Bookish Month: July 2015

Bookish Month: July 2015 Feature Header

Bookish Month: July 2015 Feature Header

Bookish Month is more or less my version of a bookish monthly recap. I talk about anything from the books that caught my eye that month to the books I added to my ever-increasing TBR pile.

The Video Edition

As I sometimes do, I recorded a YouTube version of this post. If you would prefer to watch that, feel free, otherwise enjoy the content in my usual typed-out rambly way below. :)

Added to my Bookcase

Purchased in July 2015: The Wicked and the Divine, Nimona, Armada

I blame discounts for all purchases I made during the month of July. It’s hard enough to say no to buying books in general when you work in a mall containing a bookstore, but when you receive coupons for books in said store… it’s near impossible. Between the 4th of July and Membership coupons I received from Barnes and Noble this past month, I ended up purchasing three books. I’m so weak.

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson – This first purchase is one I would consider an impulse-buy. Most books I read and purchase are because the blogosphere has hyped up the author/book for me, but when it comes to Nimona I feel like I have barely heard anything about it. Every time I wandered the YA section at my local B&N though, that cover caught my eye (so gorgeous!) and after reading the back and noticing it’s about villains and wreaking havoc… well, I just couldn’t say no.

The Wicked + The Divine, Vol 2: Fandemonium by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson, Clayton Cowles – I actually haven’t read the first volume of The Wicked + The Divine series yet, but I figured why not buy the second? That way I can binge read one right after the other, and I can also take it with me to London next week for Dave to read since he read Volume One and enjoyed it. (That’s right. Go me for being a sweet and thoughtful girlfriend. ;))

Armada by Ernest Cline – I was unsure if I would actually purchase this prior to seeing it in the store. Ernest Cline is one of those hyped-up authors, and while I enjoyed Ready Player One well enough, I wasn’t head-over-heels in love with it like a lot of other bookworms. Of course, as soon as I saw the gorgeousness that is this book in person, I couldn’t resist purchasing it. The reverse of the dust jacket features a blueprint of a spaceship and just… yeah… that’s all it took.


Barnes and Noble sucked me in when it came to making purchases in-store, and Amazon sucked me in when it came to purchasing pre-orders online. So weak, I am. So weak.

But seriously, each of these were only $9.99 if you pre-ordered them on Amazon. $9.99 for brand new hardbacks?! I mean, if you know you’re going to buy the book as soon as it comes out, why not buy it for nearly half off? (That was my logic, anyways.)

Plus, it’s going to make checking the mail more fun over the next couple of months!

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – I’m super excited to dive into this new series by Leigh Bardugo. I really loved The Grisha series and while this won’t be the same because it features a new cast of characters, I’m looking forward to revisiting the world she’s created. It also doesn’t hurt that I really love that cover. Like, really love.

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas – I haven’t even read Heir of Fire yet but I pre-ordered Queen of Shadows. What is wrong with me?! But hey, I really like the direction the story seemed to be going at the end of Crown of Midnight so can’t imagine I won’t want to continue on with the series. Plus, Bloomsbury is going to send me free buttons for pre-ordering the book. Who doesn’t like free bookish swag?

Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman – Surely you’ve noticed that Jay Kristoff is like my new Patrick Ness? He’s not totally on the same level for me yet, but The Lotus War series has made him an auto-buy author for me. I’m quite curious as to whether or not I’ll like this book because of the mixed media format, but at the very least it’ll be nice to have this eye-catching book on my shelves. (Plus I’m looking forward to giving Amie Kaufman’s work a go. I own These Broken Stars, I just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.)

The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness – Speaking of Patrick Ness, I pre-ordered his new book! I was sad because his book wasn’t originally part of the $9.99 pre-order thing, but I checked it during the last week of July on a whim and wa-lah, there it was! And while part of me thinks I should’ve just ordered the UK version instead because I probably would’ve gotten it before the US release and I really like that cover better, I just felt like it was a deal I couldn’t pass up. So yes. Ness for the win, always.


What I Read

Read in July 2015: Endsinger

This is like the saddest “Read” section ever. But hey, between running the blog by myself for two weeks, starting the BookTube thing, and getting promoted, I’ve just had little time to myself to sit back with a book and read. I’m really hoping to read a lot more in August, but even that will be a stretch since half of the month will be spent catching up with Dave. So yeah… I’m a fail reader. >.>

Endsinger by Jay Kristoff – As of right now (July 26th), I have like 80 pages left to read of this (which means I should have it done by the end of the month) and I AM SO FREAKING NERVOUS. The thing about this series is that it’s SO good and I want to keep reading it, but I’m SO nervous because Kristoff keeps having the characters say things that makes me just think “Oh crap, you’re going to die. Or get mortally wounded. Or just something horrible because HOW COULD YOU NOT AFTER SAYING THAT.” And yeah. I highly recommend this series and I absolutely love it, but it’s putting me through a rollercoaster of feels right now. I don’t remember the last time I was so scared to finish a series. I’m just not sure I can handle it…

The Little Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff – The Little Stormdancer is a picture book Jay Kristoff wrote for his editor and other select individuals so, sadly, isn’t readily available to the general public. Fortunately, Christina from A Reader of Fictions recorded a YouTube video where she reads it aloud to viewers, and I’m totally counting that as “reading” for this month. I absolutely loved this little picture book and thought Kristoff did an amazing job of adapting it to younger readers, but of course it’s still not as good as the real thing because it doesn’t contain Buruu’s sarcastic attitude which I absolutely love.

