Weekly Recap| Apr 6 – 12, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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Our lives are busy here at Oh, the Books! but we’re doing our best to keep our site full of content that is fun and interesting. Even if you’re not participating this time around, you should still check out what’s been happening in The Bookish Games!

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[stextbox id=”asti2″ caption=”Asti” collapsing=”true”]Is it sad that every time I go to fill in this part of the Weekly Recap I have to look at Twitter and Instagram to see what I did over the week? It’s crazy how things always just seem like one big blur these days…

Doughnuts London Book Fair LGBT Book Haul

Let’s see, I completed my work placement at Random House Chlidren’s Publishers which was absolutely lovely! I truly enjoy working with the people in their marketing department and would love nothing more than to return someday in the future. (Plus, my supervisor challenged me and another work experience person to get followers in return for doughnuts. I ATE DOUGHNUTS! It was super exciting.

I also attended the London Book Fair for the future time, which was quite interesting. I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed. Everyone seems to be there to do business, so aside from sneaking into some seminars and stealing some cloth bags, there wasn’t a whole lot to do. I just sort of walked around with my mouth hanging open and my eyes all wide going LOOK AT ALL THE BOOKISH PEOPLE!

Anything else? Oh, I got some new books (mainly for LGBT April, but Cress snuck its way in there somehow). And I can’t forget that the Bookish Games started! It’s been much more intense than the previous games, but still so much fun. I’m so curious how it will all turn out! [/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”leanne2″ caption=”Leanne” collapsing=”true”]

I’m going on a hiatus! I know, you’re probably like “but Leannnne you just got back from hiatus! Why are you leaving us again?!” Well loves, I’m just too busy at the moment to give y’all the attention you deserve. This school semester is wrapping up so I have lots of projects due and some work to catch up on outside of them. Seriously, just one of my studio classes has assigned three different projects as the final and they’re due at the end of the month – and I haven’t even heard about what I’m doing for the other two studio classes. There’s also that chunky online physical science class to contend with, which I can never seem to get ahead in. AND I have a wedding at the beginning of May, where I’m making the cake, transporting it to another state, helping photograph the wedding & afterparty, being *in* the wedding, and going to the bachelorette party etc etc. (There’s so much stuff, omg.) As you can probably see, I don’t even have time for LIFE right now. In a few weeks, though, things should be considerably calmer.

Asti & Kelley have some special guest posters stopping by over the next few weeks, to help keep our content fresh and rotating. I’m really looking forward to reading them myself (because I’ll be lurking even if I don’t have time to post and comment) since they’re some of my favorite bloggers. I hope you enjoy getting to know them if you don’t already, or reading their thoughts if you’ve already been introduced. I’ll be back mid-May if all goes well!


[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]

Chibi O'Brien sketch, first attempt. #DS9 (I giggle every time I look at it, so I must be doing *something* right.) (playing with pearlescent watercolors, thanks to Leanne's inspiration!) (playing with pearlescent watercolors, thanks to Leanne's inspiration!)
My life is ridiculous. I’ve begun to feel utterly swamped in every area of my life, and even though I think I’m doing good by managing things with lists (you have no idea how much this has helped), and taking time out to do relaxing, creative things (this has been amazingly rewarding), I still just find I’m having trouble holding onto everything.

A short list of things that happened this week:

  • I bungled like a million things (thank goodness I have understanding co-bloggers and co-workers)
  • I realized that the Narcolepsy Network conference is on the same weekend as the Texas Teen Book Festival this year, and now I have no idea what to do because I really want to attend both.
  • I got a mystery postcard and found out it was Asti’s doing.
  • My husband and I got our flooring redone, which means we had to completely dismantle our entire downstairs (and therefore upstairs) and then try to put it back together.
  • My iPod decided to start freezing in the MIDDLE of the goddamn Way of Kings audiobook.

My brain is just overfull. My LIFE is just overfull. I have way too many things I want/need/have to do and it’s proving quite difficult to manage. The sad part is that the easiest things to drop are also the things that are keeping me sane (like art, reading, and blogging). x_x


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When our blog first went live, several people had issues trying to comment, and we realized it was due to some strange issue with the CommentLuv plugin. Previously all (or at least one) of us had used CommentLuv on our individual blogs, so it seemed natural to use it here. It’s been over a month now and we haven’t fixed it and enabled it yet. Now we’re wondering…

Do you like it when blogs have CommentLuv active? Would you like us to use it on our blog?

