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Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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Have you filled out Asti’s survey on blog tours for her Publishing MA dissertation? Whether you’re a blogger or a reader, Asti wants to know your thoughts! Any help is appreciated. <3

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Our Lives This Week

[stextbox id=”asti2″ caption=”Asti” collapsing=”true”]I’ve actually have had a somewhat eventful week. Yeah, there’s the usual dissertation work (thanks to everyone who has taken my survey so far!) and the working out (I have finished my first month of doing it regularly and lost seven pounds, woohoo), but now this week there was even more stuff!


  • I received a lovely package in the mail from Emily @ Reverie Rhapsody for my birthday. (No, don’t flip out, my birthday was at the end of May. It’s not happening again already.)
  • I ventured out twice this week into London to hang out with two good friends. I ended up seeing Transformers with one and it was soooo cheesy. Entertaining and more or less what I was expected, but really, between those product placements and corny lines I just found myself laughing and shaking my head AT the movie. (I guess that could be considered a good thing.)
  • Oh, and I also created and then destroyed my own tag (#nameviatitles) for Instagram, like the crazy person I am.


  • Dave was also sick all week, so I got less sleep than normal thanks to waking up to the lovely sounds of him vomiting in the bathroom.
  • I added more sweets to my treasure chest on my bookshelf (thanks Chantelle for the chocolates!).
  • And my business cards came in the mail, designed by my amazing co-blogger Kelley, just in time for YALC. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to pass them out though because YALC was an overwhelming chaotic mess and I left about a hour after I arrived. But still, pretty business cards!

So really, it’s been a busy week with the socializing, blogging, working out, dissertation studying, dealing with the sick boyfriend, taking pics for Instagram, and all that other jazz, but it made a nice change to my usual dullness. :)[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]I have to admit that this week has been very long and somewhat surreal (I’m going to assume that is because of my sleep status right now). But aside from that, it has felt pretty productive and satisfying too. I’ve been enjoying participating in the #30daysofbookstagrams meme on instagram…

a book in the sun for day 2 of #30daysofbookstagrams (The Glass Sentence, without the dust jacket - isn't it a beauty?) Channeling my inner L today for Day 9 of #30daysofbookstagrams - Your Head in a Book. #books #DeathNote #maps Day 8: Spell your name with the first letters of books. Mine is sort of to heavy, but I like it. #30daysofbookstagrams - K E L L E Y

My boss let me get Illustrator and I’ve already been learning and making some cool things. I went to sword class on Monday, even though I had to stop after about an hour and fall asleep in the corner. My husband and I went to see Lindsey Stirling on Thursday night and it was amazing (there was one of those big, public wedding proposals onstage, too, right before she played All of Me!).

That time my cat sat on the scanner, circa 2002 - back when she still had all her legs #tbt #throwbackthursday #cats #egyptianmau Obligatory (blurry) concert photo. Incredible show - thank you, @lindseystirling, for being such an inspiration! Two of my recent #collage #tarot cards. I'm really happy with my Lovers! #fridaynightwitchesandbitches

I ended up being really happy the some other art projects I did this week. I even finished reading a book (ignore the fact that it wasn’t one of the books on my monthly reading list >_>)! It’s a weird mixture of feeling like I’m in a dream-state half the day, and being really creatively inspired. At least it’s been satisfying! :)[/stextbox]

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  1. I get what you mean about YALC – well it was more LFCC I guess, FAR too many people and way too hot, we actually also left a little earlier than planned (around 4pm) because it was just… queues, queues everywhere!

    Thanks for sharing my link again ladies <3

    • I’m glad you were still able to stick it out as long as you did and that you enjoyed it for the most part! The whole thing just fell apart for me, from the anxiety I had inside to the guilt and frustration with myself that I couldn’t just enjoy it like everyone else. Oh well.

