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Weekly Recap

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I actually have things to talk about this week, which is actually pretty darn exciting! Should I start with the yay bits or the fail bits? Let’s do the fail ones, because they’re actually kind of funny.

Fail #1: I went grocery shopping (ooh, how adult of me) and bought some ingredients for recipes I planned on making, including this Easy Zoodle Bake one (I’ve made it and let me just say: SO GOOD!! Highly recommended!). Unfortunately, when I took the ingredients out to actually make the meal the next day, I realized I bought CUCUMBERS instead of ZUCCHINI. Nooooooo!

Now, it’s my own darn fault for being pretty stupid when it comes to healthy eating (I grew up happily eating McDonald’s and PB&J sandwiches), so identifying fruits and vegetables by sight isn’t my strong point (unless it’s something obvious like oranges). I remember being confused at the store when buying these because they had both cucumbers and zucchini right next to each other without labels, and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the zucchinis looked like the last time I bought them. I even used Google images on my phone to try and help me decide which ones to buy and ugh. I failed. I couldn’t believe it when I got home and realized my mistake. D’oh.

Fail #2: I smacked my head on my desk bending down to pick my phone off the floor… twice. Smooth, right? The first time hurt so bad. I hit it right on the edge and it created a small cut on my forehead and was so sore. The second time (which happened only a couple hours later) didn’t hurt as bad because I didn’t hit it as forcefully (nor did I hit it in the same spot, thankfully!), but still. So much fail.

I think the funniest thing about that though is after I hit myself the first time, I sent Dave a picture of my wound and told him what happened, and his response included caution about being careful so as not to hit my head again. I gave him attitude for that, saying I didn’t hit my head on purpose and of course I would be careful not to do it again, only to find myself smacking my head against the desk a couple hours later. What is wrong with me?!

But it’s okay! Neither of those fails bothered me because a) they’re not serious, b) I have no problem laughing at myself, and c) there was too much goodness this week! Let’s end with the good things:

Good thing #1: There’s a little tradition on my mom’s side of the family where every time someone turns fifty, a surprise party is thrown. It’s a bit contradictory because as everyone knows about this tradition they come to expect the party and therefore surprising them is nearly impossible. Fortunately, we were still able to surprise my mom. She had always told me she didn’t want a surprise party because it wouldn’t a surprise and so I didn’t think we’d do one for her, but my aunts contacted me last week and decided we should try anyway. We herded everyone together at a restaurant where she planned on eating with her sisters, and she had no clue about any of it (well, apart from the fact she recognized one car outside the building and when they asked for their reservation the hostess said “table of fifteen?”).

It was a lovely night celebrating my mom and being with family, so I’m glad we decided to do it even though we waited until the last minute. Happy birthday mom!

Good thing #2: My birthday is coming up! I’m turning 26 this year, and while there’s really nothing exciting about that number, it has been sort of exciting checking the mail this past week to see what goodies show up from Dave. I’ve received a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card (which I already spent on The Walls Around Us) and the Funny Bunny Gift from Lush, which is pretty darn perfect. Nothing like books and baths to help a girl relax! Thanks handsome! <3

Good thing #3: I’VE BOOKED MY PLANE TICKETS TO LONDON! (I’m just a little excited, if you couldn’t tell…) Dave and I have been discussing when we’ll see each other next, and as he starts school in September, we decided that August would be a good time for a reunion. I have no idea what we’ll get up to while I’m there, but I don’t really care. I miss that boy oh so much, and I can’t wait to spend some quality time with him (and to also hopefully visit some of my friends in London, too)!

So yes! Things are finally on an up for me, which I have to admit is so refreshing after months of feeling like nothing would ever be okay. I still have my bad days and there’s still a long way to go before things are exactly as I want them to be, but it’s nice to finally feel a bit of optimism and positivity in my heart instead of the paralyzing numbness I was struggling with before.

I guess I just want to end this long ramble by saying thank you for being a friend and follower, as your love has also helped things turn around for me. And if you’re struggling with depression or helplessness because of whatever situation you’re currently going through, please try to hold on. It may seem like things won’t get any better, but that’s only because you’re not giving yourself a chance. Acknowledge the things you’ve managed to do lately despite the sadness, no matter how trivial they may seem, and realize that you are an amazing and beautiful person that deserves to happiness. I love you all. x

In Kelley’s Life…

My life this past week has been quite… interesting. So, LAST weekend I went blackberry picking with a couple of friends at their family farm out in the country. It was a long and busy day, but it was so rewarding because I learned a lot, and at the end of the day we had homemade jam made with berries we picked ourselves! I’m saving most of my jars to give to my husband when he comes back (blackberries are his favorite!). AND I had a great little homemade gift to bring to my mom for Mother’s Day the next morning!

I took a bunch of silly selfies when we were getting ready The HUGE bird feather we found! The results of our berry adventure! Blackberry jam.

Little did we realize, however, that we picked up some unwanted travelers in all those high grasses surrounding the blackberry patches. All three of us have spent the week in utter agony, as we (very slowly) recover from gazillions of bites from the spawn of Satan. BUT, I did get to meet Marie Rutkoski on Friday night, which was another awesome event at my favorite local bookshop.

(Oh, and in Cat Saga news… I finally got a good photo of Mama Kitty! Isn’t she GORGEOUS?! I mean, just look at her beautiful green eyes!

