choose a completely random name) Jade, Inge would be alive because the Doctor protected her. But the roleblocker wouldn’t necessarily know that and may now think she successfully roleblocked Jade and Jade is Mafia.

  29. @Josephine – Thanks for your patient explanation with everything. The reason why we are so different in our opinions on who’s innocent or a Townie is why I chose to step back from you to begin with. But something that you just said doesn’t make sense to me:

    Jeann, going back to your point about me raising suspicions towards players you didn’t find suspicious — as I just mentioned to Jane, I follow my analytical route above all else. If I went with my gut, I’d think Chantelle or Briana are Mafia. But with their exceedingly early votes for Lillian, those gut-feelings are difficult to justify. On the other hand, my gut-feeling tells me Tory and Jenn are Townies. In the case of Tory, that leaves me very conflicted because I find it illogical for someone to not vote thrice. Why would a Townie give up so often on their only chances to get rid of Mafia?

    But you voted for Tory anyway. I don’t really understand this – why not pursue your suspicions for Chantelle or Briana if you felt they could be suspicious? This kind of makes me really uncomfortable…for instances if you were a Mafia, you would wait for someone to slip up, so that you could pin the suspicion on them. Such is how you were focused on me earlier for a few days, because of all my slip ups.

    I’m also voting you because for lack of a better feeling towards the other candidates, it’s pretty much all I have to go on at the moment.


  30. @Josephine, I wasn’t saying that we shouldn’t look at people who haven’t been investigated, I was just saying that we shouldn’t ignore those who have been investigated. I said it was possible that they had already been investigated, not that they definitely had been. I think we should still be looking at everyone.

    It kind of makes me even more suspicious of you than I already was to be honest. Like you are trying to keep us looking at those who still haven’t been investigated only so that we aren’t looking at you very hard.

  31. I have to agree with Jenn — I feel like Josephine is trying to push us into looking at the four who have not been investigated yet.

    While of course we should think of all options, none of the other three (I obv can’t speak for how anyone feels about me) really stick out. I said earlier if I had to pick it would be Briana, but she voted for Lillian third, which is kind of a crappy mafia move [or a brilliant long game].

    Josephine has always stuck out to me as someone who tries to push the outcomes a bit. I keep thinking about Adam and how oddly adamant (harhar) Josephine was about the possibility of him being a third party, with no real evidence to back it up. And then her late vote for Lillian was a red flag, because she voted eight for Lillian after doing some quick, last-minute investigation. While Josephine was very clear about the role townies should play and how some people didn’t feel invested in the town to her, she focused on me for the majority of two days instead of looking at others around her. I’m not claiming that I am excellent at being impartial and looking at every option, but Lillian and Val seemed to slip through her pretty analytical investigations.

    Josephine did an investigation of Val just before Inge revealed the information about Val actually being mafia and said the following:

    Val too expressed suspicions early and with her first vote on Day 3, my impression of her is that she wanted to advance the game, especially considering her plea for Adam to be more active. Though the way she weighed Lillian against makes me a little uneasy. As I said, I’ll return to see if the latter Days compound or assuage this nagging feeling I have towards her.

    I could see this as excellent cover if Val and Josephine were both mafia – she does investigate her, but determines that there isn’t enough to hold her to for that day. She used even flimsier evidence (in my opinion) to vote for me two days in a row (at least initially as she voted for Lillian ultimately one day) and for Adam too. So even though she had a nagging feeling she wanted to wait on it in this circumstance?


    I said I wanted to vote by today so that there is time for discussion, I have had a nagging feeling about Josephine for too long, and since I apparently suck at collecting evidence, I’m just going to have to see where this takes me. And I totally get what Jade was saying about Josephine’s style of analytical comments worrying her. If you are particularly good at making arguments, you can make anything sound believable. I feel like I might have been decent at this during the last game when I was mafia, which is why Josephine was suspicious of me initially. Perhaps her target against me was because I might be able to write something that sways others to vote for her. [err, like I accidentally did with Sebastian. FOREVER SORRY SEBASTIAN!]

  32. Voting Update

    Briana (1) – Voted by Inge
    Tory (1) – Voted by Joséphine
    Joséphine (2) – Voted by Jeann, Anne

    Not Voting: Briana, Chantelle, Jade, Jenn, Tory

    Haven’t Met Comment Minimum: Chantelle (1), Tory (1), Jade (1)

  33. Jenn & Anne, if anything, I was trying to point out that it’s best not to ignore anyone. I actually thought that you guys were trying to narrow the pool to those who had been investigated while staying out of it yourselves since you two have not been investigated. But maybe I interpreted that wrongly. My point wasn’t to look towards those who haven’t been investigated to the exclusion of those who have. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have cast my vote for Tory. Tory has increasingly stood out to me and often failed to address the points at hand. She claims she hasn’t been trying to be evasive when answering our questions but I don’t buy that.

    Anne, I’m not sure how I’ve been trying to push outcomes. A lot of the times I’ve been in the voting minority. When I cast my votes I lay out my reasons to give players ample time to defend themselves. This can’t be said of players who vote late and focus only on the players who already are up for discussion. To me someone who pushes outcomes is someone who does precisely that — vote as late as possible without raising suspicions.

    As for people “slipping through my analytical discussions”, Val and Lillian weren’t the only ones. Chantelle, Briana and Jenn haven’t been subject to as much scrutiny from me either. The reason for that is two-fold. (1) I don’t have the time to critically analyse every single player all the time, so (2) I consider those who seem more likely to be Mafia. Sometimes I came to the conclusion that someone was and other times I came to the conclusion that they weren’t. Of course, conclusions might shift as more information surfaces.

    Jeann, as I said, nothing has precisely stood out to me to make me think that either Briana or Chantelle are Mafia. I’m not waiting for slip-ups, as you put it. I’m looking out for behaviour that comes across as Mafia to me, which surely every other Townie is doing too. That’s why my vote for Tory. Seeing how I was suspicious of her on Day 7 and her defence hasn’t convinced me, I think that’s a fairly good reason to stick to my vote. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t switch my vote to Briana or Chantelle if I notice something concretely fishy about them. As I said, and you even quoted, they voted so early for Briana, I can’t fathom why they didn’t vote for me instead. Unless either one of them was throwing us a curveball, sacrificing Lillian early in the hopes of surviving until the end.

