Weekly Recap| Aug 31 – Sep 6, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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Well, folks… Looks like it’s just you and me this week. Asti’s on vacation with her family, and Leanne is still IN STASIS, if you’ll recall. So, apologies if our massive link list isn’t quite as massive as usual, but hopefully you’ll still be satisfied with what I have to offer!

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Our Lives This Week

[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]Jeez, I feel all this added pressure to be interesting this week since Asti and Leanne aren’t here! WELL, let’s see. I’ve been trying to get a lot more art into my life lately, so I’ve been working on some Skillshare classes, tasking myself with a few projects, and challenging myself to sketch more! It’s quite satisfying, even if it doesn’t always go as smoothly as I want it to.

mystery post-it sketch t-shirt concept sketch

Aside from that, I’ve been enjoying a surprising number of contemporary books lately, and playing The Banner Saga with my husband. Trying to keep up with everything still feels stressful, so I’m trying to make sure I do a lot of relaxing things throughout the day. The rest of this month is going to be pretty busy for me, with bookish events lined up every single weekend, and a few weeknights too![/stextbox]

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So, how was your week?


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  1. That article about The Giver adaptation was interesting, especially given our conversation about why it might not be doing so well. It definitely seems they tried to Hunger Games/Divergent-ify it up, which I think is a little sad, but also a little understandable.

  2. Apparently I should hook up with ice cream? Sounds like a good life to me! I’ve got two new men to love – their names are BEN and JERRY!

    Also: I love that you’re reading a bunch of contemporary ;) That happened to me earlier this year and I’m finally starting to gravitate back towards fantasy and sci-fi. I blame Heir of Fire to be honest

    • LOL that is hilarious because Leanne said she chose ice cream at every available opportunity and somehow it ended up saying she should hook up with bacon!

      As for me and contemporary, I’m not even sure how it happened! Probably it’s partially due to my reading themes and stuff. It feels kinda strange, and I’m sure pretty soon I’ll be ready to get back into some fantasy! Especially after the book I’m reading right now: The Sky is Everywhere. x_x

        • I think maybe I just came to that book too late or something. Reading it is just like… I can see why Tahereh Mafi loves it so much. Her metaphors are way out there (“My heart landed on Jupiter.” “Centuries passed before he spoke again.” etc.) and it gets old. And the MC is just pissing me off with her choices. (Seriously, who starts making out with her dead sister’s boyfriend because she misses her sister so much? Especially when there’s an amazing guy who she really likes — and who’s courting the hell out of her? I don’t get it.)

  3. I like the Problems sketch! The 10 ways to piss of a book blogger was very true. Tammy’s discussion made me think and I wish they would inform us when they quote our review, just because it’s fun to know your name it out there. If eARC’s are swapped out for samples.. That would be the end of most early reviews on international blogs. That’s our main source. Thanks for linking all those articles :D

    • Yay, you like my sketch! :D I agree with you about quoting reviews. If nothing else, I’d like to know that my blog has gotten a mention somewhere. So for eARCs on international blogs… where do you get yours? I’m curious how it works in reverse because I know on NetGalley, I can’t really request books that are publishing in the UK or Australia since I live in the US.

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