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Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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Sci-Fi November is in Full Swing!

Thanks so much to all of our amazing participants this year. The first week has been jam-packed with great discussions, reviews, author interviews and chats, and more. Make sure to check out the schedule on our Sci-Fi Month Information and Resource page if you haven’t already! We’re looking forward to everything you guys have planned for the next three weeks! (And a special thanks to Asti to has been incredible and keeping up with ALL of the posts and making sure the @SciFiMonth twitter account never sits idle!)

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Here’s all the stuff that we posted this week.

And in other news, Kelley is really excited about the cute little sliders she’s employed on our Bookish Bingo Cards page and also on our Bookish Guides page. Aren’t they coooool?! (Kelley gets easily excited about these types of things. ;))

Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

Well, this week has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. I think I’ve finally realized just how impossible this getting-a-job-in-London thing is. I know, I know. I’m amazing so why wouldn’t I get a job? Surely there has to be something out there? What I don’t think many of my wonderful and supporting friends realize is that this country doesn’t want more people living here. They don’t want people staying here, taking up whatever little space they have and possibly using their benefits, when they already have so many people here. And I can’t say I blame them, it just really sucks for someone like me who wants nothing more than to just be with the person I love and work in the industry I want to be in.

I don’t want to spend more time on this than I have to, other than to say that this has been really hard for me. I feel like over the past year I’ve finally found myself thinking of London as home. I’ve made more friends here in this past year than I have over the last five years in the States. I love the publishing industry – my placements have been interesting and I’ve met some amazing people. And I absolutely love every minute I spend with Dave. There’s just so many little things I appreciate about London and I’m sad to think that each day brings me closer to the end of this amazing experience.

I’m going to try and keep my head up and enjoy my remaining time here, but if for some reason over the next three months I don’t quite seem like myself, this is probably why. I have no idea what I’m going to do once I have to move home – job-wise, relationship-wise, me-wise. There’s just a lot of unknowns floating around my head, and that’s always scary to deal with. But I’m going to do my best to keep things up blogging-wise and to be my usually book-loving self. I know I have tons of amazing friends in the book blogging community who love and support me, and to each and every one of you I just want to say thank you. <3

In Kelley’s Life…

The Cat Saga Continues this week with one neighbor joining me in the attempt to feed and water all the kitties, and another neighbor griping about all the cats “ruining her stuff” (she has 2 pretty sad-looking potted plants…). And since cats don’t observe Daylight Savings Time, it took almost the whole week for Squeakers to figure out when I leave for work and when I get home, so he can greet me with snuggles and squeaks. ^_^

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In other news, my sister and I are hardcore and went to three awesome author events, three nights in a row. And because we went to all three, we won prizes from all of the authors involved! Pretty sweet, if you ask me! I got to meet the lovely Alex Bracken, whose blog posts I’ve long been a fan of on Pub(lishing) Crawl, and I got to meet one of my favorites: Robin LaFevers!

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Asti Kelley

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  1. Aww Asti I’m sorry for all of this, it must it be horrible really, be don’t feel you need to keep up appearances. Be yourself, no matter how that self may be, just don’t forget to take much time and love for yourself too.. *hugs!* Thank you for linking me again girls, I always appreciate it :)

  2. Unknowns freak me out as well, Asti. The thought of not having the future mapped out, not having a clear vision of the next six months or so makes me so afraid. There’s not much I can say except that while the situation might suck now, there’s so many chances for it to improve. Because we have no idea where we’re heading right? So I have ALL my fingers crossed for you. Things will work out and fall into place (where that place is may be unknown but let’s have faith that it’s where we want it to be–does that make sense because I don’t think it does…) HAVE FAITH, ASTI. WE ARE ALL ON YOUR TEAM <3

    Squeakers sounds absolutely adorable, Kelley and I'm super jealous that I don't have a kitty to greet me upon departure and arrival :( You're author events sounded amazing! Meeting Bracken and LaFevers must have been amazing!

    Have a good upcoming week, you two! Stay safe, have sleep, drink water :D

  3. Asti has certainly done a great job managing the twitter account, every time I had a post for sci-fi november she retweeted and tweeted about them. Thanks a lot! It’s been really fun to see other bloggers their post and I am having so much fun focussing on the sci-fi genre for a whole month!

    @Asti, getting a job is really difficult in the current economic situation. I graduated and thought it woudl be easy, after beign basically job less for a whole year I started my own company and kept searching for a part time job next to it. I still haven’t found anything and nowadays I just focus on my company. There just aren’t enough jobs for everyone who’s looking for them, it’s not that you aren’t great (I am pretty sure you are!), but there are just so many people out there looking for a job that compete for the same positions. I really hope you can find a way to stay in London!

