Quiz: What Is Your Fate with (Bookish) Monsters

You + Monsters = ? Quiz

You + Monsters = ? Quiz

As you may or may not know, we love quizzes here at Oh, the Books! Kelley creates most of them, but I like to try my hand at them every once in a while too (with her permission, of course)! If you want to check out the previous quizzes we’ve designed for the blog, just click here!

what is your fate with (bookish) monsters?

If you’ve seen my previous posts for our Horror October Fortnight, you’ll know that I love monsters. I love their potential to be either super scary or lovable enough to marry. And since I have been having so much fun thinking about these complicated creatures, I thought it would be entertaining to create a little quiz.

Are you destined to be a Bella Swan, loved by the cold, handsome vampire that is Edward? Or are you likely to be haunted by an evil ghost like Naughty John? Using the monster-related books I’ve read and my belief that these monsters are either scary or marriable, I have created a quiz that will let you know what your fate is when it comes to bookish monsters. It’s super scientific and undoubtedly very accurate, so whatever your results I hope you take the necessary steps to prepare yourself for your inevitably interesting future.

  1. What's your favorite color?

  2. What do you look for in a significant other?

  3. What's your favorite category of book to read?

  4. What would you do if confronted by a monster?

  5. Choose a location.

  6. How would you describe yourself?

  7. Choose an animal.

  8. What's your idea of a perfect date?

  9. Are you scared of monsters?

And in case you’re curious, I am destined to marry a werewolf. Now, I never was a huge Jacob Black fan, and really, I find werewolves to be quite ridiculous when portrayed in various media. But I guess I could make it work. I do love large fluffy animals, and really, Dave gets quite a bit hairy if he doesn’t shave regularly. So yeah. Asti + Werewolves = HEA. Jealous?

is your fate scary, or is it time to get married? What bookish creature did you end up with? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I agree with Charlotte, getting possessed is the worst of the things and I got that.. NOOOOOO! Great quiz though Asti, I’d be really intrigued to see what I might have gone had I not been a wuss and ran or if I’d gone animal lover than awkward, but hey, these are the choices we make, I’m doomed! :)

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