Weekly Recap| Mar 23-29, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Our Lives This Week

[stextbox id=”asti2″ caption=”Asti” collapsing=”true”]This week has been… a week? I don’t even know what to say about it aside from the fact that I’m exhausted. In good news, I’m back at Random House Children’s Publishers working as a marketing intern. Started on Tuesday and will make them suffer my existence for another two weeks. I’m loving it, but the two hour journey there and two hour journey back means I have absolutely no energy to do anything else during my days.

Bookish Games Evil MastermindOh, but I did get some exciting mail this week! The first is a super-epic tshirt sent to me by my lovely co-blogger Kelley. As my new Bookish Games sidekick, she has been amazing at coming up with ideas to make the games a little more fun – you’ll see most of it next week when the games finally start! One of her funnest ideas were these tshirts! The winners of the next Bookish Games will get tshirts that say they’re SURVIVORS! And to test it out, we ordered one for me that says EVIL MASTERMIND. It’s good to give everyone a warning.

Aside from the tshirt, I was also sent another postcard from the lovely Abria. Her postcards are always so fun to receive because she often writes them as if she were a character. I’ll open my mailbox, see my address on this postcard but then have no idea what the sender is talking about, and then slowly realize that it must be from her. It feels naughty in a way – reading a postcard that doesn’t seem to be for you (but is actually for a fictional person)! Anyways, you should check out her Tumblr where she shares her postcards (and you can request one yourself).


[stextbox id=”leanne2″ caption=”Leanne” collapsing=”true”]This week has been crazy busy! It seems like every week is really, and it’s just crazy busy in different areas so that I can’t quite get a rhythm to get ahead. I’m even down to only posting once a week certain weeks, but I’m finally catching up on comments! Phew.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]Seriously, this is ALL you need to know about my entire week, right here:



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Based on the poll results from last week, it looks like most of you are interested in the blogging and bookish discussions, but some people still enjoy the other topics, so we’re going to keep ALL of them! (Did you really expect us NOT to?)

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Question of the Week

[Kelley] I’ve been writing a lot of longer discussion posts lately (as evidenced recently, and upcoming), but it’s got me wondering if people like that or not. Often when I view a discussion post and it’s super short (like 2 paragraphs), I’m surprised — I guess I’m expecting them to be long (but maybe that’s just because I write long ones…).

Does the length of discussion posts matter to you? Do you prefer long ones? Short ones? Medium-length ones? No preference?

So, how was your week?

Asti Kelley Leanne

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  1. Aww that tweet is so cute!
    Hmm for me, the length does matter on my discussion posts or any of my other posts. I like keeping mines short and straight to the point, but not too vague. I’m more likely to read the entire post if the length is medium-short which is why I try to write medium-short post, but sometimes it can get long haha.

  2. Asti, I ADORE that t-shirt! :D
    RE Kelly’s to do list: I bet you are the only one in the entire universe with ‘giveaway 6 oranges’ on her list. Also starting wonder why SIX. O.o
    And Leanne-Hope the coming week is less crazier and more awesome-er for you!

    RE this week’s question-LOVE LOVE discussions-length has never been an issue! I don’tr mind long posts as long as it’s broken down into clear points and not just one block of text. Also breaking long paragraphs with GIFS, pictures or quotes might help keep the reader engaged? Anyway your discussions are PERF so no worries!

    Thanks for linking guys! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the mention! The length of posts doesn’t really matter to me. If the subject is interesting I will take the time to read it. Like this post… it is a long list of links but I really enjoy when I am just sitting around, going through the links. People might even skim your posts but they still looked at it so keep up the good work!

  4. The tees are so cool! Makes me wish that I signed up just so I could at least have a shot at winning one! The Evil Mastermind one is amazing! And I do like discussion posts. The length doesn’t matter as long as it’s captivating! Though sometimes it is good to have some pictures or gifs to break up the post if it’s really long. Just easier on the eyes!

  5. The length of the discussion post doesn’t generally matter to me as long as its not crazy long (like that Star Trek Economics thing I just skimmed and definitely could not read all of!) and it keeps my attention. You do a good job, Kelley, so just write away! I would only suggest trimming if it seems too rambling or if you think you’re repeating yourself.

    • Good to know — thanks, Amy! That Star Trek Economics thing was definitely LONG, but I really enjoyed it. And I read the whole thing out loud to my husband! We loved it because it’s something we’d been thinking and wondering about a lot lately, so it really satisfied out curiosity. The cool thing about that Medium site is that it actually shows you about how long it will take you to read each article, so at least you know have an idea. I wish I could do something like that on our site!

      • You and your husband crack me up. I mean, who sits around just wondering about the in-depth workings of Star Trek economical systems? Lol. I bet the both of you together are great nerdy conversation over dinner.

        And that is WAY cool about the site showing you an approximate reading time! It doesn’t matter to me how long or short something is. I’ll just leave the tab open if I want to come back to something later, because you know I have no qualms about having a million tabs at once. (Right now I’m down to 10, though.)

        • LOL, WE DO, of course! And obviously we’re not the only ones, because that guy wrote a VERY detailed article about it! But really, the reason we were even discussing it is because some of the comments made on DS9 lately (“We don’t have money in the Federation”) have made us wonder. I often like to joke, though, that if our life was a reality TV show, it would be like the most boring and nerdy thing ever lol.

          • So I sat down and read that entire Star Trek economics post, plus all the comments people left on it. It probably took me close to 40 minutes, and my eyes are a little blurry now but I have to say – that was fascinating. I really didn’t think I would care for it at since I’ve never been interested in learning how economics works. So it had a lot of useful info for me. And now I’ll totally be looking for signs on how the economy works while watching more episodes of Voyager, etc.

