Weekly Recap| May 17-23, 2015

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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Asti also stopped by Josephine’s blog to propose The Raven Boys start a boy band.

Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

Hiya everyone! How are you? I’m actually happy to report things are continuing to go well here. I even have some exciting news…

I’M GOING TO PARIS IN AUGUST!! Wait, what? Didn’t I say last week I’m going to London to visit Dave in August? Well, yes. But as we’ve done most of the things people like to do in London already, and we want to make the short time we have together is special, we decided we’d take the Eurostar (train) down to Paris for five days while I’m over there.

I’m pretty excited because it means I finally can add another country to my passport (I’ve only ever been to England), and I’ll get to experience a location that doesn’t only speak English (though we’re staying by the big tourist attractions so I’m sure English speakers will be around… or so I hope). I’ve actually started trying to learn some basic French this past week, and while I don’t think it’s going very well (I’m sure my pronunciation is horrendous), I’m having fun. So yes, exciting news there.

Anything else? Well, my birthday is tomorrow! Yayyyy? It’s really not too exciting because I’m turning 26 and don’t have anything special planned to celebrate the day (apart from working for five hours), but that’s a thing. Thanks to anyone and everyone who has wished me a happy birthday or who has sent me anything, I truly appreciate all the kind words and it’s always nice to feel loved. <3

And, lastly, I’m down 23lbs since I’ve moved back to the US! I mentioned after Dave left at the end of February that I would be going on a diet and working towards returning to my pre-London weight (how does one gain 30 lbs when they leave the country of fast food??). I haven’t yet lost all the weight I gained during my year and a half abroad, but I’ve been consistently losing a pound or two each week and I’m incredibly happy about that. My clothes are fitting again and I just feel better, and I’m looking forward to seeing Dave’s reaction when we get together in August. Yay!

So yes, good things are good and have left me in a good mood. I hope your week has been just as positive.

In Kelley’s Life…

I wish I had a bunch of exciting news to report, but I don’t. Mostly, right now, my life is a mixture of work, reminding myself that I need to find a job/home in Austin (because I’ll be moving there soon), and being too exhausted to do much besides sit on my couch and read. I REALLY can’t wait for my husband to be back. I think living alone isn’t really the best thing for me, because (as lame as this sounds), I don’t have anyone around to motivate me out of the malaise. Which is pretty pathetic, isn’t it?

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So, how was your week?

Asti Kelley

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  1. Asti: Don’t worry, the majority of people in Paris actually speak English. One of my cousins in France knows English, French, Vietnamese, Spanish and a bit of Italian (I’m so jealous). America just sucks at foreign languages compared to other countries. I’ve been taking French for three years, but my French still sucks compared to his English. I went to France a few years ago for the aforementioned cousin’s wedding.There’s so much to do. I wish my trip was longer because I didn’t get to see Versailles.

    Kelley: I can relate! I live with both of my parents, and I still don’t have enough motivation to crawl out of bed each day instead of curling up with a book.

    I can’t decide if my week has been very eventful of very uneventful. Nothing particularly abnormal happened, but it was an overwhelmingly stressful week. I spent a lot of time working on my school newspaper and studying (I have to do a 20 minute English oral on Tuesday). Probably the only thing particularly remarkable was the launch of my new blog. I finally moved from The Nerdy Journalist to a self-hosted site!

    • Thanks for the heads up Dana! I figured we’d be okay without knowing too much French, especially as we’ll be hanging around the main tourist attractions where they’re likely to be used to dumb Americans who don’t speak foreign languages, but it’s good to get confirmation of that. I’m still going to learn a little bit of French before we go though, if only for my own entertainment! :)

      And yes, I saw that you launched your new blog and was super excited for you! (Was on my lunch break at work when I noticed, so bookmarked the announcement so I can update my subscriptions later.) I love the new name for your blog, and think it’s great that you’re branching out a bit more with your content. I look forward to seeing what your new blog brings, and hope it brings you lots of happiness!

      Oh, and good luck on your English oral! :)

  2. Oh la la, Asti! Have fun in Paris! Sounds fun!

    Kelley, good luck with all the stuff associated with moving! I didn’t know if you even knew yet where you were moving to, but at least you know and at least Austin isn’t really far away or anything. But obviously it’s still stressful.

    Thanks for including my link!

    • Thanks Amy! I’m hoping it’s fun. I’m trying not to have too high of expectations since I don’t want to go and then feel let down, but it’s hard not to sort of have some whimsical ideas about what Paris will be like since it’s the city of love :P

  3. High-fives all around, Asti!! I hope you have an INCREDIBLE time in Paris (take lots of pictures!!) and that your birthday was fantastic. :) Dropping 23lbs is pretty darn awesome too!!

    Kelley, I’m in the house hunting game right now and UGH. We’re currently renting a house that’s on the market and are looking to buy. So while our search is local it’s still a pain and half the time I just want to hide from everything house-related. :( I completely feel your pain. ♥ Good luck!

  4. @Asti, That’s exciting you’re going to visit Paris! I visited it twice now and while it isn’t really my kind of city, it’s still a great experience and there’s a lot to see. Also the french are pretty bad at english, Most only know a few basic words, although around the tourist attractions it is slightly better. but the majority of french people their english is pretty bad. And happy birthday, I hope you have an amazing day! Sounds like thgins are going well for you, it’s good to hear you had a great week!

    @Kelley I hope you find a job in Austin soon. Job hunting sucks, so I can understand why you rather sit on the couch and read. I am sure things will be better once your husband get’s back, must be hard living alone for so long.

    Thanks for linking to my post and I hope both of you have a great week!

      • I am sure you can make it work with the language. And if all fails, pointing to for example the croissant you want (yum!) always works as well. I actually have had to do the whole pointing thing a few times, it’s surprising how much you can communicate with your hands, gestures, pointing and a few words thrown in.
        My funniest language miscommunication in french was when I ordered a pizza with red bell pepper on it and got a pizza and a smal bowl of red bell pepper flakes, lol. Something went wrong with my translation or pronounciation I think.

  5. WOOT WOOT BIRTHDAY WEEEEEEEEEKKK!!! *confetti confetti confetti!!!!* SIT BACK AND ENJOYYYYYY YOURSELF! Woohoooo Paris! Sounds amazing, August can’t come soon enough, right?? (although, for me, august can go away because damn semester two starts ew)

    Aaah job hunting. I hope that works out smoothly for you, Kelley! I just want to be a couch potato right now, I have no motivation for anything tbh


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