Bookish Thoughts: A Beginner Bookstagrammer’s Thoughts

A Beginner Bookstagrammer's Thoughts

A Beginner Bookstagrammer's Thoughts

During one of our weekly recaps, I mentioned that I would possibly do a post on Bookstagram. I had originally planned on doing a post about tags, and I think I still will at some point, but first I thought it would be fun to talk about my thoughts and experiences as a beginning Bookstagrammer.

My History with Bookstagram

An Account was Born

I didn’t really join the cell phone world until October 2013. (Crazy, right?) When I finally did join, one of the first things I did was install Instagram. And then took a picture of my The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour booklet because that’s what a book nerd like me does.

Bookstagram Harry Potter

My first Instagram picture.

My first few months on Instagram were pretty unexciting. For me, Instagram was just an extension of my blog. I kept my images mainly book-related, either snapshots of events I went to, book hauls, publishing work placements, some selfies (okay… maybe not entirely book-related). I didn’t use hash-tags. My image descriptions were minimal. I didn’t really respond to anyone’s comments on my photos. I only followed other book bloggers I already knew on Instagram and pretty much just liked every picture I saw, and that was the extent of my social interaction on Instagram. It was really quite pathetic.

Bookstagram, Book Haul

Why didn’t I reply to the comments?

I don’t know why I didn’t think of Instagram as a social tool when I joined. I’m not sure why I automatically decided that the site was just for pretty images and nothing else. But I did. And so for the first few months, my Instagram account was quite sad and slow growing, with my followers mainly consisting of bloggers who were returning the love after I followed them.

First Baby Steps

Once I had been using Instagram for a while, and could see how other bloggers used it and to get a feel for it, I decided to try and be a little more active with it. I started sporadically including hashtags in my posts, I responded to comments here and there from others (making sure to @ them, first!), and had fun playing with the various filters and borders Instagram had to offer.

Bookstagram Book Haul

Slowly trying to figure things out

I used a little bit of freedom for my pictures, starting to include photographs of Dave (poor boy), the postcards that were sent to me from other bloggers (which holds a special place in my heart), and footgazing shots (thanks to Kelley’s encouragement). I also tried participating in Books & Cupcakes Book Photo Challenge, but only really participated in like three days before giving up. (Fail.)


One of the many foot shots I took…

I think it was around this time that I was starting to realize that Instagram didn’t have to be an extension of my blog. I could include other things. I could have fun with it. I could actually use it to interact with others. That doesn’t mean I actually appreciated Instagram yet. No, not quite. I still primarily used it as something to do when bored. But still, it was starting to grow on me, this Instagram world.

On My Own Two Feet

And that brings me to the last month and today. I finally am starting to realize the potential Instagram has as a social networking site. I add hashtags to my photos so that others who are searching the tags may find my photos and possibly be engaged enough to follow me. I try to take interesting shots (sometimes taking ten photos before I find one I like!) and include captions that might actually lead to a conversation – and then I actually participate in the conversation by responding to the comments left on my photo! I am actually using it to socialize. Shock!

Bookstagram Bookcase

Let’s socialize!

I honestly credit a lot of my recent engagement and love for Instagram to the tags and challenges that have appeared. I have been participating in Hazel’s, Rosie’s, and Georgie’s #30daysofbookstagrams since the beginning of July. Every once in a while someone will tag me to participate in a tag and I’ll do that as well. I think it really helps those who are new to Instagram, or are just sometimes uninspired, as it provides photo ideas for you. You can interpret them at face value, or try to get creative. The possibilities are limitless and it’s really quite fun to compare everyone’s photos.

Bookstagram More Than This

Fun participating in tags and challenges!

But the one thing that’s changed recently this month, that I think has been one of the greatest changes for me and the most rewarding, is expanding my interaction to those who aren’t bloggers. Don’t get me wrong. I love you guys. But I already talk to you here, there, and everywhere. It was sort of a strange moment for me when I realized that maybe it would be fun to actually talk to others who I didn’t already know. So I did!

