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Hello and Welcome!

Oh, the Books! is a combination of three unique and interesting perspectives in the book blogging world coming together to share their love for books and the bookish community. It is a place where you can find everything you love about book blogs as a whole (book reviews, bookish discussions, and weekly recaps) and everything you love about the people behind the blog (unique feature ideas, great interaction, and amazing personalities).

A Bookish Heart - by Asti Another Novel Read - by Kelley Literary Excursion - by Leanne

If you loved the book blogs A Bookish HeartAnother Novel Read, and/or Literary Excursion, there is no doubt that you will love Oh, the Books! It’s the same great stuff, but in a whole new package. (It’s like a cover redesign, without the suck!) So please, stick around and join us in our bookish conversations. We promise you you won’t regret it!

To learn more about the blog, or about us, please take a look at our About page.

What to Expect from Oh, the Books!

As stated above, this blog is a group effort from three bloggers joining forces. But for those who may not be familiar with all three of us or our individual blogs, we wanted to give you a little taste of what’s to come.

Our Blogging Schedule & Special Features

With three bloggers on one site, it can be a lot to keep track of, and we certainly don’t want to bombard our subscribers with too much content every day. So we’ve put together a loose schedule of who will post when, and what kinds of content we’ll be contributing to the site.

  • Discussions — all her usual fare of random thoughts and bookish topics, ranging from the weird and overanalytical, to the deep and thoughtful, including more of her Exploring Tarot With… series!
  • Fun & Games — bookish quizzes, crossword puzzles, etc.
  • Blog Tours & Interviews — Kelley seems the only one of us who participates in blog tours and cover reveals at the moment, so expect a bit more of that from her.
  • Reviews — Kelley will continue her schedule of at least one review per week, along with her monthly mini reviews.
  • Arts & Crafts — posts like Photo Field Trip and Literary Propaganda, where she shares er photography and graphic design projects.
  • All kinds of sci-fi features — Awesome Tech, Bookwormhole, Sci-Fi Subgenres, Sci-Fi Concept Art, and more!
  • Bingo cards — Leanne is known for the awesome book bingo cards she creates for various themes, seasons, and events, so look for more of these to come!
  • Reviews — Leanne will continue posting reviews, in her thoroughly beautiful, if somewhat infrequent fashion.
  • Arts & Crafts — Asti is known for her Bookish Finds and Bookish Parade features, and these won’t be going away.
  • Fun & Games — Asti’s probably even better known for her Bookish Friend and Bookish Games features. Look for much more of these to come on Oh, the Books! (We have some AWESOME Bookish Games coming up this year, you guys!)
  • In Person — More of her Bookish Life, Bookish Degree, and other posts, where she shares glimpses of her everyday life with us mortals.
  • Reviews — Asti will continue to post her reviews and bookish reunions regularly.

That’s right, folks — don’t fret! We all know that you really just visited our individual blogs for the massive lists of interesting links we share in our weekly recap posts. These WILL be continuing! Each Sunday, all three of us will be combining forces into one EPIC recap post, so expect an absolute smorgasbord of awesomeness to be included here.


This first week is incredibly important to us here at Oh, the Books! It’s our chance to make that first positive impression with the blogging community, and to receive feedback on whether or not our choice was the right one to make. To help us out, we decided to create a Grand Opening Schedule to prove just how right this is. This week will be a combination of our personal stories and blogging features.

Personal Stories

The first three days this week will entail our personal stories. We will each take turns talking about our blogging history and why we chose to join Oh, the Books! (Each of these will also contain a giveaway for our favorite books!)

  • [Monday] Kelley’s Personal Story
  • [Tuesday] Leanne’s Personal Story
  • [Wednesday] Asti’s Personal Story

Blogging Features

To end our Grand Opening Week, each of us will also take turns showcasing one of our original blog features that have accompanied us to Oh, the Books! For each of these features the two other co-bloggers will be making a special appearance.

  • [Thursday] Kelley’s Bookish Bloggery Quiz
  • [Friday] Leanne’s Photo Field Trip
  • [Saturday] Asti’s Bookish Wars: Best YA Heroine

Giveaway Time!

We’ve got two giveaways, because we love you all. Both give you a chance to win one of our favorite books (just choose any from the image above)! Just be careful: one giveaway is for US folks, and the other is international. Please be sure to ONLY enter the one that applies to you!

We wanted to give a little shout-out to all of our friends and loyal subscribers from our individual blogs, as well as those of you who signed up for our mailing list before you even knew what the heck this site was going to be! So we’ll see some special entries in our giveaways today, as well as on the ones coming up throughout the rest of our Grand Opening Week. Thank you — we love you all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

What do you think about Oh, the Books!? Are you excited, nervous, or upset? Let us know!

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