So, how was your week?

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  1. I’ve been wondering what it was that was affecting my commenting, it always just wouldn’t even load this section, today it’s worked, but that’s why I don’t comment as often anymore. I personally don’t care about CommentLuv, I think in some cases it encourages another blogger to leave a comment they wouldn’t usually leave in order to get more notice to their recent posts and I think it’s wrong; you should contribute because you have something to say, not because you want to get your blog more notice.

  2. Have a good break Leanne! Life gets crazy, huh? But don’t let blogging become a chore or anything…that’s not fun. Love the collection of links as always…I’m like clicking so many and telling myself to calm down, lol. xD

  3. Thanks again for the wonderful wrap up :)

    Asti: I am SO excited that you got your donuts!! Yum, yum, yum!!

    Leanne: Good luck with your end of the semester projects! I can’t wait till you return <3

    Kelley: Poo, on no time. I hope things settle down for a you a bit soon! And P.S. I LOVE YOUR CAT! Oh my lanta, I always think she is adorable but the pizza video… it took it to a whole other level lol.

    And I don't care about Comment Luv either way anymore. I used to be obsessed with it but it's neither here nor there for me anymore. I have it on my own blog, but that's simply because I like to visit the most recent links from the people who comment.(And I'm a little bit lazy and that makes it easier :P)

  4. I honestly didn’t even notice the change with the commenting and have never had trouble commenting.

    I completely understand the needing to take the hiatus Leanne, it’s okay though because I’m getting a chance to scratch the little blogging itch I’ve had..lol Really, there is no way I could do a blog on my own anymore, so this will let me get out what I’ve been wanting to write for awhile without having to feel bad about not being able to commit to a blog full time. Sounds like you have a busy time ahead.

    Honestly, you all sound busy..lol Asti, the book fair sounds like it would have been fun to just go to :) And Kelley, I can’t imagine having to rearrange the whole house over a week. I can’t even contemplate the spring purge that I really need to do soon. Mind you, there is STILL snow on the ground. It’s melting but there is still two feet at least.

    As for my week. You remember how I’ve been sick the last two weeks? Well I’m mostly over it BUT on Wednesday everyone else in my house got it. Yes, even poor James. He’s having a rough go of it and his cough sounds terrible :( Luckily, Chris left Thursday morning, so I haven’t had to deal with the dreaded man cold. lol. And because she was sick most of the weekend, Kailyn laid around and did nothing and went to bed easily for me. So having Chris gone wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Silver lining right? I got some reading done and am slowly working on Dreams of Gods and Monsters. I need to enjoy it all!

    • Yeah, rearranging the house was a mess. The girl told me we’d just need to move any little things off of surfaces and unplug electronics, and the works would move all the furniture around. Um, NO. Then they gave us a document with more detailed instructions, and we basically had to move EVERYTHING upstairs into our bedroom, even take things off the walls, AND take everything out of our fridge because it had to be moved too. We ended up storing half of that stuff in my parents’ fridge and the other half in the fridge at my office. UGH what a pain! (AndI found out that they actually moved all of our furniture OUTSIDE while they installed the flooring — thanks for letting me know about that, dudes. -_-) We’re finally getting it back into some semblance of order, but our bedroom is still a mess of books and Magic cards everywhere! Anyway…

      Oh man, sucks to hear that your whole family is sick now! So you were home alone with two sick kids! That’s got to be fun… I really want to get started reading DOGAM today, too! Hopefully I’ll get some time!

      • Yeah, Chris is on his way home and complaining about how he is so very sick (pretty sure it’s a hangover). Kailyn is apparently much easier to handle (outside of occasional whining) while sick. So it worked out in my favour because her worst night was Tuesday night, it started in the middle of the night and she threw up only that night. She only threw up because of her fever, she always does when she gets too warm. James is still pretty chill, if a little crankier because he gets woken up by the cough.

        Also, what? They took your furniture outside?! I hope you get the rest all cleaned up and resettled soon.

