Let’s Talk Sci-Fi: Sci-Fi Twitter Chat Recap

Sci-Fi November - Hosted by Rinn Reads & Oh, the Books!

 Sci-Fi November - Hosted by Rinn Reads & Oh, the Books!

If you didn’t know already, we have a Twitter account for Sci-Fi November (@SciFiMonth) which I’ve been running for the past few weeks. I’ve been using it to answer questions, announce updates, and tweet links to all the amazing posts our participants have been coming up with using the hashtag #RRSciFiMonth. It’s been a lot of fun!

One thing I decided I wanted to try to do early on, but that I was extremely nervous about, was host a live twitter chat. I know it’s not a super difficult thing to do or anything like that, but I have never hosted a Twitter chat before and have only participated in one or two chats myself so it was a whole new experience for me. I worried that no one would show up, that my questions wouldn’t get any responses, and just ALL THE THINGS.

But guess what? Our participants are amazing and I think the Twitter chat was a success! And since I won’t be able to host another one this weekend like I had originally hoped, I thought I would recap the Twitter chat for those participants who missed out on the fun.

The Participants

The Questions

Stuck in a sci-fi world…


I thought it would be fun, and telling, to find out which sci-fi world participants would choose to live in, if given the opportunity. It’s an interesting question because while most sci-fi worlds are pretty epic in their own special ways, they’re also often very dangerous. 

I, of course, only found myself thinking of two worlds: the Star Wars Universe and the world of Avatar. But while I loved the bright colors of Avatar, I really just wanted to hang out with some cute, cuddly Ewoks. Of course, as you’ll find out in the last Storify, that received some mixed (and deadly) responses… Whoops!

Currently consuming…


I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been reading some amazing sci-fi this month and last (in preparation for Sci-Fi November). I’ve read Vicious, Cress, All Our Yesterdays, Parasite, and Red Rising. And three of those five sci-fi books? They’re on my favorites shelf on Goodreads now! Seriously, sci-fi is the best.

Unfortunately, because I’ve been so busy with my unexpected employment, I haven’t been able to consume a lot of sci-fi outside of books. I’ve been watching The Walking Dead with Dave, and this weekend I’ll be seeing Mockingjay Part 1. But that’s about it. So much for completing my Sci-Fi November 2014 Bingo Card this month. :(

We want more of…


I thought it would be interesting to see if there were any themes that would appear as a result of asking this question… and there was! It seems like everyone pretty much agreed: WE NEED MORE SPACE! If you’re a sci-fi author, get your space on! Give us space battles, space exploration, spaceships. Just give us all the space goodness.

I was trying to think after this chat if I’ve read any books I’ve set in space. And really, I can’t think of any. I’ve read books like Red Rising and The Knife of Never Letting Go, that are set on different planets from Earth, but they only focus on those planets and don’t really involve space exploration. The only one I can think of that actually involves being on a ship in space is The Lunar Chronicles, but even then it’s mostly set on Earth. So yeah, space is an obvious gap in my life! If you have any recommendations for YA set in space, please let me know in the comments (I do have These Broken Stars on my TBR shelf, if that helps)!

Loving these posts…


I have read every single post of Sci-Fi November. I may not have read them in full, but as I’m tweeting about each post using the Sci-Fi Month Twitter account, I have to read bits of each one to know what to say! And really, the posts have been AMAZING this year. There is such a diversity of posts and opinions and recommendations, it’s been a lot of fun to read and share them all.

Using the responses above, it looks like the posts that people are loving the most are those with infographics or recommendations! If you’re out of ideas for what to post these last few days of the event, why not share your recommendations or put together a little graphic? (Or, you know, do those types of posts next year!)

You must try this…


Of course, as the participants all loved recommendation posts, I thought it would be fitting to end the event by allowing everyone to share their top recommendation(s) for sci-fi. If you are looking for some more sci-fi in your life, why not try one of the above? 

Random chats…


One of the best things about a live Twitter chat is all the random little conversations that take place in response to participants’ answers. I collected (and organised) most of the Twitter chats into the Storify above, but am probably missing a few chat strings because there was just SO MUCH going on. If you want to see the entire chat, check out the #RRSciFiMonth hashtag on Twitter!

How do you feel about Twitter chats? What would your answers to the questions have been if you were there? Have any YA set in space recommendations for me?


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  1. Sorry I missed the chat; looks like it was a lot of fun! I can definitely sympathize with those who feel like they’ve not done enough. I’ve been focusing on reviewing/recommending books, but didn’t hardly make a dent in my to-read pile. I still need to get around to Fluency from Jennifer Wells and James SA Corey’s Expanse series. One of these days, I hope!

  2. Sorry I missed the Twitter chat! Darn family dinner… ;-)

    I am… also not a big fan of Doctor Who. I am, however, a big fan of Orphan Black and of Firefly, and I need to watch more SF TV…

    YA set in space. That’s a good question. I know good SF in space but I don’t think any of it counts as YA. I might have to look into that myself now!

    • No worries Lisa!

      I don’t watch a whole lot of SF TV. I’ve tried Orphan Black, but have only gotten through a couple of episodes. Need to get back into it. And Doctor Who? I watched an episode during Christmas with the family and it was SO BAD. All about these aliens that trap you in dreams. It was just confusing and weird. And Santa was there.

  3. This chat was so much fun! I really wish I could have stayed for the rest of it, because it’s so rare that I get to just geek out about stuff I love with other people! Thanks so much for orchestrating and moderating the whole thing. And your recap is freaking awesome!

  4. I love Ewoks too, Asti! And Kelley, I know, I think it would be pretty crazy hard to get into Starfleet!

    I’m so sorry I didn’t get into the chat until pretty much it was over! It wasn’t due to a lack of time, it was just because I flat out forgot! Amy fail! It looks like there was some great discussion!

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