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Exploring Worlds Guest Post

Exploring Worlds Guest Post

We’re super excited to introduce you to our latest guest blogger: Stephanie from Exploring Worlds. We first found out about Stephanie’s blog through her participation in Horror October Fortnight 2014, and was super excited when she decided to follow up her participation in that event by joining us for Sci-Fi November 2014! Without a doubt, our favorite feature of Stephanie is her Sunday Shorts feature where she highlights and reviews short stories she’s found online, and we’re glad she decided to talk about it in today’s guest post. But enough rambling for us, read her post, check out her blog, and then say hi to her on Twitter! You won’t regret it!

– Kelley & Asti

Short Fiction Online

As fans of fiction, most of us read some every day, right? Novel length fiction has been a steadfast companion throughout my adult life — I’m never without a paperback or my kindle. But short fiction – stories, novelettes, and novellas? It is a recently acquired passion of mine that I hope to share with all of you today. When was the last time you read a great short story? Hopefully by the end of this post, that answer will be today!

Why short fiction? Truly great speculative (sci-fi, fantasy, and horror) fiction is being published every day online. New exciting anthologies exploring diverse topics are successfully crowdfunded every month. Online sci-fi/fantasy magazines are constantly curating great shorts from some amazing authors – new and old, along with some truly amazing art. If you are a fan of genre fiction, I encourage you to check out a few of the offerings — you might be surprised by the quality (and quantity) available to you online for free.

I started reading short stories in earnest when I founded my review blog earlier this year. After reading the online bookclub Sword and Laser’s first anthology, I realized I was hungry for more. As someone with a busy job and busy young family, I saw how nice it was to be able to finish a complete story in one sitting. To motivate myself to read more short fiction, I started my Sunday Shorts feature and started seeking out the best stories I could find online.

Within the first month, I ran into a problem that I think is facing the genre’s short fiction market in general — there is so much out there that it is hard to know where to start! The short stories I read were bright flashes of enjoyable prose, intricate slow burning thought provoking pieces, and a whole lot in between.

After about six months of navigating the waters, I’m still amazed at what is available online. To help aid new readers, I’ve come up with a list of sources I frequent, because I enjoy the tone and quality of their stories. I recommend that anyone interested in reading speculative fiction shorts browse the last few months of these sites to get an idea if the stories are of interest to them. I have my favorites among the list, but I truly believe everyone will find ones that call out to them more than others.

To start those new to the genre off, some of my recent favorite that I’d recommend to read:

Have you read any good short fiction online or in an anthology lately? Any recommendations for others? Favorite venues for short fiction that I missed?

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  1. Great recommendations, Stephanie! Thanks! I’ve read nothing but novels lately, but I received a collection of Agatha Christie short stories for Christmas, and I recently bought a collection of stories by Philip K. Dick, so I’m looking forward to the pleasure of completing a read in one sitting. :)

  2. I will definitely have to check out some of your recommendations! I love sci-fi and fantasy but only ever really read novels, so it would be nice to be able to read an entire story in one sitting. Great post!

  3. I haven’t read nearly as much short fiction as I really should in the past months, but I used to be just as avid a reader as you are! I know how I’m going to be spending my afternoon today – checking out your lovely recs and hopefully rekindling my passion for short stories. Thank you so much for sharing ! :)

  4. There are some really great short stories out there, but I think Lightspeed and Tor.com are my favorite because they feature more authors who also have YA books out (especially Tor.com). Thank you for your recommendations. I’ll have to check out some of the new ones!

  5. I’ve only read some short fiction for my book club that were already provided for me, and I didn’t like them specifically. BUT I LOVE SHORT STORIES. One of my favorite anthologies, which I personally think you will LOVE from reading your post, is The Machine of Death. I recommend it to everyone I talk to only because some of the stories are SO GOOD, and the concept is so cool. It’s so underrated though, which is sad.

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