    I’m not going to vote for someone just based on feelings. If I did that, I would hardly cast votes. I don’t think feelings are a good indicator if someone is Mafia, as you might remember from all the votes against Sebastian and suspicions some players had of Maraia. Some were afraid that because Sebastian was such a great player the last time round, he’d be able to do that again. Well, we lost Cinder, one of our potentially most pivotal players. And while Maraia wasn’t voted off but killed at Night, some were suspicious of her because they felt uneasy for her extensive contributions that could be clouding us. Instead, she would’ve been an invaluable asset to us with her active contributions and analyses.

    That’s the other thing I’m wary of — players assuming I must be “dangerous” if I’m Mafia. That in itself has little basis. Mafia is Mafia. I don’t see a scale of danger pegged to that, unless a Mafioso can kill extra players at Night. Or in the case of Day play, someone who has been completely written off as Townie when in fact they’re Mafia. In my case, as I understand it, players think I’d be dangerous because I’m analytical and lay out arguments well. The converse to that is I’m a good asset to Team Earth. Rather than appreciating that view, everyone’s been so wary of me for doing my best to contribute that nobody’s heeding my arguments much. Though I think that’s a good thing because yes, I make mistakes in my reasoning too, so it’s better if everyone makes up their own minds rather than simply accept my conclusions. There’s much more weight to votes for someone who might be Townie if the votes are borne from independent conclusions rather than all from the same (excepting Val, since Inge’s investigation was all the proof we needed).

  34. *There’s much more weight to votes for someone who might be MAFIA if the votes are borne from independent conclusions rather than all from the same

    (Sorry if my muddled mind confused anyone with the mixed up names and terms. Was typing on my phone, so it was difficult to proofread while typing.)

  35. And I’m back to correct more errors. Anne’s the one who hasn’t been investigated and of whom I was wary for possibly trying to steer attention to this who have been investigated because she hasn’t been. Jenn has been investigated, so for her to suggest someone might be investigative immune would be a bold move if she was investigative immune herself. I just got mixed up in my response because both Jenn & Anne agree in their accusations of me, so when I addressed those, my mind somehow merged them into one.

    Conclusion, don’t comment before eating breakfast, guys, it leads to memory lapses.

  36. @Josephine – I appreciate your defense about voting for Tory, but as you did with Adam, I feel like again the focus has been on her playing style and lack of defense, rather than any concrete evidence. Your vote for Tory, in consideration of someone being investigative-immune could be a way to draw attention away from yourself as someone who was also investigated and cleared.

    I can totally understand why you would rely on factual evidence rather than gut feel however I can still see Anne’s point in that you missed two Mafia which others had picked up on.

    I appreciate the time you’ve taken to thoroughly address everyone’s suspicions of you – but my suspicions of you haven’t really abated.

    Something confuses me – Asti said yesterday:

    I really hope there’s only one Mafia left, because at this rate it would be really easy for them to ensure another Townie is eliminated as practically no one is voting…

    Wouldn’t she know if there was a Mafia left? Maybe I’m looking into things too much but this strikes me as odd. Perhaps there IS only one Mafia left?

    Re. Tory’s not voting 3 times and her strange comments, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tory’s goal is to survive until the end. She seems to operate as a lone ranger. Looking at the Serial Killer role, there’s also investigation immunity applied to it as well as one-shot abilities to prevent night kills from the Mafia. Just another possibility as to why someone might not have died during the night.

  37. Are we 100% confirmed that “glamour” is indeed Levana’s power? I’m like going whoa at how the votes have swung in Josephine’s direction. o_O

    If we go with that conclusion for Levana’s power… Josephine does stand out as a candidate for suspicion. But if we go along the line that it’s a discussion for distraction, Jeann would be my option because she seems great at these discussions (think: “Vengeful from previous Days).

    On second thought though, Josephine suspecting me for being a confusing player is like Jade suspecting Josephine for being super analytical. Does not make perfect sense but it is how it is.

    Not sure who to vote right now with everything muddled up again, I might just stick to my vote from the previous Day. :S

  38. Tory we don’t know for sure that glamour is Levana’s power. I was only theorising that there are also players that are investigative immune so sometimes the Cop’s investigations can’t be relied upon. Therefore I wanted to consider ALL the players based on suspicions, regardless of if they’ve been confirmed as Townie by Inge, because it’s too dangerous not to.

  39. Jeann, failure to defend can very well be evidence. Perhaps not on its own but in combination with other factors, yes. If someone is guilty, they’re less likely going to have good reasons than someone who is innocent.

    And on what basis do you say, I “missed two Mafia which others had picked up on” is a further reason to be suspicious of me? You completely missed out on voting for Lillian, so that’s one strike. You voted for Val, then changed your vote before switching back after Inge outed herself as our Cop and said Val was Mafia. That’s half out of two points for you at the very most. If missing two Mafia is a cause of concern, should I be worried about you after all?

    In fact, I see you noting Asti’s comment an outright distraction. She’s not a player in our game. As a game master she’s not inclined to support anyone, be they Townie, Mafia or unaligned. She just wants to keep the game going, especially when we’re experiencing lulls. Of course she knows how many players are left on each Team but she’s not going to tell us until the game is over.

    Tory, I’m mainly suspecting you for your lack of votes. Your confusing style compounds my wariness but isn’t the primary reason you stand out to me. You defended yourself on Day 7 for your three non-voting Days but as I previously explained, I don’t see how Townies benefit from abstaining from voting. Votes lead to lynches which under the best circumstances lead to Mafia eliminations. If a Townie is eliminated, at least we have new information to work with. By remaining passive a player doesn’t contribute to Town merely watches players die without lifting a finger themselves. Ideal position to be in as Mafia — nobody can peg deaths to you, so suspicions based on lynches of confirmed Townies don’t lead back to you.

    On the other hand, I agree with you that Jeann adds a lot of distracting comments that aren’t helpful to figuring out who is Mafia. Though my thoughts from Day 6 about her have stuck with me,

    “What’s glaringly obvious now is that Val voted for Jeann as well. Possibly in the hopes of saving herself before Inge revealed the findings of her investigations. She could’ve voted for Christina for a three-way tie if Jeann was Mafia, which she didn’t do. Since Val surrendered, looks like odds are Jeann isn’t Mafia and Anne was right in interpreting Jeann’s moves as an overzealous Townie rather than overzealous Mafia like I did.”

    —Joséphine, Day 6

    That’s why I’ve stepped back from her and pegged her as Townie despite my prior suspicions of her. If she’s Townie, maybe she’s afraid to miss out on something and tries to look at everything down to a tree, regardless of whether it appears to be useful or not. If she’s Mafia, she’s basically adding useless thoughts to the table in a bid to appear helpful.