    @Kelley, I always enjoy reading about that cat. How sad he had difficulties figuring out your new time, but glad he managed!

    • Thanks Lola! Always happy to hear some feedback re: my social media management. Glad to know it’s appreciated :)

      I do agree, it’s definitely really hard to find a job in the current economic situation. Especially in a place like London where there’s so many people trying to stay in one place. I think my main frustration is that I have been flat out told I’d be hired by companies here BUT they can’t because of my work visa. So it’s not the current economic situation that’s messing things up for me – I have actually found jobs – it’s the fact that I don’t actually have citizenship here and require sponsorship, and most companies here are not in favor of doing that. Hopefully it works out though!

  4. Kelley, our cats have had a tough time with DST ending too. They don’t understand why it’s SO dark before they get their food in the evening… and I don’t even want to know how much they’ve been bugging my husband in the mornings (I wouldn’t know since I just sleep through it all).

    Asti, understandable or not, it still sucks that you’re probably not going to be able to stay. Hey, you never know what will happen in the next few months… but I think trying not to stress (yeah, easier said than done) and enjoying your time there (however long it lasts) is probably the way to go. You’ve been up against the unknown before, and I know you’ll find a way to get through it, even if it’s not the way you wanted it to go.

    • I’m glad you agree that it sucks. ;) I think the fact that I’ve been up against the unknown before though makes it even harder for me, in a way, though. Like, my mind gets into that dark place where instead of thinking “Okay, this may really suck but I’ve been in really sucky situations in the past and it GETS BETTER”, my mind just goes to “See Asti? No matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, life is just going to screw you over. There’s obviously no point in even trying to live a life you want because it’s just not going to happen.” Horrible, I know. But as I’ve said in my depression posts, my monsters have never really left me and lately they’ve made things quite hard.

      But I’m trying to stay strong and enjoy my time here. I think it doesn’t help that more things keep happening (such as the stuff I announced in the latest recap), but whatever. Just gotta keep my head up!

      Thanks Charleen, and congrats on your baby news! (I’ve been reading blogs on the way to placements but hate commenting on my phone so forgot to mention it. :P)

      • Thanks! And yeah, I definitely get the whole “life is always going to suck” thing. But as long as there’s good with the bad, pleasant surprises along with the not-so-pleasant ones… then, like Allie from Hyperbole and a Half put it, maybe everything isn’t hopeless bullshit.

        (If you haven’t read her posts on depression, you should. They’re brilliant.)

  5. Kelley, book events are the best! We have quite a few in our area and I can’t go to all of them! I know LaFavers is coming tomorrow to my area and I can’t go :( I do have another event the next two Fridays do, so I can’t get too sad.

    Asti, I hope you find work in the publishing arena, it is so sad that you might have to move. I will be sending happy thoughts you way :)

  6. Have I mentioned how much I love your weekly updates? yes. Anyways, Asti I hope everything turns out fine for you in the end, even if you don’t end up finding a job. And Kelley, WHAT KITTIES. I want a kitty. Except I’m allergic so that sucks.

    Also, thanks for linking up my post! I really don’t know how you do it, but you definitely got ALL the posts in the blogosphere haha! At least it looks like it!

  7. Asti, I’m so sad to hear of your situation!! I’ve known from your posts that this day was coming, but I just assumed due to your placements that you would land something. Do you have to get a specific type of job to stay here, or will any do to tide you over until you find what you’re looking for??

    • Anything will do as long as it makes the minimum wage. But I’m finding it quite hard to even look outside of publishing because many jobs don’t advertise their positions themselves and so I can’t see which company is doing the hiring (the ads often have the generic ‘A Media company’ or something), and I prefer knowing before doing the work of applying so I can check whether or not they have the license needed for visa sponsorship already.

  8. Asti – I’m so sorry to hear that it’s difficult. It makes sense why it’d be hard to find a job but… it’s just so difficult because you have every reason in the world to want to stay and to not be able to – I can’t imagine. Wishing you my best from far away… for a job and for the chance to stay. And if worse comes to worse, for new opportunities or new adventures back here in the States. You’ve learned so much about yourself and who you really are and want to continue to be – you won’t lose that if you have to come back. You’ll find a way to figure out how that version of yourself lives on this side of the world.

    • Thanks Annie <3 I do know I will survive if I have to come back to the States. Staying here would just be the easiest and most secure thing for me right now. Going back home is sort of frightening just because there's so many unknowns. I have no idea if Dave will come over or if we'll ever be together again. I don't know where I'd work because most publishing companies are in NY and I really have no desire to move there. If I could just make this work, it would save me even more headache and heartache later on. But I don't think I'll be able to make this work, unfortunately. Ah well. It means a lot to me to have support from so many other people. Thanks <3

    • What options are you looking into for coming back? I can’t see any options apart from coming back for school, which is definitely not going to happen. I think if worse comes to worse I’m just going to leave and Dave is going to try and start working on a path to a better paying job with which to sponsor me, but even then that’s going to take years. So frustrating.