I looked up various book hashtags and followed those who posted pictures I liked. I paid attention to who followed me and interacted with me and you know what? I feel like I have been making new friends through Instagram. That it’s possible to build relationships just through pictures and captions. It’s amazing! (And I definitely have to give a shout out to Aditi (@pleasedtoreadyou) who has been so kind to me and really helped me realize all of this.)

MY top three tips for other newbie bookstagrammers

I’m not a pro at Instagram. I take my photos with my iPhone, there’s no consistency in the quality of my photographs, and though my account has been steadily growing over the last month it is still a far cry from the success of most other Bookstagrammers. Still, I thought it would be fun to share the three main things I learned, three little tips, that might be handy for others joining the big bad world of Bookstagram.

  1. Remember Instagram is a social networking service. I think this is huge! Just like there is an amazing book blogging community, or an amazing Booktube community, I think there is an amazing Bookstagram community just waiting for people to join. Get involved! Take photographs, use hashtags, comment and like posts by other Bookstagrammers. It’s a lot of fun, and you may just find yourself making a friend or two in the process. Who doesn’t want that?
  2. Participate in tags or challenges! Sometimes it’s easy to be uninspired. How can you take multiple photos of books and keep it fun and engaging? Tags and challenges really help with this! You get provided with a multitude of ideas about what to post and by using a tag for these things you’re likely to get others who are participating in the tag or challenge to see your photos as well! It’s a win, win, win situation! (And I will actually be starting a new feature revolving tags, Bookish Tags, in the future!)
  3. Practice, practice, practice. As with blogging or anything else you do, the more you do it the better you will get and the more you will see what works and doesn’t work. It can be easy to get put off of doing things sometimes when you see how amazing everyone else is doing it and then look at your work and just cringe, but don’t give up! Keep taking photos and working with what you have. It gets better, I promise! :)

What do you think? Are you a Bookstagrammer? How has your Instagram journey compared to mine? Do you have any tips for new Bookstagrammers?

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    • Yeah, I was totally behind on the whole cell phone thing. I bet if I didn’t move countries, I still wouldn’t have one. (But now that I have one, I can’t imagine life without it!)

      And yes! You do get better with time, no matter how many pictures you take. I’m participating in that challenge so I end up taking a lot of pictures, but I usually do them all in batches and just upload them as I go :)

  1. I’ve had an instagram account for over a year now and I’ve only been on it about a handful of times. I guess I’ve been thinking of it of a bunch of pretty pictures and not a tool too. But, I think I may have to dive into it because it does seem like a good social networking tool for the blog, and who doesn’t like looking at book pictures?

    • I do think it’s quite easy to just look at it as a place for pretty pictures. If I’m honest, I still think that way of Tumblr. (I swear, some day I’m going to figure out how to use that site in an effective way >.<) But yes, I have been finding that Instagram is a great way to socialize with others as well. I've actually found myself making friends on there, which was really surprising to me for some reason! O.o

  2. I’m definitely not a bookstagrammer! While I definitely see everything in Instagram that you mentioned like the sense of community, I just don’t think it’s for me? I say that now but I change my mind so often in a few years, I bet I’ll be obsessed with it! But at this point, I really just like Instagram to follow other people and look at their pretty pictures. I have seriously yet to actually participate, mostly because I don’t understand it a whole bunch and my phone is pretty finicky and sucky when it comes to taking pictures. The 30 days of Bookstagrams does seem a lot of fun though! All the pictures are so pretty, I love scrolling through them! :)

    • There’s nothing wrong with only using Instagram for eye candy! I think that is definitely one of the best parts of it. I’ve just always been one of those people who have always WANTED to take pretty pictures but never thought I could. I still am not quite convinced I’m able to, especially since I don’t have a nice camera or anything, but I do feel like I’m making some progress with it. So I have slightly more motivation to get involved than you ;)

      But hey, I look forward to the day you do get obsessed with it, haha!

  3. I have been loving Instagram lately. I started experimenting with more hashtags a few months ago. I think it’s really interesting to see which tags fill up constantly and which fill up more slowly. And I agree, I like that it can be a place to put a lot of things and experiences and not just books, or outfits, or food. (I have a lot of all three on mine…especially the food. ha ha!)