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Asti Kelley

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  1. Happy birthday in advance, Asti! Aren’t books the beat gifts ever?! Unfortunately, not many people get that -.- Haha I recently went grocery shopping (for the first time) in preparation for making scalloped potatoes, and I’m sure I looked like a crazy person constantly checking my phone and wandering the aisles b/c I didn’t know where anything was lol. The potatoes came out well, though they felt a little bland for the Indian palate, but still, I made it myself! :D

    Omg Kelley I freaked out just looking at the picture of the spawn of Satan (which it must totally new because ugh)! I hope y’all are feeling better now. But blackberry picking sounds like such a peaceful, fun thing to do :) And Mama Kitty looks so majestic! And you’re right, her eyes are gorgeous. It’ll be too bad if they don’t get passed on.

    • The blackberry picking was hard work, but very rewarding. It’s been a week and a half, though, and I’m STILL not seeing the end of this plague. :( Mama Kitty is such a beauty, isn’t she? It’s no wonder the boycats are constantly trying to get her pregnant! >_<

  2. Happy almost birthday, Asti! It’s great that you’re feeling so much better again, and I agree that celebrating even the smallest accomplishments definitely helps(if only it wasn’t easier said than done!). Barnes and Noble gift cards also help, but I always have a hard time deciding what I want to get.

    Kelley, I LOVE blackberry picking and making blackberry jam. My family and I do it in the summer, but it’s along a hiking trail thingy and not on a farm. That means that we often have to go traipsing through the woods and the blackberry bushes. It wouldn’t be a problem, but there are thorns in the woods. Tearing right through those thorns helps a bit because you don’t feel them that much, but we still always come out with a bunch of scratches and blackberry stains. It’s soooo worth it, though.

  3. OMG THAT RECIPE ASTI. I AM SO MAKING THAT I’LL GET BACK TO YOU OK (It better taste amazing, I’m holding you accountable if otherwise HAHAHA)

    You know what though, I had a fail moment this week two. And at the risk of just you know letting the world read it in your comment section, cause I still don’t know what embarrassment is, I’ll just blab away. So I was sitting next to this cute guy on the train right and I texted my friends about it. They immediately said “PICTURE” and I said impossible, I’d have to stick my phone on a 90 degree angle and that shit is big, there’s no way he would have noticed. They were relentless and I caved under peer pressure because I’m horrible and can never stick it out. Before I opened snapchat my friend warned me to silent my phone because how awkward would it be if the sound went off. Me being proud and all told them that I knew what I was doing and to relax. Opened snapchat, fidgeted to get the right angle (WHICH DIDN’T EVEN WORK URGH) and then forgottttt and just snapped. And bam, shit photo and the sound went off. He turned, I started rambling on about how I didn’t know how to press buttons and here I was talking random pictures blah blah blah. Damn.

    HAPPPPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY ASTI! WOOOHOOOO birthdays are always so fun and exciting!! AND YAY PLANE TICKETS! Time can’t move quick enough, amirite?

    Blackberry picking?? That sounds like SO much fun, Kelley! HOLY MOLY though I clicked on that insect thing and wtfffff that thing looks so scary. Why is it so red?? Damn, I love berry picking but if those things come as a packaged deal then maybe not HAHAH

    Have a good week you two! RELAX, PARTY, HAVE FUN!

    • LMFAO at your fail story, Jess! Oh my gosh, that totally sounds like what would have happened to me! (In fact, one time I went to Starbucks with my sister right before an author event and we actually saw the authors sitting in chairs AT the Starbucks! So we took seats right nearby, and I was trying to get a sneak photo of them… Ended up chickening out and getting a photo of their feet AND my phone made the stupid shutter noise! OOPS! lol…)

      Ahem. Anyway, yes, the blackberry picking and jam making was super fun. The itchy bug bites for weeks afterward? NO THANK YOU. The crazy thing is that my friend has gone blackberry picking at all kinds of places dozens of times, and this is the first time she’s ever gotten bit by these bugs! Guess we were just lucky. -_-

  4. @asti, I am so hapy things are turning around for you. Those good things are much mazing than those bad things are bad. Athough I have to admit I was a bit surprised you didn’t know the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini. Ah well from now onwards you will remember, lol. I hope your upcoming trip to London will be amazing and until then you have something to look forward to. And happy birthday! I hope you have a great day!

    @Kelley, that blackberry picking trip sounds like a lot of fun. I am not a big fan of blackberries, but my boyfriend likes them. And that cat has pretty green eyes indeed!

  5. hahaha don’t be scared off by zucchini!!! They’re SUPER DELICIOUS breaded and fried and insanely tasty as a bread!

    OHHHH MY GOSH SO JEALOUS OF YOUR JAM, KELLEY! I’ve been on a hardcore I-Want-To-Make-It-Myself kick – nut butters/spreads, hummus, juice been there done that. But jam is one I still have yet to make and I’m excited!!

  6. Well, hi there and thank you for the mention.

    Asti – I’m so happy that things are finally looking up for you. It is important to laugh at ourselves, it makes life less stressful and more fun :) Like you, I wasn’t raised with the healthiest of menus, but I do love to cook and I’ve learn a lot by trying new recipes and watching Food Network. Happy almost birthday and I hope you have a great time with Dave (I’m sure you will)

    Kelley – It sounds like a great adventure and learning experience (even with the unwanted visitors!) I went to a signing with Marie last year and I saw her earlier this year at the NOVATeen festival and she’s awesome.

    Have a great week ladies!

  7. Asti, happy birthday in advance, and I hope your head is feeling better! And don’t be embarrassed about the zucchini-cucumber mixup; I did that myself in my early days of learning to cook. Kelly, sorry about the chiggers – what an unpleasant sequel to a beautiful day! But at least you got some delicious jam out of it – and quite a story as well.

    I also wanted to say that you two amaze me with all the incredible links you find. [Doffs invisible hat] My hat’s off to you!

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