Merry Christmas: The Gift of Friends (Year 2)

Merry Christmas! Giving the Gift of Friends!


What does that beautiful picture of a kid holding a bear have to do with this post? NOTHING! I just really love the photos on Gratisography. If you haven’t checked it out yet, consider this a two-for-one Christmas post – you get free friends AND free photos! Woohoo!

But let’s get to what we’re really here for. If you followed A Bookish Heart last year, you may remember that last Christmas I gave everyone the gift of friends. I went back through every single comment on my blog and if that commenter was an active blogger I took the link to their blog and attached it to a Christmas present. Then I encouraged my followers to click through the unmarked boxes provided in the post to find themselves some new bloggy friends.

Well, I must have forgot just how much work that really involves because I decided to do it again this year! (Don’t worry, I remembered as soon as I started going through all eight bazillion comments we have on this blog how much work this it. By then it was too late.) So, below you will find a massive collection of lovely presents. Each one is linked to a different active blog (posted in the last two months), with a blogger that has been kind enough to comment on Oh, the Books! this past year. If you get a minute, I encourage you to scroll through and click two or three and say hello to whoever you find on the other end.

For me, the absolute best thing about being a book blogger is the absolutely wonder community you find yourself apart of. I’ve made so many amazing friends the past two years I’ve been doing this, and though I don’t keep in touch as much as I should, I still appreciate each and every one of you. I want everyone else to experience this amazing gift of the community as well, if they haven’t already. So get ready… get set… and CLICK SOME PRESENTS!

Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6  Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6  Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6  Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6  Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6  Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6  Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6  Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6  Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6  Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6  Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6 Present-1 Present-2 Present-3 Present-4 Present-5 Present-6

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and all the things! Hope you enjoyed your presents and have a lovely day.


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  1. Sometimes, somewhere in my brain the knowledge of other bloggers’ dedication and time they put into their blogs is dimmed by a lot of unnecessary, irrelevant and unusable facts but man, do I remember how great bloggers are when I read posts such as these. Seriously Asti, I salute you and your devotion, I couldn’t even maintain an updated blogroll page. Something to work on in 2015, I suppose.

    Merry Christmas guys!

  2. Asti, you are the cutest and the best ever. I can’t believe how much time you spent working on this, but it really shows how much you love this community (and why we all love you back). Thanks for my Christmas presents! I wonder what new friends I’ll find! (As it is, I’ll bet half of the book blogging friends I DO have, I found through you, lol!)

  3. Asti, your dedication is rivalled by no one else. Once again, I am in awe at how much work you put into this. The book blogging community would be amiss without you and THIS IS PROOF OF WHY!! Thank you again for putting in so much work in compiling such a wonderful list for us all. And merry Christmas Asti!

  4. Oh my goodness, this must have taken you forever! It’s super cute and awesome though! I randomly clicked and found some more great blogs! I applaud your dedication and hard work. Hope you have a wonderful holiday! :)

  5. Okay, I am two days late, but MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! *tackles you with hugs* Wow, Asti, you. are. DEDICATED. And I love this idea! So much! I definitely agree — the best thing about the blogging community isn’t the stats, or the books (for the most part, anyway ;D), but the community. So thank you for introducing all these new bloggers to me! Kinda ashamed to see that I haven’t heard of at least half of them, I think. O_O But thanks for including me!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, girl! <3

    • Haha, don’t feel bad for not recognizing half of these bloggers! I’m ashamed to admit some are blogs I have never checked out before, and yet they’ve commented on our blog! How sad is that? I hope I’ve made up for it now though, because not only did I link them all up but I’ve added a majority to my Feedly list after accidentally deleting my account, haha :P

      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too, Megan <3

  6. This is amazing! You ARE AMAZING, Asti! Thank you for the wonderful gift!! :) And it came just at the right moment, quite a few of the bloggers I used to follow stopped blogging or only post very infrequently so I was thinking about finding some new bloggy friends (to stalk…), but didn’t know where/how to start the “SEARCH”. So this is PERFECT :D Thank youuu~ Happy Holidays~

    • Ah yes, isn’t that the saddest thing about blogging for so long? It’s crazy to suddenly look at the blogs you follow and realize “Oh wow, that person hasn’t posted in ages!” It usually makes me feel like a bad friend for not noticing sooner >.< Hope you find some good ones to follow :) Happy holidays!