    • I still feel like I haven’t quite gotten the handle of tags. I do use quite a few and try to make them reflect the photo, but sometimes I’ll go through other’s photos and see everyone using a certain take (like booknerdigans) that I’m not using and wonder if I should be using that one as well. So silly. But still, I do think it helps!

      And haha. I personally don’t do the food shots just because I’m always too busy shoving the food in my mouth to actually stop and take a picture, but I do love sharing other random bits in my life every once in a while! It’s sort of like the blog here. I talk about book usually, but sometimes it’s nice to talk about other things too! :)

  4. I’m not much of a picture person, so Instagram has never appealed to me. But I think your thought that it doesn’t just have to be an extension of your blog can apply to any social network. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing my blog a disservice by not having specific social media accounts tied to it… but that just wouldn’t work for me. I’d never want to feel limited (which is why they’re all in my own name, even the ones I created after starting my blog) but if I had separate accounts, I just know I’d start neglecting one or the other.

    (Btw, have you guys changed your CommentLuv settings recently? Suddenly it’s not recognizing my site unless I add “/feed” to the end of it. I’ve had this happen before… most CommentLuv blogs read me fine, but I’ll start getting that error on a single blog. It’s not a huge deal, it just means that the link attached to my name goes to my RSS feed instead of my site.)

    • Yes, I do think we bloggers sometimes get “trapped” with thinking our social media accounts should be extensions of our blogs. I think it’s slightly harder with my group blog accounts because I’m the only one who runs them so I don’t want to overwhelm the account with just my stuff – so those I tend to keep an extension of the blog. Just posting links to our blog posts and announcements, along with random shares of information from each of us. But with my own personal bits I definitely am a bit more flexible!

      And as far as I know, the CommentLuv settings haven’t changed but I will check with Kelley (who is in charge of the plug-ins). Maybe it’s been updated or something? Glad that you’ve found your way around it, just don’t want it to put off other bloggers who don’t think to link to their feed! So thanks for the heads up!

      • I’m pretty sure I got that tip from Ashley at NoseGraze the last time I was having issues. I don’t know if some blogs get an update and others are still using an older version, or why the discrepancies, but it is nice to have the work-around. It’s a little annoying that it screws up the generic link, but most people are looking at the “recently posted” one anyway, so I feel like it’s better to have that right even if it makes the other wrong.

        • Judging by the comments on this post alone, it seems like it might (hilariously) be an issue with the plugin not recognizing blogs! We haven’t changed anything recently and I haven’t seen any updates for the plugin come through either, so I’m not sure what triggered the issue. I just refreshed our settings on it, so maybe that will do something toward resolving it. Let me know!

          • I had that thought (that maybe it’s only blogs), but either way, it’s still weird that some sites using CommentLuv recognize me and some don’t. Oh well. Like I said, it’s not a huge deal, I was just curious if you’d changed something recently, because it was working fine up until last week.

  5. I’ve had instagram for awhile, but I haven’t really engaged with it much until I decided to link it to my blog. It was so interesting to read your post because I feel like I was much the same way as you in how I gradually came to appreciate instagram more! Definitely now that I’m making it more connected with my blog, it’s been fun to see other people’s bookish photos. And I’ve been loving 30daysofbookstagrams so far!

    I really like your tip to engage more with new people through tags – I don’t really look at other pics, but I would like to be more active on instagram so that is a great idea!

    • Haha, I’m glad I’m not alone in my Instagram journey! I feel like some people just get it, but for me it was a much more gradual progress. But I’m glad I’ve made it! It IS a lot of fun!

      Yes! Use tags! Even if you don’t look through them, others do, and I’m pretty sure most of my followers come through my participation in tags and using general book-related tags. It helps! :)

    • Aww, so sorry you can’t have Instagram now! I used to be annoyed by how limited Instagram is. I mean, if you don’t have a phone (or one that has the app available, like yours) you’re out of luck. And even if you do have an account, you can’t really access it on the computer besides for the most basic of things. Im’ not sure why they’re so against opening it to everyone. :(

  6. I love taking pictures, but I hate taking them with my phone. I avoided Instagram for the longest time. Then I started seeing photos that were actually really good, and I wanted to join in. I’ve been having a lot of fun with Instagram and I’m participating in #30daysofbookstagrams. Thanks to Google Drive, it doesn’t even take a 3 minutes to transfer photos from my camera to my phone.

