Grand Opening | Welcome to Another Bookish Excursion at Oh, the Books!

Grand Opening | Welcome to Another Bookish Excursion at Oh, the Books!

Hello and Welcome!

Oh, the Books! is a combination of three unique and interesting perspectives in the book blogging world coming together to share their love for books and the bookish community. It is a place where you can find everything you love about book blogs as a whole (book reviews, bookish discussions, and weekly recaps) and everything you love about the people behind the blog (unique feature ideas, great interaction, and amazing personalities).

A Bookish Heart - by Asti Another Novel Read - by Kelley Literary Excursion - by Leanne

If you loved the book blogs A Bookish HeartAnother Novel Read, and/or Literary Excursion, there is no doubt that you will love Oh, the Books! It’s the same great stuff, but in a whole new package. (It’s like a cover redesign, without the suck!) So please, stick around and join us in our bookish conversations. We promise you you won’t regret it!

To learn more about the blog, or about us, please take a look at our About page.

What to Expect from Oh, the Books!

As stated above, this blog is a group effort from three bloggers joining forces. But for those who may not be familiar with all three of us or our individual blogs, we wanted to give you a little taste of what’s to come.

Our Blogging Schedule & Special Features

With three bloggers on one site, it can be a lot to keep track of, and we certainly don’t want to bombard our subscribers with too much content every day. So we’ve put together a loose schedule of who will post when, and what kinds of content we’ll be contributing to the site.

[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley – Mondays & Thursdays” collapsing=”false” image=”null”]

  • Discussions — all her usual fare of random thoughts and bookish topics, ranging from the weird and overanalytical, to the deep and thoughtful, including more of her Exploring Tarot With… series!
  • Fun & Games — bookish quizzes, crossword puzzles, etc.
  • Blog Tours & Interviews — Kelley seems the only one of us who participates in blog tours and cover reveals at the moment, so expect a bit more of that from her.
  • Reviews — Kelley will continue her schedule of at least one review per week, along with her monthly mini reviews.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”leanne2″ caption=”Leanne – Tuesdays & Fridays” collapsing=”false” image=”null”]

  • Arts & Crafts — posts like Photo Field Trip and Literary Propaganda, where she shares er photography and graphic design projects.
  • All kinds of sci-fi features — Awesome Tech, Bookwormhole, Sci-Fi Subgenres, Sci-Fi Concept Art, and more!
  • Bingo cards — Leanne is known for the awesome book bingo cards she creates for various themes, seasons, and events, so look for more of these to come!
  • Reviews — Leanne will continue posting reviews, in her thoroughly beautiful, if somewhat infrequent fashion.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”asti2″ caption=”Asti – Wednesdays & Saturdays” collapsing=”false” image=”null”]

  • Arts & Crafts — Asti is known for her Bookish Finds and Bookish Parade features, and these won’t be going away.
  • Fun & Games — Asti’s probably even better known for her Bookish Friend and Bookish Games features. Look for much more of these to come on Oh, the Books! (We have some AWESOME Bookish Games coming up this year, you guys!)
  • In Person — More of her Bookish Life, Bookish Degree, and other posts, where she shares glimpses of her everyday life with us mortals.
  • Reviews — Asti will continue to post her reviews and bookish reunions regularly.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”group2″ caption=”All of Us – Sundays” collapsing=”false” image=”null”]That’s right, folks — don’t fret! We all know that you really just visited our individual blogs for the massive lists of interesting links we share in our weekly recap posts. These WILL be continuing! Each Sunday, all three of us will be combining forces into one EPIC recap post, so expect an absolute smorgasbord of awesomeness to be included here.[/stextbox]


This first week is incredibly important to us here at Oh, the Books! It’s our chance to make that first positive impression with the blogging community, and to receive feedback on whether or not our choice was the right one to make. To help us out, we decided to create a Grand Opening Schedule to prove just how right this is. This week will be a combination of our personal stories and blogging features.

Personal Stories

The first three days this week will entail our personal stories. We will each take turns talking about our blogging history and why we chose to join Oh, the Books! (Each of these will also contain a giveaway for our favorite books!)

Blogging Features

To end our Grand Opening Week, each of us will also take turns showcasing one of our original blog features that have accompanied us to Oh, the Books! For each of these features the two other co-bloggers will be making a special appearance.