  5. I don’t think I had trouble with CommentLuv, and I’ve always been a CommentLuv fan because I like clicking on other people’s posts that show up. Also, my iPod has been ridiculous lately, too. It just keeps freezing and pretends it doesn’t like my house WiFi. Ugh.

    • I think Kelley is testing things out with our comments so we might add CommentLuv if it doesn’t interfere with commenting. We’re trying to figure out where all these problems are coming from and it’s just confusing!

      And booooo ridiculous iPod. That would annoy the heck out of me!

  6. To fix the commenting problem, you could always not use the Jetpack commenting platform and use the built-in one instead. I’m not sure if that’s your first choice, but it should at least fix the problem!

  7. I’m new to WP and I’m using CommentLuv, so far I love it.

    I know that when life gets busy it’s really easy to let our “hobbies” slip but often times these are the things that keep us sane.

    Asti, it looks like the London Book Fair was fun, but it sounds different than BEA. Is it?

    • I’ve never been to BEA, but I feel like it’s different, yes. The London Book Fair is more directed towards publishers and agents so they can do business. A lot of people go there with meetings scheduled and whatnot. For everyone else there are some seminars to attend that cover a variety of interesting topics, but that’s about it. It’s not like BEA where there are author signings and ARC drops. It’s more of a professional get together for the business people, from what I can tell. :) It will still interesting to see though!

  8. I’d never heard of those mystery postcards before, but that’s such an interesting idea! I really am taken by that, so I’m glad I found out about it thanks to this post!

    I’m sorry things haven’t been great for you recently, Kelly- hope this week works out better, and I hope your hiatus is excellent, Leanne. And YUM- i’ve been craving donuts just like that! Great being able to eat them as a job-reward!

    • Yes, I feel the same way. I don’t see negative reviews as people just being haters or anything like that. We all just read books in different ways based off of our past experiences and knowledge. There’s no way everyone will agree on the same book. And I think it’s fun to see how people’s opinions differ!

      But calling authors short? haha. Yeah, maybe that’s a bit too much :P

  9. -Yeaaaay, you got the doughnuts :D They look delicious!
    -Good luck with your hiatus Leanne :)
    -Take it easy Kelley, I hope things get little busy over time.

    I don’t really mind what comment system is used, as long as it’s easy for me to use, haha. I don’t like it if I have to log in every time I visit that website, because I’m too lazy for that :p

  10. Asti- Glad you got the followers you needed for doughnuts!
    Leanne – Good luck with all the stuff you have going on! It sounds like a lot!
    Kelley – Hope this week is better for you!
    Re: CommentLuv – Whatever is easiest for you guys. I personally have not had any problems with commenting on here.

    • Glad to hear you haven’t had any problems commenting Amy! I wonder if it’s just certain browsers or something? I’m not sure, but poor Kelley has probably been pulling her hair out over it…

      And yessss! DOUGHNUTS! I was one happy person when I saw those lol. Thanks!

  11. Personally, CommentLuv is my favorite commenting platform. I feel like it’s a great way to highlight other bloggers, and I’m much more likely to click on a CommentLuv link that catches my eye than one the commenter inserted themselves (which I find obnoxious in most circumstances) or the standard name/url link.

    But, of course, if it’s not working, then that sort of defeats the purpose!

    • I completely agree about clicking on CommentLuv links that catch my eye. In fact, I think I do that more than just clicking a person’s URL link that comes default when they comment (and I pretty much NEVER click on one that they manually insert at the end of a comment :P). That’s a really good point, and makes me want to reconsider turning it on after all! Thanks, Charleen.

  12. Look at all the pretty colors telling me which co-blogger is responding and posting :D *pretends to have always known this* sorry kelley D:

    Anyway: I really like CommentLuv since it feels like a nice way to promote recents posts with shoving it in people’s faces. I can skim through the comments on a post to see if there are any posts from blogs I don’t follow that I want to read. Obviously if it’s a pain to fix, it might not be worth it, but this is my vote pro CommentLuv ;-)

    • Hahahaha, how did you not know that before, about the colors?! lol…

      I know what you mean about CommentLuv, and that’s a big reason why I started using it to begin with. Now that we’ve disabled the Jetpack comment system, though, I’m hoping that we can enable CommentLuv without much difficulty. We shall see! :)

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