Weekly Recap| Aug 23-29, 2015

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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ALSO this is Asti’s last week of hiatus, and I’m so excited for her to come back! I’ve been doing my best to keep this blog interesting in her absence, but it will be nice to have her presence on the site again. Asti — we miss you! <3

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The best news of the week? I got a job offer! It’s the one I’ve been interviewing for, and hoping to get, so I’m pretty pleased that they wanted me! It’s not exactly a step *up* in my career, but I think it will be a nice change of pace from my previous work. So now I’m going through all of the onboarding procedures and getting things in order while I still have a few weeks of freedom!

Her Royal Highness Gigi's Cupcakes She is Not Amused

In other news, the latest creature to grace our new home is a cricket, who seems to have moved into our air vents. I’ve named him Jiminy, and boy is he annoying! I also got together with some local ladies for a narcolepsy support group meeting, and it was *just* what I needed! Meeting new people, experiencing new places in Austin, and making new friends. Pretty nice week. :)

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  1. Wow, I am a little surprised my post is on here. I posted it a couple hours ago? Are you also burning the midnight oil? :D The video about box sets is sooo true. I just got the Mistborn trilogy today in a box and threw the that sucker right out. No time for that!

    Also, the picture of your cat in the shower is awesome — that stare is fantastic. Sometimes I wish I had cats. And, CONGRATS on a new job!

  2. Thanks Kelley for featuring my post, after I shamelessly promoted it to you *blush*
    Love your links, as always. Completely agree about box sets! I have two awesome box sets that I haven’t started on. I tried to read The Secret Garden (a book in one of them) the other day, and when I couldn’t get the book out I gave up.

  3. Yay for Asti’s return! I’m ready to hear that Eiffel Tower engagement story! ;)

    And congrats on getting a job, Kelley! I commented so late on last week’s recap that you had probably been accepted the job by the time I wished you luck, ha ha!

    Your cat + cupcake pictures! We have a Gigi’s in my town too and my favorite is their chocolate chocolate chip cheesecake one!

    Thanks for including my link! And you know I clicked on that Star Trek video, so I’ll be watching that shortly. :)

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