Lindsey Stirling Songs with the Same Names as YA Novels

Lindsey Stirling Songs with the Same Names as YA Novels

Lindsey Stirling Songs with the Same Names as YA Novels

When Lindsey Stirling* — one of my all-time favorite musicians — announced that her new album was going to be called Shatter Me, I instantly thought of the YA book by Tahereh Mafi! And then I got the CD (the special edition from Target, with the three bonus tracks, of course) and listened to it, I found myself becoming obsessed with the first bonus track called Eclipse. Yet again, I was reminded of a young adult novel!

So, naturally, my next step was to write a blog post comparing Lindsey Stirling songs to YA novels with the same names.

*If you don’t know who Lindsey Stirling is, first of all, shame on you! Second of all, listen to the songs in this post, and if you’re still not in live with her music, then go read my other post about her. And if you’re still not in love with her music, then I’m sorry, but we can’t be friends anymore. <3

Shatter Me

The Book

  • Shatter Me by Tahereh MafiWritten by: Tahereh Mafi
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • My rating: 3 Stars
  • Story: A girl with a deadly touch, who’s effed up emotionally and is trying to put herself back together.
  • Strong Points: Purple prose, which is either beautiful or over-the-top, depending on who you ask.

The Song

  • Performed by: Lindsey Stirling and Lzzy Hale
  • Genre: Dubstep Violin
  • My rating: 4 Stars
  • Story: A girl trapped inside a musical snow globe wants someone to make her feel alive!
  • Strong Points: Impeccable violin composition, strong vocals, beautiful cinematography.

The Verdict

Well, I’m not even gonna split hairs here. I love Lindsey Stirling’s music more than I like Tahereh Mafi’s writing, and that much is evident just from my ratings. I do think it’s cool that the stories are actually somewhat similar, but I suppose it makes sense considering the name! In the end? I’d rather spend the rest of my life with the song over the book.


The Book

  • Eclipse by Stephenie MeyerWritten by: Stephenie Meyer
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • My rating: 2 Stars
  • Story: A girl has to choose between her vampire boyfriend or her werewolf almost-boyfriend (again?).
  • Strong Points: Interesting werewolf lore?

The Song

  • Performed by: Lindsey Stirling
  • Genre: Instrumental, Dubstep Violin
  • My rating: 5 Stars
  • Story: None (and none needed)
  • Strong Points: Impeccable violin composition and execution.

The Verdict

Undoubtedly, I love Lindsey Stirling’s music WAY more than I like Stephenie Meyer’s writing, and again, that is evident just from my ratings. If I were trapped on deserted island with one of these, I would choose the song, hands down. (I mean, I’ve been listening to it on repeat for like the past week already and haven’t gotten tired of it yet!)


The Book

  • Shadows by Robin McKinleyWritten by: Robin McKinley
  • Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • My rating: Not Rated (haven’t read)
  • Story: A girl who has to choose between a world of magic and a world where magic is forbidden — and figure out what the creepy shadows are that surround her mom’s new husband.
  • Strong Points: Unknown (Anybody??)

The Song

  • Performed by: Lindsey Stirling
  • Genre: Instrumental, Dubstep violin
  • My rating: 5 Stars
  • Story: A girl and her shadow play the violin and dance with one another.
  • Strong Points: Impeccable violin composition and execution, clever and fun choreography.

The Verdict

Well, I’m obviously biased because I haven’t read the book, and Shadows is my favorite Lindsey Stirling song, but whatever, this is my post. So CLEARLY: if I could only eat one thing for breakfast for the rest of my life, if would totally be this song.


The Book

  • Transcendence by C. J. OmololuWritten by: C. J. Omololu
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy
  • My rating: Not Rated (haven’t read)
  • Story: A diverse-looking group of people have to do some stuff involving havign a special power that grants them access to their past lives.
  • Strong Points: Unknown (Anybody??)

The Song

  • Performed by: Lindsey Stirling
  • Genre: Instrumental, Dubstep Violin
  • My rating: 4 Stars
  • Story: A girl with a violin walks around a run-down town and inspires music and happiness among a diverse array of people and places.
  • Strong Points: Fantastic violin composition and execution, uplifting video.

The Verdict

By now, I’m pretty sure we all know exactly what I’m going to say here. If it came down to like, life or death, I would totally listen to this song for the rest of my life instead of reading the book.

Look, nothing against books (obvs). I just really like Lindsey Stirling’s music and I think she is inspiring in a gazillion different ways.

What do you think? Have you read any of these books? Did you listen to the songs? Which do you prefer?!


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  1. Yay Lindsey Stirling!! I remember finding out about her through tumblr a year or two ago. Best accidental discovery. I love her music. AND yes!! A lot of her stuff reminds me of YA (sort of). And when I saw Shatter Me on youtube last week the book was all I could thing of XD Shatter Me is the only book I’ve read on this list though :/

    Anyway, thanks for giving me an excuse to procrastinate and listen to these songs again XD

  2. I don’t really ever listen to music anymore. Not sure why. Loved its s a teen but now whenever it’s on I just feel like it distracts me from my brain. But I did just spend the last twenty minutes or so listening to these songs and loving them! I love the way she performs and is like one with her violin, her positive energy with it is just contagious. And it’s quite entertaining to watch! I haven’t read any of the books so obviously can’t help with the comparisons, but still enjoyed watching the videos nonetheless <3

    • Well, I’m glad you enjoyed these videos and the music, in any case! I know what you mean, though. I truly don’t listen to much music at all anymore, even though it used to be such a huge part of my life. Lately, I just seem to only enjoy instrumental music, and only sometimes. I don’t know why. It makes me kinda sad to think about, but I just can’t do it anymore. Like… All the music I used to listen to my whole life, it just brings back a lot of memories I’d rather not revisit, I guess? And it’s hard to find NEW music that I actually like. Which is why I basically stick to my same few instrumental artists these days, if anything. Alas!