  40. Tory, when you said you said, you “might just stick to my vote from the previous Day [emphasis added]” which vote are you referring to? You voted for Christina on Day 7 and she was lynched. You didn’t vote on Day 6. Did you mean Jeann for whom you voted on Day 5?

  41. @Josephine – I didn’t vote for Lillian because I agreed with Crini back then about the bandwagon voting – which you agreed to yourself! So I’m not sure why you’re turning that back on me. I was the first who picked up on Val’s suspicious behaviour, 2nd to vote for her, and only cancelled my vote after I became unsure and more sure about someone else who I voted for.

    I’m sorry if you or Tory think my comments are distracting and not useful. I’m not trying to be!! There aren’t many people actively talking at the moment so I thought some of my observations may be useful as discussion points – it’s up to you if you want to consider my points or not!

  42. Hmmmm. HTML tag wasn’t closed. For clarity:

    Tory, when you said you said, you “might just stick to my vote from the previous Day [emphasis added]” which vote are you referring to? You voted for Christina on Day 7 and she was lynched. You didn’t vote on Day 6. Did you mean Jeann for whom you voted on Day 5?

  43. Jeann, I wasn’t turning back on you. I was demonstrating my point that I don’t think your argument that I missed two Mafia might be another indicator that I’m Mafia. I didn’t use that as a basis for suspicions against you. Evidently, you don’t think that that holds up when I use this reasoning on you, yet you think it’s fine to apply it to me. That doesn’t make sense.

    What I also find weird is your overt defensiveness when I already stated that I thought you’re Townie. I voted for Tory, not for you.

  44. Well it’s easy to get defensive when accused. Especially if you say my comments are not useful, but anyway..point taken. Now that I’m reading your comments missing two Mafia people can be easy to do when you’re so focused on someone who you think is suspicious.

    I think I’m just being distracting now so I’ll let everyone else consider who they want to vote for.

  45. Oh, I meant my vote for Briana before I cancelled it. My vote for Christina was purely for tie-breaking purposes, I didn’t exactly suspect her. :/ Others thought my case was reaching, which I agreed it was, but it was better than nothing but a gut feeling. I’m just really bad at analysis, lol. XD

  46. Man, I’m so confused! I’ve gone back and forth about Josephine like 4 different times tonight. I think Anne has some really good points about Josephine, but I also feel Josephine has given a good defense. The reason why I think her defense is good is that every time she is accused of being Mafia or questioned about her actions, her answers have remained unchanging and constant.

    She always says that she is very analytical about her vote and votes for who she feels has the most evidence, even if it’s someone other people aren’t suspicious of. And I’ve found this to be true/ I believe her. Even though we as a group have tended to view all of Josephine’s suggestions with a wary eye, and not put a lot of weight on it, she continues to put a lot of work into analyzing comments and bringing her thoughts to the table.

    The fact that her answer is the same, no matter how the question is asked, makes me think it’s true. I tried to put myself in Josephine’s shoes and I can see where she is coming from. I don’t know, maybe she’s completely fooling me, but I hear a ring of truth in her comments. I’m a little concerned at how quickly Jenn and Anne jumped on Josephine about only focusing on one group or another. I didn’t think any of their comments implied excluding one of the groups. However, I also think this could be a case of townies misunderstanding each other due to being really paranoid.

    And, after all that studying, I still don’t know who to vote for. But I don’t think I will be voting for Josephine this Day.

  47. @Briana I have had my suspicions about you for a number of days now – a lot of it is gut feeling, which I know isn’t a great explanation. One thing did stand out to me though from today:

    “I think, if there’s a roleblocker, they could have a theory about who is Mafia based on whom they tried to block the past two Nights, but they wouldn’t know for sure. Things could get complicated if something else happened. So, if the first Night the Doctor protected Inge and the roleblocker blocked (to choose a completely random name) Jade, Inge would be alive because the Doctor protected her. But the roleblocker wouldn’t necessarily know that and may now think she successfully roleblocked Jade and Jade is Mafia.”

    I do think that the Roleblocker possibly blocked the Mafia (probably last Night), and it made me think that maybe the Mafia member in question would be curious about this… Your comment sounds to me like you are trying to make said Roleblocker think that they possibly didn’t block the person they think they did (maybe you?) and there is something else going on. I don’t know… Again, it’s a feeling I have.

  48. @Josephine – I don’t think I’ve tried to steer anyone away from those who have not been investigated. I stated earlier who I would vote for from both camps (you and Briana), but seeing as Briana had an early vote for Lillian (3rd), I find her to be less fishy between the two of you.

    It also seems to me that you find all of your own votes based in analytical reasons and those of many others seem to be just voting out of nothing. But, just because you analyze something doesn’t mean it is accurate, or that someone who has a gut vote is incorrect. I also don’t think that every person who votes during the last part of the day is mafia, or a less valuable player to Team Earth. And last time, Sebastian analyzed everyone and seemed very pro-town when he was indeed mafia. I don’t think that your analysis in itself makes you pro-town or mafia, but get suspicious vibes when it comes to you and your lack of correct analysis of two known mafia members, your odd pushing against Adam, and to be frank, your odd fixation on me at the beginning of the game.

    @Jeann – I think Asti was being cheeky because she definitely knows how many mafia there are. :P

    @Chantelle — that’s an interesting view on Briana’s comment. I really didn’t think of that…

  49. “your lack of correct analysis of two known mafia members” — that was way harsh, Tai.

    Maybe I should rephrase and say, your inconclusive analysis on the two known mafia members. You did analyze Val and said you had mild suspicions you wanted to save for later Days, but that was coincidentally before Inge revealed the truth.

  50. Anne, I think that was just a misunderstanding between us. You thoughts I was steering attention away from me while I thought you were steering attention away from you. In the end neither one of us had the intention of doing so, so I’m dropping the matter.

    As for Val, I had every intention to finish my analysis of her on that Day and also said as much. I was in the midst of analysing Christina and Val but wasn’t willing to stay up till dawn broke to finish my analysis of them both on the day that I started. It was 3 a.m. of so by the time I took a break. When I was able to come back to continue with both Christina and Val, Inge had already decided to throw caution to the wind and reveal her role as Cop. So to say that I had an intentionally inconclusive analysis of Val is unfair. I didn’t even get to the point of concluding. I made an effort to look at her, saw some worrying signs but didn’t want to accuse her without looking at the big picture since several Days had already passed allowing me to hopefully see things more holistically.

  51. Voting Update

    Briana (2) – Voted by Inge, Chantelle
    Tory (1) – Voted by Joséphine
    Joséphine (2) – Voted by Jeann, Anne

    Not Voting: Briana, Jade, Jenn, Tory

    Approximately 24 hours left to cast your votes. Remember that if the day ends in a tie, no elimination will occur!