    BTW, if you’re interested my username is @TheDarlingDana on Instagram and Twitter ;) #networking Lol.

  7. I love Instagram! I first wasn’t planning on joining, afraid that I would only stumble upon girls and guys posting shelfies, but there are so many booklovers there too. I love all the bookish tags and challenges or just seeing what everyone is reading at that moment :) I do the same as you: I brows through keywords and follow people that look interesting to me. It’s a fun way to interact with others!

        • Wait, you know my face now?! Nooooo… My attempts at keeping my identity secret have failed. Unless, you know, I’m one of those catfish people who stole these pictures from someone else to fool you all. Muhahahha. (Really though, if that were the case I’m pretty sure I would’ve chosen the pics of a model. If you’re going to do it, might as well go all the way.)(I really have no idea why I’m saying any of this. First I’m thinking I’m funny and then I just realize I’m weird. lol(

  8. You know I love Instagram! I browse on it all the time because it’s so easy with one arm because lets face it, I’m almost constantly hauling a huge baby around. I love seeing how others take pictures of their books and what props they’re using. I love seeing how people change over the course of using it, like you and how your pictures are looking more and more awesome (not that they weren’t before, but I mean like your posing and props and stuff, which is much better than mine! I guess it’s becoming more artsy?

    I will continue to use mine for books, kids, cats and I’m so exciting. I might occasionally throw in some food pictures!

    I also enjoy how I’m in a lot of your pictures commenting, because I’m cool like that!

  9. I just joined up to Instagram! Like literally last week…I really had no idea how to use it. I don’t have an iPhone, but I have an iPod, which is fine. Although I actually take more photos on my parents proper Nikon and then email them to myself and upload that way. It takes longer, but I’m happier with the quality of the pics. ;) I have NO idea what I’m doing on instagram, so this actually helps a lot!!

    • Haha I think you’re doing great already, for only joining a week or two ago! I’m glad my post helped a little :) Though man, it does sound much more complicated for you to use it what with having to take pics and then emailing them to the iPod! I do think it’s a bit of a shame that they don’t really let you use Instagram on computers, which may make it easier for some. But hey, at least you have a nice camera you can use for your pics! All mine are done with my iPhone!

  10. I really love instagram. My account is a mix of geeky/book. I don’t have a specific instagram for my blog, it’s both personal and for my blog. Plus I can’t link up my damn blog link because facebook blocked my blog a long time ago as spam (who fricken knows why) and then when they took over instagram, instagram of course blocked the link as spam. So in my description I just added ” Blogger @ Angela’s Anxious Life. LOLOL! It’s the best I could do.

  11. I have an instagram, but I don’t really use it much. I used it a little when I first downloaded it, but not much now. I feel like I’ll use it a little more when I start my library job. Social networking is such a huge part of being a great school librarian and I want to offer a lot of transparency. It would be nice to make other cool bookish friends too. I’m going to save this post to look back on and remind myself that I need to utilize instagram. I think it might prove to be a cool way to engage my students in books and the library too.

  12. I am on Instagram and also like to upload a few bookish pics, but I never thought about using hashtags or participate in challenges! But now, that you punted these out I might go and try this too! since I am not doing an IMM or something of sorts, I also usually post the pics of books I got, but I could also think of expanding this! Great pos!

