Weekly Recap| Dec 7-13, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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What Happened to Leanne?

You’ve likely noticed a considerable lack of Leanne around here lately, and while it’s true that we put her in stasis a while back, things have changed a bit further. By now you’re probably glancing over at the sidebar widget and noticing a distinct lack of teal hair in it, and yes — it makes us all sad. Leanne has decided to retire from blogging, so we won’t be seeing much of her in the blogosphere after now (unless she decides to rejoin us). But hey, look at the bright side, Asti and Kelley are still here!

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers AwardThe wonderful Karolina at Bookshelf Reflections has nominated us for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Isn’t that so sweet of her?! Thank you so much, Karolina! We’re glad to get to know you. :) And since Asti won’t be at her computer in time to respond to this award before the post goes up, I’m going to choose one of Karolina’s questions and answer for the both of us.

Ahem! Here goes… Karolina asked: What book do you want to see burn? For me, I’ll say Catcher in the Rye or maybe East of Eden. For Asti, I’ll say the entire Wolves of Mercy Falls series. Haha!

In Case You Missed It

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Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

Weekly Recap 14 Dec 2014

My Week According to Instagram

It’s actually been a decent week for me! Sure, I’ve gotten nothing done (apart from emailing Kelley 800 times) thanks to my job being extended, but I was able to do stuff this week without feeling overwhelmingly sad or having a mental breakdown – which is a definite improvement over last week. Just being able to have a normal week, without those extremes, can be a success for me (though I won’t lie, I did almost have a panic attack one night traveling home and my thoughts are still a bit on overdrive. Still, one step at a time).

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? I’ve loved getting Christmas cards in the mail this past week (there’s something super exciting about seeing a letter waiting for you and wondering who it’s from and what’s inside) and the kind notes I’ve received inside have definitely made me appreciate my involvement in the blogosphere. I wouldn’t trade the friendships I’ve made for anything! Now I just need to drop off my Christmas cards at the post office (I know, I am a complete failure for not having done so already) – hopefully they arrive sometime around Christmas! >.<

In Kelley’s Life…

Look, I don’t even know, man. What is this life? Where am I? Work is a busy, busy blur. Life is much the same. I think I’m still just trying to… sort everything out. My life is about to change pretty dramatically, and it could happen in weeks or maybe months, but it’s happening. I’m still here, obviously, but I’m pretty sure I’m not ALL here, if you know what I mean…

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So, how was your week?

Asti Kelley

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  1. Haha, I love that Agatha Christie got her own section this week and obviously I need to talk to Ruby :)
    Aw, that’s sad that Leanne is no longer part of you but you two guys are a great team anyway so Oh, The Books will continue to rock it. You both have so much going on in your real lives, fingers crossed that everything will work out for you both in time.

  2. Thank you for another couple hours of entertainment, Kelley! I totally agree with burning those books, I’ve only read Shiver, but I really didn’t like it. Still curious about her other work, though!

    Really sorry to see Leanne go, but I’m sure you two will be able to keep going. You guys are awesome :)

    Aaand I’d be in Fangirl! That makes sense.

  3. I’m glad that this week was pretty good for you, Asti! I hope you’re also getting a decent nights sleep. I know how important that is to you! And those cards look mighty fine up on that bookshelf. Can I just reiterate, you’re an incredible figure in the blogging community. Hilarious and super sweet!

    I get what you mean about work blurring everything. I can’t remember the last time I had a decent night’s sleep. I’m super tired from work every night and I can’t bring myself to do anything by the time I get home. I just want some time to myself, you know? And I’m stressing out about that and bleh. Last week wasn’t that great. Big changes can be daunting. But grab it and take lead!

    Have a good week, ladies! Like I always say, sleep well, drink water, eat veges…<3

  4. I only started following your blog around the time Leanna got into stasis, so I never really got to know her, which is sad, but I like the blog even with just you two, so I am sure you’ll do fine!

    @Asti, glad to hear you had a normal week. Yay for small achievements. Sometimes it can be really hard to keep all the angst, worries and panic at bay.