      • Nah you shouldn’t feel guilty! If you’re not comfortable, then don’t push yourself. I had a panicky moment where I was really dehydrated and thought I was going to get a horrible migraine, and ALL the queues to the toilets (original plan was to fill my water bottle up there) were insane – they’d also blocked off one of the female toilets. And the cafe queues were crazy too of course. 20 minutes queueing just to buy overpriced water – oh and apparently the aircon wasn’t working?

    • I doubt I’ll write a post about it. Really the whole thing just makes me mad at myself more than anything else. If you look at Claire’s @ Bitches with Books post about YALC you’ll see a pic her friend took of the crowds. That was my main thing. It was just Dave and I trying to walk around and I was just getting so frustrated by the mobs of people EVERYWHERE and then I wanted to try and do the things he wanted to do but he just felt indifferent towards most of it because he couldn’t be bother to queue and there were queues everywhere for everything. And it was just all too much for me. While we were walking around I could just slowly feel my mind starting to separate from myself and could just feel the anxiety coming on so I just told him I wanted to go home and so we did. But then I have spent every minute since being mad at myself and my inability to handle such things because I wanted to have a great time like everyone else and I didn’t. So meh.

      • Ah, I understand completely. I’ve been in some situations like that as well, and I’ve bailed too, just like you did. It’s why I HATE going to conferences for my job, because I’m just so awful and it. My boss thinks conferences are like this party, but I absolutely hate them, and I’m miserable the whole time, unless I can find a quite corner to go hide away in for a while. >_< I'm sorry you didn't have a good time and left early (both of you), but I totally get it.

  2. The most exciting thing going on for me is the #30daysofbookstagrams… lol I look forward to your pictures everyday! That and sleep training. WHY THE HECK DID I NOT DO THIS SOONER?!?! I’m actually getting some sleep lately. lol So getting some reading and gaming done :P

      • Sleep training sounds super mean but, what I’m doing is laying him down and leaving the room and letting him cry for short periods. Starting at 5 minutes and working to 10 minutes. I go in and soothe him at each time period and then after he is calmed, lay him back down. Repeat until sleeping. It’s hard because he’s crying but once he’s asleep, he gets a better sleep than he normally would. Only waking up two times a night. It’s easier on me than sleeping all night sitting up holding him, which is where we were because he wouldn’t let me put him down without crying. He usually only fusses about 5 minutes now before falling asleep. So it’s working somewhat.

  3. Omg, I’m sort of fangirling because 2 of my posts were in there. Oh yeah!!! You all live such exciting lives compared to me, I mean going to sword class!!!! Seriously (I’m presuming that’s like sword fighting, and not some code word that I don’t know!)

  4. Hallo, again! :)

    I am constantly surprised by the misconceptions and the angst towards blog tours! Goodness! I post a LOT of original content on my blog, even when associated with a blog tour! For starters, I always anchor the Guest Post & the Author Interview with my own personal thoughts, views, and observations. I almost always respond back to the Interview Questions after the author has supplied their own responses; I do not always do this, it is how I feel at the time of the Interview. Sometimes I find a connection and sometimes I do not. It just depends. Sometimes I yield if the author knows more about the topic being discussed as well. All the Questions are my own and I also always pick out the Topic for the Guest to post about – a few times I’ve allowed them to be creative on their own, but everything is always original for my blog.

    Secondly, I always write my heart out in my book reviews whether I’m on a blog tour or not. I’ve actually hosted more blog tours than anything else during my first year as a book blogger — it worked for me to have active deadlines in my life right now. I still check books out of the library and read from my own shelves as well. My second year (which starts in August) I plan to have more content as far as my own Features are concerned, weekly Memes I enjoy (a small amount), but what I do hope is to find other chatty readers to drop by and comment on the posts.

    I am not sure if I am getting bypassed due to people’s misunderstandings of blog tours, or what, but I can honestly say, the conversation is growing old for me. I work with reliable and honourable touring companies and I have nothing but admiration and applause for being a blogger who works with them.

