Weekly Recap| Jun 8-14, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

News & Updates at Oh, the Books!

First, a bit of housekeeping

Site Downtime…

As some of you may have noticed, our site went down for a while on Monday morning. Thankfully, we got it back up, and mostly intact, but we did lose several comments from Saturday and Sunday. We’re as sad about it as you are, but there’s nothing that can be done. :(

Oh, the Books! bookmarks

Many people have expressed interest in getting their hands on some of our awesome bookmarks. In this case, Kelley might just be willing to send you one or two! Please see the following tweet for details:

In other, more exciting news…

YA_web_awardsOur blog won the YA Web Award for Favorite Fact Finder — thank you so much to everyone who voted! We can’t tell you how happy it makes us to know that you guys love all of the links and other random information that we find, collect, analyze, and share!

And congrats to a few of our friends and favorite bloggers who also won awards: Abria @ Shall Write won for Best Self Published YA Author, Pub(lishing) Crawl won for Best Group/Organization, Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings won for Best Genre-Specific Reviewer — and many others as well. Congratulations all around!

In Case You Missed It

Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.


Discussions & More:

Our Lives This Week

[stextbox id=”asti2″ caption=”Asti” collapsing=”true”]My week has been a bit of a roller coaster. I have eight million things to do, but all I seem to be doing is wasting my days watching Netflix. Curses! I really need to pull my shit together because all this slacking off not only stresses me out but also makes me feel bad about myself.

But really, who can resist drooling in front of the computer watching crappy tv shows and movies all day long? (If you can resist, I don’t want to hear it. Let’s all just pretend we all suffer this same predicament so I can feel better about myself.)

Recap Mail

Oh, but before I go, I have to mention the awesome packages I got in the mail this week which made me feel slightly better about my pathetic laziness. A massive thank you goes to my co-blogger Kelley for sending me the next two volumes of Death Note (which arrived the day my review went up – perfect timing!) and to Josephine @ Dudette Reads who sent me a lovely card and bookmark for my birthday and to Jessica @ Literary etc for the postcard!

Whenever I’m feeling down on myself (which has been happening a bit lately), I look at the things I receive from all the bloggers around me (whether books or just kind words) and I realize I must not be that horrible of a person if you guys all love me! Right? Right. So thank you <3 [/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”leanne2″ caption=”Leanne” collapsing=”true”]Leanne’s life is super crazy hectic right now, so even though she misses blogging and we miss her, she just hasn’t had the time to devote to internetting lately. We hope that things will calm down for her soon, but until then, we’ll just keep sending her encouraging messages and telling her how much we miss her. <3

-Kelley & Asti[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]This week my husband and I finally visited the local ARMA division for longsword classes and it was a blast (despite all my dumb injuries getting in the way)! Their training regime — a long 3.5 hours in the evening — is superb. I felt like I learned a lot and already made progress after my first class! I only wish they did dagger training more often, because I’d really prefer those to swords. Alas!

Aside from that, and Wildstar, and lamenting the taco shirt I did not buy… I regret that I haven’t done much reading lately. I really hope I can keep up with my reading goals despite 2 nights a week being dedicated to ARMA and a lot of my other time being taken over by Wildstar. Um, wish me luck? O_O[/stextbox]

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So, how was your week?

Asti Kelley Leanne

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  1. Well done for winning that award girlies! I absolutely love your link collection every week, I admit, it’s something I look forward to every week (possibly makes me sounds sad, but it’s true!) I always find posts I would never have considered before and sometimes even new bloggers to stalk, so well done and congratulations! Thank you again for linking me too, I keep forgetting to say thank you and getting distracted by all the lovely links, so yes, thank you! :)

    • Aw thanks Amanda! We always appreciate comments like this because it means we don’t do all this work for nothing! :) And really, you’re not alone! You’d think by now that I follow every single blogger that does discussions, but I’m still constantly finding more to follow through other blogs and on Twitter. Every week this list just seems to grow and grow and grow :P

      And you’re welcome! :) I personally love your discussions each week, so I’m happy to link them!

  2. WHOOP WHOOP!!! Congrats on winning the award, you girls TOTALLY deserved it! <3 Yup, your weekly round-ups are definitely one of the best. I don't even know why I continue linking to other blogs because more often than not you've already linked them up! xD And wow, special Oh, the Books! bookmarks?! Sweet! I wish I could ask for them, but I already have a ton of bookmarks that I don't need and my room is already cluttered enough as it is. :( Just know that I'm loving the look of them!

