Weekly Recap| Aug 2-8, 2015

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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In Asti’s Life…

I think we all know my exciting news of the week:


As a result, expect to not see me around over the next two weeks. (As much as I love you guys, Dave gets priority ;))

Oh, wait… That’s not right. Expect to not see me for another month. That’s right. I’ve decided to extend my two-week I’m-reuniting-with-Dave hiatus to a one-month I’m-reuniting-with-Dave-and-then-trying-to-catch-up-on-all-the-things hiatus with Kelley’s lovely permission. I have comments on over thirty posts I haven’t responded to and practically no posts scheduled as a buffer for when life gets crazy, and yeah, I would just like to give myself some time to take care of that instead of coming back and drowning under it all.

I really ought to write a post someday about my perspective on blogger guilt and the constant back and forth I have with it. How sometimes I just want to stop working so hard because it’s overwhelming and exhausting, but then I feel bad because I want to be able to respond to all the lovely comments I get and build relationships with others. Le sigh.

But hey, right now is a happy time so YAY LONDON and see you guys in a month! (Be nice to Kelley while I’m gone, will ya? ;))

In Kelley’s Life…

This week was pretty darn great. I finally had time to relax, read some books, and do some fun things. Our new apartment is starting to look really good, now that I’ve hung up some art, and have begun my new Wall of Ampersands (pictures coming soon). My best friend and her family were on vacation this week and came through Austin, so I got to have lunch with them at a local food truck, which was great!

Roadrunner on Kelley's patio Ms. P's Electric Cock Book mail Kelley got from Tabitha!

I also met a roadrunner on my patio this week, which was super fun. And my dear, wonderful friend Tabitha sent me an incredibly awesome bookish care package, complete with a hardcover ARC of Illuminae!!!

In crappier news, thanks to issues with me losing my health insurance and trying to switch over to my husband’s, I’ve run out of my most important medication, so things are a bit… problematic at the moment. I really hope it gets sorted out SOON because I have a feeling I will be starting a new job soon, and I need to be functional!

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Asti Kelley

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  1. Better be… Slytherclaw! I honestly didn’t think I’d be sorted into half a Slytherin! But I like it :D

    Well, these links are going to keep me busy for a while. Thank you!

    Asti, I hope you have a brilliant time in London with Dave. Enjoy your month, and we’ll see you after. <3

    Kelley, I sincerely hope you get your health insurance sorted again! That's basically the last thing you need right now. I am glad you had a great week, though. <3

  2. Yikes. I hope you get your health and medication back on track Kelley!!! I wish you luck with that!!!

    Asti, YOU’RE IN LONDON?????? LUCKY.

    I love myself some English accents. ^.^

    I’m a Slytherclaw! Wow. Wasn’t expecting the Slytherin part. O.O

  3. Oh my, I’m a Slytherpuff! You know what, I don’t mind. There’s nothing wrong with being a Slytherin. The description was also pretty accurate so… I’m cool with this result.

    Found some great blog posts to read and comment on through this weekly recap again so thanks!

  4. Glad you’re settling into life in Austin, Kelley! Hope things go smoothly with your meds and new job!

    Glad you made it safely to Europe, Asti! Hope you have a fabulous trip and a relaxing hiatus!

  5. Asti, enjoy your trip and reuniting with your boyfriend in London!

    How cute is that roadrunner, Kelley? And I’m super envy on that copy of Illuminae! I’ve finished reading it and I swear I wanted to get a hardcover copy for my own collection. Hope you’re get things sorted for the meds and jobs.

  6. Hi guys!
    Asti – I hope you enjoy London! Have a great time with your bf :) It’s got so many beautiful places. I loved doing all the touristy things while I was there, especially the Tower of London! It was amazing!
    Kelley – That’s really bad news about your health insurance, I hope you get it sorted out soon. On another note, it’s great news about your apartment! I always feel more positive when things are coming together :) can’t help it, it makes me proud.
    Thank you again for featuring my blog in your post! I appreciate it :D
    Have a great week!
    Amy x