Weekly Recap| March 8-14, 2015

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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It’s Just You and Me!

Kelley has abandoned me to go make friends in Belize, so it’s just you and me this week! As a result, this edition of the Weekly Recap may be a little smaller than usual (she usually contributes the Tweet of the Week, On Writing section, and the Miscellany), but hopefully it’s just as good. If it’s not… well, Kelley will be back next week. Get over it. ;)

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Asti’s Life This Week

What the heck has happened this week? It’s all been a blur! (I swear, I say that every week now but WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!)

My mom and I started a diet on Monday so that’s something. Somehow I gained thirty pounds while living in London (Freshman 15 x 2??). Between the diet and the gym membership we’ve signed up for, I’m hoping I’ll be able to get that weight back off (and some). We’ll see how it goes!

The job hunt has been depressing. It’s really hard because I have all this knowledge, skills, and experience when it comes to the publishing industry, but there’s absolutely no publishing companies around my local area. (And, unfortunately, I do not have the mental or financial stability to move to a place where there are publishing companies.) All that’s here is a lot of retail, sales, and truck delivery jobs – none of which I want. Oh well, hopefully something will pop up soon.

And, well, I guess that’s about it! I did see the Theory of Everything on Friday, and I thought it was quite good. I find myself strangely attracted to Eddie Raymande, and I’m not sure why. My number one movie of 2015 is definitely Baymax though. I need him in my life.

Oh, oh, oh! One exciting thing that happened this week – I reached 1000 followers on my bookish Instagram account. I know that doesn’t really matter but it made me happy and I like knowing that people actually like my attempts at photography. So thank you to everyone is who following over there, you all deserve virtual cookies. (I can’t have any cookies right now because of my diet. Wah!)

Okay, enough rambling. I love you all and hope you have had an amazing week. ;)

– Asti

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So, how was your week?

Asti Kelley

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    • Aw, thanks Cait! I do enjoy my little attempts at book photography (though I feel a bit silly now that I’m back in the States because there’s no private place outside for me to take my photos – I just have to do it while strangers walk by wondering why the heck these books are so special, haha!

      And yes, the struggle for finding a job is very real! It’s alright though, I’ve only just begun. Something will surely pop up eventually.

  1. What do you mean this link-up is less than usual? This is amazing, and since I don’t read the writing parts anyway, this was perfection, do not worry Asti! Diets, eep, my worst nightmare, hate them, they feel so restrictive and horrible. I’ve lost almost four stone in 10 months, and I haven’t changed much about my eating, just half a plate full of veg with every evening meal, a salad for lunch and much less sweet things, you’d be surprised, don’t restrict yourself too much, sweet is good sometimes! 1K followers is amazing too, you should be proud of yourself, your account is wonderful! Thank you for linking me, and I’m glad things are not bad, job hunting sucks, I feel your pain, but something is sometimes better than nothing, or you could start up your own little business using your publishing skills, like.. proof-reading, or marketing, experiment, come up with something new! Good luck! :)

    • Aw thanks Amanda! If you just come to the recap for info on what other blogger’s are writing about, this should definitely be about the same!

      Diets are a bit of a madness, but I think it’s good for me. While I’m being pretty strict on the no sugar rule right now, I’m will be reintroducing those into my life eventually. Right now I just need to change my habits! I’m cutting down on my portions and eating home-made food instead of store bought food, which is definitely a step in the right direction. Once I’m down to where I want to be, I’ll move towards working the good stuff back in in moderation. (My biggest issue, especially with chocolate, has always been overeating. Dave used to buy me like four large chocolate bars a week while I was over there! I need to learn to control that. >.<) I did think about starting my own little business, but I really have no idea what I can offer! I have no design skills or coding skills like Ashley and yourself! I do think I'll just have to get over my publishing woes for now and just be more flexible. If Dave ever makes it work so I can move back to London, I'll try the publishing thing again. Until then I just need to get into something that will get me money and give me experience! Anyways, thanks for the comment Amanda! Hope all is well with you :)

  2. Job hunting is the worst, I did a lot of job searching after I graduated and applied for a lot of jobs and didn’t got any of them :(. Maybe you can check some online publishing companies? That way you don’t have to move, but can still do the work you’re good at/ what you want to do.