    Asti: TV shows will be the death of me, seriously. I'm spending more of my time watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother than I do reading, so I can totally relate. And once you're hooked, there's just no turning back. *nods* The bookmark and card Josephine sent you looks gorgeous! When I see bookmarks as pretty as these I'm always so hesitant to use them, 'cause I'm afraid I might damage them in some way or lose them, heh. Pfft, Asti, you are horrible, which is why we’re sending you stuff to bribe you to become a better person! DUH. ;) (Jkjk, you’ll always be Awesome Asti <3)

    Kelley: LOL, I expected the injuries to be from the longsword sessions, but noooo, they're from your cat! ;) Oh well, if you don't tell anyone, they'll never know… They'll probably think the cat bite was from a dragon you tried to defeat. Right?! *evil laugh*

    And Leanne, if you're reading this, I hope life stops being a bitch to you soon! I'm missing all your wonderful posts on this blog <3

    Thanks for including my link in the roundup! :D

    • Thanks Meg! I actually started to look at your weekly recap earlier but then had to go eat dinner with Dave’s family for Father’s Day and got distracted (but plan on going back to it later)! I laughed though since at the beginning you mention ours and how it’s pointless to do a recap because of all the links we collect, haha. But really, I’m glad people still do them! I always find more blogs to follow that way (that I somehow missed) and other bloggers sometimes do more with their recaps – like adding little comments – that make them fun to read. We can’t really do that with ours or the post would be even more massive! So yes, I hope others continue with recaps even if ours are so massive :P

      There’s no pressure to ask for bookmarks if you don’t want them! I had just posted a picture on Instagram of DoGaM with my bookmark in it, and someone had responded saying they wanted one. Forwarded the message to Kelley and she decided to make them available to everyone! But there’s never a shortage of bookish swag in the blogosphere so no hard feelings if someone doesn’t want one! :)

      HIMYM, haha. I’ve never really gotten too into it. Liked it enough, just not addicted like other shows. Plus I heard the finale wasn’t up to par so I’m glad I’m not into it because that would probably bum me out :P

      I know what you mean about the bookmark! I actually have it in my keepsake box with all my other postcards, cards, and little gifts (like the ones from you) that I’ve gotten from bloggers since I no longer have a corkboard. Might have to convince Dave to buy one for his room ;) But yes, I’m not sure if I’ll actually use it as a bookmark just because it’s so pretty and I don’t want to accidentally bend it out of shape or something.

      You’ll have to bribe me even more if you want me to be a better person, cause it’s not working yet ;)

  3. Congrats on the award! I love your recaps for finding good reads and new bloggers to follow!

    And, Kelley, I have to say that synesthesia has always been fascinating to me. I don’t have any form of it, but I saw some of your old posts (via the link to Kayla’s great post) and I am amazed. I didn’t know how many variants there are! Now I’m off to wikipedia…

  4. Thanks for linking up to my discussion :) So many great post to read! I’ve kind of been loving your Death Note posts because it’s an anime I’ve always wanted to watch / manga I wanted to read but have been dragging my feet about it. You’ve totally convinced me! Plus I’ve been watching some darker anime lately anyway. Like Psycho Pass, not sure if you’ve heard of it? Netflix is a killer! No regrets though, haha.

    • Kelley is always good at scheduling her posts far in advance so the second I saw her 5 Reasons to Read Death Note post, I figured why not post my review during the same week to make a mini-theme? haha. Glad you’ve enjoyed it! I’ve never tried manga/anime before, but I have fallen in love with Death Note! It definitely is a little bit darker, but it’s so smart and fun to read. I can’t wait to continue on with the series!

      You know, I think I heard someone else talk about Psycho Pass earlier this week! I haven’t watched/read it, but I do have Netflix… Might have to check it out!

    • Yay, I hope all of our Death Note posts and links this past week have encouraged to you read or watch it! It’s so great. :D I’ve heard about Psycho Pass and it’s definitely on my wishlist, but I haven’t gotten to watch it yet. It’s on Netflix, you say? I can’t believe I haven’t noticed it on there yet! Have you watched any other “dark” anime? I’ve gotten partially into Black Butler, Dance in the Vampire Bund, and some other one I can’t recall the name of!

      • I’m really excited about it, I think it will be great :) No, sadly it isn’t on Netflix. I was talking Netflix to Asti’s comment about how it just sucks all your time up. ( I’m terrible at transitions :P ) Black Butler is on my to watch list but I’m trying to get a happier anime between all this darker stuff haha. I’ll have to check out Dance in the Vampire Bund!

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