  • [Thursday] Kelley’s Bookish Bloggery Quiz
  • [Friday] Leanne’s Photo Field Trip
  • [Saturday] Asti’s Bookish Wars: Best YA Heroine

Giveaway Time!

Oh, the Books Grand Opening Giveaway

We’ve got two giveaways, because we love you all. Both give you a chance to win one of our favorite books (just choose any from the image above)! Just be careful: one giveaway is for US folks, and the other is international. Please be sure to ONLY enter the one that applies to you!

We wanted to give a little shout-out to all of our friends and loyal subscribers from our individual blogs, as well as those of you who signed up for our mailing list before you even knew what the heck this site was going to be! So we’ll see some special entries in our giveaways today, as well as on the ones coming up throughout the rest of our Grand Opening Week. Thank you — we love you all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

What do you think about Oh, the Books!? Are you excited, nervous, or upset? Let us know!

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    It’s definitely going to take a while to adjust but I love that you’re all coming together to blog :) Also loveeee how this post is colour-coded in blue to represent all of you, I bet it’s going to change accordingly to whoever posts, very nifty ;D

  2. Yay, I’m super excited this blog has (finally) opened! I’ve been somewhat impatiently waiting since I found out about it. You guys say it’s a secret and I’m all over it. So stoked to see more posts from y’all. :D :D

  3. Eeek! CONGRATS ON THE NEW BLOG. I love the organization of it and everything. I’m flailing my arms in excitement! *hugs all of you*

    So ready for all the posts and the epicness. :D

  4. Hip Hip fucking HOORAY! And FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this to finally open up. I’ve been so excited for you and i just have to say OH this site looks beautiful! Grand job ladies – I look forward to seeing everything you guys can dish out!

    My comment would have been higher up but grrrr I had to refresh a few times before the box would pop up??

    • Haha don’t worry Pabkins, we can still give you title of first stalker if you would so desire. ;) There was actually an issue with our CommentLuv plug-in not showing the Post Comment button. We’ve deactivated it now that it has been brought to our attention so everyone should be able to comment again! Sorry!

    • Hehehehe, I’m SO happy to finally share this with the world! Thanks so much — we’ve been working really hard on getting it to look and function exactly how we wanted it to! I’m sorry about the comment issues. I’m hoping Asti fixed it but I’m still looking into the problem. >_<

  5. So the layout is awesome! I’m loving all the colors assigned to posts accordingly. Very cool. Whoever did this rocks.

    I’ve been wondering and waiting for the opening of Oh, the Books! and I’m very pleased with what you guys have going on here.

    The combination of Kelley’s great discussions, Leanne’s sci-fi-ness and Asti’s overall awesomeness is too good to pass up on. ;)

  6. Finally! You guys were killing me all your secret talk! And I’m impressed, it looks great and I love all the details even down to how much your signatures really represent you all individually on the email.
    I feel so reassured that each of you will maintain your own unique identities and yay it’s timesaving for me as I now have 1 blog to visit instead of 3.
    GOOD LUCK and I already know I’ll be hanging around here a lot :O

    • Thank you, Trish! We were hoping with this first post everyone would be reassured that it’s still us here. Nothing will be lost and only more awesomeness will be gained by us combining forces! And I mean who doesn’t like saving time when visiting people? That’s a huge chunk of where blogging time goes, so we hope this ends up a better deal for everyone else as well as for us.

      It’s a funny thing about those signatures – they actually super closely resemble how we would write them in real life! :)

  7. AAHH THIS IS AMAZING. Such a good idea guys =) The site looks lovely, and I love the idea of each of you having different days to post your features – and that you’re bringing your own unique ideas to the mix.

    It’s like a book blogging supergroup ;D

      • Aw, thanks Leanne! <3 I'm so glad I hosted it though, even though it was kind of crazy and I got pretty ill halfway through I met SO MANY amazing bloggers, such as yourself and it really changed my view of the blogging community.

        Also, I was at the Harry Potter Studio Tour two weeks ago and there was a whole room full of amazing concept art, and my first thought was 'Leanne would love this'. It may not be sci-fi concept art, but my gosh it was absolutely gorgeous. They had such a range of artists with totally different styles. I mean you just have to do a quick image search and you can see some of the examples – so atmospheric!