    • Ah yes, a lot of people do pics of their book hauls on Instagram, which can be quite good since people like to share their thoughts on the books pictured. But yes, expand if that is something you’re interested in! It’s a lot of fun and you get to interact with more book lovers that way, which is never a bad thing :)

  13. I love this post Asti! I feel exactly the same, Instagram was just a ‘oh, lots of other bloggers have one, best make one’ and I started off pretty, uninterested and randomly taking images, but as the months have gone on, I’ve interacted more, been involved in tags, been more particular on my images and made them so much more worthy of viewing and I love how far I’ve come. I wouldn’t call myself a photographer or anything like that, but I do think that some of my images are really good and I’m proud. I love your account and you’re one my go-to accounts to view , so you should be proud too! Lovely post with some great advice! :D

  14. My instagram account started out as a place for random things, not really for books. If you check out mine (@drewolf), you will find ME, my pets, some books, FOOD, etc. I will now follow you, as I love seeing bookish photos on IG. :D Lovely post!

  15. As a beginning instagrammer, I appreciate the advice! Thanks Asti :) Do you have both book blogger and in real life friends you interact with on instagram? And if so, do you have any advice for balancing your content to reflect that? I always worry about doing the book challenge things because I hate to spam my IRL friends with so much bookish content!

    • Ooh good quite Katie! I actually only use my Instagram account as a book blogger thing. I mean, I do post personal photos here and there, but I feel like my Instagram is definitely more pushed towards the bookish side. Randomly someone I know will find it from Facebook or something and they’ll follow me, and I have to admit I do internally cringe because I can’t imagine they’d really want to just see my constant splurge of book photos. So I do understand what you mean. I’m not sure if I have any advice for that. I know Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews has created two separate Instagrams accounts, as some others have, to keep the two things separate. I guess I just mainly do mine towards book bloggers and leave it up to my real life friends to decide if they want to follow. I usually use FB more for them >.>

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  18. Whoa, you didn’t join the cellphone world only until last October?! That… That IS crazy. O_O Does that mean you weren’t using Twitter on your mobile, too, and checking emails on your phone? You have some SERIOUS self-control, Asti! But hehe, I’m so glad you’ve joined the dark side now — everything is so much more convenient with a phone. And I APPROVE that your first picture was something HP. ;D

    I can totally relate to your first few days/months of Instagram. When I first created my account, I wasn’t active on it AT ALL. I didn’t post any pictures because I didn’t know what pictures to take, and I didn’t comment or add hashtags to my pictures too because I was such a noob. Even my sister, who’s three years younger than me, knew how to make her pictures more searchable with hashtags. And she’s more popular than I am. T_T So yup, after about a year with that inactive Instagram account, I deleted it and created my current one, and the rest is history. I’m more interactive on there (or I hope I am), and like you said, I can connect to other book lovers who aren’t necessarily book bloggers. And oh my gosh, so many of them have such GORGEOUS pictures! I get jealous, haha.

    Anyway, great tips, Asti! If only you’d published this post like a year ago. xD

    • Haha, yes, that is correct. Twitter, emails, blog – all done on the laptop. And I actually think that’s partly why I was so good at commenting and stuff. Now I check Feedly on my phone and hate commenting on it, so I see blog posts but never comment. Fail! But yeah, it wasn’t until October until I joined the mobile world, and even then it’s mainly because I couldn’t survive in a new country without it!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has gone through this journey with Instagram, haha! You would think it’s so straightforward and simple, but it really takes some of us a while to figure out what it’s all about.

      Oh but deleting IG accounts. Some people seem to do that a lot! Start over again and again? I don’t think I could ever do that! I sort of like seeing my journey on there. It’s fun. I would feel sad to lose it all.

      And haha, sorry I didn’t publish this sooner! I would have if I had figured it all out sooner! Hopefully it’ll help someone else though, since, you know, you and I are pros now ;)

  19. Share some of the tags you use? I’m just using the same ones over and over again. And I deleted my account again but I did make a new one, and I honestly need to stop deleting accounts! :S This one will last. But yeah, Instagram has made me wish for a nice fancy camera for the sake of having a blur effect!

    • I pretty much just use the ones I see others use, so the book titles of the books I’m taking pictures of, #books #bookstagram #yalit #yabooks #currentlyreading #booklover #bibliophile #booknerdigans #reading #read #bookworm #bookporn. I don’t use them all, but usually a mix of them. But yeah, I mean, it’s still the same one over and over again! But it seems to work.

