Weekly Recap| Jan 18-24, 2015

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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In Case You Missed It

Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

From beginning to end, this week was an absolute blur. Dave and I went and saw Queen + Adam Lambert on Sunday (I had bought myself tickets for the concert a couple of months ago as my “Going Away” present to myself)[1], stayed in the Greenwich area for a couple of days to celebrate our three-year anniversary [2], and then headed over to Kingston for my graduation [3]. On top of that, Dave’s mom also had surgery on Wednesday, which went well but means that we have extra company in the house all week and are expected to take care of her when we can.

Queen + Adam Lambert Concert Greenwich Park Asti Graduation 2015

It’s just chaos, I tell you, chaos! How am I supposed to write posts and respond to comments and take book pictures and do all the things when I’m too busy running out and about around London and helping out Dave’s family? Well, I can’t. So apologies for those who have commented on some of my recent posts but have not yet received a response. This is an unnaturally busy time of year for me and my focus is more on enjoying my last week in the UK and my last month with Dave (and then recording it all on my personal blog) than doing book bloggy stuff. I hate admitting such things, but it’s true, and I know most of you are sweet enough to understand. <3

If you want to check out my past week in more detail, head over to Oh, Asti!:

In Kelley’s Life…

Things have been very busy for me the week, and my weekend has been even busier! A few highlights:

  • Visa applications are a pain in the booty-butt.
  • This happened, which was cool.
  • I have at least three kitties greeting me when I get home now.

That’s all I’ve got — for now!

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So, how was your week?

Asti Kelley

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  1. Thanks for including my post about social media. :) I’ll check out some of the other posts you have included in this. It looks like you all have had a very busy week. Asti, I love Queen! I would love to see them in concert.

  2. Yay, congratulations on graduating, Asti! I’m also proud of you (and I’m not sweet enough to understand so where are the replies to my comments?!)

    Brandon Sanderson signing, getting featured on Publisher’s Weekly and more cats sound like you had an awesome week, Kelly!

    SO excited for the Grisha edition of the Bookish Games and a bit sad that Asti won’t be playing. =/

  3. Congratulations on graduating Asti! I bet you’re so happy. We sent Chaz’s parents to see queen Friday night – it was their Christmas present – they were so fricking happy and loved it so much.

    Good luck with your VISA Kelley, I’ve only had to apply for a ESTA!

    Thank you for sharing two of my posts this week <3

  4. CONGRATSSSS ON GRADUATION, ASTI!!!!!!! YOUR AMAZING AND GAH YOU ROCK (yeah it’s edging closer to midnight, my brain has stopped for the day, sorry about that). I can’t believe it’s your last week in the UK (although…I guess it’s crazier for you o_O). Enjoy it. Live life to the fullest. SOAK IT ALL IN! <3

    KELLEY!! YOU'RE FAMOUS! FAMOUS! HAHAHAHAHA I'm glad you had so much fun! This reminds me, I need to get on Sanderson, asap!

    Have a good week, you two! Eat a pancake, drink some cider, take a bike ride! Have fun, I guess is what I'm trying to say, rather unsuccessfully.


      And I know. It’s so crazy that this is my last week. :O I’m sort of going through it numbly right now. Like, sort of in shock and denial. I think it’ll be better Tuesday and Friday since we actually plan on going into London to do stuff again. But yeah. Very bittersweet. Will nice to be home to see my family and doggies but I’ll miss London. :(

      PS. I love how every time you comment on our recap you give us a list of things to do “eat pancakes”, “drink water”, etc. One of these weeks I’m going to start doing each thing you say to see what happens :P


    Kelley, the visa applications sound like a task from hell, tbh. But on the upside: kittensssssss.

    My week was very long because I had no weekend last weekend and worked (or went to school to learn about work) for thirteen days straigt and it was very full of all the early shifts that could possibly happen to me. And evidently I’ve got an early shift again tomorrow and I do not remember what it feels like to get up for work later than 3am. God. BUT I MANAGED TO READ A BOOK. Greatest success of all time, tbh. \o/

    • THANKS ISA!! :D

      Eww, thirteen days straight?! And super early shifts?! You definitely need a day off! I don’t know how you managed to read a book in all that, either. January is almost over and I’ve only finished one book. I think that makes YOU a star!!

  6. @Asti, I read most of your posts on your other blog and I agree with you that it’s better to focus and enjoy your time you still have left in the UK, we will still be here after that as well.

    @kelley, I hope you got that Visa stuff sorted out, it sounds annoying. And yay for book signings!

    I haven’t read the Grisha series yet, so I probably won’t be joining this bookish games either. I do own the first book, so let’s hope I can read that soon.

    • Thanks Lola! I’m doing my best to enjoy my remaining time here :) Knowing I have such awesome friends in the blogosphere helps, though. Those comments on my personal blog have helped a lot <3

      And hey, you can still join the Bookish Games if you're interested, even if you haven't read the book. The next game will be inspired by the world of Leigh Bardugo, but won't actually involve any of the characters or storyline from the series so it's completely spoiler-free! It's up to you though, just letting you know in case that's the only thing holding you back ;)

  7. As always, an amazing collection of news and posts. The mention is always appreciated ;)

    Congrats Asti! I have two masters so I know the felling. I’m sorry to hear about Dave’s mom surgery, but I’m glad that everything went well. Concerts are always so amazing, I don’t get to go a lot, and I usually see Hispanic singers :)

    Kelley, book signing are so awesome. Spooner and Kaufman where here, but it happened to be the week that I was as sick as a dog, so I couldn’t go :(

  8. A GRISHA BOOKISH GAMES?! I don’t care how busy I am with uni, I’m definitely making time to participate in this one. It’s about time I took part in a bookish games!

    Sounds like you guys have had super busy weeks! I hope things start to slow down a little soon (unless it’s good busy, in which case it should continue at a reasonable pace)

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