        • Aw man now I’m getting all warm and fuzzy inside! <3 :) I would definitely love the Harry Potter stuff. I love concept art of all kinds! It was just so easy to focus on sci-fi art, since the event was going on (and it really is some of my favorite). Maybe I'll have to expand a bit on that feature, and add in a little backstory of my love for it. And oh gosh I think I just got another idea for a post! Haha see, Rinn, you're so good for my post ideas!

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    • Thanks, Mel! Kelley put in a lot of hard work getting all our colors just right (down to making custom palettes for each one of us!) so it’s great to see so many people appreciating them! We wanted to make ourselves and our group posts easy to distinguish between. We also have lots of those fun things planned for you in the near future, so get ready! ;)

    • Thank you, Nara! The design is all Kelley – she worked super hard on tweaking everything to get it just right, pretty much just taking the tiniest direction from Asti and myself after we nabbed our favorite colors, haha. She’s also worked in tons of other nifty little things into the design that will become more apparent as Grand Opening week continues.

    • Nara, thank you so much! A compliment like that just makes my heart swell, because that is my goal with every project I do: pretty and professional and awesome! I worked really hard on getting our design just right, so I’m really glad it paid off! <3

  9. OH! I’m so excited to see what ya’ll have in store for all of us xD You know with three brilliant minds behind this, I’m really looking forward to EVERYTHING!! :D I can’t wait for more Bookish Games, Bingo, Tech Talk and crossword puzzles!! :) You three will definitely make a dynamic trio, and congratulations on this launch of a superblog!! :D <33

  10. Yay! Finally :) I’m super excited for this! Also, I may or may not be selfish in saying this but you three combining means I’ll be able to keep up with your posts It’s harder keeping up with three blogs than one ;)

    I’m looking forward to all the new posts! I love the blog design!

  11. Wooooo! I remember when I first saw the sneaky “Oh,, the Book!” button on Asti’s sidebar and asking her what the heck it was about. She didn’t tell me of course but I live to see it today! I wish you guys the best of luck and I hope Oh, the Books! will be super successful! I can’t wait to see more of your posts :D

    And of course the design is GORGEOUS!

  12. I was very curious about your secret project and now it’s out in the open! :D This is amazing, congrats with the launch. Also, I LOVE this blog design and how each of you has their own color when posting. It’s easy to recognize who is who! Can’t wait to see more of your awesome posts!

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  14. This is super exciting! That post on Sunday is going to be HUGE – you guys always have so many links on your own, I can’t imagine what your forces combined will look like!

    Can’t wait to see what else you ladies have in store for us :)

    • I know Kelly! I was just adding a link or two to the recap and was thinking that we might have to break down our categories even further than what we originally planned because each section is going to be huge. Plus, Kelley planned on adding links from the last week as well so yeah. This upcoming Sunday’s weekly recap is just going to be MADNESS! :P

  15. OMG GUYS THE BLOG LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I’m sooo excited for everything you guys have in store for us! I loved each one of your individual blogs so obviously coming together and blogging on one blog will be even more awesome! I remember seeing the buttons on all your sidebars and wondering what it was all about and waiting for today and now it’s finally here! Congrats guys and I can’t wait to see all the posts you have lined up for Grand Opening week! :D

    • Haha, yes. I’m sorry that we were all so sneaky about it and didn’t tell everyone what we were doing until now. We just really wanted to make sure everything went smoothly… and I think part of us didn’t want to admit it until it happened in case everyone responded in a negative way. At least with the actual blog up and going we can assure everyone we’ll still be as awesome as before – or so we hope ;) Thanks for your support Annie! <3

    • Oh hi, Cayce! I’m super glad to be back, and even more glad that you’re so excited about it! Haha. Isn’t this layout and all those COLORS the best?! Kelley is kind of a badass when it comes to fixing up things like that. I’ve finally found a groove where I can manage to blog and LIVE at the same time, thanks to this place taking a ton of pressure off me. Now if only I could stop slacking just a little bit more… I have a box with your name on it sitting on my bookshelf, and I keep throwing more and more things to send to you in it. If I wait much longer I’m gonna need a bigger box! (I haven’t forgotten, I just haven’t been in my kitchen at home in forever. ;))

  16. I read this post first thing this morning, and just realized I didn’t think to leave a comment and saw that holy macaroni and cheese, you already had 76! But I thought I should drop a line anyway! I was navigating the site and wow, there’s so much to take in! Even though I’m still kind of sad you all aren’t all blogging separately, I can certainly understand why you’d want to collaborate,and it looks like it’s going to be fun!

