Weekly Recap| Aug 17-23, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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Our Lives This Week

[stextbox id=”asti2″ caption=”Asti” collapsing=”true”]This week has overall been pretty amazing, except for some minor stress caused by my dissertation. (I love it, I do, and I’m making progress. But I am really my own worst enemy when it comes to these things and continually feel the need to redo things that I finished months ago and overthink other bits and it’s just TOO MUCH! Hence why I don’t think I could ever write a book.)


I met two authors this past week: Victoria Schwab and Leigh Bardugo. The meet-up with Victoria was organized by a fellow blogger, and it was a very informal gathering of about twelve of us at a pub. Victoria was so fun to listen to, and it was just nice to sort of be able to hear her talk as a… person? Instead of an author. (Both Amie Kaufman Trevayne also unexpectedly popped by, which was a lot of fun.) Leigh Bardugo I got to meet as part of a private blogger event, and that was also amazing. She is full of so many fun stories, and she’s made me quite excited for The Dregs to come out. (Oh, she also mentioned that Nikolai was originally supposed to die in the second book. That made me smile. Muhahaha!)

Apart from the two author events, and one wonderful outing with Stacey from Pretty Books (who is one of my favorite London people ever), I’ve pretty much spent my days enjoying Dave’s empty house. That’s right, Dave’s family left for a holiday to Turkey. Apart from the evil spider who ran around the living room, it’s been amazing having the place so calm and quiet. Dave comes home every night to cook us dinner, we have fun watching the badgers in the back garden, and it’s been nice being able to just do our own thing without anyone judging us. I’m going to be sad when it ends…[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]If we’re friends on Goodreads, you my have noticed that I recently read If I Stay and rated it 1 star. After that, I basically confirmed that I was NOT interested in seeing the movie. BUT THEN my co-worker invited me to see the premiere with her on Tuesday evening, and well, I love movie popcorn and hey, free movie, so I joined her. It was pretty much as I expected. Right away I was irritated with the same things that irritated me in the book, but at least the (acoustic) music was good.

I don’t even know how the rest of my week has been. Interesting and different, but not really? WHY AM I SO BORING?![/stextbox]

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Question of the Week

Asti and Kelley are working hard on the next version of The Bookish Games: Ready Player One, but we’ve always got more ideas in the works. We want to know which theme you’d most like to see in an upcoming game. Please take our poll and let us know!

Which of these series would you most like to see featured as the theme of Future Bookish Games?

Which series would you like to see featured on a future version of The Bookish Games?

So, how was your week?

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  1. You’re not boring, Kelley! It’s ok to have a slow week :) Mine has been pretty average. Work has been busy, but the most exciting thing to happen has been Bout of Books! Aw, Asti! How long are the family away for? It must be lovely having the house to yourselves. Aside from the spiders *shivers*

    I voted for the Stormlight Archive for the Bookish Games because I think it would be epic, but it was between that and the Grisha series xD I haven’t even finished TWOK yet but WHATEVER.

    • Super late reply, but Dave’s family was away from a week and a half, and yes, it was LOVELY having the place all to myself! I did miss having dinner made for me on some nights, but just enjoyed being able to do what I wanted when I wanted without having to worry about anyone else! XP

      And ha, Stormlight Archive wasn’t originally on there, as Kelley mentioned. I told Dave that we were having voting for the next games and he demanded it be put on. You guys sure do love your Brandon Sanderson!

  2. How come you didn’t mention your Close Encounters With The Badger, Asti? ;) I’ve never seen one, so I found those photos pretty cool (and for some reason I kept confusing it with a skunk?). And man, good luck with your dissertation! I’ve been working on my paper for the last two weeks, and God it is so difficult getting proper subjects :/ Still, forging through… And AMIE KAUFMAN? Seriously?!

    I’ve never actually got all the hype over If I Stay, you know. I think it’s an okay book, but it was only in Where She Went that I actually got invested in the characters. As for the movie, lol there’s a long time yet to go for that. First I have to watch TFIOS, and then If I Stay should actually release here, which will take ages, so yeah…

    Btw, thanks for the mention, guys! :)

  3. I feel like authors NEVER visit my country and it’s really depressing.
    Two spiders decided to keep me company last summer when I was home alone. Except I didn’t want their company so I murdered them (I swear that’s not the reason I don’t have friends. I don’t murder people, promise).

  4. Ah, just hanging out with the Cool and Awesome Authors, Asti?! ;) OMG HOW AWESOME!! Woot!

    Sad you didn’t like If I Stay, kelley, although I can’t really comment because I haven’t read/watched it yet. BUT. Cellist. I adore music. I’m not the world’s biggest contemporary fan, though, So I think I’ll be saving my movie-money for Mockingjay. *flails in anticipation*

    And, of course, AS ALWAYS, and epic list of good posts to catch up on. I kind of freak out and squeak when I see you’ve linked to mine. XD Thank you!!

  5. Jealous that Asti met Leigh Bardugo! Can’t believe she was going to kill Nikolai though! That would have been so saaaaad!

    Ready Player One – what a fun idea for you next Bookish Games!

    Thanks for including links to my blog!

  6. You guys always compile the BEST lists of blog posts. :’)

    Also, I am SERIOUSLY jealous of you Asti! You. Met. Leigh. Bardugo. Ahhh. I was going to meet her a couple of weeks back but I was on holiday at the time. This is the second time one of my favourite authors has visited the country when I’ve been out of it! *sigh*

    And hmm I’ve never been too interested in If I Stay, but I have a feeling my friends will drag me along to the movie. Ah well, if I don’t like it, at least I’m not alone!