    Thanks for linking to one of my posts! I hope you have a great week!

    • Yes, job hunting is definitely not a lot of fun! Looking for online publishing companies is not a bad idea, will have to check it out. Hopefully I’ll find something eventually, but yes, until one does it definitely can be demoralizing. :(

      Thanks Lola! I hope you have a great week too :)

  3. In contrast to your diet, I think I should go on an anti-diet. x_x But seriously, no matter how much I eat, it doesn’t seem like I’m gaining any weight (which is horrible because I’m underweight.) But good luck with that!

    And I’m sure you’ll find a fabulous job soon, Asti! Once you find a good publishing company at least sort-of near you, they’d be crazy not to take you in!

    CONGRATS ON 1000 IG FOLLOWERS! *throws confetti* Girl, you have the prettiest pictures. ^_^

    • Aw, I definitely think people who are underweight have just as many troubles as people who are overweight! Our bodies can be such a pain sometimes!

      Thanks Aimee! My main goal is to work my way back over to London (Muhaha!), but until then I’m sure I’ll settle for something non-publishing right now. It actually works out because many publishers want you to have experience working in an office before joining the team, so at least I can get that while I’m here.

      And aww, thanks! I definitely try to get some good shots when I take pics of my books, so I’m glad others appreciate them :D

  4. Ah, thanks so much for the link-up! I’m glad you enjoyed my post, and happy as always to meet a new book blogger. :)

    Best of luck with your weight loss goals and the job hunt! Both are so daunting.

  5. Hi Asti! First word that popped into my mind when you wrote “It’s just you an me!” was cosy. Hahaha. And congrats on reaching 1k on Instagram! :D

    As for the job hunt, I totally understand. All the jobs that I wanted in the fields that interested me were largely abroad. Even South Africa popped up in one of my searches. Oh and a fairly small town where I lived as a child has a company with the perfect undergraduate programme but I’m stuck in my part of the world. That really put a damper on my mood last year. Still does now :( Whatever it is, if you find something to bridge the gap, I’d say maybe have a go at it? That’s kinda where I am now, bridging the gap, gaining skills that I can hopefully apply in the course of my career, even if I’m starting somewhere where never in a millpond years I thought I’d end up.

    • I like cosy! ;)

      Yes, I’m definitely trying to “bridge the gap”. My hope is definitely in the long-run to get back into publishing, but for now I’m just looking for any kind of office job I can get my foot in. One of the main things I found publishers seeking was previous office experience, especially because assistants are often in charge of answering the phones and managing schedules for their departments, so at least if I get something with those skills they’ll be transferable when I move. And who knows, maybe I’ll end up finding some job that I love more than publishing. Not expecting it, but we’ll see. Still, definitely puts a damper on the mood. >.<

  6. Thanks for sharing my post :-) I appreciate that so much!

    Job hunting is no fun at the best of times… I can imagine it being frustrating unable to find something in the field you want to work within. I hope something comes up soon!

    I’m now off to lose my evening with all these other wonderful posts you shared.

  7. I really want to see The Theory of Everything! Hopefully this weekend! And yes, how is Eddie Redmayne so weirdly kind of attractive? I don’t understand but I felt it during Les Mis. The singing probably helped.

    Good luck with the job hunt! I was just thinking earlier that I think sometimes authors and/or agents might sometimes have virtual assistants… I’ve heard of this being a thing at least once, so hopefully there are options out there. But believe me, I know very well just how much job hunting sucks and how easy it is to feel limited by what’s out there. It might not be easy, but I’m sure over time something will come up, even if you have to take a detour along the way.

    • Haha, I have no idea. After we left The Theory of Everything I told my mom I find him weirdly attractive and she just didn’t understand it. I’m at least glad SOMEONE does.

      Yes, I do think job hunting tends to suck for everyone, no matter who you are. Darn those lucky few who get into something they love without all the trouble! I will be keeping my eyes out. Luckily I’m able to live back home and have some savings so it’s not too big of a problem right now.

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