    @Kelley, I hope you have a few less busy weeks soon. Maybe aroudn christmas you can have a little more tiem for yourself?

    Thanks for including a link to one of my posts!

  5. I’ll miss Leanne, but I hope the not blogging helps her! I still like you two anyway, so I’ll stick around ;)

    Kelley – apparently I’m in TDH as well, though I think I might not survive the Battle of Hogwarts.

    Okay, and the Insurgent trailer? I’m really not so sure I’ll be thrilled to see the movie now. I’ll end up going, since it’s right around my best friend’s birthday, but I am VERY skeptical. It just seems… odd.

    • Who knows, Leanne may rejoin us at some point in the future! I think this was just the best decision for her right now because she’s so darn busy. Like you said, it’s at least fortunate you still like Kelley and myself ;)

      I agree with you on the Insurgent trailer. I’m just not excited for it at all. Of course, it probably doesn’t help I didn’t like the book, but meh. The trailer confused me more than anything else.

  6. Aw, that makes me sad that Leanne retired from blogging, but I definitely understand it. I keep feeling the pull but I know I can’t do it alone. And right now things are busy..lol And only going to get busier in August ;) Though I am considering stepping out of my co-op sales that I co-run. The other person is making me too mad and it’s stressing me out too much right now :/ We’ll see.

    I’m glad your week was pretty good Asti, I have not gotten cards sent out yet either. I keep forgetting to get them out of my room before putting James to bed. :/ I’ll have to get them done tomorrow.

    I understand the business Kelley! I’m going through it too!

  7. And I was looking forward to Leanne’s comeback, too. :( LEANNE, WHY DID YOU LEAVE US HERE TO BURNNN. I’m really sorry to see that life has gotten so busy that she isn’t able to blog anymore, but if she ever decides to return (which I hope she does!), we’ll all be more than happy to see her again. I’m loving the new tagline on your header, though!

    Asti: Yay, I’m glad everything’s been going somewhat smoothly for you! I have to admit that I miss seeing your hilarious and thoughtful comments around the blogosphere, but WELL. Can’t help it when reality decides to give you a kick, I guess. I’m just thankful I’m out of school for the year and have a lot more free time to blog now. :P AND YES. Where have all the months gone?! I’m glad my card arrived safe and sound! Don’t worry, I still have Christmas cards to send out, and it’s only a week till Christmas… *facepalm*

    Kelley: Aw, I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I hope everything smooths out for you quick, Kelley. *hugs* It’s kind of scary knowing that your life is going to change dramatically, but not knowing when. Sending you loads of positive energy and cute pictures of cats! :D

    That tweet of the week… I WISH I WAS WITTY ENOUGH TO THINK UP SUCH AWESOME PUNS. I seriously envy people who can spout puns like it’s second nature to them.

    Thanks for including my post in your round-up! <3 Have a lovely week, you two!

    • Ah yes, she knows she is always welcome back if things turn around for her. I think it is just helpful for Kelley and I that she has stepped back at least temporarily so we a) don’t feel bad about making decisions without her and b) know not to rely on her contributions. She’s got good things going on so we wish her all the best! :)

      Aww sorry to hear you miss my comments. I keep telling myself I’ll get better with those and carve out more time for them, but I always feel like I’m constantly playing catchup on the comments unreplied to on Oh, the Books! We’re making some minor changes in regards to our commenting policy in 2015 though, so hopefully I’ll be able to spend more time commenting on other blogs instead of all my time replying to comments here!

      Haha, Christmas cards to send out with only a week left before Christmas? And I thought I was bad! Ah well, I think it’s the thought that counts anyways. So what if it’s a bit late? :P

      I envy people who can come up with any sort of creative and engaging tweet, even if puns aren’t included! My twitter account is always so lame… and inactive. I need to use it more! (I think I’m just worried if I do I will get even LESS done. :P)

  8. I got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the What YA Book Are You quiz as well! Hopefully I’ll read it next year!

    Sorry to see Leanne go, but I had a feeling it was coming. Hope Leanne decides to pop in again one day for a guest post!

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