What I Listened to

Look! New section because OH MY GOSH ASTI IS LISTENING TO AUDIOBOOKS! I’m hoping to write a post about this after my hiatus, but I’ve actually started utilizing audiobooks for re-reads. I think it’s the perfect solution to audiobooking for me because it allows me to revisit stories I’ve been missing while relieving me the pressure of having to make sure I am fully engaged with the audiobook for fear I’ll miss something important. Woohoo.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, narrated by Jim Dale – I didn’t think anything could make me love this story more, but then I started listening to it as read by Jim Dale and, oh my, I’m in love. It’s just so much fun being reintroduced to these characters and this world again through Jim Dale’s voice, and I still can’t help but find it all to be absolutely fascinating. Expect a full review later on…

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling, narrated by Jim Dale – I only got through part of The Chamber of Secrets in July, but that’s okay because at least I got reacquainted with Dobby. (Awww Dobby. How I love thee.) Again, Jim Dale’s voice is amazing and I actually look forward to having to drive to work every day knowing I get to continue reliving this series.

Your turn! Do you have any thoughts on the books I mentioned above? What have you been reading, buying, listening to, or pre-ordering lately?


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  1. These Amazon pre-orders are seriously tempting me to get more books than I planned, particularly for September/October. But I will try to resist!! I also like your book haul. I’m curious about Nimona, so I can’t wait to see what you think.

  2. First: OMG you don’t like Chaol? OH NO. Also… Crap, I forgot the second thing I was going to say. OH YEAH, I’m really glad you enjoyed listening to Harry Potter on audio! Jim Dale is a great narrator, and he’s a big reason I’ve listened to that series on audio at least three times now!

  3. You have to read Heir of Fire! I read it a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. It might even be my favorite book in the series so far. I hope you like it once you get the chance to read it, though. I haven’t pre-ordered anything yet, but I really want to pre-order Queen of Shadows. I actually haven’t finished the Grisha series yet, so I think I’m going to wait on Six of Crows. I’ve been seeing Armada everywhere lately, but I’m not sure what it’s about and I haven’t read Ready Player One yet, either, so I’m not sure if I’m going to read that. On a different note, I really like your format with the video and blog post! I think it’s a great way to integrate both:)

  4. I’ve also started incorporating audiobooks into my reading since having a baby. And, like you, I plan to mostly use them as re-reads. I have listened to a few nonfiction books as well, but only fun celebrity memoirs, since those don’t matter too much if I drift in and out of paying attention. I’d never use them to read anything I wanted to make sure to remember later. But, yes, a great way to get in re-reads that I just don’t have time for otherwise. And, again, if I realize I just missed the last five minutes, I don’t feel the need to go back and listen to what I missed.

    I have yet to re-read any books that I feel are better in audio; I know some people say it enhances the experience, but I just don’t think that will ever be true for me. A meh narrator could make me not like it, but I don’t think even the most incredible narrator would make me love it more. (Though I’m working with a very small sample size thus far, so time will tell, I guess.)

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Harry Potter! Unfortunately, Jim Dale is one of those narrators who didn’t work for me. I tried listening to HP, but his character voices were so extreme and just too distracting for me. I wonder if I’d like Stephen Fry’s version better, or if it’s more of the same.

  5. Heyyy, don’t be mean to Harry Potter. ;)

    I think you’ll love the new characters introduced in Heir of Fire, seeing as they’re Chaol’s opposite. (By the way, in case you needed another reason not to like him, his name is apparently pronounced “Kale.”) I’m really excited for Queen of Shadows, and since my library doesn’t seem to want to order it, I’m seriously regretting not pre-ordering it when it was $10. I know there will be spoilers appearing very quickly all over the Internet.

    I’m pleased to hear you also weren’t in love with Ready Player One. I only rated it 3 stars, because 90% of it went over my head, so I was pretty bored. I’ve been assured that Armada has fewer video game and pop culture references, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yesss! to Jim Dale’s Harry Potter narration! I listened to Stephen Fry as well and just didn’t enjoy listening to his version. It sounded to me like Fry was trying too hard while Dale was really telling a story that I could enjoy listening to. Though above all, I love Jim Dale’s narration of The Night Circus! Haha.

  7. I loved Nimona!!! It’s awesome. If you fall in love with it, like I have, then you have to chat to me about it or something.

    I’ve preordered Queen of Shadows as well, but that’s also so I can get free badges as part of the Bloomsbury promo. I love badges. Of course, I love the series as well. But. You know. Badges also help.

    Hopefully I will be preordering a copy of The Rest of Us Just Live Here very soon, I’m hoping to get it signed at an event Ness is doing near me in Spetember. Much excite!

    Now I’m curious about the Jim Dale version of the Harry Potter books because I’ve only heard the Stephen Fry versions that we get in the UK.

    I’m hoping to buy more auidebooks in general now I’ve literally just got a job.

  8. I’m sort of drooling over the Nimona cover – the illustration is so gorgeous, and from what you’ve described it sounds like the characters are equally as lovely. <3 Also, random side note – it's good to find another slow reader! I always feel a bit lonely whenever bloggers showcase the fifteen books they read over the month, especially since I generally only get through three or four on average – hooray for slow and steady, right? ;)

  9. Six of Crows is high on my wish list. I am seriously so hyped up after reading The Grisha series. I am also nervous. This author is one of my most cherished, and I want everything she writes to be awesome.

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