  52. @Chantelle,

    Anne said:

    If we do indeed have a roleblocker and they successfully blocked someone, that means they would know who a mafia member is. That would be pretty useful information for us to have at this point… T

    She then added:

    Though kind of impossible to nail down exactly what happened since there is always multiple scenarios for how it really played out.

    I was just trying to place more emphasis on her second interpretation than the first because she seemed to be implying that if we have a roleblocker they can 100% know is Mafia, which simply isn’t true. I think you’re reading too much into my comment.

    Anne has been subtly trying to push people with roles into revealing themselves, first by implying here that the roleblocker has valuable information on who definitely is a Mafia member–which I wass just trying to say I think is slightly misleading. Then Anne said:

    I guess I’m just weighing the risks of roles being revealed against someone being voted off today.

    I’m not sure, but I think at this point we’re very close to finding the Mafia. Role-revealing might limit one advantage we have, which is that the Mafia can’t try to specifically target the role-blocker or doctor right now. I’m guessing other people don’t want to role reveal because no one else picked on Anne’s comment and offered a response?

  53. Thanks for bringing that up Brianna, I meant to comment on that last night but forgot when I got caught up in thinking about Josephine. I agree with Anne that revealing roles may be helpful at this point, but I’ve been a proponent of revealing roles for a while haha. I don’t have a role so I’m a little biased and I wouldn’t be risking my own game life, so it’s easier for me to say that. When Inge came forward it definitely helped us, but she also had something pretty concrete to bring us. If someone out there has a role and a hunch because of that role, it would be helpful for us to know in my opinion because then we would give their suspicions more weight and possibly more investigation. I dunno, just my thoughts! I’m still really lost as for who I want to vote for. Whoever the remaining mafia is they are definitely doing a good job of blending in!

  54. @Jade, I’m a bit on the fence, too. However, I was thinking that after two Nights without a kill and with Inge’s investigative powers still in play, the Mafia’s at a disadvantage. Telling them exactly which players they need to target to get ride of a doctor or roleblocker may give them an advantage we don’t really have to give them. Which is why I find it odd that Anne seems in favor of role revealing.

  55. @Briana — the mafia seems to be at a disadvantage, but at same time, I don’t think anyone really feels like they have a firm conviction for who that is at this point. I would love for us to figure this out efficiently instead of slowly eliminating our own players during the day. And the fact that no one is being eliminated at night, while outwardly good for us, means one less thing to go on for the mafia when trying to figure out the puzzle.

    Val didn’t seem to be on anyone’s real radar either, except Jeann voted for her and thankfully Inge investigated her. If there is only one mafia left, I think we could have this done with sooner rather than later and if someone could point that out, then it would be super duper for us. I never implied it would be 100% though, my second statement pretty much solidified that that is NOT the case.

  56. With all this role conversation, I’ve had a think about the night eliminations and maybe came up with a mafia motive. Perhaps mafia has been eliminating people who they think have a role that could potentially do the mafia harm. Specifically the cop.

    N1 –No one
    N2 – Dita
    N3 – Maraia
    N4 – Sana
    N5 – Lauren
    N6 – No one
    N7 – No one

    Putting Dita aside (she didn’t say much on Day Two), the other three kind of make sense. Maraia brought up the information that made Lillian get killed at the end of Day Three. Sana questioned Lillian about having cop powers at the end of the day. Perhaps after killing Maraia and realizing she didn’t have powers, the mafia’s next logical leap was that Sana had them because of the odd questioning. And then Lauren was eliminated after throwing out the vote for Val at the end of Day Five. It seemed random at the time, but was ultimately right, so maybe the mafia was angling to get the cop with Lauren. And clearly Inge was the target for at least the first of these last two nights.

    Does this help us decide anything today? Probably not, but it puts some things into place in my head.

  57. Soooo… basically we need someone to die to give us a clue? (LOL, I know that’s not what you’re trying to say Anne! I just thought it was a funny conclusion). I agree with Anne that it would be nice if we could figure this out efficiently, because I honestly don’t have the energy to go back and analyze people over multiple days.

    However, I’ve been looking over today’s conversation a lot today and I would like to


    Jeann brought up that Briana tends to play a fairly neutral game, which is a good Mafia strategy. Inge brought up that Briana, if Mafia, could have attached herself to a Townie, which is another good Mafia strategy. She’s also been multiple people’s gut vote, been voted for multiple times and talked herself out of it.

    Even after those things coming to my attention, I wasn’t swayed towards her because she voted for Lillian 3rd and I felt like that didn’t make sense for Mafia… But now, after this conversation with Anne about roles, I feel like Briana is pushing us towards not revealing roles and (even though she gives fairly reasonable explanations) I’m getting the feeling that she has something to hide.

    I feel like when we brought up possibly revealing roles she was quick to point out the reasons why we SHOULDN’T do it. I feel like Anne laid out some pros and some cons, while Brianna focused on the cons and tried to turn it around on Anne. It’s weird because the words she uses are pretty neutral, so it’s more the feeling I’m getting from her overall comments. I don’t know, I may be reading too much into it her comments, but for right now she is the most suspicious to me.

  58. Oh shoot, now I’m kind of on the fence between Briana and Anne because of all the role-revealing pros and cons. Personally, I do think we should not reveal any more roles because the mafia seemed to have run into a bit of a problem trying to get rid of our beloved cop. :D So that’s a really huge advantage for us, I think, so if it works, don’t break it just yet. ;)

    Less than 24 hours to vote and there’s a tie…!

  59. @Jade, I’ve talked people out of voting for me before because many people were voting for me for nearly no other reason besides a “gut feeling” or “well, someone else already voted for her.” Chantelle’s vote for me Today, before I asked for an explanation, was made literally with no explanation at all.

    I’m willing to reveal my role if the general consensus moves us that way. I don’t think I’m alone in my cautioning against role revealing. Besides the fact that Tory has just agreed with me that role revealing would give an advantage to the Mafia, no one replied to Anne’s initial comment that we start revealing roles. My interpretation was that many, not all, players were purposely ignoring Anne’s comments because they themselves did not want to role reveal but did not want to be the person to point out it might have disadvantages for the Townies.