      And haha, I’ve noticed that you delete accounts a lot! I don’t know how you do it. The thought of losing all my photos from mine makes me sad. It would probably not be a bad idea, because it can be quite pretty seeing one account whose photos all go nicely together. But meh. I like my mix.

      And YES! I totally get what you mean about the blur effect. I try and use the standard one that comes with Instagram but that does no good. I don’t have any cameras so whatever I can take with my iPhone is all I have. Sucks, but I’ve been trying to make it work!

      At least you have pretty calligraphy to take pictures of! Your work is so beautiful <3

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  22. This is interesting to me since my Instagram is strictly personal and I do not follow any blog people at all on it. I have actually considered creating a second Instagram account for the blog though because I like the idea of connecting with blogging friends that way too and like what I’ve seen you share, but right now I’m trying out taking book pictures and posting them on Tumblr and seeing how that goes.

    • Haha, we’re complete opposites! I consider my IG completely bookish. Anytime someone from my personal life follows me that’s not bookish I raise an eyebrow and think “why? Can’t they see it’s not personal?!” lol I mean, not that personal bits don’t work their way in there (like they do in everything I do), it’s just not directed towards friends for me. I use FB for that!

      I’m curious to see how Tumblr goes though! I do crosspost my photos on there but they rarely get any sort of interaction (besides from you :P)!

  23. Yay! This post made me feel better about Instagram. I feel like I’ve finally been using it more with the 30daysof bookstagram, but it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one it took a while to really break into it. I started using it for swaps and trying to keep track of real friends, but it wasn’t enough to keep me looking at it everyday. I love finding new bookish people to friend and follow. Now it’s one of my social media stops multiple times a day.

    • I’m glad it made you feel better Kristen! You’re definitely not alone. And I agree, it’s quickly become one of my favorite social media outlets to check these days. It’s more manageable than something like Twitter, and yet it still provides the eye candy of Tumblr! :P

  24. I actually follow your Instagram through tumble (yay fir cross posts making life simple) and I noticed the hashtags you were using which inspired me to try a few. On all of one photo so far so not much for practice :) but it’s a start and definitely something I want to do more of in the future. I also really like the books posts because I don’t like to post pictures of myself online – so nice relatable but anonymous things like books are great :)

    And I found this post enlightening because I totally just think of Instagram as a place for pretty pictures. I hadn’t really considered the social aspect of it so it’s great to hear some details on the view of it.

    • Oh another person who follows my IG through Tumblr! I do like cross posting over there, but I do find that I get little to interaction through Tumblr. That is one social media outlet I still definitely struggle with. (If you have any tips, feel free to share!) I do think the hashtags are important for both outlets, though it is often just repeating the same things over and over again it seems. Still, it helps!

      Haha yes, seeing pictures of books instead of people can be a good thing. Pics of me still pop up, but that’s okay. I’m not too bothered. :P

      Would it be funny for me to admit that I still feel like Tumblr is just a site for pretty pictures? Again, that social media outlets eludes me. I will figure it out. Someday.

  25. I love Instagram. But I use it mostly for personal and beauty photos, and less books since I read mostly ebooks. Shots of your ereader just aren’t the same as shots of actual book covers.

    • Instagram is great for beauty shots as well! I mean, I don’t personally use it for that because it’s not quite my thing, but I’m sure it definitely has it’s own community on there for it :) And you know, I do agree that physical books are a bit nicer to look at in photos than ebooks, but I have seen some good ebook photos as well. I think it requites a bit more creativity and staging to have the same impact as a physical book, but some pull it off. (Not me. :P)

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  27. I’ve been on Instagram for years. Haha. I think I joined in February 2011, which was during my freshman year at university. I was perusing the app store on my iPhone and saw this Instagram app featured. I got curious (as I always do with SNSs), and gave it a spin. Back then it was well integrated with Twitter as well, showing image previews embedded in the tweets. But ever since Twitter allowed images to be embedded in tweets, Instagram’s basically had a door slammed in their face. Pity, really.