    I encourage anyone to drop by my blog and see the difference.
    Comment even.
    I encourage conversations.

    All the books I select from a blog tour are books I want to read. Always. My reviews are positive, negative, and neutral — depends on how the story alights in my heart and mind as I read. I even have a ‘fly in the ointment’ section which is where I talk about what did not work for me if there is an issue that arises. Honesty is honesty and I stand by it always.

    Just don’t lump us all in on the whole of the argument.

    • I am a little confused by your defensiveness regarding blog tours, Jorie. All that the post asks if for people to share their opinions about blog tours, as both readers and bloggers, in a survey. No where do I say that blog tour posts are unoriginal or biased or anything like that? I for one think that bloggers do always try to do their best with blog tour posts when they decide to host one, though some may not got to the lengths that you do. I mean, just look at my co-blogger Kelley. She’s participating in the blog tour for Dissonance and while she is doing a giveaway for the tour and has had hosted an extract, she’s also making it special by creating her own quiz for the content. So by no means is this survey meant to be an attack on those who participate it.

      The survey is just my honest attempt at trying to figure out how bloggers and readers perceive blog tours. Sure, there are some people who are going to fill it out and say that they suck, but there are going to be some that say they rock. A survey is not meant to state every single opinion ever. It is going to look for patterns and trends to see if I can come to any sort of conclusion to help publishers determine if this tool is effective and worthwhile. It is to help publishers actually pay attention to the perspective of bloggers and readers, as most of the publications about blog tours are always focused on the publisher/author point of view.

      Again, I apologize if you felt the need to defend yourself, but I honestly meant no harm.

      • Hi Asti,

        I think I misunderstood the whole project, so I do apologise. I tend to find a lot written about blog tours in the blogosphere and the angle normally makes me feel defensive rather than enlightened. After reading your reply, I feel completely different about it and do hope that your project will paint a positive light as much as a better overview of what blog tours do due to help authors and their stories get into the hands of new readers who might not have found them otherwise. Apparently, I read more into this than was necessary and I do apologise for that. I appreciate your candor and your response — I think sometimes the blogosphere is a bit difficult to process.

        I always felt all of you on Oh, the Books were a lot like me really, as far as being super creative and original in your content. I was not actually attempting to say otherwise either. As your blog is one of the ones I read the most by email & try to visit quite often. I think this topic hit close to home and for whichever reason I took a defensive edge. For that I do apologise as your reply had me want to take back the first comment and delete it. Except I did not find a delete button. :(

        • There is no need to delete your comment! I was only worried because I did not mean to upset you and was feeling bad myself! I actually think your comment is quite beneficial for others to read, so hopefully if others stumble across this post they might see it. I do agree that oftentimes those posts you see in the blogosphere about blog tours are negative, usually giving reasons why bloggers have decided to stop participating in them or why they tend to ignore them in their feeds. It is because of posts like that that I originally became interested in this topic. It’s good to have the opposing point of view though, where bloggers talk about the good involved and how it isn’t necessarily always the same. Hopefully someone will read your comment and visit your blog to see how you make it work!

          Also, I did DM you regarding this because I was so worried I upset you! Not sure if you saw those yet. But I did want to ask, did you include this comment or share your thoughts about this in the survey? There was a last section that talks allows open responses on this topic. If you didn’t, would you be opposed to me saving your comment to maybe include some of it in my survey? I think your point of view is very enlightening on the subject! :)

  5. Aww, thank you so much for including my blog post. You can’t imagine how shocked and happy I was when I noticed it. :P

    I’m hoping you make lots of progress with your dissertation, Asti. I suppose it’s not exactly fun working on it in this hot weather. ^^ Also, congrats on your workout results. Seven pounds is a great achievement, I wish I was that disciplined …

    Kelley, I’m jealous because of the Lindsey Stirling concert. She’s so cool.

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