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Ruin & Rising (Grisha Trilogy #3) by Leigh Bardugo [Audiobook]

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo3.5 Stars
I don’t know if it’s because of the long time between when I read Siege & Storm and when I read this book, but I just couldn’t completely immerse myself in this one. Yes, there were plenty of fascinating settings and interesting people (as always), but I just didn’t feel the urgency as deeply as I wanted to. I think was probably just me. I *do* think that the way everything went down — and the surprises that led Alina to certain situations/decisions — was all quite cleverly done. This was a great ending to the series, even if I didn’t feel as strongly about it as I did the other books. (Also, I’m not a huge fan of Mal, so… too much Mal for my tastes. :P)

I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak 4.5 Stars
This was my second TBR Jar pick, and I really wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. But DANG. Zusak knows how to make a girl become obsessed with a *contemporary* book. I mean, it helps that this was a mystery, and that the narrator — Ed Kennedy — was hilarious and so incredibly entertaining to spend my time with. The book was equal parts humor, social commentary, and *feelings*. I loved every single page. I loved every single character (except the icky ones, of course). Markus Zusak is just plain brilliant.

Novellas & Short Stories

Perfect State by Brandon Sanderson

Perfect State by Brandon Sanderson 4 Stars
I got to listen to Sanderson read the first chapter of this aloud at a local event for Firefight, so I was quite excited when this little novella was released. It’s a bit different from his typical style, but that made it all the more intriguing (a lot more sci-fi than fantasy). The story went into areas I wasn’t expecting, and as usual, the world was so robust and rich that he could easily write mounds and mounds MORE, and I would read it all!

The Intelligence Director (Unremembered #0.6) by Jessica Brody

The Intelligence Director by Jessica Brody 3 Stars
This is probably the ickiest companion story I’ve read, and it’s because the main character is one of the ickiest characters in the entire series. It did explain a bit more about this person, his motives, and the lengths to which he’s willing to go to get what he wants, but… it also felt the least… necessary? I just didn’t get as much out of this story as I have gotten from all the others. It was interesting, though.

The Human Engineer (Unremembered #0.7) by Jessica Brody

The Human Engineer by Jessica Brody 4 Stars
THIS was a fascinating look into the world of Unremembered and the goings-on inside Diotech. I have to say, it met my expectations in some ways, and surpassed them in others. If you want to learn more about what happens behind-the-scenes at Diotech, then I definitely recommend reading this short story (and probably best to read it either right before or after you read Unchanged).

Unleashed (Unremembered #2.5) by Jessica Brody

Unleashed by Jessica Brody 3 Stars
I really enjoy companion novellas that give me a look into the mind of a different character from the main series, and this one let me see inside Kaelen’s mind. It goes through some scenes from Unforgotten — but tells them from his perspective instead. It was interesting, but I also felt like I had a difficult time remembering that it was supposed to be in Kaelen’s voice. I guess I wanted a little more from him.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?


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  1. I am glad to see you enjoyed I am the Messenger. I hated that book, but you gave me some other things to think about with the novel. My only issue was with the MC and his “possessive” feelings for his crush, but I loved the range of people and the dynamics of each relationship.

    • I know what you mean about the MC and his crush, but I also felt that it was very realistic in that respect. He made his feelings known, he tried very hard not to push it, and she certainly didn’t make things easy for him either. It was definitely a complicated relationship. And I feel like he was learning to respect all kinds of people — including those closest to him — throughout the entire story. No?

  2. I am the Messenger is one I really need to read! Seeing as I love the Book Thief and read an excerpt of that one and greatly enjoyed it then I think I should try it. Likewise, knowing you loved it too does help. Looks like you read quite a lot of good books recently!

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