Features by Kelley

Features by Kelley

I don’t have nearly as many features as Asti (or even Leanne), but I do have several of them, so here they are in all their glory for your perusal.

Adventures in Co-Blogging

Adventures in Co-Blogging is a feature that Asti and I did together during our first year as co-bloggers. We offered tips and shared stories about what we learned during the process of coming together as co-bloggers.

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Almost Here!

Almost Here! is where once a month, I make a post in which I get to gaze lovingly and excitedly at all of the bookish things that will be here very soon (the next calendar month). I share book releases, movie releases, and bookish events I’ll be attending.

Book Thoughts

Book Thoughts – Sometimes I don’t want to review a book, but I still have THOUGHTS about a book that I need to get out. That is when I write a Book Thoughts post so I can discuss the book (and usually what bothers me about the book).

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Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzles are actually an idea I got from Asti, but since then I’ve made a few of them and she hasn’t, so HA! But anyway, I make them occasionally for fun posts, but they never get as much enthusiasm as I hope. :(

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Exploring Tarot With...

Exploring Tarot with… – I love tarot cards and collect them like crazy, so I get all excited when I encounter them in books! This feature is where I discuss the tarot I find in books and see how well it lines up with my knowledge of reading the cards.

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Mini Reviews

Monthly Mini Reviews – Back in 2012, I did a collection of mini reviews for all of the books I read in a month that didn’t get full reviews. Now it’s become a thing I do on a monthly basis! Occasionally, I will also write mini reviews in little groups, like for a handful of novellas or books on a theme.

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Slowly Surfacing

Slowly Surfacing is my monthly check-in. I report what I read in the past month and reflect on how well I stuck to my plan, etc. I also reveal my reading plan for the upcoming month and explain my choices. This is also where I keep monthly tabs on my reading goal progress.

Story Time With Kelley

Story Time with Kelley – Sometimes I just need to tell a personal story in order to get my point or question or whatever across. I tag those posts as Story Time with Kelley (and I always try to make them entertaining).

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Tarot of YA Lit

Tarot of YA Lit – Ever since I got really into YA, I’ve been daydreaming about putting together my own tarot deck inspired by characters from the books I read. Here we have some fruit from all that daydreaming, as I attempt to teach you the tarot using the familiar faces we’ve met in our favorite young adult novels. (I will be using the traditional Rider-Waite tarot as my base, and illustrating with my own versions, quickly-sketched.)

Cards Done So Far: