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Bookish Games: The Knife of Never Letting Go Edition
Bookish Games: The Lunar Chronicles
Bookish Games - Ready Player One
BookishGames_DeathNote2 Bookish Games Divergent Edition
The Bookish Games, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Bookish Games: Hunger Games

The Big Picture

Bookish Games is an online game that takes place in the comments of weekly posts. Inspired by various books and series, each game contains a good team and bad team(s), whose sole purpose is to survive until the end by avoiding being voted upon during each Day of the game and being targeted by killers each Night of the game. It’s a game of lies, trickery, and madness. What could be funner?

(Variation of the game Mafia)

General Rules

  1. Be friendly and have fun!  I will not accept name-calling, rudeness, or poor attitude during this game.  Accusations will be thrown around, and it is very possible that your name will be put out there.  Don’t take it personally.  Have fun, do your best, and remember it’s just a game!
  2. No copying/pasting of the email(s) that I send to you.  I have sent emails to each participant with information regarding their role.  You may paraphrase the information in the email during the game to try and convince others of your role (or you can just lie, if you think it’ll help).  But, there is no sharing of the original email in any way.
  3. Regular participation (2 comments a week) is required!  This game only works if everyone is involved.  It is required you participate at least twice a week, unless you notify me in advance (at which time your player would be announced as being in a “coma”).  You will receive a warning the first time this requirement is not met, and then disqualification.
  4. Only communicate in the designated areas at the designated times.  No discussion of the game is allowed to happen outside of the blog, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.  Players should only discuss on the blog as directed, during the times stated.  A warning will be issued the first time this is noticed, with disqualification following.
  5. Do not edit or delete any commentsOnce a comment is posted, it is final.  This is important so that players can go back and look at previous comments to determine a person’s alliance to a certain team.  (So beware:  What you say can and probably will be used against you!)
  6. If you have any questions about the game or your role, please contact us!  Don’t be afraid to ask any questions!

Game Rules

  1. “Day” Phase lasts from Saturday 1am EDT to Wednesday 1pm EDT weekly.  A new post will be published each week at the start of a new “Day” phase.  During this time, all players discuss and vote for who they’d like to eliminate.  Whoever has the most votes at the end of the “Day” is eliminated. If the votes are tied at the end of the “Day,” no elimination will occur.
  2. Votes should be in caps lock (Ex. VOTE: ASTI).  You can change your vote as many times as you want during the day phase.  The last vote given is the one that will be counted.
  3. Once you are eliminated, you can no longer post in the game.  There will be a discussion page for eliminated players to continue talking, if they wish.  You should not share any information that can change gameplay, such as who was on your team, after elimination.
  4. “Night” Phase lasts from Wednesday 1pm EDT to Friday 1pm EDT weekly.  During “Night”, communication stops except for those who are told otherwise.  All those with special roles have to send in their desired actions during this time.  If I do not receive it before the deadline, nothing will happen.
  5. The process starts over the next Saturday.  The results of the “Night” actions are announced.  Players go back to discussing and voting during the “Day”.

Want to play?

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