Weekly Recap| Feb 8-14, 2015

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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Oh, the Books! is going on a hiatus. For the next two weeks, there will be no posts, tweets, or activity from the Oh, the Books! team (apart from some comment replies). Both Kelley and Asti are struggling finding the motivation to blog as a result of some big life changes, and just need a little time away to rejuvenate. Don’t worry though, we plan on coming back. Our next post will be on Monday, March 2nd! See you then. :)

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Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

In case you haven’t noticed, I have sort of been MIA these past two weeks. I’ve moved home and I’m just feeling like… shit. As always with depression, it just feels like every single thing is going wrong and it’s hard to think things can get better. I have no motivation to do the things I love to do, and I feel myself withdrawing from others as I struggle with so much negativity in my mind. As a result, I haven’t touched this blog at all these past two weeks, (and have barely touched my personal one,) leaving poor Kelley to message me every once in a while to see if I’m still planning on contributing to things like the Weekly Recap or running our social media accounts. It’s horrible.

Fortunately (or not so fortunately, because it means Kelley’s been having a rough time too), we’ve decided to have a little hiatus which means for the next two weeks I can do what I’m doing without the guilt that has accompanied my slacking. (Because really, feeling like crap and then feeling guilty for feeling like crap only leads to more crap feelings!)

Hopefully when the hiatus is over, I’ll be feeling rejuvenated and ready to kick ass once again. I’m not completely convinced that will be the case (because Dave leaves me on the last day of February, which means I’ll have a whole new set of negative emotions thrust upon me), but I’m going to do what I can. In the meantime, I appreciate everyone’s love and support. This community is the best, and I miss being more involved with it. <3


In Kelley’s Life…

I spent every available moment with my husband, until he left on Thursday. Since then, I’ve spent every waking moment trying not to collapse into a puddle of tears. If the list of links is suspiciously short this week, it’s because I didn’t get around to adding mine. And if I’m suspiciously absent over the next two weeks, well… try not to hold it against me? I’m barely holding myself together right now.

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So, how was your week?

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  1. Aww girls, I really hope – well, that things get a little easier, it’s hard, and nothing we say could really make things more bearable, just that we will be here when you get back, and we’ll miss you, but we understand that time is needed. Sending my love and thoughts with you both!<3

    Your link list is beautiful and full as always, don't worry! Thank you for the link-up! :)

  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that both of you have hard such a hard time keeping g things together. I definitely understand how it feels and I’m actually glad that you’re taking time for yourselves. I really admire both of you as bloggers and I’ll be way happy when you get back <333

    Love you lots :)

  3. Thanks for including my link!
    I hope both of you have a relaxing two weeks. No one will hold it against you. HOnestly, with all of the amazing blogging you have done over the years, you both deserve a break. I, and the rest of the blogging community, will be here when you get back. We are not going anywhere.
    Now, please excuse me while I spend the rest of the day looking at all of the other wonderful links.

  4. Take care of yourself, girls! Please, either of you, feel free to email me anytime if you just need someone to talk to or whatever. I feel bad because I’m really bad at reaching out… I want to give people their space… but I know most people (myself included) don’t want to feel like they’re bugging someone… so seriously, you won’t be bugging me if you want to talk to me. <3

  5. You girls are fantastic and you have a community who truly cares about you. Always reach out if you need Anything! Kelly–I remember what it was like to be separated from my hubby. He was sent to Iraq for 10 months. They were gray days. It was tough. But I also got to spend a lot of time with family, friends, and make awesome new friendships. I learned a lot about myself and how strong and independent I could actually be! I hope the same happens for you. Time will fly by as it always does :)

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about all the sadness, you guys. Of course, we’ll miss you these next two weeks, but please please take care of yourself first – your well being is so incredibly important. Sending hugs your way.

  7. Sending hugs to both of you! I can’t imagine what you’re going through and how hard this must be on you. I think taking a small break will help. I am hoping you will feel better afterwards!

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about this, Kelley and Asti. I’m going through a major heartbreak and although it’s not the same with your situation, I know how it feels like to be sad and unmotivated. I barely touched my blog last month and until now I still haven’t found my rhythm. But I stopped being so hard on myself. It’s good that you’re taking a hiatus, it’ll help you breath. Sending you virtual hugs and hope you feel better soon. <3

  9. Guys, I hope you’re all back to normal in a while. This hiatus is a good thing – you need a break, I completely understand what you’re going through! But promise you’ll return, OK, guys? I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for all of your followers when I say we will miss you desperately <3

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