Weekly Recap | May 31 – Jun 6, 2015

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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In Asti’s Life…

Hiya everyone! Hope everything is going well on your end. <3

I actually don’t have too much to report. It’s just been a week of working and relaxing, which is never too much of a bad thing. I guess the nicest thing this week is that the weather has been absolutely beautiful – the sun is out and shining but it’s not overly humid like it tends to get in this area. I spent a couple hours at a nearby park on Thursday and apart from being attacked by a bird (it literally flew into the back of my head like it wanted to decapitate me – totally freaky!) I had a lovely time.

Weekly Recap - Riverwalk Weekly Recap - Riverwalk Weekly Recap - Riverwalk

Anything else? Well, I hate to say it but I haven’t read as much this week as I usually do (which is still practically nothing compared to most book bloggers). It’s not that I’m not loving Kinslayer (believe me, I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK! READ THIS SERIES!!!), I just sort of have other things on my mind right now. It’s like I’ll pick it up and start reading it, but halfway through a page find that my mind is completely somewhere else. Not because of the book, but because of me. Geesh Asti, get your act together.

Hopefully this next week will bring a bit more progress reading-wise. I feel like such a fraud as a book blogger. :P

In Kelley’s Life…

I have to apologize for how sparse my sections of the recaps have been lately, but my life is so busy that I’m just exhausted all the time! By the time I’ve finished adding all my links to this post, I can’t even remember the past week and thus don’t even know what to talk about here! (Maybe I should write this part first?)

I had a great weekend visiting my in-laws and going to Dallas Comic Con with my sister. If you follow me on instagram, you likely saw some of my spoils from that weekend. I still have so many things to share that I just haven’t had time to get to yet!

The worst part is that my blood pressure has suddenly spiked into a danger zone (it has always been perfect until recently), so now I’m busy trying to sort that out as well. I guess the universe thought I didn’t have enough things to deal with, so…

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So, how was your week?

Asti Kelley

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  1. I love reading your weekly recaps, how on earth do you have time to find all of those amazing links to other blogs? I always find awesome blogs because of that!
    So jealous it’s sunny and hot there Asti, I am missing the sun. It’s winter where I am right now but I go back over to London next week, so I’m excited to hopefully get some sun!
    Ahh darn about your blood pressure Kelley! I hope it lowers soon and fast!

  2. @Asti, We also had nice weather here this week! That park looks lovely! It’s sad to hear you haven’t read a lot, but if your minds keep goign somewhere else I can imagine you don’t get much reading done. I also have had a few of those days a few weeks ago, where I just ended up watching out pet rats instead of reading, even though I loved the book. Usually readign calms me down though and actually helps me when my head feels busy or tired.

    @Kelley, I usually try to write down small pieces of what happened in my week during the week, so when it comes to sudnay it looks like a lot happened, while in fact I just write down all the smal things that are remotely interesting to mention. I hope things calm down soon for you! And that sounds scary that your blood pressure is high.

    Thanks again for linking to my posts! I am amazed every time again how many awesome posts you find to link to. I am hoping I can visit some of the posts you linked to next!

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