    To be clear, my personal opinion is that there are not many roles left. A mason and I assume a doctor. Many people have been assuming there may be a roleblocker. Beyond that, I think many of the leftover Townies are humans. I don’t know if the Mafia will continue to try to target Inge (assuming that’s what happened after she revealed her role) or if they will move on to other players. But right now, if the Mafia move on to try to kill other players, they’ll be shooting in the dark; they may get lucky and hit the roleblocker or they may get unlucky and hit someone without any powers. If we role reveal, they’ll definitely go after someone with like an active role like the doctor or roleblocker. And it will be harder for the doctor to choose whom to protect.

    I actually think the Townies are in a very nice position right now, and role revealing may actually help the Mafia more than it helps us. Right now, we have a pretty good idea of who’s innocent from Inge’s investigation.

    Again, I will gladly reveal my role if we discuss this further and decide it’s the best course. But right now all I see is Anne saying it’s a good idea and everyone else saying I’m sketchy because I don’t think it’s a good idea. Basically no one is agreeing with Anne that we should role reveal, so it looks to me as if I’m just voicing what other people are thinking.

  60. @Jade, Could you explain more where Anne was weighing the pros and cons of role revealing?

    This was basically her initial comment:

    @Briana — I understand that there is no way to know exactly what happened, but feel like more information at this point would be helpful. I guess I’m just weighing the risks of roles being revealed against someone being voted off today.

    This is more a declaration that she’s weighing advantages and disadvantages, rather than any actual analysis of what those pros and cons might be. If she explained more in her later comment, it was only because I raised the issue again, not because she herself was initially being clear about her stance and looking at all possible angles.

  61. I would actually like to hear from Chantelle about why she voted for Briana. Her quick vote without any thoughts around it reminds me of Val’s late vote for Lillian (even though Lillian turned out to be Mafia).. I’m getting wary of Chantelle, because being second to vote for Lillian has pretty much taken her out of the firing range, but it’d be easy to bank on this late into the game as Mafia.

  62. Sorry to comment all in a row. I’ll be going to sleep soon and hopefully will make it back in the last few hours of the game to check up on things and cast my vote. I just thought I would lay out a few more things to explain my thinking. I am open to hearing more advantages of mass role revealing, but I guess if we do reveal that it will be in several hours when more people are online.

    We have nine players left:

    We’re currently assuming about 4 power roles left, though there may be more:

    So there are five players left after we subtract these. Two of those, Jade and Tory, have claimed to be human with no powers.

    That leaves three players left. We think one or two of those are Mafia.

    If we assume two Mafia left, that leaves one Townie unaccounted for. Based on the structure of the game, it seems likely to me (though I admit to having no evidence) this person is a backup role or a human with no powers.

    It becomes very easy for the Mafia to claim to be human and have it be believable. If I’m right, we’ll have about four people claiming power roles and five people claiming to be human.

    The Mafia won’t care about killing the humans or the mason at Night, so role revealing is basically painting a target on the backs of the doctor and the roleblocker we assume we have. Or on anyone else with a power we have not yet accounted for.

    The advantage for the Townies is that we’ll probably trust the people who claim to have powers, but some of these players may be ones Inge has already investigated or whom we already generally trust. That means the advantage we gain will be smaller than the advantage the Mafia gains.

    I’m sure the Mafia would love to know who might be responsible for stopping their Night kills, which I think will be the consequence of role revealing.

    But, again, I will reveal if others think it’s a good idea.

  63. I know we’re all pretty divided on power roles, but I think revealing will be more beneficial to the Mafia as Briana said – it gives them more chances to kill off Townies with useful roles.

    Aside from the Cop I’m not sure revealing the Doctor, Mason or Roleblocker (assuming there is one) will be of any additional use to the Townies, aside from knowing who to rule out or to trust. I think it’d be more dangerous to reveal and then paint targets on their back – especially because we’re in a good place at the moment as Townies.

  64. Whoa. How did all this talk about role reveals come about? I don’t think it’s a good idea because that could result in the loss of our Doctor and Roleblocker. Just because our Cop has been so well protected, doesn’t mean we’ll be as fortunate in th coming Nights. Sure, that gives us two additional players to trust but seeing how many Humans have died and how few power roles we’re assuming, it’d be really easy for Mafia to blend in. So instead of expanding our list of trustworthy players, we might just end up sacrficing for them.

    Anyway, that’s just my two cents. I’ll read through all the arguments again and figure out what to make of them.

  65. @Jeann I already explained my vote for Briana, as best as I could.

    @Briana you said something about Mafia would target Townies whom have a role, but you then went onto reveal you have a role. You didn’t reveal what the role is but you revealed that you do indeed have a role, which I don’t understand because wouldn’t that put a target on your back? If you do have a role I think I could probably guess what it is but what if you’re a Mafia with a role? Lillian tried this at the end as well; she had a role but was Mafia.

  66. Anne’s push towards potentially revealing roles seems kinda dangerous. Briana laid out the possible consequences which demonstrates quite well that revealing roles puts Team Earth at a disadvantage. This puts me in complete agreement with Tory and Jeann. Not revealing protects us more than revealing and the fact that Tory was so quick to support that option makes me reconsider my stand on her a little.

    What I noticed while reading all the comments Today was Anne’s quip,

    “If there is only one mafia player left, we could be done with this today, which is very exciting. I see everyone kind of waning at this point…”

    —Anne, Day 8

    It could be innocent Townie speculation but she returned to the idea that we might just be left with one Mafia player again later,

    “If there is only one mafia left, I think we could have this done with sooner rather than later and if someone could point that out, then it would be super duper for us.”

    —Anne, Day 8

    I see this a subtle reinforcement of that notion, which coupled with the ardent support for role reveals could mean that Anne is Mafia.

    By making it sound like Team Earth could win Today by eliminating just one more Mafia player through role reveals, I get the sense that she’s trying to get us to let down our guards.

    Looking at the number of Mafia players in the previous games, I would much rather err on the side of caution in case there are two Mafiosi left.

    The way I see it, Anne’s suggestions are set up to hurt Team Earth rather than help, even though she’s phrased them as though she was pro-Team Earth.

    Due to her disposition Today, I’ve become more suspicious of Anne than of Tory, so I’m switching my vote.


  67. Despite our differences, I am actually in complete agreeance with Josephine on Anne’s urge for people to reveal their roles. I find the talk about role reveals to be distracting and actually kind of detrimental to Team Earth. Now that Briana is claiming a role, it’d be pretty risky to come out and say that if you were a Mafia member (even though Lillian ending up doing it in a bid to save herself).

    I’ve said before but I think it’s unlikely Josephine AND Anne are Mafia, so in light of this situation I would like to switch my vote.


