Bookish Mail: Villainous Recs with Lina

Bookish Mail: Villainous Recs with Lina

Bookish Mail: Villainous Recs with Lina

Bookish Mail is my book recommendation feature utilizing postcards. Each time a reader sends me a book recommendation on a postcard, the reader and recommendation are featured on the blog along with my responding postcard and recommendation. If you’re interested in sending me a postcard to be a part of this feature, please email me to exchange mailing details and Goodreads info.

Lina’s Recommendation

Bookish Mail: Lina's Recommendation - The Darkest Minds

Hi Asti!

This is one of my favorite reading spots on campus (it looks like Ravenclaw’s common room!)

So I might be cheating a bit, but I saw that The Darkest Minds has been sitting on your TBR for a while now – which I just can’t accept! I know you like villains, so let me sway you this way – what if you thought you were the villain? That’s what Ruby thinks after some events turn her life upside down, and she hurts people she loves.  Throw in great writing, fast pacing and action, unforgettable characters, and a great romance for good measure. Oh, and a true villain who’s not all that he seems.

Give this one a chance to be rescued off your TBR!

– Lina

PS. I wrote a love letter to this series in a blog post! <3

I have to say, I love that Lina recommended a book that I already own because I have so many unread books that I’m having a hard time justifying adding any more to my collection right now. (Not that I’m not getting any new books, I’m just trying to stick to sequels… somewhat successfully.)

The first time I actually heard about The Darkest Minds was through a review at A Novel Idea! Between Paola’s enthusiasm about the book and that awesome time (we all know I’m a sucker for anything dark), I knew I needed a copy of it. So when Christmas 2013 rolled around, I ended up putting it on my Christmas list and Santa (or my mom) got it for me. Unfortunately, I haven’t touched it since!

I honestly think this is one of those cases where I’m stuck in so many series that I feel like I need to finish some before throwing myself into another one. But, as this series is completely published and Lina has excited me by it’s villain talk, I think I’ll need to make an exception. Of course, I think after reading Lina’s love letter to this series I ought to see if I can find the sequels at my bookstore first – then I can binge read them!

So thanks for the recommendation Lina! I’m definitely bumping this one up my TBR list, all thanks to you. ;)


My Recommendation

Bookish Mail Villainous Rec: Vicious

Hi Lina! Of course I had to send my postcard with the J.K. Rowling quote after your mention of Ravenclaw. It’s a perfect match. ;)

So, villains! I’m going to recommend Vicious by V.E. Schwab. It features two friends turned enemies who seek to destroy each other – and they have super powers! I just love the way the story comes together in the end, and how no character is obviously good or bad. Hope you give it a chance!

<3 Asti

[And yes, don’t worry! I will rescue The Darkest Minds soon! Nice love letter ;)]

I honestly don’t think I’ve read a lot of books that focus on the villain’s PoV, or if I have, they don’t jump to my mind immediately (which is sad because I love me some villains and would be all over books with such evil perspectives). The only one that really came to me when thinking of a book to recommend Lina in return was Vicious.

Vicious is an interesting book because there is no obvious villain or hero. Instead, you have two friends-turned-enemies who do some questionable things in their quests to eliminate one another. As I mentioned in my review , I love the gray-nature of both the characters because it really makes you think about life and how the lines between good and evil, right and wrong, are not always as clear as you would hope.

Add in the fact that this book involves superpowers, intriguing characters, and is a standalone – it’s irresistible! My only word of warning would be to be patient in the beginning. I was originally worried when reading because the storyline jumps around between time periods and perspectives, but Schwab pulls it off masterly and it all comes together in the end quite beautifully.

So yes, it’s time to read a Schwab book Lina! And Vicious has my vote. (But only because I haven’t read her other books yet :P)

Your turn! Have you read The Darkest Minds and/or Vicious? What villainous story would you recommend?


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  1. ASTI WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ THE DARKEST MINDS YET??!! It’s an amazing series with wonderfully fleshed out characters and the most heart wrenching otp, and the sci-fi part of it isn’t dumbed down like some sci-fi series tend to. you really need to read this. I think you’ll love it!

  2. Ooh, The Darkest Minds is a good recommendation! I’ve only read the first, but I intend to binge the series this year because the first was so impressive and I’ve heard it only gets better from there. Hope you enjoy it Asti!

  3. Another vote for Lina’s choice for you! I’m up to book 2 in that series and it is really heart-wrenching, occasionally frustrating, but really worth all the feels. I’m looking forward to book 3 but I’m also trying to clear up some series that are already finished. (Sobs, I want to finish Jay Kristoff’s Lotus War series very badly, but I’m also procrastinating badly, lol.) I haven’t read Vicious but I intend to! Your mention of two gray-nature characters plus the book being a standalone is really wonderful! <3

    • Oh gosh, I know! I can’t believe I haven’t read Kinslayer yet. It’s like I keep putting the series off because I love it so much I want to drag out the experience as long as possible. Ugh, why can’t I read all the books at once?!

      But yay, glad to hear that this series is definitely worth reading. I’m a sucker for books that make me FEEL, so bring them on!

  4. I haven’t read either of these books but have heard so many great things about them! And ALSO Asti, I am writing out the email about Bookish Mail right now. I realize I said I was going to do that months ago and honestly I did forget about it but I started actually crossing stuff off of my seemingly endless to do list and found that I had Email Asti about Bookish Mail at the top of my list so I am being good and doing that now :)

    Anyway hope you enjoy The Darkest Minds! :)

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