    Anyway, I decided from the start that my personal account would remain private but with all that bookstagram fun going on, I decided I had to start another Instagram account that was public. It only made sense to tie it to my blog somehow, even if it’s just mostly in name. Plus, this way I don’t swamp friends who couldn’t care less about books with my bookish photos. Lol.

    • Look at you, trendsetter ;) I didn’t even have a phone in 2011 so Instagram definitely wasn’t on my radar. I do think it’s a good idea to keep accounts separated if one is going to be based off a major theme, like bookstagram. While some can make it work (and I myself don’t separate between personal and private) I do think it can be overwhelming for those not in the bookish community to see all the bookish photos. Whenever someone I know follows me on there I raise an eyebrow and just think “umm… you do know this mainly is just me taking pics of books, right?” haha. But hey, if they want to follow for that reason, more power to them! :P

  28. Yey I just started too :D Therefore even though I’m late to this post, its timing is excellent ;-). I haven’t jumped in to the challenges and tags yet since I’m not really up for anything with the word challenge in it at the moment, but maybe I’ll try ;-). I haven’t discovered the borders yet, I will have to investigate those now…. I’m such a noob haha

    • Haha, true, I guess if you’ve just started it the word challenge might throw you off of trying stuff because it might be… challenging? lol. But do give it a go once you feel more comfortable! Most people don’t participate in them for the whole month (there’s a photo prompt for each day), but pick and choose for when they have time/what inspires them. Just nice to have when you’re struggling with ideas on how to take another picture of the same old books! :P

      And yes, borders! I don’t use them anymore, but they were quite easy to find before Instagram updated their app. I think now when you’re going through filters you have to tap on them twice? Then you can change how strong you want that filter to be and to the right there’s a box where you can click to add on the border? Hopefully that helps, if you want to try them out and haven’t found them yet! :)

  29. I started really loving instagram as soon as I branched out of the book community and started following artists and other feeds. NOthing against book bloggers I love seeing everyone’s new books and what they happen to be reading or the quotes and things. But I really love art. Before I would like everything as well but now I’ll comment on something versus liking it and I save my likes for things that I want to go back and look at again. So glad you are enjoying it your pictures are soo nice!

  30. I’m not sure if I can call myself a bookstagrammer. I’m new to bookstagram and I just bought a good phone with a good camera two months ago so I’ve been taking photos of my books since then but I’m still new at it. But I’m liking it so far because I get to see what people are reading, what they think of a certain book and as a new bookstagrammer, and also their awesome pictures of books and I’ve also learnt how to take better pictures of my books. Now I’m loving bookstagram community because of its awesomeness and I even use my personal acc to upload pictures of my books. I hope in the future I can improve my skill at taking better pictures also with better equipments :)

    • I think it’s quite possible to have a gorgeous bookstagram account even without amazing equipment! I think lighting is the biggest thing, and finding a filter that works for you. And even if your photos aren’t the best, the community is still fairly welcoming. :) I’ll have to check your account out!

  31. Thanks for this post! I just created a #bookstagram account and this was very helpful. I am really trying to come up with my own style niche for the photos I take as that is a tip I read over and over for instagram in general. I look forward to following you on instagram and reading your blog!

  32. Hi, am sorry, I don’t know your name, and perhaps I’m reading your blog for the first time,. I was looking for a bookish username on Google, there I found your that article, and I find it interesting, so I saved it for later(for reading). I’m a booklover too(That’s what I think), I love reading, and actually, more than reading, I LOVE BOOKS, there pages, covers, shapes, designs, touch, etc. So, I joined instagram. I didn’t expected(I didn’t knew that) that, there are so many, so many means lots of beautiful pictures of books, all over, I was so fascinated by them. I am following loads of booklovers’s accounts on instagram, and maybe(or maybe not), I’m following you too. Ok.
    My question to you is, more than a question, it’s a doubt, see, I already have an account, where I post my pictures plus sometimes I post about books too, but I have made a theme on my account, as after every 2 random pics, I post a book related stuff. So I was asking, if you can suggest me, I was thinking to create a new account for books, where I should only post about books, or should I continue with my current account? Suggest me

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