    • I know, I can’t believe how many comments we have on this post already! It’s crazytown over here. Aw, I hope you don’t stay sad about us not blogging separately for long. We all have so many ideas we’ll probably end up posting more than our normal days a week sometimes, so maybe that will make it feel more like old times. ;) Thanks, Amy!

  17. This blog looks amazing. I am only really familiar with Asti’s blog, but I did get to know that Leanne and Kelley were really nice people during the Harry Potter Bookish games, although they were both evil, hmm. I am looking forward to seeing all your posts. :D

  18. I don’t think the world is quite ready for the teaming up of you guys. Don’t be surprised if it explodes soon. But at least everyone got to see the awesomeness of this blog for a little while XD And I need to say that I really love the color-coding!

    • Thank you, Daphne! Kelley put in a lot of overtime getting it to look this pretty for us, and she did such a fantastic job. I hope you don’t stay too sad over the blogs!. It seems like a huge transition at first, but after a couple weeks you’ll see everything you loved about the individual blogs is still right here. :)

  19. *pops out of hiding*

    Okay, guys, SO many huge changes are happening in the blogosphere and I’m not even supposed to be around. ;) But I had to leave a comment! because I’ve been looking forward to Oh, the Books! ever since you guys announced it earlier this year/late last year (I forget :P) and now it’s finally here! So congratulations, you three! While I’m sad that your individual blogs will most likely be discontinued, at least you’re including some of those old features in here.

    Anyway, the new blog’s lookin’ good and I can’t wait to see what awesome things you three will be posting. Because we all know it’s going to be awesome! ;D Congratulations and all the best, you wonderful ladies! <3

    • AHHHHHHH IT’S MEGAN! *screams and flails and all that jazz*

      It’s totally worth the creation of this blog just to force you out of hiding, in my opinion! haha.

      I think it was the very beginning of January when we actually started leaving clues about Oh, the Books!, but we did start talking about it prior to that so you’re right both ways ;) And yes, we plan on keeping most, if not all, of our old individual blogger features – and we have some new ones planned as well. So really, it’ll be the same just more spread out (unless one of us feels like we really have the extra energy to post more, then there might be some days with two posts).

      Thanks Megan <3 Can't wait to see you again after May :D

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  22. Just wow! This is like the equivalent of a super rock band. Three great bloggers in one – I think I can handle it! :P

    The design for this site is rocking (especially the comment section), and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that all your personalities will shine just as much as they did on your individual blogs by the looks of the schedule! This is exciting. Welcome to the alphabetical “Oh” section of book blogs.Haha.

    • Haha. Thanks Christine! I love the idea of us being a super rock band. You know, I’ve played bass guitar before. If Kelley or Leanne picks up drums and guitar, you may be onto something (but maybe we should just stick to blogging for now ;)).

      Glad you like the design, and yes, though Kelley came up with the name she does think she might have been subconsciously inspired by your blog’s name – she mentions it in an upcoming post of mine later in the month! <3

  23. I never followed you ladies on your separate blogs, but I’ve been hearing about the blog coming about and listened and kept an eye out for it and here you are, it’s fantastic! I have to say, I love the design, that we’ll be able to tell who is who and that your personality shines through with even your names on the posts, it’s quite snazzy and adorable! I’m relaly excited for you all and look forward to amazing things from all of you! :D

    • Aw thanks Amanda! I definitely have found a whole new batch of blogs I didn’t know about thanks to the grand opening of this one! It’s quite crazy how you can think you know about most of the blogs in the blogosphere but then suddenly a bunch more pop up!

      I’m glad that you love the design! Kelley definitely put a lot of work into it to make it (and she’ll have a post explaining a little bit more about it next month)! Thanks for stopping by <3

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