Weekly Recap| May 18-24, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

News & Updates at Oh, the Books!

First, two very exciting announcements:

[stextbox id=”leanne2″ image=”null”]#1 – LEANNE IS BACK!!! Woohoo~![/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”asti2″ image=”null”]#2 – Today is Asti’s birthday! She’s in the US right now, so she may not respond to your comments right away, btu that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wish her a happy birthday anyway![/stextbox]

Changes to Our Blog Schedule

It might not have looked like it from last week, but it’s true: Leanne is back! And just in time — Asti will be on vacation and moderately inaccessible for the next couple of weeks (but yay, her posts will continue in her absence!).

In order to keep Leanne around (because we love her), we’ve decided to alter our blog schedule a little bit, to lighten her weekly load. Leanne will now be posting only on Tuesdays; Fridays will be dedicated to guest posts and other special topics. Everything else will flow as normal. Everyone, welcome Leanne back and let her know how much we missed her!

Oh, the Guests!

Speaking of guest posts — we had some issues with our new guest post submission form earlier in the week, so if you submitted one and haven’t heard back from Asti yet, please let us know!

In Case You Missed It

Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

Behind the Scenes

Kelley’s been working on a solution for her latest secret project. We’ve also made some updates and changes to our contact forms, including a brand new review request form. Honestly, why we didn’t do this before is a mystery. The emails now come through looking well-formatted, and even include attachments for book cover images!

Our Lives This Week

[stextbox id=”asti2″ caption=”Asti” collapsing=”true”]Who cares how my week has been? I’M HOME! I AM BACK IN THE STATES WITH MY FAMILY AND DOGS! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! :D

May Recap

But if you really want to know. My last week in the UK (until I return in two weeks) pretty much consisted of hanging out with Dave (and celebrating his second place league trophy), watching bad reality competitions online (my weakness), working on my dissertation (slow but steady wins the race), taking my last uni exam (let’s not talk about that), and celebrating my upcoming birthday (there’s a post for it tonight)! All in all, a good last week, but I’m so happy to be home.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”leanne2″ caption=”Leanne” collapsing=”true”]I’m back! I’m baaaaack! *insert a hopefully non-goofy little jig here* That spring semester was INSANE toward the end and I think I may have forgotten what sleep was and became BFFs with coffee (even moreso than usual).  You’re probably wondering just what the heck I was doing for those classes that kept me so busy, right? If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen these already, but here are some highlights of my favorite artsy things made for school or while destressing from school.


Also my best friend got married at the beginning of this month! I made the cake and was in the wedding (there were somewhat serious jokes about just putting me in a best man outfit rather than bridesmaid dress, since my BFF is the groom) and running around crazy the whole time setting things up and taking photos and and and… just lots of stuff. It was really a lovely time and a fantastic celebration, and I couldn’t wish happiness on a better couple. You’ll get to see more from that special day this coming Tuesday. :)[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]

I’m starting to think that if I were a mythical creature, I might be a dragon, because I truly love collecting treasures. (And we all know that’s the main reason I play video games: to get treasures.) This week was full of lovely presents coming in the mail, and an incredibly entertaining event with Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl for Dangerous Creatures (there were cupcakes and lollipops and pink hair thingies!).

10375648_1464058090498658_1597080203_n 925513_295833680581545_447111413_n 10413768_459576110855314_1734988793_n

I had written up this whole story I was going to tell you guys this week, about how I almost stepped in a dog turd trying to avoid the sprinklers, but then I went to Comicpalooza and thus collected a lot more interesting and exciting things to share instead (thank goodness).

10401614_721223364585483_1434600094_n 927662_318966601591111_1139313710_n

I went to some really great panels, where I get a ton of free books and did some networking and learning. I collected a BUNCH of awesome treasures (seriously, that Men in Kilts calendar is the best thing ever), including some GORGEOUS prints from my favorite local artist: Jamie Kinosian. But perhaps most importantly: INCREDIBLE COSPLAY.

10362221_1420486221558222_235731639_n 929089_631387323615877_1612940655_n 10401572_824987067512053_157978212_n

YOU GUYS. I met SNAKE. And REM, holy shit, this girl’s Rem costume was FLAWLESS. And my friend was there dressed as Enchantress, with her friends Thor & Loki, and her sister as one of The Doctors. I also saw BMO, Sailor Moon, Sephiroth, Jadzia Dax, Princess Bubblegum, and Drizzt (as well as the usual TONS of Harley Quinns, Lokis, and Attack on Titan folks)![/stextbox]

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Question of the Week

We’ve worked hard to make sure our content is neatly categorized and that everything is easy to find in our sidebar menu… but we’re wondering:

Do you use the menu in our sidebar to view content? Do you ever look at the “Features” category and browse the topics inside?

So, how was your week?

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  1. Thanks so much for linking to Chapter Break! There is so much info jam packed in the post! I like it all being in one easy spot. And honestly, I yet to use your side bar menus, but now that you mention it, I think I might give it a go.

  2. Welcome back, Leanne! :D And have a great birthday and time at home, Asti!

    Thanks for linking up. And yep, I use the sidebar. I was browsing past Bookish Games most recently :) I like how you have your own sections separated too, so we can view favourites etc separately.