  68. Okay, with Briana’s latest comments, they helped me come off the fence between my two main suspects (Briana and Anne), so I too, am going to submit a vote for Anne. On the other hand, I want to also voice out my agreement that Chantelle’s initial comment with the vote for Briana seems “off” to me as well, it may be a build-up since I’ve had a gut feeling towards her for a few days now. But for now, I’ll


  69. @Briana I’m curious: how useful (at this moment) is your role to Townies? Because if it isn’t that useful, then what’s the harm in revealing it? It’s entirely up to you if you reveal it but I’m more curious now as the vote has taken a sudden turn towards Anne and I think we are currently at a tie between you and Anne.

  70. @Briana — I am so confused by why you just 1) outlined the roles we likely have left and 2) stated that you have one of those roles while also telling me I am mafia because I wanted to talk about roles? You just outlined for the mafia that you are potentially someone they should eliminate.

    And, I think more than me, you keep bringing up roles. So if it was such a HUGE concern, why did you keep bringing it up when everyone else was keen to “ignore it”?

    Look, I brought it up today because I don’t think we are talking to one another enough as townies during the Day. If anything, your continued pushing on this, and now all the subsequent votes for me because of your point will make me have to reveal my role. So, if that was your intention, you have achieved it.

    I am the doctor.

    Night One I protected myself.

    Night Six I protected Inge.

    Night Seven I protected myself.

    I wanted to know who the roleblocker was and if they were able to block someone last night. I think it might be good for us to just talk about these details and try to nail down one of the mafia instead of all jumping on someone for a comment they made. That is what is happening currently with the votes against me. It tells me that we don’t have much to go on here.

    I’m inclined to believe you are town-aligned and have a role and that is why this conversation was off-putting to you today. Also, if you were mafia, then pressuring me to reveal myself would have helped you at night (perhaps), but not at the end of this Day. Unless people don’t believe me when I say I am the doctor.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have revealed this, but I do have work and meetings most of the morning and wouldn’t be able to do a lot of long-game defense. :/

  71. And in case I am still eliminated at the end of this Day or at Night, another reason Josephine keeps bothering me is because I do think I may have been the target on Night One. Something twisty may have happened instead, but I feel like I could have blocked a kill on myself.

    If that is the case, I tried to think about who might be inclined to do that, and since Josephine made it very clear that I was tricky mafia last time and very devious that she may have wanted to eliminate me right away instead of letting me play out. And then she pushed for me pretty much two days after that with some evidence that seemed kind of odd to me. Even Sana mentioned that it seemed a bit odd too.

    Now, I have know way of knowing whether this is actually real because twisty things could have happened, but it has been stuck in my brain for a while. And maybe Josephine is town-aligned and I have been bugging myself this whole game for no reason.

  72. I was starting to think Anne might be the Doctor. I didn’t know the Doctor could protect themselves. Anne can you protect yourself twice in a row? I know you can’t protect others two Nights in a row, but what about yourself? Because there’s a good chance that you will go at Night now if you don’t go during the Day.

  73. No — as Kelley mentioned, you cannot protect yourself twice in a row. I didn’t want to reveal this really until tomorrow during the Day, because then I could protect myself since I couldn’t protect Inge again, but I did want to throw my information out there in case I do get eliminated.

    Yep, not ideal, but what can you do? I risk being eliminated now or at night. :/

  74. And the pendulum swings again. Anne if the mafia thought you were the doctor or had a role, I suspect they would have gotten rid of you during the night instead of pushing for your elimination like Josephine?

    I’m a bit uncomfortable with how Chantelle is pushing for Briana to reveal her role.

    I’m about to go to bed so won’t be able to check back until the day ends but now I’m just returning to my original vote. I just don’t know what to think about Briana because I totally get why she wouldn’t want to reveal her role.


  75. Anne, I’m not sure if it was a smart move to reveal your role since you might be killed at Night because of this but at least that saves us from lynching an innocent Townie. Unless someone counterclaims. But so long as no one does, I’ll trust you on this.


    Also, Jeann has a point, why would someone who failed to eliminate you at Night be overly suspicious of you during the Day? They could’ve just tried killing you the next Night and we’d all have been none the wiser.

    Anyway, I somewhat understand your rationale of wanting to match up with our Roleblocker but I don’t understand why you’d risk another important Townie for that. This puts us in a much more vulnerable position compared to before all the talk about role reveals.

    You asked Briana,

    ” I am so confused by why you just 1) outlined the roles we likely have left and 2) stated that you have one of those roles while also telling me I am mafia because I wanted to talk about roles?”

    —Anne, Day 8

    It seems like you’re assuming that she was referring to a power role? Because I think Briana was just referring to a role in general which doesn’t mean much since we all have roles.

    What I think is odd now is Chantelle pressing specifically for Briana to reveal her role. It seems like she saw a hook and is trying to corner Briana in the hopes that more of us would become suspicious of Briana. I’m somewhat torn between going back to voting for Tory and voting for Chantelle instead. Though with Chantelle’s lack of explanation during her initial vote for Briana might be because she didn’t have a lot to work on and has been reaching for anything Today that she felt she could use against Briana.


  76. Whew! I’m glad we decided to come home a day early, because all these comments I’ve missed are very interesting.

    First of all, Anne, I thank you for protecting me during Night Six. I’m worried for you now as you’ve put a target on your back, but taking one for the team is a good thing. I was definitely thinking about investigating you, so that’s one less investigation to waste. I’ve not been good at this hahaha.

    In general, I don’t really like role revealing. It puts a target on your back and takes away from the mystery of the game. I like figuring things out for myself. I revealed my role because people were scared to follow me after I analysed Adam and Crini (sorry!), so after trying a few arguments against Val which weren’t working, I went for it. And now with Anne, well, she was pretty close to being voted off late in the game. In that case, I’m okay with it.

    So if Briana claims to have a role as well and is willing to reveal that.. I mean, that sounds pretty positive to me. Which leaves Chantelle and Jeann. Overall I’m not really suspicious of the two.

    Then there’s Joséphine, who sounded pretty happy when I said I’d investigated her and she came out as Townie. Didn’t mention the fact someone might be investigative-immune. I investigated her because she would be dangerous as a Mafia player (sorry if that irks you, Joséphine, but it’s true!) and was glad that she came back as Townie, because it would make her a valuable asset. It’s also why I’ve been defending her here and there, because I didn’t want her out of the game. But I’d be lying if I said I haven’t found her suspicious every now and then throughout the game. If anyone I’ve investigated turned out to be investigative-immune, my money would be on Joséphine.

    Anyway, I’m going to mull this over for a bit and come back later.

