Bookish Thoughts: The Next Step to Bringing Harry Potter to Life? Invisibility Cloak.

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The Next Step to Bringing Harry Potter to Life?  Invisibility Cloak.

Harry Potter is everywhere.  There’s the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida.  There’s the Warner Bros. Studio Tour of the Making of Harry Potter in London.  And there’s even those living in your own city who probably have Hogwarts uniforms and fake wands hidden in their closets.  Who doesn’t want Harry Potter to come to life?

cloak_1466279cBut, researchers have started tackling one area that I think we could do without, an invisibility cloak.  According to CBS News, scientists at the University of Texas have created a miniature invisibility cloak that works in microwave light.  While it does not yet work for large objects or in visible light, there is hope that it will progress to that in the future.

Oh no.  Please no.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love the idea of an invisibility cloak.  I can just imagine all the troublesome things I would get up to knowing that I could sneak around undetected under this magical cloak… and that’s the problem.

Can you imagine what horrific uses people might come up with if they get their hands on an invisibility cloak?  Let me give you some ideas.

  • Stalking:  That’s right.  Someone could follow you around everywhere, including your bathroom, and you would have no idea!  You would just be walking around with that strange feeling of being watched, but would have no proof!  Can you say creepy?!
  • Stealing:  People choose to steal enough when they’re completely visible, but if they had the option to be invisible?  I’d have no doubt I would see my car keys magically float away and my car drive off without me.  (Which is sad, because my car is crap.)
  • Spying:  Similar to the first one, but instead of doing so for perverted reasons maybe they’ll spy on you to dig up some dirt on you.  You know that book you spilled cheese dip on?  That’s right.  The truth will be revealed!
  • Scaring:  I can just imagine some evil little kid running around with just his hand sticking out of the invisibility cloak so it looks the Addams family has come to life.  Do you want to give people heart attacks?  I would be petrified seeing body parts floating around in the air!
  • Silliness:  C’mon, let’s be real.  If someone had an invisibility cloak and weren’t completely evil, they would probably still use it to do something silly.  I can just imagine all the pranks that pop up.  Ew, did you fart?  It came from your direction…

What do you think?  Am I just crazy?  Does anyone else see the invention of an invisibility cloak as a bad idea?


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  1. Ekk! No way! Sounds way too dangerous. Although if it was just given to me and no one else, I would promise to use it responsibly! *fingers-crossed-behind-back*. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”. The things I could find out and get away with :D Mischief managed indeed!

  2. I can’t believe people are actually pouring money into the development of this. -_- I love Harry Potter, but come on. How is this a good idea? Though I could probably have some fun with one of those mini-size ones. Scare a couple of people with the Invisible Mouse From Hell. Hehehe }:)

  3. You’re definitely not alone! While I think that the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter was one of the greatest inventions ever, I don’t think it’d do to have it exist in real life. The scariest thing I can think of what people’d do with a cloak like that is murder. Psychopaths would be able to get away with murder because no one saw them commit the crime. I mean, how frightening is that? There’s already enough crime in the world as it is, we don’t need anything to help push the crime rate higher! It would be extremely difficult to control anyone with this kind of object. *shudder*

    I never realized people were actually attempting to recreate the cloak – I hope they’ll never succeed! Really, some things should just remain as fiction. Thanks for pointing this out, Asti.

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