Bookish Thoughts: Reuniting with Books

Reuniting with Books

Reuniting with Books
As I’m sure you all know by now, I am back in the States living at my parent’s house. And while this situation made me sad for many reasons, (including the unfortunate fact that I had to leave some books behind in the UK,) I did find myself excited at the idea that I would be reuniting with my collection of books stored at my parent’s house.

Now, these poor books of mine had been separated from me for… four years? “But wait!” I can hear you all asking, “How can that be when you were only gone for a year-and-a-half to study abroad?” (Because you all know my life so well, right?) Well, when I broke up with my ex-fiance and moved back to my parent’s house four years ago, I ended up packing all my books away and storing them in my parent’s basement. While I kept the new books I bought after the move up in my room with me, a majority of my collection remained packed away in boxes. (Those sad, sad books.)

Until I moved back. During my first week back in the States, I ordered three bookcases and unpacked all of my books. And that reunion? It was FULL of emotions! (But I’m just going to share the main three I felt during that time.)

Bookshelf (with Dave Photobombinb)

My bookcase (and photobombing boyfriend) 

I felt like I reunited with old friends.

One of the best things about reuniting with my old books was the fact that it felt like I had reunited with long, lost friends. These are my books. These are my comforters. These are the things that I’ve spent hours of my life absorbing, escaping to, connecting with. It just felt so good to find those old favorites within my collection – and it was hard to resist the temptation to stop what I was doing and just re-read them all once again.

Some of my old friends: The Crimson Petal and the White, Harry Potter series, This Is All, Uglies series, Chaos Walking trilogy, Lord of the Rings trilogy

I was a little confused.

Of course, I was also a little confused while looking through my old collection. Where did some of these books come from? Did I really buy these? Why? I’ve always been one to readily admit I have book amnesia, but I always thought I could at least remember which books I actually own. I guess not. There are some books in my collection that I had absolutely no recollection of ever buying, and I really couldn’t figure out what about these books appealed to me. Huh.

The confusing ones: Going Nowhere Faster, Tantalize, Cobwebs, Lost It

And I was totally heartbroken.

And then there was the totally unexpected emotion of the reunion – the heartbreak. There are a couple of books I swear I owned copies of that are absolutely nowhere to be found. The two that I know were both series finales of series I read, so I know they should be there, but they aren’t. And missing those books just tore my heart apart. Where did they go? How long have they been missing? Does this mean I’m missing other books I don’t know about or can’t remember? I really have no idea what happened to those books, but my heart is pretty sad they’re not a part of my collection.

Missing book alert: Goliath, The Dark and Hollow Places

Overall, it was a very emotional week when I unpacked and reunited with my books (I’m sure my boyfriend would agree, having been there through it all). Though some of it still bothers me (darn you missing books!), I have to say I’m overall quite happy to be back with my US collection. These books are finally getting the love they deserve being set up on my new bookshelves, and seeing them out of the corner of my eye while resting in bed always fills me with a certain peace.

Have you ever reunited with your books? How did it feel? Relate to any of my feelings?


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  1. That picture of those bookshelves with Dave is such the cutest. And I have this tiny crammed bookshelf, and I’m using a shelf on a big glass shelf for my books. I definitely can’t imagine moving with all those books, though, so looking at your shelves, it must be such a glory to finally get to display them all and see all those books again. Your rainbow shelves are so pretty!

    And missing books, I definitely feel you. I know I have The Sea of Tranquility and Shatter Me (it was signed-ahem) but when I went looking for those books? They were just gone. And I haven’t even read The Sea of Tranquility yet!

  2. I loved hearing about your reunion with your books, Asti! I actually get to reunite with the childhood/teen library I left back in the Philippines in a few weeks, and I’m so, so excited (and totally going to take the ones I want back with me to the US). It’s definitely special to revisit old friends like this, and I’m so thrilled for you :)

  3. When I moved a few years ago I went through this as well. Although I didn’t miss any books, luckily. I did encounter a few books I didn’t realize I owned, but only a few, as usually I am pretty good at knowing which books I own and which not.
    I hated packing my books into boxes and was so carefull with them all, I can’t believe how long it took to put all my books in boxes. Unpacking was much more fun and I literally closed myself in my book room and unpacked my books while others where unpacking other stuff in the house. And it felt so nice to give all those books a place on my book shelves again.

    • Yes! There definitely is a nice feeling of being reunited with those books after so long – even if it does take a while to unpack and sort them!

      I blame a lot of my “Huh? Where did this book come from?” on my bad shopping when I was a teen. Whenever I would go into a bookstore, I just had to come out with five-six books (which meant I didn’t go into a bookstore very often because I didn’t have that type of money). Oftentimes this meant me buying a book or two that I wasn’t really overly excited to buy, just wanted because BOOKS!

      I obviously don’t have that problem anymore! Being in the blogosphere has helped me know which books I really want, and so I’m pretty good at not buying random books just because (though that does take some of the fun out of things).

  4. I have to go away from home in the summer because that’s when my parents pick up and travel. and when I come back, legit, one of the first things I do is go hug my bookshelf. I feel like there’s something so special about the shelf, y’know?

  5. I just recently moved out of my parents home, and for a different city, so now I’m separated from my book collection. =( I asked my mum to send me some of the unread ones, I’ll bring them over slowly. But at last, I can’t bring them all. And I will miss them.

    I guess that feeling is okay, as we get older, we move on from things. But it’s nice to have these books there and be able to go back and reunite with them some day, like you did.

    Lovely bookshelf, by the way.

  6. I’m so jealous that you got to reunite with your books! I still have TONS AND TONS of books at my parents’ house because I can’t fit them in my apartment here in the UK. I’m honestly terrified that they’re going to donate them all without telling me.

    I love how you organized your books. :)

  7. OH YOUR BOOKSHELVES ARE AMAZING. I have made it my dream to buy bookshelves like yours and organize them all by color. Too bad my room isn’t big enough AT THE MOMENT. I will have to wait until grad school.

    Where could your missing books have gone :( I hope you find them

  8. *Sigh* I’m a military wife and I’ve had to sell, give away, and loose a lot of books throughout the years. I’m so happy that we own our house now and I have all my lovely bookshelves. Like you, I swear I had some books in my last move that never made it here. I think hubby lost them on purpose!

  9. Reuniting with books is the BEST THING EVER. (Also: the rainbow ordering of your bookshelves speaks to my soul.) Full disclosure: I’m slightly dreading going to college in a few years and having to leave all my books behind – especially since I want to go to a US school and there will be two oceans separating me and my beloved literary friends. The TORTURE. ;)

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