  9. I’m sure things will get better, Asti. It is scary to think about what happens next, but as Matthew McConaughey says, you got to keep living. I don’t know why I said that but yeah, you’re awesome so things are bound to get better. :)

    And Kelley, wow! 3 events in a row? That’s impressive!

  10. Asti: First off, sorry I’m totally responding to this nearly a week later but I’m way behind on reading blogs, so yeah… So first off I’ll say: don’t give up hope yet! But secondly, I was wondering if there were other options. It’s obvious your ideal situation is staying in London, but are there other places not too far away with publishing jobs? Is Dave coming to America sometime viable if you do need to come back? I’m sure you’ve thought of these things, but I was just wondering because sometimes it’s helpful to view things from other angles. I’m sure it will all work out in the end, but I know it can be frustrating in the meanwhile!

    • No worries about being late responding, I appreciate everyone’s support on this.

      I’ve definitely looked into all of the options available, as far as I know. In order for me to stay anywhere in the UK, not even just London, I would need the same requirements so though there are publishing places in places like Oxford, it doesn’t make a difference. If I’m not doing publishing here, the next option would be the US.

      The visa possibilities are work, study, or marriage. Work would require salary of £20k year, which isn’t impossible and I could find that with publishing companies here, but like I mentioned in the post most companies won’t even give me a chance because I require sponsorship. There’s no way I can afford coming back for school again. And even if I married Dave I’d still have to leave because he does not make the minimum salary requirements for keeping me here on that type of visa. There is an entrepreneurial visa as well, where I can stay if I open my own business or something, but honestly I do not have the mind for that.

      So yeah, options are sort of limited.

      More than likely I’ll have to go back to the States, which introduces it’s own set of problems because I have no idea what I want to do. I would like to work in publishing but most are in the New York or Chicago and I am not comfortable with moving to one of these big cities on my own (nor am I financially prepared for such a thing). So I would pretty much be moving back home with my parents and just trying to figure out things from there.

      Dave has never wanted to come to the US. It’s always sort of been agreed upon that if we were going to take this chance, it would be for me to come here. I know that sounds bad, but he’s super close with his friends, plays soccer every week, has never left his family, etc. I don’t really have any of those ties back in the States – just my family. He has been at least considering it as an option, but add in things like his father being recently diagnosed with prostrate cancer and, well, it’s just not an easy option for him.

      I think his current thing is to take the steps needed for finding a better job here, one that will possibly get him the salary we need. It’s not easy though because he doesn’t really have any qualifications and isn’t good at putting himself out there. Though I’m sure he can get a better job than the one he currently has, it still probably wouldn’t be enough. And even if he did somehow manage to find the right job, he’d still have to work there at least six months before sponsorship would be an option and we’d have to get married and all of that.

      So I guess in the end there are possibilities and things can happen, but it’s all just really hard for me. I think my biggest issue is just my own battle with depression that doesn’t seem to go away. One minute I can feel quite optimistic and work my ass off and all of that, but the next I just feel like it’s not even worth it. No matter what I do it’s never enough so why do anything? It’s just a horrible place to be in, mentally. This situation is hard for anyone, but even more deadly when it’s someone who struggles like I do.

      But I’m hanging in there. Like I said, everyone’s support has meant the world to me, and I’m just trying to remember that though things may not work out like I want them to, it doesn’t mean they won’t work out in their own way. Hopefully.

      • I definitely understand the feeling of trying, trying, trying and seeing nothing come from it. I was unemployed for about a year after college, and I kept wondering what I did wrong, why people didn’t like my resume or me when they interviewed me, wondering if I would ever get a job ever, etc. It was very frustrating. However, I definitely understand that you have the added frustrations of the situation with Dave and different countries and all that.

        If you do have to move back to the States, it might be worth looking into some of the “smaller” big cities where they do some publishing. I know there are a couple options in the Nashville area (and it’s a very affordable place to live), and I imagine there probably are in Dallas and Houston and Atlanta and places like that. It might not be as ideal as being at some of these big publishing houses but a start is a start. And then maybe after you get more experience and Dave can get a job with a higher salary maybe you can go back. Waiting definitely sucks though, I know. There’s that feeling of, “When will my life finally start?”

        Anyhow, I have no idea if that made you feel any better or if it just made you feel worse (sorry if the latter!), but just know we are all rooting for you, which I think you know! :)

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