Bookish Thoughts: Sorry Supernatural Sexymen

Sorry Supernatural Sexymen

Sorry Supernatural Sexymen

After thinking about what I would do if I were the MC in Shiver, I thought it would be fun to elaborate on my thoughts about why dating a supernatural sexyman is just not for me. As with my It’s Not Ass-Tea post, I have recorded a YouTube video for this discussion but if you would rather skip watching that and just read the text, it’s included below. :)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading YA, it’s that a vampire, werewolf, or other paranormal creature may fall in love with me at any given moment. (Because, you know, I’m just so plain and ordinary and that’s the kind of girl they love.) And as exciting as they may sound, dating some supernatural sexyman, I’ve decided that it’s just not my cup of tea – and today I thought I’d explain why.


I’m pretty sure it’s the most obvious reason, but one I think is important to remind myself. Throwing caution to the wind is not a great idea when face-to-face with a supernatural sexyman. Sure, they may promise that they love you and would never hurt you, but these kinds of creatures aren’t always found in paranormal romances – they’re in horrors too. Knowing my luck, I would find my story in the wrong section of the bookstore, and that’s just not a risk I’m willing to take. The world needs me. ;)


Let’s say without a doubt you know you can trust your supernatural sexyman. Well… that doesn’t mean you can trust all their friends and enemies and other related individuals that make up their species. I think the potential to get hurt or used while in a relationship with a supernatural creature is way too great. Most supernatural creatures can’t be killed (or not easily). Some may decide that it would be easier to use ME as bait or blackmail to get back at my man and I’m not sure I would trust my supernatural sexyman to save me before it’s too late. Not cool.


Being a human sucks and, from what I’ve read, I don’t think being a supernatural creature is that much better. There’s still drama, there’s still complications, and, even worse, you usually are guaranteed to live forever and I just don’t want that. I love being with a significant other and working to meld our lives together, but to change to be with someone else? To want to be like them just to ensure my own safety or eternal love? Meh.


I mean, really, think about it, if everyone knows you’re dating some supernatural sexyman, do you think they’d ever actually want to talk about you anymore? The topics would revolve around your significant other, like “Oh, is he still living off of his rat’s blood diet? How noble of him.” Even if it wasn’t conversations you were worried about, what about just day-to-day activities? You could walk into a restaurant and request a table only to find that no one even notices you’re there because they’re too busy drooling over your sexyman with eyes the colors of oceans, and he would have to do all the talking to make sure things get done. Um, no thanks.


There are a lot of things that I think might make a relationship with the supernatural less-than-fun. Like, what happens if you’re vegetarian vampire decides he’s just too lazy to get up to grab a rat from the fridge and decides to nibble on you instead? (Because, let’s face it, how often do we eat crap that’s sitting next to us just because.) Or what happens when you’re on your period? Surely that would make things a bit more… complicated? And speaking of times of the month, dating a werewolf would probably be really rough if you’re going through your thing during the same time that he’s going through his. Do you think they’d sync? And even if you didn’t have to worry about that, I’m pretty sure there’d be a shedding problem.

I mean, really, it’s just all too much for me. I can understand why some girls go for the supernatural sexymen, but this girl is not one of them. Hopefully if an opportunity arises for me to dating a supernatural sexyman, I can come back to this post and remind myself why it’s not a good idea.

What do you think? Would you date a supernatural sexymen? Why or why not?


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  1. “Being a human sucks, but being one of those… eh… I’m not sure it’s any better from what I’ve read.”

    Oh, Asti, I can see your lovely optimistic temperament shining through. ;)

    But seriously, I was giggling throughout this entire video, because: ACCURATE MUCH?! I’m just thinking about kissing a vampire – I mean, it sounds wonderful, but I’m not really all that interested in getting a mouthful of fangs whenever I try to make out with him, you know?

    Also, I feel like all supernatural sexymen, as you put it, have to follow a strict set of rules to maintain their status: shadowed eyes; tragic backstory; tendency to brood and/or creepily stalk their love interest out of utter social incompetency. No thanks, man. I value my privacy too much. :P

  2. NOPE I’m not a big fan of supernatural sexies either. I mean THEY ARE OUT TO KILL YOU. YOU ARE FOOD TO THEM. Which is pretty much why I love the Others series so much, because it actually treats these mythical creatures realistically! That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good vampire romance ;)

  3. “Oh, is he still living off of his rat’s blood diet? How noble of him.” I laughed so hard reading this, and then again when you compared their diet to us just snacking on whatever’s lying next to us. I hadn’t even thought of that! And then there’s the syncing when you’re dating a werewolf and just… hahaha, no. I mean, I love reading about this stuff, but just because your man loves you unconditionally, doesn’t mean their friends and enemies can’t touch you either. (Can’t touch this dododododo)

    Too much hassle, man. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  4. Ahhh werewolves WOULD leave fur everywhere on the full moon, right? I never thought of that. I’m pretty sceptical about supernatural men as well, I like my human husband a lot, thank you very much. I have to say that if I had to choose between vampires and werewolves, though, I’d go for werewolves. Something about vampires bothers me… oh wait, they’re DEAD. Ew.
    I have another problem with supernaturals – the age gap that’s often featured in YA novels, you know, like Edward is 100 and Bella’s 17 – I never know why a guy that old would want a totally inexperienced girl of 17. I mean, I’m 28 and I’d never date a 17-year old, can you imagine how immature they would be?

  5. “dating a werewolf would probably be really rough if you’re going through your thing during the same time that he’s going through his. Do you think they’d sync?”

    OKAY, ASTI I WAS DRINKING TEA AND GIGGLE-SNORTED AT THAT LINE. OW, MY NOSE! Anyway… I’m not really into the supernatural sexyman either, mostly because “Omg he’s so *~*~BROODY~*~*” isn’t a selling point for me. :P

  6. LOL, this coming from the girl who flew halfway around the world for a guy she’d never met, who potentially could have been an axe murderer and/or a supernatural sexyman. Good thing he turned out to be “ordinary.” ;)

    Considering that I don’t like vampires, werewolves, zombies, faeries, or really any other supernatural creatures you can think of, I think I’ll stick with nerdy human sexymen. :D

    Hahaha, I never even thought about the vampire-period dilemma. Stephenie Meyer really should have clarified that for us. I think a vampire would have a shark-like reaction to the scent of fresh blood. It just wouldn’t be pretty. (I bet there’s some fetish fanfic around that topic, don’t you think?)

    I enjoyed your little dance at the end, haha.

  7. Yknow, when you think about it, those are all pretty fair points! I can imagine what it would be like to have your fab sexyman standing next to you and you would simply fade into the background. It’s nice to be noticed for who you are as well! I think the danger is the thing that drives me off the most though. Even if they promise to avoid eating me or something, their friends or enemies probably would,

  8. hehehee – very good points! I think the threat from friends and enemies would be the biggest deterrent. Because you don’t want to spend the whole romance looking over your shoulder waiting for danger. And if you break up? They could still totally come after you and then you don’t even get the “super hot” guy to make all the danger worth it. no thank you.

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