Weekly Recap| May 11-17, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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Things are always happening behind-the-scenes here, and we’ve got plenty of new ideas, projects, and features in various stages of planning and production. And after weeks of Leanne’s school-overload hiatus, we are eagerly awaiting her return (which will hopefully be soon)! Don’t you all miss her as much as we do?!

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Our Lives This Week

[stextbox id=”asti2″ caption=”Asti” collapsing=”true”]This weekend has sort of been a blur for me. Not because it’s been so busy and packed and fast… but sort of the opposite. I really had no outstanding commitments for the first time in like forever, so I’ve been spending a lot of time just winding down: reading books (actually read three this week – which is shocking for me) and watching reality TV (I can’t resist it).

Of course, that’s not to say I haven’t been productive at all. I’ve started working out again (much needed, though sort of pointless since I’m going to pig out when I go home) and have been doing a lot of research and planning for my dissertation (so much work).


Oh, and since my birthday is coming up (one week from today people! Get your cheer on!), I received another lovely birthday gift from Kelley. This time it’s a blank notebook with my name on the cover! (I seem to be having trouble with my words: wasn’t sure what to call the notebook and then was trying to say my name was carved but that didn’t seem quite right… ><). It’s perfect because a) purple! b) I always complain nothing has my name on it and c) it’s super thoughtful. Now I just have to figure out what I want to do with it! Thanks Kelley!


[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]After weeks and weeks of trying to manage my chaotic life, I feel like this past week was somewhat uneventful. That might partially be because I’ve just been doing a lot of sleeping. And, of course, cat photographing.

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I also got a letter from Jenn — complete with a goat stamp and a kitty drawing — which was pretty awesome. And in other news, I’m busy planning the next version of The Bookish Games, and working on a new project with Emily![/stextbox]

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Question of the Week

Summer is swiftly approaching, and though some of us may enjoy these months more than others, there’s usually something for all of us to look forward to (like becoming bffs with the air conditioner)…

What’s for favorite thing to do in the summer?

So, how was your week?

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  1. Happy Almost Birthday, Asti!

    Kelley, I’m curious as to why your cat is in a box on top of books (or moreso how she managed to do that without the books falling!).

    And yes, I miss Leanne!

    Thanks again ladies for letting me take over the blog for a day!

  2. I like summer for being warm. :)

    Thanks for all the links again!

    Asti, I’m glad things are a bit slower for you! I hope it’s a bit of a relief for you. Also, Happy Birthday (early, but my forgetfulness is amazing!).

    Kelley, I’m glad things were uneventful for you too. I also feel like you told me forever ago that you got the letter and now I feel like time is crawling slowly.. It must be because Chris is home most of the week and driving me insane. The perfectionist in me wants to rewrite the letter to fix that r…lol

  3. Great list, will be checking a few of the links out :) My favorite part of summer is heading out on Lake MI in our sailboat :) We usually spend the weekends doing this, and we’ll be doing our first outing to the lake this weekend!

    • Oooh that’s a lovely way to spend the summer! My aunt and uncle usually spend their summers at a campground up in Michigan, so sometimes we’ll go out onto the lake on their boat. It’s always a good time! I don’t know if we’ll get a chance when I visit home at the end of the month, but I wouldn’t mind at least heading up to relax!

  4. I can’t cope with how much I love these posts, I now have 20 gazillion tabs open!! I always wish I had the time to write some deep and meaningful blogs – I have allll these ideas in my head and zero time to get them on the screen. Must try harder….

    • 20 gazillion tabs?! I’m surprised your internet browser doesn’t crash ;) You know, maybe you would have more time to write these deep and meaningful blog posts if you stopped reading all the ones we link to. But wait, no! We want you to read those so our hard work isn’t for nothing. Hm. I guess you’re just out of luck :P

  5. Hmm, favorite things to do in summer… Count down the days until fall? Celebrate the rare day it stays in the 70s? I will admit, the evenings are (usually) nice, but I’m not a fan of summer.

    • Someone who feels the same way I do! It’s been in like the 60s and 70s here in London, which is nice, but even sometimes that can get a bit too hot depending on the sun, wind, etc. And everyone here keeps saying it’s going to get hotter and be the hottest summer ever and I’m just like “Nooooooo!” ESPECIALLY because no one here seems to have air conditioning. So I’m right with you. Bring on fall! :P

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