Tarot of YA Lit | 1: The Magician

Tarot of YA Lit
Tarot of YA Lit
Ever since I got really into YA, I’ve been daydreaming about putting together my own tarot deck inspired by characters from the books I read. Here we have some fruit from all that daydreaming, as I attempt to teach you the tarot using the familiar faces we’ve met in our favorite young adult novels. (I will be using the traditional Rider-Waite tarot as my base, and illustrating with my own versions, quickly-sketched on my iPad.) If you intend to join me on this journey, I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed the whole process. Cheers!

The Magician: Traditional

The Magician - Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot

  • Card Number: 1
  • Suit: Major Arcana
  • Keywords: resourcefulness, intention

THE MAGICIAN is a card about personal power. The traditional card pictures The Magician standing behind a table that contains a sword, a cup, a wand, and a coin — all the suits of the Minor Arcana. The Magician is a conduit, drawing divine power from above and pulling it straight through his/her body, and bringing light and life to whatever s/he endeavors. This is a card that says, “you have all the tools to make it happen!” You can do it!

Things to remember: This is a card about channeling your energy toward your will. Resourcefulness is an asset here, and who knows where the light bulb of the muse might brighten? Want to make some magic happen? Go right ahead!

The Magician: YA Lit Character

How is Magnus Bane like The Magician?

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen JohnsonMAGNUS BANE is *totally* The Magician.

He’s so much The Magician that I’m tempted to say he was modeled after the card! His full name is probably Magnus “The Magician (Even Though I’m Technically a Warlock” Bane. Who’s the guy that eeeeeverybody runs to when they’re in a bind and need someone to work their magic? Magnus Bane.

Tarot of YA Lit: The Magician - Magnus BaneWho’s the guy that everybody calls on when they need some random, weird item or object or answer? Magnus Bane. Who’s the one that basically has to help everyone figure out their issues and solve their problems, and use HIS RESOURCES and connections and vast years of knowledge in the process? Magnus freaking Bane.

And the great thing about Magnus is that he IS available. Sure, sometimes, he pushes back and needs his own life/time/space, but he’s such a great guy that he’s always there to help (I mean, nobody else can work magic like this boy!).

Kelley’s card (click to see bigger/better): Magnus sits in the dark, his face lit only by the blue flames he holds in his hand. His warlock’s cat-liked eyes shine with the knowledge and confidence that only he can possess.

Bonus Character, Because I Can

Those of you who watch Supernatural: you know Bobby Singer? Bobby is also The Magician. He’s the one who *everyone* calls for help, whether they need an alibi, a fake ID, an obscure esoteric book, or a bag of magic beans or whatever. So now you have TWO characters you can relate with The Magician.

Do YOU think Magnus embodies The Magician?

Is my explanation thorough and/or helpful enough? What other YA characters do you think could embody The Magician? Please give me feedback in the comments!


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  1. Wow, this is the coolest idea ever! It’s so nice to see another book blogger that is into Tarot.
    I haven’t read the Mortal Instruments series… *hides* so I can’t say if he embodies the Magician card or not, But I have to say based on your post that most likely yes he does! lol. It sounds like you have the meaning of the card well understood and I really love your mention of Bobby Singer from Supernatural! He’s totally the Magician and I had never thought of that before!! :)
    I am So looking forward to more of these posts! I may have to do one sometime too— it’s a great feature!!

    • Yay for more tarot friends! :D And no need to hide if you haven’t read the series. The only reason I’ve read it is because my sister lent me her audiobooks. XD It’s funny, I hadn’t ever realized how much Bobby from Supernatural embodies The Magician until I was writing up this post. Thanks so much for your input, Diamond! :)

  2. Hahaha spot on about Magnus, Kelley. He is definitely the go-to man for all our characters’ problems. I would wager everything that he’s the most ideal magician there is. Good going, Kelley! Tarot cards, what fun! I’ve loved thm ever since Kresley Cole’s Poison Princess <3

  3. I don’t know Magnus Bane that well, but BOBBY. YES. He totally fits. I also find it quite amusing that the Magician is usually pictured with all these tools that Bobby often handles himself (cups, swords, that sort of thing)

  4. Magnus Bane is for sure The Magician! He is one of my favorite characters ever, and I adore how he is constantly there for everyone (even if he grumbles about it from time to time). And I also agree about Bobby! Love him.

    This is such a cool feature! I can’t wait to see what the next one is. :)

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