    • Oh boo for Bardugo coming over while you’re on holiday! That’s unfortunate. I’m definitely happy I got to meet her. It’s one of those things that make you realize how good it is to live in places like London, since not everyone else gets such opportunities! I think I heard she might do another big tour when The Dregs comes out though, so hopefully you’ll get another chance to see her :)

  7. Wow… Leigh Bardugo, Asti?!?!?!??! Eeps… I would have just fainted… right there on the spot!

    Thanks for sharing all these links again ladies and OMG VOTING ON thE BG?!?!? WTF… The Grisha Trilogy *swoons*, my heart, my heart haha. I will have to come back when this lets me log in for some reason WordPress keeps kicking me out because it hates me!

    Have a great week to come !

  8. lololol Asti, a BADGER! Oh gosh my nickname at work used to be “honey badger” so this made me giggle insanely, even though it’s not the same kind of badger. I can’t imagine seeing one of them just plodding around!

    I remember you mentioning Dave’s family’s holiday to Turkey, but not whereabouts they were going. Do you know if they’re going anywhere near the ruins of Troy? :o One of my classes is all about The Odyssey + related literature + history films on those areas so now I’m super interested in it. Regardless, if they come back with pictures from the trip I’d like to see them!

    Kelley don’t make me e-smack you. You’re one of the least boring people I know and you KNOW that. (And I have to say I know some really strange and interesting people, so there.) You make all sorts of lovely art and can fight with SWORDS and read people’s futures ffs, and that’s barely scratching the surface. You’ve just developed all of these things into a sort of routine so you think they’re not interesting anymore. Pfft. :p

    • High five for badgers, Leanne! Remember in EQ2 how my character was whatever class could shapeshift, and mine was a badger?! Awwww, I loved her. <3 ^_^

      Haha, well, I'm glad you don't think I'm boring! Maybe I am just not sure what to report in the weekly recaps anymore or something, lol. I dunnooooo. :P

      • Noooo how can I not remember shapeshifted badgers?! Argh now I want to go Google images but I’m about to have to leave for my night class. Oh well if it continues to bother me so long I remember to do it later tonight, I totally will when I get home. lol.

        I think you just don’t know what to put in the recaps. :p You have all these interesting things going on but it’s like a routine of interesting things, so maybe without something new in the mix you’re like “omg I’m not doing anything!”? I dunno, but that would make sense. Sort of.

        • Hehehe! Yeah, I had a Fury who could shapeshift into a badger and a Warden who could shapeshift into a fairy! I loved that characters. ^_^ I wish there was more info about it on their website! I was going to login and see “my characters” but it looks liked I’d have to login tot he game to refresh it, and I’m just not that committed, lol.

          • OMG I finally remembered to go look it up and those badgers were the cutest! I don’t know how I don’t remember those. My brain is usually a super vault for anything to do with MMOs, lol. I guess I eventually had to clear out some space in there somehow.

            Every now and then I get the itch to see my EQ characters but can’t be bothered to go find much about them either. I don’t know that I even remember my login after so many years.

    • They are SO cute! I love watching the badger just sneak it’s way down to Dave’s back door to get the sausages (he has motion detector lights out there but the badger got smart and figured out how the sneak along the wall so as not to set it off), and then grab the sausage and run with his butt just shaking side to side back the way he came. So adorable! I’ve named it Shadow.

      I don’t know for sure where they were going, but Dave said Dal-ee-an? (I’m just typing how he said it because I don’t know.) They did come back with some pics but they don’t have FB or anything so I don’t know where they are! Fail.

  9. I’m sorry you didn’t like If I Stay. I’ve been wanting to read it because of all the hype. My week was boring, too. Most exciting thing I did this week was babysit and read, which is sad. But I went to a concert last week so that was enough excitement for a while, I guess, LOL. :) Loved this week’s tweet! Selfie would definitely be an interesting name.

  10. I think The Grisha Trilogy would work well as a bookish games, but really.. ANY of those options would be awesome :)

    Asti, I’m so envious of your author events! I need to live somewhere cool! :P

    Kelley, I’m sad you didn’t like If I Stay, but I guess you can’t like everything, like me. lol

  11. My week was incredibly boring. It was the first week of school, and you know what that means: syllabi (that’s the plural of syllabus, right?), waking up early, and no time for blogging.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of If I Stay. I rated it 3-stars on Goodreads, but I feel like I rated it too high. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I honestly found it a bit boring. Kelley, I’m looking forward to reading a review with your full thoughts on the book.

    Since we (Kelley, Leanne and I) agreed that Fullmetal Alchemist is awesome, I nominate that for a future Bookish Games! The Alchemists vs. the Homunculi!

  12. Wow! I came across your blog on twitter somehow… this weekly recap post is awesome! I love all the links you share (pretty sure I just “Open in New Tab”ed about 15 of them), and it’s cool that you share the love with so many bloggers. Definitely going on my bloglovin’ list! :)

  13. I never think your updates are boring Kelley, you always have lots of interesting things going on. I have no interest in reading If I Stay, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll probably give the movie a chance though when it comes out here.
    Enjoy the free house Asti! I remember how good that felt, it’s nice to just do your own thing and not have to consider others. And I’m so jealous of your fun book events last week.

  14. I did love If I Stay (although I loved the sequel better), but then again I will read anything Forman writes. I’m looking forward to the movie and I think I’m blackmailing hubby to take me on my BD this week :)

    Thanks for the awesome links and for adding us to the list !

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