    • Oh my gosh, Julie, I hope you enjoy her music as much as I do! She’s got to be one of the most talented violinists I’ve ever heard, AND she sings and dances and designs her own costumes and directs her music videos! O_O Also, I love how much she collaborates with other artists and enjoys pushing boundaries and experimenting with new ideas and techniques. Definitely an artist after my own heart. :)

  3. I get weirdly excited when I see books, movies, TV shows or even brands with the same names as books! It’s a reader thing, I guess. :) I’ve never heard of Lindsey Stirling before yet, so…. I must be living under a rock. Awesome post! <3

  4. I found her when she did Radioactive with Pentatonix. Pretty impressive. I love any music made with strings, and always enjoy seeing someone do something new with it. Quite a talent.

    • I’m a HUGE sucker for strings as well, so Lindsey Stirling obviously won me over very quickly! I do like her collaboration with Pentatonix, even though that song is REALLY not one of my favorites. >_< Do you have any other favorite string artists you could recommend? I used to ADORE Andrew Bird, but his later music is more indie rock than quirky violin. I also LOVE fingerstyle guitarists like Kaki King and Andy McKee!

  5. Alright – best blog post of the morning RIGHT FRACKING HERE! I needed that music infusion. Now I must listen to that entire Shatter Me album.

    I love string and violin music. It’s just so moving in a way that oh jeez I don’t know reaches into the core of me. I think its because it is inherently sad – what do you think?

    • Hahaha, so glad you approve! She’s basically my favorite music artist these days, and the ONLY one I will go see in concert (except maybe Kaki King, if I had the opportunity). I’ve long been a fan of strings, too, and I’ve been trying to figure out why they seem to touch me more deeply than any other instrument. I think you’re onto something there; there’s definitely a melancholy aspect about string music (especially those instruments played with a bow), especially combined with the way the notes seem to resonate. It’s like they vibrate at the same frequency as our heartstrings or something!

  6. Kelley, this is SO clever. I love Lindsey, my favourite song has to be Shadows, although I haven’t listened to her new stuff yet.

    Amazing how many of her songs share names with YA titles :o

  7. I cannot believe I haven’t listened to Shatter Me before today, it’s basically the title track and I can’t believe the things I do sometimes. I discovered Lindsey Stirling a couple of months ago and since then I’ve been obsessed with her music. Mainly because violin is my favorite musical instrument and I plan to learn to play it one day. I almost bought it once. I just cannot explain how much I love the sound a violin makes.

    It’s very cool that your husband is a violinist!

    Alright, this post is very creative! I haven’t read any of these books but out of the songs, my favorite from are Shatter Me and Shadows. My overall favorite is Electric Daisy Violin.

    I plan to read Shatter Me series soon and it did come to my mind when I first came to know about Lindsey Stirling’s new album title. But mostly I prefer the songs over the books especially Eclipse ’cause that book was torture but the song is opposite of that.

  8. Lindsey Stirling is a remarkable, remarkable, REMARKABLE artist. I absolutely looooove her music. It’s perfect for everything: when you’re working, when you’re studying, when you’re driving. It doesn’t matter, she’s always awesome. I haven’t read SHATTER ME yet, but I agree with all your other statements for sure :)

    • I couldn’t agree more! She has basically become my go-to music for every occasion. I’m really glad I pre-ordered the special edition Shatter Me CD from Target, because now I can ALWAYS have her music on-call in my car (I use my iPod for everything else audible while driving), AND I got the beautiful bonus track of Eclipse, which was worth the price of the album by itself, imo! <3

  9. I came out to check on your blog and saw this post. I was like Lindsey Stirling sounds familiar. I remembered her from Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis’s Dancing with the Stars All of Me dance. That was one of my favorite dances and loved how she passionately played her violin. Listening to these Songs I love her playing! I can’t really compare the songs to novels since I’ve only read Shatter Me and the song doesn’t seem to fit.

  10. AUUUUUGH Kelley I love this post!!!!!! LOOK AT ME ABUSING PUNCTUATION TO PROVE IT! I forgot there were bonus tracks on the Target editions. Are they good? Of course they’re good. I love Lindsey Stirling, seriously. I found her through a collab she did with the Piano Guys and was BLOWN AWAY by her song “Elements.” I’ve been hooked on her music ever since!

    • Hahaha, so glad you love this post, Terri! :D Omggggggggg the bonus tracks are SO worth it. Well, Eclipse is my favorite song on the whole album, and the orchestral version of Take Flight is also really lovely (I always enjoy the orchestral versions). Sun Skip is a little meh, but it’s still worth it to get those other two tracks. :D Isn’t she just amazing?!?! <3

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