        • YAY, I’m glad you read it — and more importantly, liked it! I didn’t even read the comments, lol. Oops! It does go a lot more in depth that I was expecting, but I really enjoyed the analysis and speculation (and I learned a lot too!).

          I really don’t recall there being much mention of it at all on Voyager, which makes sense since they’re lost in the Delta quadrant with no hope of returning home anytime in the next 60+ years lol. There’s a lot more focus on currency in DS9 since there’s a Ferengi bartender who is obsessed with money, gambling tables, etc.

    • I keep seeing that Star Trek Economics post pop up and never have time to sit down and read it! I’m not nearly as well-versed in the Star Trek universe as you and Kelley both are but it still sounds like something interesting. If you ended up just skimming I’ll have to make sure I set aside a *chunk* of time before getting started. :)

  6. I’m always surprised by the short ones too. I almost want to call them something different… discussion starters, maybe? I don’t know. I guess that’s all the space you need to introduce a topic and launch some questions for the comments, but often I don’t feel like I’m really getting the blogger’s viewpoint.

    That said, if you really don’t have more to say, there’s no point in rambling just for the sake of making it longer. But I do favor discussion posts that are on the medium-to-long side.

    As always, thanks for the link!

    • Yes, discussion starter is a good term for those short ones! They always kind of throw me off because it’s like they just say “here’s a topic: discuss” but like you said, sometimes they don’t even really add their own thoughts on the topic. I just can’t ever bring myself to do that. If there’s something I’m wondering about, but don’t have much input, I’ll usually do it as a question at the end of the weekly recap, or actually research it enough to write more of my own thoughts into a longer post. I guess it depends! But yes, I also prefer the medium-to-longer ones! :)

    • I’m with you on the short ones. I don’t feel like they’re fully “discussion posts” since I’m unable to get much input or opinion from the blogger to begin with. I suppose if they engage on points in comments, that’s good, but I would like to see that expansion in the original post material as well!

  7. Thanks for the link up! :)

    As for discussion posts, it depends, I guess? I don’t really mind either way. I still like reading and participating in discussion posts. Although longer ones do make for more points for me to comment about. :P

    • Oh, it’s actually not too complicated to get internships here in the UK! Most publishing houses have a page on their website explaining how to do it. For Random House they actually have a Facebook page where they put up their placement openings and you just send in your CV from there! I definitely recommend checking out the websites for whichever publishers you’re interested in to see fi they have any work placement opportunities available and applying!

  8. I don’t care much about the length of discussion posts as long as it feels like the topic is brought up or covered enough to feel like it can actually facilitate a real discussion. The Coffee Talk style doesn’t work, though. “The peanut is neither a pea nor a nut. Discuss.” :)

    Also, I love this post each week. I feel like it reaches out and connects to so much more of the book blogging community than just what is in my rss feed and it’s a lot of fun to reach out and see what else is going on.

    • Thanks for your feedback about discussion post length! I really feel the same way. I’d much rather prefer a longread than the Coffee Talk style!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying our weekly recap posts, Annie! I think that’s one of our goals with these recaps — to read out and connect to the community, sharing what we’ve found and helping bloggers and readers find more sites that they love! :)

    • I agree about the coffee talk style. Whenever I see posts labeled as “discussion” that are that short I’m at a loss of where to even start (so I usually just navigate away). I have a much better time getting into a discussion if the blogger has laid out his or her thoughts beforehand, and I have something to go on.

      This link list every week is pretty crazy, isn’t it? I don’t know if any one of us could manage to have all these feeds in one spot and go through them. I guess it’s good there are three of us. ;)

  9. Medium-length! But seriously, I do kind of get disappointed when I see an interesting discussion topic and then the post is only two short paragraphs or something since I usual feel like the blogger didn’t really lay out their thoughts and prompt their readers to actually think anything new ya know? Some bloggers do short question posts, and that’s fine but not what I prefer to read ;-)

    • Haha Anya, with your medium-length! Now I’m wondering what everyone considers medium and what they consider long. It’s probably pretty unanimous as to what “short” is, something like only a paragraph or two. It doesn’t give us much to go on when the blogger just states one point, so it’s definitely harder for me to give my feedback on those. And I always feel awful for leaving really long comments if they’re as long as (or longer than) the post itself!

      • I like to be difficult ;-). Also if you could summarize these responses in the weekly wrapup this week, I would love you forever! I’m really curious what everyone else thinks too, haha. I suppose I could do it myself, I will try if I find a moment this weekend :D

        Oh and by medium length I mean like 4-9 paragraphs of reasonable size. Mostly I mean that the blogger writes about a couple of different points relating to the main one ya know?

  10. I like reading your discussion posts, no matter the length :) It just might take me a bit longer to read a longer post all the way through.

    As for my week.. ugh. I was sick Monday and Tuesday, Then my week was normal (snow storms are normal, right :( ) except I went to watch Divergent *yay*. Kailyn’s birthday was Friday! Then Saturday morning, it was off to my inlaws for the weekend and Chris’ nan’s 80th birthday. Then Kailyn’s party Sunday, which was nearly ruined by ANOTHER snow/ice storm. Both kids had doctor’s appointments Monday morning, needles for poor James. After that we left immediately for home because there was ANOTHER snow/ice storm coming in the afternoon and I could not stay at my inlaws any longer. About an hour after getting home my body decided I was done for the day, sick again for Monday and Tuesday.. And was okay yesterday, then woke up today.. I’m sick >.< Aren't you glad for asking ;)

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