  77. Inge, I’m not irked. Just sad. Everyone keeps harping on the idea that I could “dangerous Mafia” rather than simply looking at my contributions for what they are and constantly being wary instead of whom my comments are coming from, ie. me. Anne even questioned me for favouring analysis over gut votes. I lay out my thoughts and you guys are free to agree or disagree with me. Sometimes these disagreements lead me to reevaluate and I realize that I probbaly was wrong. Gut votes on the other hand don’t help much beyond being spring boards — who’s to say that someone’s gut feelings are more reliable than that of someone else?

    And then to find out that the trigger for Anne’s wariness towards me was her Night 1 survival? Loads to things happen at Night. The Mafia could’ve been roleblocked. Or maybe the Mafia didn’t even kill anyone at all hoping that that will confuse Team Earth or even cause a divide. Well, they’ve managed to do that if that was the case.

    Like Jeann already pointed out, it doesn’t make sense to kill someone at Night and then pursue that person during the next Days if the Night kill fails. Since Doctors and Roleblockers are not allowed to pick the same person for their actions on consecutive Nights, it’s much easier for the Mafia to go ahead and submit another Night kill for the person that failed to die the previous Night.

  78. If I was going to ‘target’ someone wouldn’t it be someone that everyone has found suspicious at some point? Briana has flown under the radar so really it would make more sense for me to ‘target’ Anne, Josephine or Tory.

    Someone becomes highly suspicious of someone and everyone assumes it’s because they’re Mafia trying to ‘target’ a Townie. This is of course possible but there are always other reasons. I also suck at analysis so please don’t expect much from me (sorry) – I have to be in the mood to look over all the comments.

    I’m going out soon so won’t be able to check comments as much.

  79. Inge, as for my supposed happiness over being cleared as Town after your investigations, yes, I was relieved. Anyone who’s under persistent scrutiny would be. It’s tiring to constantly defend myself while still trying to contribute to our goal of eliminating threats to Team Earth. I hoped that being cleared would allay some of the suspicions towards me but that hasn’t made a difference, whereas for Jade and Jenn, everyone’s taken it as confirmation that they must be Team Earth.

  80. @Josephine I asked Kelley about Doctor and Roleblocker roles but I don’t think I was clear enough and only got an answer about Doctor role so I emailed her about it (so I didn’t keep harping on about it in comments) and she said that a Roleblocker can block someone twice in a row, so their role differs to the Doctor in that respect.

  81. My meeting got pushed back to start at the half hour, so I just wanted to quickly say this.

    Maybe Josephine thought I was an unaligned role and therefore wanted to oust me during the day. If she was mafia, and I wasn’t killed the first night, then she might think I was a serial killer who was immune to night kills, or had some night kill immunity. Then when she brought up Adam being perhaps an unaligned player, it further cemented this in my brain.

    The reason I bring it all up is because I am trying to explain my thought processes here and not try to bias anyone else’s votes today.

    I’ll be back in a few. ;)

  82. I do get why you’re sad about people finding you a “dangerous Mafia”, Joséphine. You really are an asset to the Games, whether you’re Townie or Mafia, because you bring sound analyses to the table, you don’t jump on anyone’s theories without checking it yourself first, and you trust analysis over gut feeling. I think it’s the nature of the game, really, to go “Oh wow that’s really good. WHAT IF THEY’RE MAFIA THOUGH”. I second-guess everyone and everything, and it drives me a little loopy hahaha.

  83. @Chantelle, I am glad to hear that the rolebocker can block the same person night after night. That’s actually great.

    @Josephine — I have’t voted for Jenn yet, but I am super suspicious of her at all times because she is the master at blending. She was a serial killer and survived all the way through last time. She’s also never been voted for during this game — and I imagine it is because most of us think her having a baby means she cannot be mafia. But, she hasn’t really done anything that makes me susp of her whereas you do things that look red flaggy to me that I can point to.

    It is interesting that Val pointed out that she thought Jenn was not mafia because she had a baby. Of course, Jenn said, don’t assume that — it is a bad idea, but what if Val was trying to distract from Jenn? And often (I think) Jenn votes late. I don’t know if I want to vote for her because of that, but my point is, she is also suspicious too. I haven’t cleared her at all.

    @Inge – You make me feel a little better about revealing. I imagine that Asti would be rolling her eyes at me if she was watching today. :P

  84. I totally agree with Inge that everyone has done a great job of defending themselves – I’m so confused about who to suspect. I am tempted to change my vote because Briana (once again) has give a pretty good defense, although I don’t agree with all of her points. But I don’t know who I would vote for instead… Day isn’t over yet folks!

    @Briana – I’m at work right now and unable to pull the quote where I had the impression that Anne was weight pros and cons, I c an find it the next day (if Were both still here), but it’s a bit of a moot point now that Anne has ousted herself. The point I disagree with you on is when you say that even after revealing roles the mafia would still be able to blend in. Well, I guess I agree that they could blend in, but for me I feel like it would narrow my focus a lot more and be really helpful in that sense. You said that prob 4 ppl would have roles, leaving 5 townies. For me, that would narrow it down to 4 ppl since I know I’m a townie, which is a lot easier for me to consider than 8 ppl . I don’t expect everyone else to start revealing roles this late in the day, but I just wanted to clarify my line of thought behind role revealing.

  85. Here’s the thing, at this point if Briana is the roleblocker and she says it, she will likely get voted at Night (or me, it is a toss-up). If she doesn’t say it now, she will likely get voted this Day. Unless both she, Tory and Jenn get their votes on in a singular direction.

    I wonder what her hesitation is. I know it is crap to have to be forced, but the silence when she is leading the votes is interesting, unless she’s just not available to comment. It makes me wonder if she is mafia and was doing this all to get a for me. At first I thought that made her town-aligned, but I am not sure at this point. :/

    It is hard being Team Earth, you guys are doing a super stealth job right now.

  86. Anne, perhaps Briana’s concern was others over herself? Even if someone reveals that they don’t have a power role, they’re essentially making everyone else from Team Earth a bigger Night target. At least that’s what my concern on the matter is and also the conclusion I draw from Briana’s outline of possible consequences of revealing roles.

  87. I forget who asked the question, but I brought up roles and revealing in a big way because my suggestion we not role reveal was one of the primary reasons Jade gave for voting for me, and I wanted to explain my reasoning thoroughly, rather than look as if I were making the argument for no particular reason in an effort to disadvantage the Town.