    Thanks for linking up <3

  3. I LOVE your organisational skills. It’s all so beautiful and easy to navigate. But ‘scuse me, I think I need to go create my own alternate universe on Google maps. OH THE THINGS YOU LEARN. XD
    (Luuuurve the collection as always, so many awesome bloggers’ posts to read!)

  4. Welcome back Leanne!

    Also, Happy Birthday to you Asti!! I hope it’s a wonderful day! Enjoy your visit home!

    Kelley, Comicpalooza looks like it was a lot of fun, glad you enjoyed it!

    I do use the sidebar, all the time..lol

    Have a great week ladies

  5. Happy Birthday, Asti! And welcome back home! Hope you’re having a great time with your family!

    And welcome back, Leanne! Sounds like we get to see pictures of the wedding? Looking forward to it!

    Kelley, looks like you had fun at Comicpalooza! I’m sad that the Nashville comic-con doesn’t feature very many people I know of, which was fine when we had Star Trek conventions, but we’re not having one this year (unless something changes…). Boo!

    • You know, this comic con didn’t have very many celebrities I was interested in either, which was kind of a bummer (especially since the one in Dallas last weekend boasted the entire cast of Firefly and a TON of Star Trek folks). But that was actually okay with me because it left me free to enjoy the Artist Alley and Vendor Faire, and do stuff like take free Renaissance martial arts classes! There was SO much to do and see there!

      • The Dallas one really did sound awesome! William Shatner is coming to Nashville but he’s the only big name, and I’ve seen him before. Not that I would mind seeing him again though; he’s very interesting! And THE Captain Kirk! Clark Gregg (Coulson from the Marvel movies and TV show) was in Houston though and I would LOVE to see him!

  6. In terms of your sidebar: I’ve been reading this blog since you guys started it, so I haven’t really used the sidebar yet. However, whenever I discover a new blog and want to explore it, I do make use of the sidebars, so I’m sure that new readers to your blog probably does this too. I’ve always been pretty impressed by how organised your sidebars are. I can’t wait to have my own custom blog design one day soon so that I can be all organised and stuff too!

    • Thanks for the feedback. I do the same thing when I discover a new blog, but I think I only use it on blogs I visit regularly when I’m looking for something specific (and then I usually just use the Search bar). Your blog is on wordpress.com, right? You can at least use widgets and stuff there, eh?

  7. I have browsed your sidebar and do on occasions when I’m specifically looking for something I need for a thought or post, or I’ll specifically search your individual posts if I remember who wrote it, but regularly? No really, only when I need to. I’ve had quite a good week designing things, reading a little and getting back on track and thank you for linking me in your wrap-up again, it’s always lovely to have that happen :D Happy Birthday Asti and welcome back Leanne, it feels like you were here and then went so quickly so it’ll be great to have content from you now hunny! :)

  8. Yay for Asti’s birthday! Yay for Leanne coming back! This week is just a cause for celebration all around. (Also omg that Rem cosplay. *___*)

    Thank you so much for linking my Bloggers Beyond Books post! I’ve gotten several people letting me know they’re interested! :D ♥

    As for the sidebar and features tab, I don’t really use the Features tab, I guess? Heh… But I do like the fact that the Bookish Guides button is right there, and so easily accesible! :D

  9. I read the Commodification of Murder article. I didn’t know John Waters was insane. I always thought he was just eccentric. I’ve always been fascinated by serial killers, but apparently people interpret “fandom” as interest. Scary! The glorification of Party Monster is also scary.

    On a lighter note: my fiance and I were leaving the library the other day and he asked if I was sure if I wanted to leave without getting the new Judy Blume book. I scoffed and said “It’s not new, it’s a new cover.” =)

    Typically with any blog, I visit their sidebar items at least once. I will admit I haven’t clicked on your links since the start up. I usually just read posts through email and come here when I want to leave a comment.

      • Haha thanks Makaela :)

        Way to school your fiancé on the “new” Judy Blume book ;) And I haven’t read the Commodification of Murder article, I think Kelley must have linked it (?), so hopefully she’ll stop by to respond to that bit. :P

        No worries about not using our sidebar! I think Kelley just wants to gauge the use of her design. Can’t really complain though if people are coming through via email! Thanks for being subscribed :)

    • I agree, it’s scary and complicated, isn’t it? It seems hard to balance, or to know where to draw the line, when it comes to wanting to learn about things/people like this (or make others aware of them), without it going too far or glorifying it. =/

      And thanks for your feedback about the sidebar. We’re getting similar answers from others, too, so that’s good. :)

  10. I pretty much just read posts as they come in… but it’s nice to know that I could browse by category if I wanted to. I always appreciate a well-organized blog.

    Thanks for linking to me, as always!

    • Haha glad we could send some traffic your way :) It’s always nice seeing that people utilize our weekly recaps since we put so much work into them! And yay, thanks for following me over from A Bookish Heart! I was a little worried when switching blogs that everyone would stop following me, but am glad some decided to stick around. <3

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