Oh, the Guests! | Dear Hazel Grace… by Giselle @ Perks of Being a Reader

Dear Hazel Grace, Guest Post, Oh the Guests, Giselle, Perks of Being a Reader

Dear Hazel Grace, Guest Post, Oh the Guests, Giselle, Perks of Being a Reader

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Giselle’s blog was only three days old when she submitted our form for starting a guest post! It made us excited to see that new blogs are still popping up everyday (because sometimes they just seem impossible to find!) and that they’re taking advantage of our feature – yay!

Anyways, back to Giselle! Her blog, Perks of Being a Reader, started in June and features reviews, memes, and letters to characters. She decided to bring that last feature as her guest post today, with a letter to Hazel from TFioS! After reading her post, make sure to show her your support by stopping by her blog and saying hi to her Twitter.

NOTE: This post may contain spoilers for The Fault in our Stars.

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Dear Hazel Grace…

Hazel Grace, The Fault in our Stars, Dear Hazel, Guest Post A short life can be a good one. You taught me that. You also taught Augustus that. Maybe the best people on this earth don’t have to be remembered by many, just one person is enough. You also taught me that life is composed of little infinities. Sad infinities, happy ones, and ones with love. I’m so happy you got a tiny forever with Augustus. And that little infinity was filled with happiness and sadness and a big love that’s hard to find. We all want those little forevers and that’s why your story has touched so many people.

I’d like to think we’re friends, the two of us. I get really attached to book characters. Too attached or so I’m told. But you know I read somewhere that it’s okay to feel like book characters are real because they are what bring life to the dark recesses of our mind. I’d like to think that’s true. It makes me seem a lot less crazy and mentally unstable, thinking that book characters are real. I lost a lot of people to cancer, and seeing you go through it was hard but I think it helped me understand my family members more. I guess that’s why you were so real because I saw your situation every day.

In my mind you’re watching America’s Next Top Model reruns. And you have a hamster or something like Ana. And when you’re not busy with ANTM marathons and watching your hamster run on its little wheel, you’re playing video games with Isaac. And maybe you have a box of cigarettes and you know not to smoke. I’d like to think you do. John Green said that books belong to their readers. So maybe this little vision of you is just my wishful thinking, but at least it’s something I can hold on to. I mean John didn’t really give a clear ending to your story, which is perfect for the book, but quite unsatisfying to readers. Hence all the fanfics online: “the story’s not over until we say it is”. Have you read them? I haven’t looked into it yet but apparently there’s a ton about you and Isaac. What do you think? Do you ship yourself with him? Anyways that’s not the point. The point of this rambling paragraph is that I picture you happy. Or as happy as you can be. And I hope you are.

Hazel Grace, The Fault in Our Stars, Dear Hazel, Guest PostYou know you didn’t kill Voldemort, or volunteer in the Hunger Games, or carry a ring to Mordor and destroy it. You’re just a girl with “a touch of cancer”. Yet you’re like this super awesome person that kind of has a hero complex with the whole “I’m a grenade thing”. Despite your lack of super human deeds, you’re a hero. I know that you probably hate the fact that I’m calling you that, but let me explain myself. Look a hero isn’t just a person who defeats evil and whatever, but a human being who puts others first and touches the lives of other. Going by this definition, you are a hero because you put other people first all the time. You never want to hurt anyone. And I guess the most important thing is that you impacted so many people. Like Gus. You showed him how being loved deeply is better than leaving a scar on the world to remember you by. The best heroes aren’t always remembered. So what you’re not Wonder Woman or Batman or Spiderman. So what you don’t have awesome powers, or have a super cool wand, or elves for friends. You, my friend, are kind of a hero.



What do you think about Giselle’s letter? Can you imagine Hazel watching ANTM reruns with her pet hamster? What would your letter to Hazel say? Tell Giselle what you think!

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  1. Oh, Giselle, I love this idea of writing letters to book characters! Thank you for joining us on the blog today, and sharing your letter to Hazel Grace… it feels so special to read something like this (is it just me?). <3

  2. I just found your blog – it’s super cool! – and then saw this.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of TFIOS, but Hazel was an amazing character and as such, I HAD to read this. Letters to fictional characters? V-E-R-Y nice. It kinda feels personal, reading it, almost like I’m Hazel or something? (Hopefully that’s not just me feeling like this! XD)

  3. This letter is perfect! I feel like you wrote your letter to Hazel perfectly. You said a lot of the things I’ve thought. I personally was okay with an open ending. It fit well and I don’t need closure for Hazel or Isaac. I love where Green left it because that’s where he meant for it to be left. It was only meant to be a small infinity not one that would last forever. Great letter again!

  4. I really loved this! I especially loved your last paragraph– you are completely right on that matter, heroes aren’t just people who perform enormous tasks but people who take the crummy circumstances that life hands them and turn them into something worth living. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Excuse me as I grab some tissues over here. This was so touching Giselle; thank you for sharing! I’d never thought too much about Hazel after the ending of the book (too busy crying over Gus’s letter), but after reading your speculations I actually feel less anguished about the ending, and more hopeful. Like something happy just settled in my chest and made me smile :)

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