    I think role revealing is even more dangerous now that Anne has claimed to be the Doctor. She also mentioned she protected herself on Night Seven, which, again, actually gives the Mafia useful information. We have it confirmed that the Mafia cannot protect the same person two Nights in a row. Now the Mafia know Anne is likely to protect Inge Tonight, and not on Night Nine, and so will not target Inge Tonight.

    I don’t want to continue to look sketchy my not saying more about my role, which I know Chantelle is proposing is the case. However, in spite of the fact that we now know we can pretty much trust Anne, I still think her role claim–with her additional information of whom she protected when–was still a greater help to the Mafia than it was to us.

  88. I’m wondering that too. It seems like almost everyone who’s been leading votes towards the end of Day suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. Although, time zone differences can be a tricky thing =/

    Though I recall when Inge told us Val was Mafia Briana didn’t get back in time either to change her vote. Jenn too hasn’t been back to vote. I just checked, her last comment was ca. 28 hours ago.

  89. @Anne, Sorry, I’ve just woken and finished skimming the comments that were made since I commented last. I need to read more thoroughly before making a vote because I was leaning a little towards you lat night and obviously I can’t vote for you now. :)

  90. Voting Update

    Briana (3) – Voted by Inge, Chantelle, Jade
    Joséphine (2) – Voted by Anne, Jeann
    Chantelle (1) – Voted by Joséphine

    Not Voting: Briana, Jenn, Tory

    Sorry for the delay in voting updates, guys. Looks like I was sleeping while all the action was happening! Less than an hour left to cast your final votes for the day.

  91. @Briana — You were the one who kept pushing on roles in the end. Not me. So, sorry if I didn’t want us to eliminate me during the Day when we could be sniffing up other trees and use the time to eliminate someone else. Also, I said that information so that the roleblocker, whoever they are, could gain intel before the end of the Day because I might be eliminated at Night. If they know what I did, and they know who they blocked, perhaps they can make some conclusions. And the mafia likely already knew the doctor could only protect every other night, especially if they had played before.

    I don’t know what to make of the fact that there are three unused votes at this point. It seems a little odd?

  92. I’m not sure if I want to vote for Briana atm, she seems keen to hide her role which I understand… if she is townie. I would vote for Chantelle who’s been my “gut feeling” for a while now, but I would risk looking like I’m siding with Josephine…? :S

  93. I’ve wanted to vote for someone who’s been uninvestigated. I know there’s likely to be an investigative-immune Mafia member, but I guess I just don’t know if that player has been investigated yet. Since Anne has claimed Doctor, that leaves me, Jeann, and Chantelle, I believe, which aren’t a lot of options. (Especially since I’m not going to vote for myself!) But I don’t know yet. I think Chantelle’s comments Today have been odd, but I kind of want to take into account her playing style for the game so far, instead of relying exclusively on Today before making a decision. I realize I’m running out of time to vote. :/

  94. @Inge, I was just trying to be clear that if everyone revealed their roles (by which I mean any role–human or a role with powers), I would willingly participate. I just thought we hadn’t done a completely thorough discussion about whether that was something we all wanted to do and thought was beneficial. The focus was more on whether Anne was suspicious for suggesting we role reveal or I was suspicious for suggesting we should not, and not really on an analysis about which one of our suggestions would be best for the Townies.

  95. I never suggested we all reveal our roles. I just was trying to suggest there might be benefit if someone had some intel to provide us all.

    Briana’s votes:
    1. Crini (only)
    2. No vote
    3. Lillian (3)
    4. Adam (2)
    5. Crini (2)
    6. Christina (only)
    7. Christina (3)

  96. @Anne, Sorry if I read too much into your earlier comments. I definitely got the sense you at least wanted the roleblocker to claim. I probably didn’t clear up until my later comment that part of the reason I felt that was dangerous is because I personally think it’s likely that the roleblocker and doctor are basically the only really active left roles to be claimed. The Mafia will ignore a Mason or backup role at this point in favor of targeting the roleblocker.

  97. And just for the sake of being thorough:

    Jeann’s votes
    1. No vote
    2. Daphne (3)
    3. Josephine (5)
    4. Sana (2)
    5. Christina (2)
    6. Val (3)
    7. Christina (1)

    I don’t remember why we all thought Jeann is townie. I mean, I feel like she is but is it because of her all over the place style? Voting, canceling, voting again? Maybe a matter for a different day?

  98. @Anne: Yes, I think it’s because of her style and she also listens to reasoning before all the cancelling and voting. I think she also previously voted for a mafia first?? (Can’t remember but yeah.) But I also think she shouldn’t be dismissed as an assumed townie just because.

    Ahhh, I feel like I should vote for someone! Because there’s a tie… but I’m not sure about both tied players. D: D: D:

  99. I guess I’ll go ahead and


    unless I have some sort of epiphany in the next 8 minutes.

    She’s said on a couple of Days that she’s been voting on “gut feeling.” She voted initially for me Today without an explanation before I asked for one. She then continued to push for role reveals after I outlined my reasoning I thought it could be dangerous. I acknowledge we could disagree on the benefits, but she didn’t offer any benefits, just implied I should role reveal.

    I don’t have an explanation for an early vote for Lillian. I don’t have the time to look at the break down of that Day because voting will close before I finish. But I guess it’s possible she didn’t think Lillian would actually be voted off, and that she’d look good later in the game if LIllian were killed later and she had looked suspicious of her early on. She may even have planned to cancel the vote for LIllian before everyone jumped on it, and it was too late.


    Purely to save myself.

    As much as everyone (myself included) thinks that a death will get Team Earth one step closer to figuring out who is Mafia, that also means Team Earth needs to actually outlast Team Luna. I’m Human, which you guys would know anyway if I died so numbers-wise, targets for the Mafia would be the same, except that I’d still be alive.

  101. Just so we can see the final tally here…

    Voting Update

    Briana (3) – Voted by Chantelle, Jade, Joséphine
    Joséphine (4) – Voted by Anne, Jeann, Inge, Tory
    Chantelle (1) – Voted by Briana

    Not Voting: Jenn

  102. Day Eight has officially ended. The person with the most votes (4) is Joséphine. Joséphine is really Queen Levana, Team Luna, Godfather (investigative immune) and Vote Thief.

    It is now Night Eight. If you have a special role that allows any “Night” actions, please submit the form by Friday 1pm EDT (48 hours from now). The form can be found by clicking Special Features -> The Bookish Games in our sidebar and then clicking The Lunar Chronicles banner. (The Night Form link is at the bottom of that page.)

    If you have no night powers, be sure to visit back on Saturday 1am EDT when Day Nine will start. We will share the identities of the eliminated players and list any warnings/disqualifications at that time.

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