    • Haha, that sounds about right! It did take a lot of time, but I like sharing the love when I can so it’s worth it :) Thanks for being one of our regular commenters throughout the past year. I may not always respond to comments right away or get to comment back, but I do notice you around and appreciate the love! Thanks <3

  7. This is exactly why, Oh the books and A Bookish Heart (I remember you doing the same thing previously) will continue to be the best book blogs ever.

    Asti, thank you for taking the time to give us this wonderful present – It is easily tops the best post and the most heartwarming present for this year!

    I hope 2015 brings you nothing but the best. :)

    Much Love

  8. OH wow, this MUST have taken time. What a really cute idea though. I’m seriously trying to branch out more this 2015 and find new blogs to follow and connect with. Whenever people comment me, I comment back on their blog and that builds up a communication…but some people don’t always comment on YOUR blog, so I tend to forget to keep visiting. haha


    • It did take time, but I think it was worth it! I try to comment back on blogs when I can, but sometimes life just gets in the way and it takes a back seat. I like coming up with creative ways to still show my appreciation to followers like this, so even when I can’t comment back I can still send back a little love. Thanks for stopping by Lauren!

    • A shit-ton of time indeed! :P But it’s okay, I always love the feedback I get when I do posts such as these and it actually came in handy for me a week later when I accidentally deleted my Feedly account and had to find a way to follow everyone all over again! And yes, would be lovely to get to know you more in 2015 too Faye! Feel free to email me, tweet me, or whatever anytime! I love making friends through blogging <3

  9. Hallo, Hallo Asti!

    :) I’ve been reading Oh, the Books quite regularly since Sci Fi November (or even a bit before that!), but I never had the proper chance to leave you happy notes! No replies warranted; just know when I leave you a note, I’m thanking you for what you posted! I, myself have had trouble keeping up to the minute with comments on my own blog (probably should have left this on the post this refers too!) which is part of my 2015 Book Blogger Resolutions (I seriously need to create that list!) where I can find not only the time to respond but enjoy visiting where my commenters are blogging or tweeting themselves!

    I wanted to let you know that I have had a few new visitors via this Friendship Gift exchange you posted! I wasn’t even thinking I was a part of it — until I randomly hovered over gifts to see who was here and found myself! lol

    I’m going to take the next several months to visit & get to know the bloggers listed! I’ll favour their blogs via Bloglovin as I find which blogs & bloggers I feel I would enjoy getting to know on a regular basis! For that, I thank you! :) I’m hoping if one of the visitors decides to follow me they’ll let me know at some point! :) I’ll be doing this as I go through the list! I’m going to be the ‘random’ clicker and just be happy where I land each time I return to this page!

    Thanks for the inspiration! Reminded me to add a section on my End of the Year Survey I had thought to include but nearly forgot too! So much on my mind — and I am drowning in post-its! lol

    You rock, Asti!

    Thankful for SFN 2014 to have the chance to get to know you a bit better! I felt for SFN 2013 I had the chance to get to know Kelley; so that just rocks all the way around! Looking forward to convos & inspirations during 2015 at Oh! the Books! :)

    Til soon!

    PS: I hope Leanne is well — I will miss her! I figured she might bow out — her work load was quite intense and there are not enough hours for all our passions + work. Her contributions will be fondly remembered, esp the Bingo Cards!

    • Hi Jorie!

      I’m trying to work on the whole commenting thing myself, but who knows how long it’ll last! That’s why we’ve decided we’re not going to hold our commenting fails against us – too stressful! But, this first month I have more time since I’m not working/studying so I’m trying to reply while the time is available! I’m just not making it an official resolution because I can’t imagine it’ll last all year long >.< I wish you luck in yours, though! Of course you're part of this Christmas present! You have commented on our blog this past year, and I do consider you a friend! :) I'm not completely familiar with all of these blogs as some have only commented once or only on Kelley's posts, but I definitely think there's some gems in there that I'm excited for you to find! And I'm excited for others to find your blog too! And from what I've heard, Leanne is doing quite well, just super busy! If things settle back down for her we may see her sometime in the future as she's always welcome here. Thanks for stopping by Jorie! Hope you have an amazing 2015!

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